Friday, April 20, 2018

To Bama

No Trip South is Complete without Waffle House
We visited with Amy until just after 10:30 and called it a day. Mainly because we found out that she got up at 4:30. I got into my jammies, washed my face, brushed my teeth and crawled into the comfy, squishy bed. I didn't sleep well and woke just about every hour to look at the clock. I didn't want to miss getting up to visit before Amy had to leave for work. I woke, and got up at 5:14. Mama and Amy were already in the living room so I made a cup of coffee with Sweet-n-Low and Coffee Mate and sat down to chat. Amy left at 6:45 and Ri left around 7:30. I showered and dressed and we hit the road to Waffle House where we met Mama's brother, my Uncle Mac. I had a good ol cheese omelet with a side of bacon and I swear ain't nuthin like them omelets. I did read that they do not use waffle batter in them like Ihop does, to make them so fluffy. They use an industrial milkshake blender to whip the eggs for a minute.

Chicken Salad at Aunt Tricia's
We got on the open road around 9:45 after the nice, yet short, breakfast visit. It took us about three and a half hours to make it to Aunt Tricia's house in Northern Alabama, arriving right around 1PM. Uncle Mike had homemade chicken salad which I had some of. I also finished the two spoons of egg salad left, two crackers, two baby dills, a slice of salami with colby jack. I had two cookies after and went out to the backyard for a little while. The day was so nice to sit on the swing, or just be out. I started crashing around 3 and struggled to keep my eyeballs open. But I did as we have short time for visiting.

Meat and Brussels and Squash
I was looking forward to dinner. Mike grilled up steaks, cooked up yellow squash on the stove and Mama made the Brussels. While dinner was being prepared I enjoyed meeting my three little second cousin ladies and catching up with my cousin, their Mama. We all played outside until we were called in to eat. After dinner I helped get the dishes washed and then out came the paper and colored pens. Needless to say this was a hit and became the event of the night. The girls were past their bedtime and left just after 8:30. I put on my comfies, washed my face and brushed my teeth and was ready to call it a day.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

On the Road

I was sleeping so good when Mama busted in the room announcing it was time to get rolling. It was 6 something. I got up and pulled some clothes on and out the door we went. First stop was taking the cat to the vat and then I drove Ma onto work. I got back to the house and it was time for the bug man to do his spraying. He was gone by 8:30 and I started some breakfast. I cooked up sausage and made scrambled eggs, ate quickly and then drove breakfast to Mama. She didn't have anything to eat and since I had her vehicle meant she was stuck. I went back to the house, changed and hit the road again to the Mazda dealer where they would check the tires for our road trip. From there I went to find some comfy pull on shoes, which was a success thanks to DSW. Macy's was after shoes where I got a couple new pair of capri pants. The pair I had are slipping down and I'm constantly pulling them up. Not a complaint.

Car Picnic
It was after 12:30 when I left Macy's and stopped into the drugstore for a birthday card. Across the shopping center was a Nail salon where I finally got my mani and pedi on. Oh lord at my toes y'all. They were so long they were busting a hole in my shoes. I got home after 2, made a batch of egg salad, packed my bag, stopped by the grocery for meat and cheese snacks, picked up Mama, stopped back by the house to get her things and finally we got on the road after 4PM. We had to make one mandatory stop at Sonic for her large diet coke with extra ice and then basically sat in traffic from Baton Rouge to Slidell. I packed us a car picnice and dished it out around 6:30. Egg salad, salami and cheese rolls, baby dill pickles and a few of my homemade crackers. I had two cookies for dessert and we enjoyed the evening and made to Aunt Amy's house right at 10PM.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Breakfast at Mama's
Sleep was lovely in my bed at Mama's last night. I was tucked in under fresh, crisp sheets, a down comforter and a blanket on top of that and was a nesty bear until I woke up hot. I got p and turned the fan on and went right back to sleep. Mama woke me just before 7 by meowing, so I'd think it was Penelope her cat. She didn't fool me. I got up and dressed and we were out the door for me to drive her to work. I dropped her before 7:30, went back to the house and made some breakfast. Three eggs and two slices of bacon. I also brewed a cup of mandarin orange spice herbal tea and did a little work while sipping and eating. I chatted with the Kev who was about to head out to work and then called Dad to set up a lunch date. Just after 9 I changed and drove over to one of the YMCA branches where there was a 10AM Cardio Line Dance class that I wasn't missing.

