Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Yay for Casserole

Wednesday Morn
Good sleep, good sleep last night. I didn't get up in the middle of the night to pee, rather it was 6AM instead. I laid back down and fell asleep and didn't wake again until around 7:45. I got up and dressed and took Sampson out. I fed the kitties and made myself bacon and cottage cheese around 9. After that I got the bag of ground meat out of the fridge and formed up around 20 patties. I put them in the freezer, did a little work and it was soon time to change and get to the gym for PiYo. 

Meat Pizzas and Brussels
After the hour of focusing mentally on getting through the class I was ready to get home for a shower. I dressed and was ready for some lunch. I didn't have much protein, since I'd frozen it all, so I cooked up the bag of Brussels I had and then made four little meat pizzas. I laid out four slices of Genoa salami on parchment paper and spread on a smidge of pizza sauce. I then sprinkled some mozzarella on and then laid on a slice of pepperoni. Broiled until the cheese was melted and they were fabulous. I watched The Fosters and ended up polishing off the bag of Brussels and paid for it later in the day.

Finally! Casserole!
After I cleaned up lunch dishes I went out for a mani/pedi. It's been since before Christmas and my toes were a hot mess. That poor girl worked hard to remove the gross and make them decent again. I got home and packed a few things, did some work and talked to Mama. I heated the oven at 6:15 and 45 minutes later devoured two servings of Salsa verde chicken casserole. And it was definitely worth the wait, this was probably the best batch yet. I watched Let's Get Physical-that silly comedy with Jane Seymore and brought Sampson down for a while. The poor dude sits in the laundry room by the door or in the corner by the fridge, scared to move. But then he will whine upstairs when lonely. It can be a little exhausting and ph I wish they would all chill.

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