Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Tues Down Home

Breakfast After a Walk
Oh my word I slept so soundly last night. I did wake off and on but never got up and constantly dozed back off into a good sleep. I was slightly aware of the traffic outside but stayed in that slumber zone until I heard a big truck right outside and the door of the house close. I popped up just in time to tell Ma adios as she left for work. I laid in bed and chatted with the Kev for a bit before getting up and dressing for a walk. It was a62 degrees and would be in the mid 80s today so I wanted to enjoy it while it was cool. And oh it was nice. I got in about 2.5 miles before going in for some needed breakfast. Do you know that I was actually pretty hungry before I got into bed last night? I then woke hungry today but didn't want to eat before the walk. I made three scrambled eggs and heated the couple slices of pre-cooked bacon Ma had in the fridge. I did some cleaning after I finished the dishes and then watched a bit of HGTV before a shower.I opened the new shampoo that we got yesterday and then grabbed the new conditioner when it slipped out of my hand and into the tub. And dang if the didn't totally bust the bottle. Half spilled out of the crack and I salvaged the rest by pouring into a plastic container with lid.

Tuna Lunch
I dressed, went into the kitchen to start a batch of tuna salad and had mixed the light and white tunas, chopped the three hard boiled eggs and the few dill pickles and had moved on to the red onion when I looked away for a second and cut down into my left thumb, through the nail. I had to stop, cut the nail off, find Neosporin and band-aids. Once all secured I finished the tuna and got it in the fridge. Ma texted that she was heading home for lunch so I went out to feel the breeze and closed the door behind me, forgetting to unlock it first, and locked myself out. I sat on the deck until Ma got home, super thankful that a) Ma was on the way home and b) it was shady and lovely out. We chuckled about this and went in to eat. Ma chipped up a little lettuce in the bottom of my bowl and I added on the fresh tuna, pretty sure there was thumb skin in it somewhere.

Magic Shawarma Night
I put on one of the gloves Ma had under the sink to wash up the lunch dishes, thanks to my gimpy left thumb, and we headed out back to Ma's office for the afternoon. On the way we stopped at the UPS store to mail something and then Goodwill to drop off clothes. Ma cleaned out her closet and it reminded me that mine is a hot hot mess and needs that same attention. We got to her office where I read the screenwriting book and Ma worked. I had a Lindt truffle and sipped my Hint water until it was time to go at 5PM. Ma was officially on vacay and to celebrate we ordered Albasha for take out. I could hardly contain my excitement. I got a chicken shawarma salad and tried their fried cheese. I have been reading about Haloumi cheese and they happened to offer it, sauteed up in olive oil and garlic, no breading or anything. It was tasty but would have been better fresh and melty in the restaurant, it's not for take out as it was cool and hard once we got home. The shawarma salad on the other hand was magical. I also polished off two beef cabbage rolls which were so freaking delicious. I ate all of the everything and was pleasantly full when done. Not stuffed, surprisingly, but then again chicken rarely seems to sustain me for long. After dinner I made a big cup of Sleepytime Peach and lounged on the couch sipping while we waited for Fosse/Verdon to premiere at 9.

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