Lunch with Dad
Holy cow that class was the most fun ever. All the women made me feel so at home and we had a great time for that hour. I got home around 11:20 and jumped in the shower to get the sweat off. I dressed and ran out the door to meet Dad at Brewbacher's for grub. I ordered a burger patty with cheese and a side sensation salad. It was a pretty warm day so I followed Dad's lead and got a big glass of water and then squeezed in fresh lemon and then stirred in my sweet-n-low. Cheap lemonade was perfection and now will be the way to go. Dad told me he has prostate cancer and will get a biopsy as a double/triple check. He then will have the surgery for full removal, and not sure if he'll need to go through chemo. He's anxious about it all, which I totally understand, so I kept the conversation light and his mind off of it. I have read that if caught early, which it was, he's sure of a full recovery. My hopes are high.

Steak. It's what's fer Dinner
After lunch I went back to Mama's to gather my computer and things and drove over to her office to work. I had some client work to do, yay!, and there is an empty workspace there. I got set up and had two cookies before getting down to business. We were done by 5 and ran to do some errands before our road trip. We had to pick up a new cooler, a folding chair and a couple beach towels. Time was moving pretty fast and we didn't want to have to cook late so we ended up at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. It's been many many years since I'd been to one, and heck may have only been the one time, but I remember them for the yeast rolls, which I didn't have, obviously. They actually don't tempt me any longer - 🙌. I was, however, excited to get me some meat and veggies. I got double broccoli for my two sides and did eat everything on my plate with butter, making it all very enjoyable. There were a couple more errands on the way hoe and we got in around 8:45 or so. We put the garbage out and I got into my comfies and finished some client work. Bed after 10:30.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

To Barouge

Pre-flight Yummy
Sleep was off and on as usual before a flight. I got up at 6:15 for a shower and finished packing my bag. The Kev made a delicious breakfast of fried eggs and bacon and we headed to the airport shortly after finishing. He dropped me and I was super glad we left early because the security line was pretty long. It took over an hour to get through and to my gate but that was fine.

On-flight Lunch Box
I only had to wait about 45 minutes before we boarded. I sat in the back and talked with a woman next to me the entire two and a half hours. She was from Louisiana and we talked of plants/flowers and cemeteries. She moved to Colorado in the 90s and lives not all that far from us. We will keep in touch. During the flight I popped out my delicious bento box-esque lunch. Three hard boiled eggs (that Kev boiled me up this morning), an ounce of almond mozzarella, an ounce of roasted almonds and 6 slices of pepperoni. It was a perfect finger food, easy to eat meal with really no clean up needed. We landed in New Orleans and I got my bag and plopped myself on a bench to wait for Mama. She had to finish a conference call so wasn't able to get me until around 4:30ish. I watched Schitt's Creek and ate an Atkins Caramel Nut Chew bar while I waited. I chatted with Kev and the time passed quickly.

Hooray for Chicken Shwarma Salad
The breeze was lovely outside when Mama pulled up. I tossed my suitcase in and we hauled ass outta there towards home. Our first stop was Albasha for a chicken shwarma salad, which I ate every last ounce of, and then we changed and went for a nice walk. When we got back we sat out in Mama's courtyard, which is to die for you never want to go inside, and eventually it cooled off enough, and got dark enough to go in for the night. I put on comfies and we watched an episode of Schitt's Creek before calling it a day.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Fast Day

Leftover Veggie Egg Scramble
I was having YEN and someone else assist me in selecting a brown nail polish, from giant bottles, when I woke up. Sampson pulled me from that dream with his loud meowing. By the time I stirred and looked down from the bed he was sitting, staring up at me from the side of the bed. I got up, peed and dressed and took him out, and he was ready to go. I fed all the babies after we got back in and then got coffee going for the Kev. He was off today, yay! I put bacon in the oven and made a scramble with the leftover bell pepper, red onion, mushroom and almond mozzarella from meatza night. Egg scrambles are easy ways to use up leftover veggies. After the dishes were cleaned I grabbed the cat catcher, which Remi hounded us about most of the early morning, and played with the rascals from about thirty minutes. It was soon time to change and get to the gym.

Tuna Lunch
Kev joined us for PiYo today! We got there a little early to get him a spot and our mats rolled out and he did great. We got home and did a medium loop walk, made it home and the pet sitter arrived for me to show her food, litter etc. After she left we were ready for some lunch and I wanted tuna. I mixed a small packet of white and one of light with 2 TBSP mayo, the remainder of my marinated cucumbers and a little salt and pepper. I ate all straight from the mixing bowl. That was a good 33g of protein right there. I showered after lunch and got a load of clothes in the washer. I made a batch of crackers, which Mama asked me to bring, and soon YEN arrived for our client meeting.

