Sunday, February 04, 2018

A Screwed up Recipe

Super Quiche
I ended up working on the puzzle after everyone went to bed, including the kitties. I went up around midnight, brushed my teeth and crawled under the electric blanket. It wasn't long before I was out. I woke at 6 thanks to Remi who was rattling the gate. (Kev had reinforced it very well and so far it's kept him out). I got up to pee and went back to bed until just after 7:30. I got up and got breakfast going which was the quiche Lorraine recipe I tried around Thanksgiving, this time with real bacon instead of turkey. Yes it made a huge difference. I also didn't over cook it this time and the texture was nice, feeling the soft custard and melted cheese. The crust was a hair crumblier than I'd like it but not too noticeable. I made a cup of butter coffee and sipped it while the quiche was baking.

Super Bowl Sausage Dip
Everyone continued work on the puzzle, which was really tough, and I toodled around the house doing odds and ends. I did laundry and paid some bills, folded laundry and then ran across this recipe for low carb Thin Mints. I knew Sis K loved Thin Mints so decided to try them out. They weren't all that hard to make, an effort yes but not hard. The one thing I did wrong was not add any sweetener in the unsweetened chocolate. The recipe called for sugar free chocolate and not sure why unsweetened was in my head. It would have been an amazing test but I ruined it. They looked amazing though and maybe I'll try again. Me and Sis K went to the Cheese Importers to browse around and when we got back she made a batch of sausage dip. It has cream cheese and Rotel in it and I dipped with pork rinds. Super yum.

Of Course I Had More Sprouts Than That
Kev made some smoked cream cheese, bacon wrapped jalapenos but I was already a bit full from the dip and didn't want to ruin my dinner. And speaking of dinner, tonight was Prime ribeye, Brussels cooked in bacon fat and roasted asparagus that Sis K made. Great meal. I had two servings of the Brussels because no way would I just have one spoonful. And that roasted asparagus with garlic, salt, pepper and Parmesan rocked my world. We ate ans watched the Super Bowl before bedtime. It's been a lovely visit.

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