Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Drive

Sleep sleep sleep. So good. We went to bed around 11 after the verdict of that investigation show came in and I was a goner pretty darn fast. I dreamed that we had live fish, various types, sitting around the house that show pieces that people could look at. They weren't in water and wouldn't flop around. I didn't wake until 7:50 this morning to pee and just got up, since it was almost 8 and I wanted to get that 7AM stand credit. 😂 Ma got up at the same time and made coffee. We took it outside to sip when we heard something next door. It happened to be the handyman that Ma and neighbor uses so we chatted with him and learned that he stepped on a nail, he went to hospital and had to have pinky toe removed because he had type 2 and didn't know it. He changed his diet drastically and can now manage on low dose of Metformin. He said he was amazed to learn how many items had so much sugar in them. Preach it brother. When he left I made us a two egg, cheese and bacon omelet.

Berry Drive and Steak Dinner
After brunch, it was almost 11 when we ate, I changed and went for a short walk. 1.75 mile walk. It was warm but not too warm and there was a light breeze that would come along every now and then. I got in and a bit later we changed and left the house. We stopped at Chick-fil-A for small diet lemonades and decided to take a drive to a strawberry farm. They were all "out of berries" since it was strawberry festival time in Ponchatoula and that's where all of them were going. We were only 15 mins from the fest so decided to drive over. We got a half flat and headed home with a stop at the grocery. We made it home after 5PM and were ready to get dinner going. I got the electric skillet heating outside and salted/peppered the ribeyes. Ma made us a lettuce salad with avocado and sensation dressing and when the steaks were done cooked her some shrimp. After dinner I made this pound cake which we'd have with the fresh berries and some homemade whipped cream tomorrow. HG finished up the day and I was counting down for rain tomorrow evening.

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