Sunday, March 18, 2018

Yay for a Spreadsheet

No Cooking This Morning
I woke at 6 to pee when Kev's alarm went off. He was later than I thought he would be leaving for the mountains this morning but I was glad he got a tad more sleep. I got back in bed but got back up to deal with the babies. Kev let Sampson down and locked kitties up and they started causing ruckus. Licking/biting the blinds and just being babies. Sampson started crying to come back up to his area so I got out of bed and swapped their places. All was quiet until 7:30 when whining started again. I got up at 8, dressed and fed the two babies. I took Sampson out and then got him fed as well. It was 8:30 and I really didn't want to cook breakfast. I went out in my slippers, got in the car and made a run to McDonald's for two round eggs and two sausage patties. I had a gift card from Mom and Dad K and boy does it come in so super handy. And boy it was lights out tasty. I ate as I started watching Jane the Virgin and when done, cleared up my plate, changed and went on the big loop walk with Dany.

Protein Shake Protector
It was such a mild morning, perfect for that walk. It was around 40 degrees, just right for a light jacket. The sky was blue and sun out. We passed Kristi who was with a new suitor, walking their dogs and it was nice to see her so happy. I got home, put laundry in the washer and around 12:30 made a protein shake for lunch. 1 serving of protein powder (27g), 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1 TBSP cocoa powder, 1 TBSP peanut butter, chocolate Stevia, a sweetener packet and a cup of ice. I sipped while finishing up Jane the Virgin and then turned on a Hallmark movie that was on the DVR called One Winter Weekend. Of course it was a typical sweet and sappy, predictable movie, which I always love.

Afternoon Snack
It was just after 3 when the movie was over and I needed a little nibble. I had an ounce of Miyokos double chive spread (crap this stuff is so freaking delicious) and 6 little homemade crackers. I chatted with Mama for a little bit and the Kev got home around 4PM from a nice day of snowboarding. He left when the snow really started coming down and I wish we'd get some of that moisture here. It's so dry I'm worried we'll have water rationing this summer.

Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad
I figured all of my macros for the day in the afternoon. I knew we would be having grilled chicken cobb salads for dinner so ran the numbers. I'm still in shock about how quickly they add up (lol). It's really been eye opening. My salad consisted of: 2 cups green leaf lettuce, 6oz grilled chicken, 2 slices of crispy bacon crumbled up, 1 hard boiled egg, half an avocado, a stalk of green onion and 1/4c homemade Ranch. The Kev then created me the most fabulous Excel spreadsheet that calculates my macros for me. It's the best thing ever and will save me a ton of time. We watched the final Heff episode and I made a cup of hot tea to end the day.

Totals: 1573 Calories, 121g fat, 97g protein and 20g net carbs

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Day of Green

Green Eggs
Of course I slept like the dead. I am so not used to going to bed after 1AM. I slept until around 7:45 and then got up, kinda groggy. I knew it would take some time to fully wake so Kev heated some water and got me a cup of Irish breakfast tea brewing. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! He had already walked and fed Sampson and the babies so I put some bacon in the oven, and made some eggs. I chopped up a little green onion and Kev added a couple drops of green food coloring in to start the day of green off right. I could only handle two slices of the bacon so gave Kev the other, and he didn't complain. After breakfast we sat on the couch, listening to the wonderful Irish music Kev had turned on, and reminisced about our amazing trip through the Southern half of Ireland in 2014.

Gyro Burger with Avocado Fries
We changed and went out for a bit. Kev needed some pants since he's trimmed up quite a bit. I had a Nordstrom gift card that covered a great pair he had to order online for his length, but they will be great. We stopped at the store for fish water, for Kev a haircut and then home for some lunch. He fired up the grill and I made gyro burgers, 8oz each, to finish up some ground beef I had in the fridge. While the cooked I finished some egg salad with a couple crackers and browned an avocado that needed to be used and added some on top of the mayo slathered burgers. We finished up the avocado/cucumber salad and it was a mighty tasty lunch. We opted for a nap after the dishes were cleaned up, my eyeballs wanted to close so bad.

