Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Was busy the entire day. Got home round 3:30, showered and watched disk 4,of Season 1-Modern Family. OMG that's a freaking funny show! Slept like a baby with a couple weird dreams thrown in. First part of the dream 2 of my most favorite scarves were stolen and we spent all of our time trying to locate t hem. The second part was in a weird Fun-house-like Las Vegas hotel. There were hidden elevators and weird, changing rooms. I was there to help build something and was told I was in not good enough clothing. What? A big ol floppy t-shirt and shorts isn't good enough for the 4 Seasons?

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Larkburger with cheese, shared fries and a sm milkshake
Dinner: pita chips, hummus, bagel with cream cheese
Exercise: Elliptical

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