Thursday, February 08, 2018

To Austin

Sleep was good although I woke at 1:30 to pee. I went back to sleep quickly and stayed asleep until 7. I got up and did the things. Dressed to take Sampson out, feed the cats, cook up four slices of bacon. I made four scrambled eggs because I was super hungry and had two bites of cottage cheese to finish the fourth bacon slice. It was a bit salty batch and needed the buffer of the mild cottage cheese.

Salami Plane Snack
I finished some laundry, scooped litter, filled kitty water, showered, dressed and finished packing before heading out the door around 9:45. I got to the park-n-fly and on to the airport by 10:45. Made it through security and to my gate and at 11:30 got hungry. WHY was I hungry after four eggs and four bacon just three hours ago? I didn't eat and the weird sick hunger feeling passed. We boarded the plane and I chatted with Kenny Bell, a former Broncos player for the entire flight to Austin. He and his girlfriend are keto-ish, much the way I do it. I had a slice of salami with a slice of Colby jack on the plane, around 2PM and before I knew it we had landed.

I've Waited All My Life for This
Lis met me in baggage claim and we were off. We got to her house, dropped bags, visited a bit and then she says "Do you wanna" and I say "YES". I knew exactly what she was asking. We made a beeline to Lupe Tortilla for my Tex Mex meat.  I ordered my usual, the 14oz carne asada with monterrey jack cheese. That's it. No rice, no beans, no tortilla chips with salsa, no tortillas. I devoured every last inch and you know what? I could have eaten more. I've been hungrier lately which is weird. We stopped at the grocery on the way back to pick up necessities like eggs and bacon and salami for snacks. I changed into comfies, washed my face and we chatted on the couch and I had an Atkins caramel nut bar. And then around 11 the hunger sick feeling hit again and I had a Babybel cheese and a slice of salami. WHY am I so hungry?

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