Cereal in Green Milk and Keytones
It was 2 when I turned the electric blanket on and crawled into bed. I keep constant chills so if I'm getting into bed it has to warm me up. It probably took 15 minutes to get into a nice sleep and I didn't wake until 4. And then I didn't get out of bed until 4:30. When I did it was to put on walking gear and we headed out for a nice walk in the lovely later afternoon. Our neighbors were heading out for a walk at the exact same time so we all went together on the big loop. There was five of us and their dog so us girl hung back while the guys and go took the lead. It was really nice. We got in, they visited with the babies and when they left it was 7PM. I didn't feel like doing much for dinner so I had my cinnamon toast crunch with green milk and then a keyto shake to sip on the couch afterwards. We watched the final episode of the Heff story before going back to bed. That going out last night did a number on me!

Totals: 1771 Calories, 136.5 Fat, 86 Protein, 24 Carbs

Friday, March 16, 2018

A Night Out

Eggs, Bacon and Tea
I read until around 10:30, turned the space music on and floated away into good sleep. I got up at 3 to pee and was awake for some time before drifting back off. I woke next at 7 and lounged until 7:20 before getting up and getting the day started. I dressed, made the bed, took Sampson out, got kitties fed, cooked bacon, made eggs and a cup of hot tea and cleaned up the kitchen. The day was suddenly wide open. Project was done yesterday so I decided to go to a movie. I got a single ticket to Love Simon, which premieres today. I made a little thermos of hot herbal tea and made my way over to the theater for the 10:15 showing.

Show Snacks
There were more folks in the theater than I expected, especially teen/pre-teens. I wondered if they skipped school and chuckled as I had the entire row to myself. The movie was great. I got hungry midway through the show and was glad I brought an Atkins nut bar to snack on.

Bunless Burger Bowl
I had a bathroom run before leaving the theater and decided on a whim to stop at Five Guys for lunch. I had a little remaining on a gift card Mom and Dad K gave me that I'd put to good use. I ordered a bunless burger bowl, something fairly new they are advertising and it's a crock of shit. Like it's some big deal or big value. It's a ripoff is what it is. $8 for two small meat patties. FOUR dollars each. Most places offer a-la-carte meat for less when you're not getting a bun, or anything on it but not these guys. I have decided to not eat there anymore but since I had the gift card to finish (I had to pay $2) I did just that. And I likely won't go back unless it's all there is. I drove to a nearby park, added about a half teaspoon of mayo and a few drops of yellow mustard on the meat and ate in my car while watching some dudes try to play disc golf in the crazy wind. A riot!

Keto Shake Snack
I got home, calculated my after-lunch macros and it was soon time for a facial. My sweet facial lady offered a buy-one-get-one-free deal and I wasn't passing it up. I left feeling squeaky clean, got home and vacuumed, scrubbed bathrooms and cleaned mirrors before making a keto shake, 1c unsweetened almond milk, keytones, 1TBSP cocoa powder and 6 ice cubes. I sat on the couch and watched Grey's Anatomy. The chocolatey goodness went down so smooth. Adding the cocoa really made a difference. Maybe it's just that this cocoa is so good in it and makes it so much better.

Beef and Brussels
I watched Scandal next and planned my numbers for dinner. It's definitely some work figuring macros but very interesting. I can't believe I've never done it before. I've counted carbs and protein but never calories or fat. I'm rounding my calories to 1700 a day to make it a little easier to track. I started dinner by cleaning and getting Brussels cooking in 1TBSP of bacon fat. Did you know that 1TBSP of bacon fat has 114 calories and 13g of fat? While the sprouts were cooking and the grill heating I formed up a 4oz burger patty for me and a couple larger ones for the Kev, who, lucky for me, got home way earlier than expected. I had half the leftover egg salad I made yesterday, which was about 1 egg, along with 3 of my very small homemade crackers. I make them cheeze-it size, not how she makes in the recipe. I put the burgers on the grill and was very ready to eat.

Bar Meat
After the dinner dishes were clean Kev covered the grill and around 8:30 I got a text from one of my dance friends. She asked if she could come see the baby kitties so I said sure! Nevermind it was 8:30. Turns out she was across the street with another friend and they were going out. They asked if I wanted to go and contrary to my usual and immediate "No" I actually said "Yes. Let me change." I kissed the Kev and we went to the first bar where I had half a club soda with lime. The second stop was a gaming bar, with old arcade games which we left immediately due to too many younger folks and stopped in a Mexican joint. The girls got drinks and I had a side of carne asada. The walking and going had made me a bit hungry and it was just enough. I had water to drink there and we moved on to the final dive bar in town where we stayed chatting and giggling until we left after 12:30. I got home at 12:50, added my macros for the day, washed my face and hit the bed.