Steak & Brussels
I drove us to the coffee shop where we found a sign that they were closing early. The potential new client arrived and we ended up sitting outside on the coffee shop's nice patio where it was empty and quiet and nice. We chatted for an hour and a half, got home around 5 and chatted until 6. I went in and got Brussels cooking and Kev got sirloins grilled. We ate, cleaned the dishes, folded laundry and I made a batch of cookies that will be packed to go. I packed my suitcase, as much as I could until the rest of my clothes are dry in the morning, and had a cookie on the couch. We started The Voice and blazed through pretty quickly.

Totals: 1478 Calories, 104g Fat, 118g Protein and 10g Carbs

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Favorite Breakfast
I slept pretty well. I got up to pee around 1:30 and noticed the Kev was gone. He was on the couch watching Man in the High Castle. It's a glimpse into an alternate history of North America. What life after WWII may have been like if the Nazis had won the war.I watched the pilot last night and it's got potential. I got up at 7:30, dressed and walked Sampson and got all the babies fed. I got the coffee brewing and bacon baking. It was a beautiful Sunday and a perfect morning for Snickerdoodle Egg Crepes. These are always anticipated. I only had 2 oz of my dairy free cream cheese so used 3 oz of regular mixed with it and it was so delicious. Oh it's so delicious! I had three slices of bacon with my three crepes, we cleaned the dishes and were ready to walk. But before we left I did a quick sweep and vacuum of the main floor thanks to white kitty fur.

Hot Dog and Broccoli Salad
With such a fantastic day out Kev suggested a new route to change things up a bit. Of course I was up for it and off we went. It's now officially the jumbo loop. We made it home and clocked 6.25 miles.  When you have good company and a  bluebird sky morning time goes by quickly. It was 12:15 and we both weren't all that hungry but wanted to have something. Kev lit the grill and browned us up a couple hot dogs each and we had the leftover broccoli salad with them. After my first dog was gone I decided I didn't want the other and gave it to Kev. I did, however, make room for a cookie after lunch. We basked on the couch for a little while, Teddy stretched out with a back leg propped on me, and I watched an episode of The Arrangement before going up for a shower.

Smashburger Burger & Brussels
After I was clean and dressed in clean clothes, I settled in my office and worked on art, watching some Schitt's Creek.  Around 5 I changed out of my comfy pants to some going out of the house comfy pants and we made a quick run to Smashburger for dinner. We didn't want to cook before getting ready for the Broadway touring show of Aladdin so burgers it was. We had a coupon for a BYGO so Kev ordered a triple double and I got the same, with no bun. We split an order of their new crispy Brussels sprouts and I approve. The meat had way too much cheese and I even picked one slice off, next time will order with only one slice. Overall a great, and satisfying meal. We got home, dressed for the show and left for Denver around 6:30.

Totals: 1979 Calories, 164g Fat, 98g Protein and 16g Carbs

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Meatza Revival

Thick Bacon
We took the electric blanket off the bed too soon. It was cold when I went to bed and I got under the covers with my socks on. Kev put an extra blanket on me and it took forever to warm up. But I eventually did and slept well until the high winds picked up and whipped loudly around the house. This was around 1:30AM. I was awake for some time during this and finally got up to pee. It took a long time to get back to sleep but did with the help of the sleep music Kev turned back on in the wee hours of the morning. All the interrupted sleep meant we didn't get up until around 8. Kev walked Sampson and we got the furry babies fed. He made coffee and I made bacon and eggs. We tried some thick cut from Costco and it's great. I only had two slices and gave the other to the Kev, who polished off quickly and excitedly. I made butter coffee after breakfast to sip and enjoy before we got the day going officially.

Lunch Shake with Sampson
Once the dishes were cleaned up we changed, I put my jacket on and we headed out walking. We walked through town to the post office for a drop and then through the rest of town back home, where we grabbed a shopping bag and walked to the grocery for a few things. We chatted with a neighbor friend and when we got in I made this shake for lunch. I wanted to save my protein grams for dinner and this shake is filled with good fat. I watched Jane the Virgin then onto Grey's and Scandal. I had a cookie for snack but was a bit hungry at 3:30. I paused Scandal and made a broccoli salad. I've been craving it for at least a week now and knew one was coming.

Broccoli Salad Craving
I baked five slices of bacon. I cut up the rest of the package of broccoli that was in the fridge. I cut up about 3 ounces of sharp cheddar and then made the dressing. Half cup of mayo, apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder Splenda. All to taste. I had about 1/4 cup during taste testing and started an episode of The Arrangement.

