Saturday, April 06, 2019

Sat Eve Fun

Spring Breakfast on the Patio
Kev got in from work around 10 last night. This meant I slept like a baby. I woke early this morn hungry as all get out but didn't have to physically get up. I got back to sleep once the wave of hunger passed and didn't wake next until in the 6AM hour. I noticed that my right ear was completely closed up and freaked the heck out. I couldn't hear and was off balance. Kev had some ear wax remover drops that did open it up thank goodness but OMG that was scary. We changed and did a nice, early, 3 mile walk, got home and I got bacon in the oven and coffee brewing. As I worked on the scrambled eggs the Kev went out and wiped down the patio table. First breakfast in the new back yard! And it was fantastic.We let the babies come out to roam and hang and they are so cool.

Leftover Lunch
After the dishes were cleaned up we did a full litter change for the boys and then ran a couple errands. One was to Costco, one was supposed to be a quick stop for cash but ended up taking us what seemed like a full hour by the time we got to one ATM and it was backed up so we drove to another across town. And one stop was for fish water. We lost the fish downstairs so Kev will clean that tank and put it into storage. He'll now only have to deal with the main floor big tank. I heated some leftover beef casserole for lunch and I love it so so much.

Dinner and Postmodern Jukebox
The afternoon slipped by so quickly. We cleaned a bit in the garage, breaking down some boxes and taking some things to Resource, where they take building supplies. They took out old dining room light fixture and we dropped off styrofoam at the hard to recycle center. We took one rug to a donation facility and the other Kev cut up into chunks so we could throw it away, because the hard-to-recycle place wouldn't even take it. We stat out on the back patio for a little while chatting and it was time to shower and get ready for the fun evening. We picked up Paul and Sarah and drove to South Denver for dinner at Felfel's, our favorite, quick Mediterranean joint. I had a Greek salad with chicken shawarma and one falafel dipped in garlic sauce. So good. After dinner Kev drove us over to Parker where we saw Postmodern Jukebox. I've followed them on Facebook for quite some time and Ma saw them in concert before I got to. And they were so fabulous! I knew it would be a great show but they exceeded my expectations. I'll see them again. We got home just after 11:30 and I dropped my head on the pillow at 12:03.

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