Monday, February 12, 2018

Dinner Splurge

Cheese Omelet
After taking the NyQuil and getting into bed I did sleep pretty decently. I got up at around 4 to pee and then got back into a deep sleep until almost 9. My throat wasn't as scratchy s yesterday but I was twice as stuffy. And twice as tired. I made myself get up, go downstairs and take my hormone pill and a Tamiflu, the generic version. I went back up to bed until Lis came to check in. I lounged until 9:30 and then knew I needed to eat. I went down and whipped us up an omelet and I heated the remainder of the pizza meat I cooked the other night and ate a good bit of it with the eggs. We watched the first episode of The Versace Assassination, since Lisa hadn't seen it, and soon it was time to get dressed for our Monday movie.

Zoe's Cauli Rice Bowl with Chicken
We saw the final episode in the 50 Shades saga and it was entertaining. Me and Lis have seen all these together so we couldn't miss out on it while I was visiting. After the movie we couldn't decide what to eat and ended up at Zoe's, which was exactly right. I had my usual cauliflower rice bowl with grilled chicken, feta, cucumber sauce and fresh cucumbers. I added their Greek dressing on it this time and it was really nice. I love that there's no sugar in their dressing, just olive oil, red wine, salt, pepper and spices. It was light and fresh and just what was needed. We got home and crashed. We were both needing a nap and I know that sleep is the only thing that will get me well again. I crawled into my comfy bed, Lis' guest bed is very comfy, at 3:30 and slept until around 4:45. Oh it was so perfect.

Wonton Soup and Fried Cauli Rice with Beef
I chatted with the Kev, who had gotten in from getting me supplies at the store, and then rescheduled my dental cleaning that was scheduled for Wednesday. I managed to get myself out of the bed, put on comfies and go downstairs to take my second Tamiflu of the day. I had two dark chocolate almonds for a light snack and at 6:30 we ordered takeout Chinese food. Mama Fu's in Austin had fried cauliflower rice and I'd never seen that offered before! As a big splurge I got a cup of wonton soup, which felt so good when not feeling well. The wonton is flour so giant splurge. The cauli rice with beef was very very tasty and I'd get it again. We watched The Bachelor and I took NyQuil before going back to bed.

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