Saturday, February 03, 2018

Saturday Good Eats

Tiny Omelet with Sausage
I ended up staying awake until after 11 last night. I think it was the regular coffee I had a bit of before bed, not smart. It sounded good and I sipped it in the 8-9PM hour. It was about 1/4c coffee and two squirts of french vanilla coffee mate. The carbs didn't look too bad for it and it was tasty after dinner back in the room. I woke just before 7 and peed and then we all got up just after 7. It had started to snow so we dressed, packed up and went out to the lobby to have some breakfast. Today was little southwestern omelets. Egg with peppers and maybe some onion. Link sausage was the meat. It did the trick. We loaded up the car afterwards and were on the road before 8.

Burger Lunch
Kev got us over rabbit ears pass in snow and ice and wind and back to dry, warmer climate. We stopped at our meat store for the 10lb of ground beef (the meat baby), got home, unpacked the car and I made up burgers for lunch. Kev grilled them and we melted on Colby jack. I had a few pork rinds and a pickle with mine and it was delicious. I got a load of laundry washed and dried, thanks to Sis K for folding and we all went for a walk around the lake. It was just about 60 degrees but you'd never know it by the time we got out of the car. The wind was gusting over the ice on the lake making it pretty chilly. We all opted for just one loop because of it.

Group Pizza Night
We got back to the house for a pit stop and headed out again. First was Duluth Trading for a browse. I picked up some Lemon scented No Crack Cream and am in love. Second was Costco for some wine. me and Sis K then dropped the boys at a brewery where they had a beer while we did a little grocery shopping. We picked them up afterwards and headed home. I made a batch of granola, browned some ground beef and sausage and then went up for a quick shower. Once comfy I made up two pizza crusts and got them backed. Me and Sis K each topped a pizza and we chowed down. I had two beef with onion and two pepperoni, sausage and mushroom. Fabulous. But then again pizza night always is. Everyone started a puzzle after dishes were cleaned up but I didn't join in until almost 9. I was procrastinating.

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