Tuesday, February 06, 2018

No Casserole For Me

Tuesday Fuel
I was very ready for the sleep that came fast. I turned on Hearts of Space and was gone. I got up once to pee at 2:30 and back to sleep until 6:30. I chatted with Kev and then got up and rolling. I dressed and took Sampson for his loop before getting everyone their food. When done I took Sampson back upstairs to his safe space, rounded up the trash and got it to the curb. I watched Jane the Virgin before it was time to change for dance.

Leftover Steak Lunch
After an hour of sweating I had to bust a move. I put on some pants at the gym, changed my shoes and hauled ass to get my hair done. It was time for the trim and root touch up. I was done and home by 12:45. I took a shower and then cut and browned our leftover ribeye pieces from Sunday night. I ate and watched the latest episode of The Assassination of Gianni Versace and it was a doozy. After the show I cleaned up the few dishes and ran over to Walmart for a few things and to browse.

Unplanned Pizza
I got home, cleaned, cut and cooked a cauliflower and then put together a Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole. I had cooked the chicken on Saturday and needed to go ahead and use it. At 6:30 we had Yin yoga over at a friend of Miss M's house and I could not wait to get home and eat. I did have some granola before I left but hunger hit. And it was within the first ten minutes that I realized that I did not turn on the delay start to the oven. There would be no cooked casserole waiting for me :-( I got home around 8 and thank goodness had a frozen personal 5" Real Good pepperoni pizza that I could cook in the micro in about 15 minutes. I ate, played with the kitties for a little while after cleaning my plate, watched Victoria and then went to bed. I was ready for it.

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