Totals: 1829 Calories , 128 Fat , 116 Protein , 14.5 Carbs

Thursday, March 15, 2018

New Favorite Meal

Dance Fueling
I went up to bed before 9 last night. I had luscious plans of getting in bed, under my electric blanket and maybe watching some Netflix. I ended up painting my nails green, in prep for St. Patty's Day Zumba) and sitting on the edge of the tub waiting for them to dry. I eventually got the hair dryer out to move it along and then finally got into bed. I did have to reheat it though. I didn't watch anything but was on the computer waiting to see if I would get a last work email, which didn't happen. It was lights out and sleep music on around 10:45. Sleep was decent and I woke at 7, dressed and took Sampson out. He came in and everyone was ready to eat, including me. I baked a couple slices of bacon and made two fried/poached eggs to go with them. I sprayed the pan with Pam, cracked the eggs in, sprinkled with salt and when they began to cook I added some water to the pan. After I cleaned up the dishes I watched a little of Life Sentence before it was time to change for dance.

Egg Salad Lunch
We had a good group that wore their St. Patty's Day green and gold. We snapped a few pics and got to it. Oh it was so hot and I forgot to grab a towel, making it much worse and sweaty. I couldn't wait to get home and shower and oh man it felt good to get in my comfies and cool off. I put some eggs on to boil and made a quick egg salad with four of them, some mayo, salt and cayenne pepper for lunch. I ate half of it (two eggs) with a few homemade crackers and finished up Life Sentence. I did some food macro calculations, with dinner planning added in, and I'm coming out good today.

Afternoon Snack
It was around 2 and I could not go for another minute. I had to take a nap. And it was epic. I turned on the electric blanket and finally got rid of the constant chill I had. Once warm I slept so perfectly, a much needed rest. I woke around 3:45 to chat with Kev and then got up for a snack shake. I blended my keytones into a cup of unsweetened almond milk, with a TBSP of cocoa powder and a few ice cubes. I drank it while watching The Assassination of Gianni Versace and gosh that show was well done. I'm sad for the finale next week.

New Favorite Meal
I chatted with Ma and at 6:10 I got up and fed the kitties. When Sampson finished his food, and nibbled what the kitties left, he went back to his penthouse and I started my own dinner. I was excited to try some quick beef shawarma, 7oz of browned browned beef with the main seasonings from the recipe, and have the amazing cucumber avocado salad, made with fresh lemon juice and dill, with it to make a favorite make shift Greek/Lebanese meal. Holy smokes y'all. This was so super simple and packed with flavor and definitely my new favorite. The cucumber avocado salad was just like a chunkier tzatziki, but with no dairy, so exciting! I can't say enough about how fabulous this meal was. The salad with the good fat from the avocado and the beef was very satisfying. I ate and watched a Hallmark movie called Love, Once and Always.

Eggnog for Dessert
After dinner was done I cleaned the dishes and opted for a serving of homemade eggnog since I had a little room left in my macros. I added in a very small splash of bourbon and sprinkled on a light dash of cinnamon for a really lovely dessert drink with none of the sugar. And then it started raining. I had to pause the movie to listen to the beautiful sound of tinkling on the windows and roof. What a great way to end the day.

My numbers for the day ended up at: 1493 Calories, 113g Fat, 75g Protein, 20g Carbs.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Second Day of Tracking

PiYo Prep
I was pretty sore from Monday's PiYo, which made me toss and turn. Mostly arms and back and when my back is achy I'm more whiny than usual. I got up at 5 to pee when Kev's alarm went off. I got back in bed and proceeded to toss and turn until I dozed off again. Kev headed off to work and I slept until around 7:15. I lounged until a whopping 7:20 and then got up and dressed. I took Sampson out for the walk and he didn't dilly dally, I think he was hungry. I fed the three babies and fed myself some homemade cinnamon toast crunch cereal. I had two servings of 1/3c each with a cup of unsweetened almond milk. I answered some email, checked on a project and then changed for the gym.

Leftover Lunch Chili
The hour of today's PiYo, as hard as it was, actually helped my back ache. I know the Wednesday class typically eases the Monday pains so I'll keep it up. I feel myself getting stronger, one class at a time. I got home, showered and was hungry at 10:30. I finished up the chili (was 10oz) and watched The Fosters Spring finale followed by This Is Us. I got some work over to a client and then went on the big loop walk with Dany. It was in the 60s today and had it not been for the slight breeze, it would have been hot. I'm so not ready for summer.

