Sunday, February 11, 2018

No Sickness

Leftover Breakfast Snack
My throat got pretty scratchy/raw feeling last night during the movie. It felt better to keep my nose and mouth covered and breathe warmer air. Or at least it seemed to keep the rawness away. I woke a few times, getting anxious that I was getting sick but dozed in between each waking. I got up at 9 and went down to eat a slice and a half of last night's leftover pizza. The good thing is that I still had hunger.

Lis' Birthday Lunch
At 10 I decided to shower, to open up my sinuses and just get me going, got dressed, fixed my hair and off we went. We met Lisa's friends T and D in the Domain at a place called Culinary Dropout. We shared starters of deviled eggs, pimento cheese with almonds and cheddar pork skins. As my meal I had a double cheeseburger with no bun and a side salad with Ranch dressing and Parmesan cheese. Of course I drank iced tea with my meal. I have iced tea whenever I'm in Texas.

Lupe Again
We made a pit stop back at the house, picking up some prescriptions on the way. Lis got some Tamiflu called in for me along with some cough med and Ibuprofen if I end up needing it. I took the first pill and we then met Lisa's friend D at the theater for a movie. We saw Winchester. I am fascinated by the story of that real house and eventually will go do the tour in California. After the movie was over we went back to Lisa's to decide what to do for dinner. It didn't take long to decide on Lupe, again and I got my usual. The 14oz carne asad with melted Jack cheese. And iced tea. It was divine. I took NyQui when we got back and was ready for bed by 10.

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