Meatza Night
I started dinner around 6PM, after the show was over. Tonight we were making a meatza. It's been a long time since we've made a meat crust and it's back full force since I don't want loads of cheese. Ours was inspired by this one. Kev mixed half pound of hot Italian sausage with half pound of 90% lean ground beef. He rolled it out onto parchment and we baked 20 minutes until done. I used paper towels to sop up the fat and then the crust was flipped onto a new piece of parchment and baked another 5 minutes. It was topped with 1/4c sauce, red onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and fresh basil and then with almond mozzarella on my half.Y'all. Holy crap it's fabulous and out new favorite. I had a cookie for dessert and made a cup of hot tea to wind down the day.

Totals: 1811 Calories, 149g Fat, 85g Protein and 19g Carbs

Friday, April 13, 2018

Quick Chili Beef Bowl

Easy Friday Morning
Another good night's sleep. There was a pool in my dreams and I was in both a swimsuit at one point and then got in in a dress with belt. No big deal. I woke at 5:30 when Kev got up to pee and Teddy started meowing loudly. He then quieted down until 6 something and finally we got up at 7:45. Late but Kev was off today so it was dreamy dozing for that long. He walked Sampson and made coffee while I fed the babies and got bacon in the oven. Kev made the fried eggs and then I sipped butter coffee both at the table after breakfast and while playing with the kitties.

Quick Chili Bowl with Salad
I had a conference call at 9:30 to discuss the potential new project and it looks like something me and YEN can do together. We set up an in-person meeting for Monday afternoon and I'm excited about it. This would be a big project. I worked on an art piece for a little while and the hungries came just after noon. I went down to make some lunch and actually planned on having a repeat of my breakfast shake yesterday when I spotted the ground met sitting lonely in the fridge. It needed to be used. I tossed it in a skillet and cut up three hot dogs to toss in with the beef and browned it all together. I seasoned with sat, pepper, cumin, chili powder, onion and garlic powders and drained off the grease when done. I shredded on a smidge of cheddar and made us up a quick plain lettuce salad with homemade Ranch. It was super quick, delicious and filling and lost all the carbs from the tomatoes. Win.

Chicken Schnitzel and Mashed Cauli
The afternoon went by pretty quickly. I had a my monthly face cleaning at 2PM and was very glad that this was a free one. It was so sweet of her to offer a BOGO special. I got home and went up to the office to pay my Q1 taxes. I watched an episode of Schitt's Creek and half of another, and worked on art, before I went down to feed kitties and get dinner started. And I saw that my first box from Stitch Fix had arrived! Everything was really cute. I am keeping three of the pieces out of the five. A top, some flats and a black jacket. The pants didn't fit, no surprise, and one shirt didn't hang right. Tonight was chicken schnitzel and Kev requested this mashed cauli to go with it. Oh my word it was so perfect. I made a little sriracha mayo for dipping and this really is fried chicken with mashed potatoes. A so-much-better-for-you version. After dinner we cleaned up the dished and attempted a walk but holy crap the frigid wind froze our faces off so we did a micro loop and went home for hot tea and a blanket. We watched an episode of Imposters and I got really hungry. I had a half oz of roasted almonds and a cookie and then went to bed.

Totals: 1804 Calories, 150g Fat, 98g Protein and 9g Carbs

Thursday, April 12, 2018

New Breakfast Shake

New Breakfast Shake
Sleep was great. I turned on some Hearts of Space and drifted out of this world. I dreamed but can't remember any details. I got up at 6, when Kev's alarm snooze went off for the second time. I made coffee and packed his lunch while he showered, dressed and took Sampson out for his walk. He heated a breakfast burrito and was out the door just after 6:30. I made this breakfast shake that I've been eager to try and oh it's so creamy and delicious. I had to add some unsweetened almond milk because with the coconut milk and avocado and cocoa powder it was so thick it wouldn't blend the ice. In it was: 1/2c full fat coconut milk, 50g avocado, 1/2 tsp vanilla, pinch of salt, 2 TBSP cocoa powder, 3 TBSP Swerve, few drops of chocolate Stevia, 1/2c unsweetened almond milk, 4 ice cubes. It packs a healthy punch with calories and fat to start the day off right and is super satisfying. I sipped and watched the first episode of Killing Eve, a new BBC America show and oh it's a good one. I was hooked.