Snack Keytones
I got home, guzzled some water, finished up with some work and watched the pilot for the new show RISE on NBC. It's about a high school theater group so of course I loved it. It's produced by the creators of Hamilton so it has big expectations.

So Hungry for Dinner
I found myself really hungry by 5:30. My stomach was growling up a storm so I started some dinner. I cut and got Brussels cooking in 1TBSP bacon fat and opted for two Teton Waters Ranch hot link sausages to go with it. I ate around 6:45 and started Sunday's When Calls the Heart. After the dishes were cleaned up I made a cup of hot tea and settled in for the evening. I watched HGTV and did my food calculations for the day. 1645 calories, 132g fat, 77g protein and 24g carbs.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Chicken Schnitzel

Dance Fuel
So I started tinkering around with a Ketogenic calculator. A true Keto diet means I need to know how many macros I'm eating. I estimated myself at 35-40% body fat and my projected numbers needed per day for weight loss are: Calories-1637, Fat-133g or under, Protein-88g and Carbs-20. At first glance I don't think I eat enough calories nor enough fat. I can likely come close on the protein and may go over carbs by a little every now and then. I really don't want to track this much but at the end of the day I'll tally my food, for today only.

Burger and Salad Lunch
I was a little sore so tossed and turned last night. I got up around 7:15, dressed and went down to Kev making a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon. He headed off to work and I put the trash out to the curb. It was soon time to change and get to the gym and I was actually a bit early for once. I chatted with the girls for coffee talk time and then danced for our hour. I got home a sweaty, refreshing mess. I showered and dressed and heated the last leftover burger patty. I had mushrooms on the burger and dipped it in yellow mustard. I polished off a little lettuce as well as the homemade Ranch and ate while watching UnREAL.

PM Snack
After I cleaned up my lunch dishes I grabbed my sweater and ran a few errands. Dry cleaners, two groceries-one specifically for the sale eggs, and the dollar store. I got home, put the groceries away and then made a Walmart run for stuff like shampoo and hair spray. It's been a long time since I've made this run and it was good to get it done. I then got busy in the kitchen. I washed and chipped up green and red leaf lettuces. I marinated some chicken for grilling and I tenderized more chicken for tonight's dinner. I then made a batch of crackers. Before I started I blended up some keytones for an afternoon snack to hold me over until dinner.

Chicken Schnitzel
Miss M and Kristi came over at 6:30 for Yin yoga. When we were done at 7:30 the Kev was in the kitchen making our chicken schnitzel. I found this recipe today and it just sounded so delightful. When Yin was over I whipped up this light and easy cucumber and avocado salad, using lemon juice and dill instead of lime. Y'all. This was right on up there as one of our favorite meals. I made a sriracha mayo to dip the chicken in and ooooh yyyeeeaaahhh! The fat and creamy of the avocado salad balanced out the leanness of the chicken and just wow. I could eat this again tomorrow. Once the dishes were cleaned up we watched The Voice and then last night's Fixer Upper.

Time to figure the total macros for today and it wasn't too bad. I was over on protein, which is eye opening, but I think I did pretty well. 1648 calories, 111g fat, 118g protein and 14 carbs. I'm so glad I did this.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Fast Monday

Monday Morning Eats
Sleep was pretty good overall. I woke at 4 to pee when I heard Kev get up too. I got back to sleep in spurts but it wasn't a good, solid slumber from then on out. I got up at 7 after 3 or 4 alarms went off on Kev's phone. I dressed and went down to the kitchen to start some bacon cooking. Once it was in the oven I took Sampson for his stroll and fed the kitties. I had some of the homemade cinnamon toast crunch with three slices of the bacon while Kev ate his breakfast pizza and then he was off to work. I cleaned up the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher, sent and email and folded some clothes before it was time to change and get to the gym.

Lunch Mix
OMG PiYo was so hard today. We started a new routine (every four weeks) and this one is a shoulder killer. Millions of planks while bringing each knee to the elbows. I had to focus every ounce of mental energy on getting through one at a time. Not thinking about how hard it is is key to making it though till the end. I try to hone in on my form instead. Paying attention to where my foot is, if my knee is going down on the lunges etc. I did make it out alive and was glad to get home for a shower. When dressed I started a bit of work and was hungry around 11:30. I heated a burger patty with mushrooms, made a cup of salad with homemade Ranch and had 1/3c of tuna salad. This was very filling and satisfying and lasted the day of non-stop work, which I was very glad for.

