Monday, February 05, 2018

Good Eats Monday

Eggs and Brussels
I played with the kitties for a while last night before going up to bed. When I went into the bedroom Sampson was on Kev's chest having some guy time. It melted our hearts as we don't know how long we have left with him. He's losing weight every day and it makes us so sad to watch. I fell asleep pretty easily though. Sampson cried in the middle of the night so I got up to pee and gave him some potty time snuggles.

Sleep was a little sporadic from then on. I tossed and turned and then Kev was up in the 3:30 hour, leaving for work around 4. I tossed more and then was up before 6:30 to dress and get Bro and Sis K to the airport. Bro K filled my car up with gas and we were off.

Chicken Cobb Salad
I was back home by 8AM. I walked Sampson and then fed all three babies before making my own breakfast. I heated leftover Brussels and scrambled two eggs in some butter and sat at the table looking out at the nice day.

I changed and went to the gym for an hour of PiYo. I was a bit tired so my movement's were a little shallow but I made it through, got home and showered. I dressed and  went to Morning Glory to meet a guy I used to work with about doing some work for his company. I hadn't seen Michael since 2010 and it was great to catch up. I had a chicken cobb salad with a sherry vinaigrette and it was delicious, as usual. On it was the chicken, guac, shredded carrots and grated cheddar along with bacon. We were done and left just after 1PM.

Leftover Dinner
I got home, grabbed Kev's shirts and took them to the cleaners. I then made a run to the pet store for kitten food, made it back home and vacuumed. I originally only wanted to vacuum up Sampson's cat puke in our closet but ended up doing the whole house. I did a little pre-work for Michael, having 1/4c homemade granola for a snack, and then went down to watch some TV. It started with last night's This Is Us, which was emotional city. Next up was Grey's Anatomy, which also was at the end. I ate dinner during Greys, which was all leftovers. The last leftover burger patty, cabbage and asparagus. I squeezed in the 30 minute Will & Grace before starting The Bachelor, which was in Paris this week. Oui Oui!

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