Thursday, April 11, 2019

Thursday Already

Thursday Getting Started
Another mostly nice night of sound sleep. I woke in a night sweat and had to throw off my PJ pants. It didn't last too long though and I went back to sleep until the 6AM hour when the traffic got me up. I creeped into the bathroom to pee since Ma was still asleep and got back into bed to peruse Facebook. I chatted with Kev who was on his way to snowboard and he was super excited. He said they got 21 inches at Winter Park between last night and this morning. I had a couple cups of coffee with Ma, one while sitting outside in the lovely air. I got bacon in the oven and made scrambled eggs and we enjoyed our breakfast at the table. I texted with the girls before getting dressed and officially starting our day around 10AM.

Leftover Lunch Salads
We ran multiple errands starting at the Home Depot for outdoor lights. Next was a car wash, Mom reminding me of Bro K with the car having to be clean all the time. Stopped at the garden center for some hooks to go on the vinyl siding and back to Home Depot for stuff we forgot. We hit the house for a light lunch of leftover tuna and pimento salads and Ma waited for a call from the Mazda dealer. Her car is flashing a low key fob battery light and the car isn't two years old yet. When she heard back from them we hit the road again, the traffic nuts in this town at all hours, to the Mazda parts to get the battery replaced, then on to the pet store, the health food store and the grocery.

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We got back to the house and I put on work clothes and went out to clean a couple outdoor side tables. Ma brought out her new little pressure washer and we figured out how to put it together. Ma then pressure washed the deck and OMG it was amazing how it cleaned so well. I helped off and on but she was a washer hog taking all the fun for herself. I painted the tables dark green as their red color was very faded.  I then swept and moved furniture for Ma to clean. We finished up outside at 7. I went inside and got Brussels cooking in bacon fat. I formed up two half pound burgers and the electric skillet cooked them up oh so perfectly. I cooked the first half of dinner and Ma took over for the second half so I could go shower and get in my comfies. Favorite meal ever. I had a row of Lilly's cup of Sleepytime before bed as we watched some investigation show.

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