PB PM Snack
I went to the dentist's office at 4:30 for a free Invisilign consultation. My bottom teeth are wonking out for some odd reason and I'd like to get them back in line. One has come off of the bottom fixed retainer and moved forward and the bottom middle has grown a gap. How is my mouth creating such madness? It took 30 minutes for them to take closeups of my teeth and bite as well as make molds of my upper and lower teeth.

Chili Sausage Dog Bowl
I got home at 5, had a TBSP of peanut butter for a quick snack, and then was on a conference call with one of my developers about a project we're working on. The Kev got in, I finished up with work and headed down for the evening just after 6:30. Kev grilled up some sausages and we heated chili I made last night. In was about 2 lbs 80% ground meat, 1 can organic fire roasted diced tomatoes, 1 can organic fire roasted crushed tomatoes, white vonegar, TBSP Splenda, onion powder, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper. I folded and put away a load of laundry and when done the chili and sausages were ready. Kev cut up a link and put in on my bowl and we watched Homeland as we ate. This was the first time ever that I ate chili without cheese. I made my keytones for dessert and sipped while we watched The Voice.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Work Day

Sunday Morning
We both had good sleep last night for a change. I did get up at 4:30 to pee but went back to sleep pretty easily. Kev slept through the night, not getting up until almost 7. Yay! The babies rattled the gate until Kev let Teddy in. Of course this eventually left Remi wondering why he wasn't so he started rattling more and whining. This got me up. I dressed and took Sampson out, fed the kitties and then got bacon cooking. I made a hot cup of blueberry maple tea and oh it was a lovely morning. After we finished our scrambled eggs with the bacon we sipped our hot drinks and Kev cleaned up the dishes. We put on our shoes, jackets, hats and gloves and headed out for the big loop walk. It was perfect and brisk and we got back to the house around 10.

Leftover Lunch
I grabbed a couple of garbage bags and we both went down to the basement to do a littler change for both the litter boxes. When that was done we got in the car and took a drive to our meat market. We loaded up with 10 pounds of ground meat and picked up a couple turkey necks for the babies. We've been reading that raw poultry necks are great for cats and prevent dental problems. Since the necks are made of tissue and cartilage they act as dental floss as they chew. We'll see what happens. We got home around 12:15 and were ready for some lunch. I heated us each a leftover burger from last night as well as the rest of the leftover cabbage from the night before.

PM Snack
After lunch I sat on the couch for a while and then had to really focus my energy to get me off the couch and upstairs to do some work. I rarely have weekend work but this project is a little rushed because they tried another designer and it wasn't working out like they had hoped. I really want to swoop in a save the day so I got busy. At 2:30 I had an Atkins snack bar which really hit the spot. I sent a couple concept ideas to the client close to 4PM and he loved both. I worked until 6 finishing one concept out and then went down for the evening.

Sirloin and Salad
I got the two sirloins out that were thawed today. I formed up a couple burgers too in case we needed more meat, which we didn't. While the steaks were on the grill I was busy in the kitchen. I weighed and formed up 24 burger patties from the meat we got this morning. I also made a small batch of chili with some "regular" ground meat I had gotten from the grocery. When the steaks were done I got some butter melting on them and finished up the chili. I set it to simmer and then made us a simple salad. Green leaf lettuce, homemade Ranch, avocado, red onion.  It was a delicious meal. I made a glass of keytones for dessert and we watched some Hef.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Egg Nog in March

Crispy Fried Eggs
Sleep was pretty good last night. I did get up at 3 to pee but went back to sleep. Kev stayed up and watched TV and when he got back into bed it seemed his alarm went off. He left for snowboarding around 6. He kissed me goodbye and I went back into a snooze. And then, around 6:40, I heard babies rattling the baby gate. I then heard an odd rattle thunk that I hadn't heard before and decided to check it out. And there was Teddy eating Sampson's food. He was blasted his way through the gate. I put back down on the stairs and crawled back in bed. Rattle thunk. And there he was again. I went ahead and got up, dressed and headed down to the kitchen. I fed the kitties and then took Sampson out for a walk, who lingered because he had already eaten. I eventually got him back upstairs and then made my own breakfast. Bacon and fried eggs was on the menu and I tried cooking the eggs without flipping them. They were decent but not a favorite.

