Monday, April 08, 2019


Early Breakfast
Going to bed before 9 last night meant that I would wake early. I didn't know it would be 1:30 early. I got up to pee and then couldn't go back to sleep of course. I petted sweet Remi who was curled up next to me and let my mind wander over all the things in my head. I did eventually doze off and woke next just before 5. The alarm was set for 5 so it was perfect timing. I showered, dressed and finished packing before heading down where the Kev had cooked bacon. We had yogurt with it, mine with a little chocolate raspberry Stevia added. I cleaned up the dishes, Kev put the trash out and we were off to the airport. There was only one other person on the park-n-fly bus so it was a quick drop off. I waited in the security line much longer than fancy Kev but glad his flight was a little delayed so he could get me into the club and we could have a smidge of time together. He left at 8 and I wouldn't head to my plane until 9:30.

Airplane Lunch and PM Snack
I left the club around 9:15 and got about 2 miles of walking in before it was time to board the plane just after 10. I read the screenplay book and around noon I busted out my bento box of three hard boiled eggs and two salami and cheese rolls. I dozed and read off an on the entire two and a half hours and we landed in Nawlins just fine. I got my bag and for some reason wanted pistachios. I grabbed a little bag and holy crap it was $6.50. I had a hint water left that I didn't drink on the flight and enjoyed the crunchy snack while I waited for Ma to scoop me up, which was only about 30 mins.

Aaah Yes. Steak Night
We got on the interstate towards home and stopped off at Target for a few supplies. Shampoo, deodorant, coffee creamer and steaks for dinner. We got home through rush hour traffic and Ma cranked up her electric skillet outside. She cooked up the ribeyes while I sauteed fresh mushrooms to go on top. When done we melted on some butter and I heated some leftover twice baked cauli that Ma's friend made Saturday. She sent some home with Ma because she knew I'd enjoy it. I ate every last drop of food and felt fantastic afterwards. I got into my comfies and washed my face and was ready for couch time at home. Of course we turned on HGTV. At 8 I was ready for some tea and Ma had Sleepytime Peach! It's very nice and mellow and a perfect way to end the day.

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