Friday, April 05, 2019

Trying a New Workout

Quick Fuel
It took a while to get to sleep with the thoughts and ramblings of the new project in my head. It's super exciting and I just can't believe this is falling into my lap. This will actually be a dream project for me as there is art and design and lots of fun all wrapped up in one package. I did sleep until 5 when I got up to pee and then thought about the project off an on until I got up at 7:15. I talked with Kev, dressed in my workout clothes and went down to open the blinds and feed the babies. I had to write Thursday's blog post because that project had me totally spaced! and that only left time to grab a protein bar before going to try Orange Theory for a new workout.

After a New Workout
My friend Ellie invited me to come for the trial. She goes 2 days a week, Wednesday and Friday. She opts for Orange Theory and then hip hop instead of PiYO. I got to the place 30 minutes ahead of start time, which was 8:45 to fill out a form and get a tour of the workout room. It will more like circuit training where you go to different stations. And it wasn't like Curves, which is what I had in m ind at first. They give you a heart rate monitor that goes on your upper arm and there's big screens in the room so you can watch you stats, heart rate, calories burned etc. The goal is to get into an orange fat burning zone for more than 12 minutes per class. I blasted through that and it felt great. I rowed, did lots of squats and lunges, planks, weights, more rowing and cardio on the treadmill, power walking, jogging and even sprinting. It was SO fun. I burned 647 calories and felt great when I left. I may join to just go on Fridays for something different. Got home and whipped up a breakfast sammich with two eggs, bacon and sharp cheddar, all on my favorite bun.

Back to my Meat Roots
I went up to the office after I cleaned up the dishes to really dive into that new project website to get a feel for what's going on now and where the problems lie. It's ginormous and, again, very exciting. After a few hours making sense of things I went down to watch Grey's Anatomy. I felt my watch buzz and looked down to  see my calendar reminder that my massage was in 10 minutes. TEN minutes! I busted ass to get pants on and grabbed my flip flops running out the house with the hair remover roll because my pants were completely covered. It usually takes 15ish minutes to get there but took me nine today, the red lights and traffic aligned. I arrived only two minutes late and oh I needed that rub down. I then left my watch, realizing it well on down the road. I turned around and picked it up, got home and found out that the big project was a no-go. My friend was way ahead of himself. You can imagine how completely devastated I was after the thrill of it all, the thinking about it, the deep dive I did and the overall potential of fun work gone. I went up for a shower, dressed and grabbed the trail mix before tucking on the couch to finish my Grey's episode. At 6 I cooked a sirloin in the cast iron and melted on butter when done. I used the probe so I could watch the internal temp of course. After dinner I chatted with Ma and made a cup of hot cocoa to cozily watch last weekend's Hallmark movie, A Brush with Love.

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