Sunday, April 14, 2019

Glorious Day

Hello Sunday Mornin'
I did not sleep good last night. I kept hearing some scratching noise that sounded like a rat in the wall. I got up a couple times and looked out the window. I went to pee and had off and on bouts of solid sleep until I woke around 7:15. I was in a pissy mood when I woke because I dreamed that I was at an event and started talking about Norwex. I got up to go get a mirror for a demonstration and when I got back a girl had already given everyone her catalogs and people had already placed orders AND had product in front of them. I was so embarrassed and mad and sad and woke up knowing I didn't want to sell anything. It passed quickly as I put on some warm comfies and made a cup of coffee. It was actually amazing outside, temp in the 50s! Ma cooked bacon and I made eggs, adding in the extra yolks that we saved from the bun making yesterday.

Lunch Snack
It was 10:45 before we got up and dressed. I put on my favorite grey sweat pants since it was so cool out and we went out to do some more work in the back yard. We hung some cute round outdoor lights along the fence and they are super cute. I then scrubbed down the siding in the alcove around the back door and hosed it clean. We put out two new outdoor umbrellas and they look fab. Around 1:30 I put some pimento cheese on a quarter of a bun and we sat out on the prettyfied deck and enjoyed the snack.

Vinegar Ribs
We went in, grabbed the keys and made a run to the grocery for some charcoal. It was hella windy and we thought it would never light. It eventually did and Ma grilled up the vinegar ribs she boiled this morning. This is a favorite of ours and the Kev hates them. This is why we always have them when it's just us. She dabbed on some of the G. Hughes honey bbq sauce we found and I was excited to try it out since we don't have the honey back up at home. I had squash cooking on the stove and when it was done, around 5PM, it was time to chow down. Th ribs didn't have much fat so were a little dry, but still tasty. When done with dinner we cleaned the dishes and I went for a 1.8 mile short walk. It was such a beauty of a day I couldn't not have one.

The Best
I took a shower to get the smoke off and then got all comfy. Nothing feels better than getting clean and lounging under a cool, light breeze. I went out back to see the lights we put up today and man are they amazing. They look perfect in Ma's courtyard, which is just fab anyway. She's got the green thumb rockin' and has a great vision. We went in at 8 and I made us a small bowl of shortcake, a repeat of last night. First in the bowl went a slice of the pound cake and then went the Splenda sweetened Louisiana strawberries and topped with the Swerve sweetened fresh whipped cream. We both agreed that it was even better tonight.

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