Monday, June 13, 2011

Different this time

So I've been away from the blog, in a funk that all of my efforts and hard work hadn't paid off, that I didn't lose an ounce. But it's time to get er done and figure this thing out. I have got to get back to feeling good.

I am starting to work with my "Dr. House" lady and am ready for a change. Tomorrow she will come to my house, measure my fat (grrreat) and supply my supplements. I will begin with a three day fast where I drink water with lemon. No food. I'll then move on to a 15 day something then a 21 day something else. All of this is to balance my gut and repair my intestines. There's a lot of inflammation up in there that's been wreaking all kinds of havoc. (Hence the constant burping and farting I've had since that dang surgery back in 08. And I mean constant.) After the 21 day thing I will begin the lifestyle change. What a road ahead.

TMI I know, but I had a poo test done and it was confirmed that I am gluten, dairy and garlic intolerant and that I don't digest proteins well. It's an odd feeling now KNOWING that I'm definitely gluten sensitive and that it will need to be gone. For good. I know there are loads of options these days, but it's a mental thing. Like I'm losing my best friend. This pic is of a button I made years ago when an old boss went gluten free. How fitting.

Breakfast: Fage yogurt cup
Lunch: Weight Watchers vege pasta
Snack: 6 wheat thins, 2 cheese cubes
The Last Supper: 4oz grilled steak, baked potato (yes loaded), steamed broccoli
Final splurge: Snicker bar (Hells yeah it was awesome!)

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