Saturday, February 10, 2018

2 Meals

Cheddar Waffle and Bacon
I was actually excited to get into bed at 11 something last night. Maybe 11:30. And I went to sleep fast with Hearts of Space on. I then didn't budge until I got up at 7:45 this morning to pee. I laid back down and chatted with Kev before getting up, dressed and headed downstairs.  I sat on the couch on my computer until Lis got up and ready to roll. We went to The Original Pancake House and I got the cheddar omelet with a side of crispy bacon, which was four thick slices. I ate that entire beeyotch only leaving two bites. And know that omelet had FIVE eggs in it. Most eggs ever eaten in one sitting. And i was done done done afterwards. We got back to Lisa's and her 17 year old cat Piper wasn't doing well. Her mobile vet came over and Piper went to Heaven. It was so sad.

Pizza Night
We did get out of the house in the afternoon to do a grocery run for supplies, got back around 4:30 and I took a shower. The time of the month arrived early and do you know the hungries went away? The shower helped with the cramps and bloating and I got into my comfies and went down to brown some ground beef. We then started Bad Moms and around 6:45 I got up to make pizza crust. It turned out more like a flatbread and I wonder if it is the altitude difference. I topped it with a little low sugar sauce, lots of ground beef, black olives, a little mozzarella and more cheddar since there wasn't much mozzarella left. I had four slices and afterwards I made this cookie dough dip and it was awful. It has some potential but I'd need to tinker more. Lis recommended I put it in the fridge and we'll see if it's better cold tomorrow.

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