Egg Nog and Lunch Salads
After I cleaned up my dishes I watched Jane the Virgin and then put on my shoes and did the medium loop walk with Dany. When I got back home I showered and dressed and packed up a few things to take over to Susan's house for the day. I arrived just before 11 and we all had a glass of the fabulous dairy free, sugar free egg nog I made yesterday. This recipe is really perfect. A few drops of bourbon was stirred into mine and it really enhanced the flavor. We shared a lovely lunch of salads. I brought the tuna salad while Susan and Ben made a delicious chicken salad and egg salad. Ben also made the BEST paleo crackers. He adds herbs in and also made some with sesame, OMG good. I had a little Miyokos on a few crackers and a few almonds for a nice added crunch. (10g for egg nog and lunch)

Burgers and Brussels and Keytones
I worked on a sketch for a new Spring art piece full of flowers. It will be a big one. We chatted the whole time and listened to music, it was such and nice, and needed, relaxing day. Before I knew it it was 3:30 and time to head on home. The traffic back through Denver was nutty which was surprising for 3:30 on a Saturday. It was seriously like a work day bumper to bumper. I made it back around 4:30 and got into my comfies to settle in for the night. I fed the cats at 5:30 and then cleaned and got the Brussels on the stove to cook. I formed up burger patties and Kev grilled them up good. I also sauteed up some mushrooms to go on top. God it was so perfect, just about my perfect meal. Steak and Brussels would be up top as well. I mixed a packet of KetoMax in some unsweetened almond milk after dinner. I mixed in a TBSP of cocoa powder and a few drops of vanilla Stevia and this was actually really good. I have two boxes of these keytones so I'm going to try to have one a day until they are gone. Yes they do give me the farts but not too awful. (9g for dinner and "dessert"). We finished the evening watching the fantastic Hugh Hefner story on Amazon Prime. So well done and I never knew how much good he actually did. What an interesting man.

Friday, March 09, 2018


Slow Friday Breakfast
I'd love to say that I slept good but no.  Kev got up at 3 or 3:30 so I got up to pee. We got back in bed and he got back up at 4 to go watch TV. I heard a door close and water turn on and went down to see what was up. Remi had a runny poo butt so Kev was cleaning it up and then watched TV. I went back to bed and finally fell asleep. The alarm seemed to go off too soon but I managed to not get up, through the kitty meows, until 7:45. I dressed and took Sampson out before getting all kitties fed. I cooked up some bacon and made some really good scrambled eggs. They were salted and cayenne peppered just perfectly.

Tuna with Lettuce Salad (2g)
I didn't have any work today so the day started at a nice slow pace. I tinkered around the kitchen after the dishes were cleaned up. Washed lettuce, picked up, changed Sampson's litter box and then decided that I needed to make a batch of sugar free, dairy free egg nog. I know it's not Christmas but it will be the perfect low carb treat when I need something. And I'm needing something lately.Around 12:30 I got hungry so I had a cup of tuna, with egg and cucumber, a lettuce salad with homemade Ranch dressing, made with unsweetened almond milk, watched Will & Grace and then Grey's Anatomy. I had a short work call around 1 and then at 2:30PM me and the Kev went for a walk. It was 61 degrees out and a little windy but we both needed to get out and stretch our legs.

Snack Cereal (4g) and a Baby
We didn't get far. We headed out and got on the other side of the neighborhood when the sun went behind a cloud making the wind cooler than I expected. We went back to the house and got jackets and went back out. This time the wind was much stronger making it a little hard to walk. We both decided to call it quits and head back home. I started watching The Assassination of Gianni Versace and had two servings of cinnamon toast crunch as a snack. I did a little work from the couch and when done with both the work and the show I watched Scandal.

Steak and Cabbage (4g)
When Scandal was done I got the kitties fed. They waited so patiently for me to get up and once I did, it was on. I carried Sampson down from his upstairs suite and put him on the island to eat his food while the babies were on the floor. I got a cabbage cut up and cooking in bacon fat and then took Sampson back upstairs. When the cabbage got to that crucial point,  some were blackening, Kev got the grill lit and cooked us up a couple of delicious ribeyes. Just look at those perfect grill marks.

Ketones for Dessert (1.5g)
After we finished the delicious plate of food and dishes were cleaned I decided to re-try a ketone drink for dessert. I have two boxes I need to get rid of so may as well give it another shot. It was a nice sipping after-dinner drink to satisfy any craving. I think it may give me the farts, which could have been the reason I stopped drinking them before. We'll see. We watched Homeland, I played some Bejeweled Blitz and then it was crash time.