Quick Tuna Salad
I played cat catcher with the babies for 30 minutes and then it was time to change and get to dance. I had plenty of energy from that shake which allowed me to have a great workout. I sweated a ton and it felt great. I got home and was hungry so I made a packet of white tuna in water and mixed with a TBSP of mayo, my marinated cucumbers and a bit of avocado leftover from the half I didn't finish this morning. I sprinkled with salt and some back pepper and started a Hallmark movie called Once Upon a Prince. You know I'm a sucker for any royal type flick.

First Snack
I paused the movie to get to my hair appointment at 12:45. The mop had gotten super long and unruly and it's always a great feeling to get it lightened up. I stopped at the store on the way home, getting in around 2:30 and made a quick snack. I spread on a teaspoon of pizza sauce between two slices of salami and melted on 1 oz of almond mozzarella. I would have had more but was out of salami.

Second Snack
I finished the Hallmark movie and was still hungry, so hungry my stomach kept growling. I gave Sampson some treats and then cooked up a hot dog to, hopefully, hold me over until dinner. OMG SO HUNGRY! I ate the hot dog, dipping in plain yellow mustard, and watched some Schitt's Creek. I also scheduled a call for tomorrow morning to discuss a new sizable project with a new client. Yay! I snuck in 1/4c of maple pecan granola and was finally not as hungry. After two episodes of Schitt's I moved over to try a show that's been on my list to watch called The Arrangement. About a movie star that fake marries a girl for show. I put broccoli on to steam and almonds in the oven to roast and watched the pilot.

Asian Beef and Broccoli Bowl
When the show was over I started our official dinner. I browned a pound of ground beef and seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder and Chinese Five Spice. I made a quick Asian-flaired sauce with 1 TBSP sesame oil, 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger, 1 teaspoon fish sauce, 1 TBSP coconut aminos, 1 TBSP Splenda and a squirt of Sriracha. I added all the steamed broccoli to the pan with the meat and stirred the sauce over it all. kev got home just as it was finished and I spooned us each a bowl, topping with more Sriracha, which made my nose run it was so sassy. Man it was great. We did a small loop walk after eating, got home, did the dishes and settled in for the evening. I had 1.5 TBSP of lemon coconut cream for dessert.

Totals: 1716 Calories, 141g Fat, 77g Protein and 18g Carbs

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Egg Discrepancy

The McD's Egg Saga
I was at some conference in my dream last night. And then I was at an Aquarium. I can't remember any of the details though. I got up at 6:15 after Kev snoozed his alarm  a few times. I went down and made him coffee and a packed lunch. I got him a breakfast burrito heated which he ate quickly and then he was off to work. I made a cup of Irish breakfast tea and sipped it while chatting with Kev while he drove.

At 7:30 I went up, changed and did this PiYo round 51 in the guest room, the fan on high. I need more room. There is nowhere in this house that I can move freely. I hit walls, beds or objects, which makes it a challenge, but I got it done and got my sweat on. My muscles got used and I was ready for a shower. I dressed and decided to make a McDonald's run for round eggs and sausage. Ma and I have had a discussion about the pricing in Louisiana vs here in Colorado. For $4 she gets two round eggs and two sausages. I pay over $6 here. Her people mentioned that one order of round eggs was two eggs so I had to try it. And nope. It's $1.80 for ONE egg here. Now I feel ripped off. I can get a whole dozen eggs for $1.99. I got home, made two scrambled eggs to go with my anticipated, one round egg and when I opened the container it was a nasty square scrambled thing. This was a first. I ate it anyway and watched UnREAL.

Snack Shake
I made a to-go cup of herbal tea and met Sherri at the theater for a movie. We needed something funny so Blockers it was. And it was your typical over-the-top raunchy fun, good for a few laughs and an escape for a few hours. I ate the last four cookies, two in the theater and two on the drive home, getting there around 1:45. I changed into my comfies, poured some water and was ready to chill. I watched RISE and then made a Keto shake to sip while watching an emotional Call the Midwife. I had a slice of salami before the show ended. I was getting really hungry.

Sirloin and Brussels
I started When Calls the Heart but then got sidetracked playing with the babies for a while. Just after 6PM I seasoned up some sirloins and got them in the oven. I also cleaned and cut up some Brussels, getting them cooking in bacon fat to go with the steaks. The Kev got home around 6:45 and we melted some good butter on top of the meat before sitting at the table. I couldn't finish my plate and gave him just over 3 oz of meat and some sprouts. We took a nice walk after dinner, the small and a half loop since the light was going quickly. We really enjoy evening walks together during Spring and Summer months when the days are longer and he is home. We finished up When Calls the Heart and split an Atkins Caramel Nut Chew bar for dessert when we got back home.

Totals: 1725 Calories, 127g Fat, 102g Protein and 18g Carbs