Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Simple Chocolate Dessert Shake

Granola as Cereal
Sleep was so good last night. I did get up at 5:30 to pee but went right back to sleep, until Sampson let out a giant meow a minute before 7AM. I could not get out of bed since it was 2 degrees, feeling like -7 so I lounged under the electric blanket until 7:30. By this time all the kitties were yelling at me. I dressed and let Sams attempt a walk but he made it a few steps, pondered and turned around. Food was had by the babies and I made a cup of hot tea. I then got to watching Love It or List It on HGTV and that is irresistible. At around 10 I started getting hungry and decided to try a bowl of the homemade granola as cereal, with unsweetened almond milk. I did use vanilla Stevia to flavor the milk and it was a delicious change from eggs. Some work came in but unfortunately an older episode of Fixer Upper came on and it's my favorite so had to watch. Once it was over I went on up to the office. YAY for work!

Mixed Bowl of Warm Goodness
I got stuff done for two clients by 12:30 and was getting hungry for some lunch. I went down, fed Sampson first, got him back upstairs and then heated myself a mixed bowl. Half Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole and half cabbage. I know, sounds like a lovely combination but was fantastic. I ate while watching Bachelor Winter Games and this episode was something else.  After it was over I went back up to the office and actually worked on some art. It's the one I started a couple weeks ago and I'm slowly getting it done. But that didn't last long because more work dropped in, which I was glad to do! I went downstairs at 5 for a snack of a slice of salami with a slice of Colby jack and fed the kitties. I went back up with Sampson when he was done to continue working on a t-shirt project.

Burger and Brussels
I shut it down at 6 and hauled myself down to bundle up and go out for the mail. The high today was around 20 degrees so I wasn't going without a coat, hat, gloves and boots. Once back in the warm I got some diner going. I pan cooked a burger patty seasoned with salt, black pepper and a little garlic pepper. I cut up an avocado to go with it and heated a cup of last night's Brussels. I watched Let's Get Physical, which is only 30 minutes, did the dishes and then settled in for the Season 3 preview of UnREAL, which begins Monday night.

Chocolate Shake Dessert
I ended up on HGTV watching House Hunters Intl, another show I get addicted to. I also got a hankering for something a little chocolatey and decided to whip up a shake. I put in the blender 3/4c unsweetened almond milk, 3 TBSP heavy cream, 2 TBSP unsweetened cocoa, 1 teaspoon peanut butter, a pink packet of sweetener, a few drops of chocolate Stevia and some ice. It was so simple and totally satisfying.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Day on the Couch

Snow Morning
I was so sleepy last night I thought I'd slip into sleep so fast. But no. There was Remi biting and rattling on the baby gate for hours and then thinking about a few stressors going on in my world and brain not turning off, I didn't fall asleep until at least 11:30. But then I slept well until Sampson hollered just before 7 this morning. I got up and dressed and got the kitties fed and when Sampson was safe back upstairs I went out to shovel all the snow we got last night. I had no clue I'd wake up to another 5 or 6 inches after yesterday's 3 and I'm so glad I shoveled yesterday evening. It was heavier/wetter today and took a little longer to push. Some angel shoveled the sidewalk so I only had to do the driveway, yay! I got in and made bacon and egg, eating while watching last night's ice dancing finale, which was so impressive.

Not Actual Photo
I made a cup of hot Numi Chai herbal tea, adding a splash of unsweetened almond milk, and was ready for some hometown dates on The Bachelor. After it was over I vacuumed and it was noon before I could blink. I gave Sampson some lunch, heated myself a bowl of Thai Chicken soup and watched some 13 Reasons on Netflix. I had an Atkins Caramel Nut Chew bar after I finished the soup (which was in a regular bowl rather than a crack) and kept watching the show. Crap I'm so glad I'm not a teenager these days.

Steak & Brussels
I let another day pass where I've done absolutely nothing but watch TV. It's like I'm stuck and can't move. I think about working on art but can't. And there's no work to do. I sometimes think about looking for a full time job but there's so much about that that sucks. If the right something came along I'd seriously consider it though. But no agencies. I'm way done with that. I did manage to go out once to pull the garbage and compost cans in and then fed the furry babies at 6. I wasn't really hungry for any dinner but knew I should eat. And I knew I wanted Brussels. I let Lis, via text, choose my protein, either burger or steak and she chose steak. I had to thaw the sirloins that were still mostly frozen but then popped them in the oven under the broiler.When done I melted on Kerrygold and ate while watching HGTV. It was later than I like to normally eat but was great.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Cheese Popcorn Test

Snowy Monday
Sleep was had until 2:40. I got up to pee and then really didn't go back to sleep until around 5AM I'd guess. I was stuffy, blowing my nose and had stepmom's surgery on my mind. It was weighing heavily, with all sorts of mixed emotions. Kev's alarm went off at 7 and I got up and dressed to begin the day, a little groggily. I put bacon in the oven as Kev attempted to take Sampson for a walk. It was a snowy morning so of course he turned around and came in for food. All the kitties were fed and I made us fried eggs before Kev left for work. I made a cup of hot tea and settled in front of the fire, under my blanket, and watched last night's Victoria. I am sad that next week is the season finale, it's so wonderful.

Cheese "Popcorn"
Kev asked this morning, before he left, what I was going to do with the cheese that was drying in the closet. I'm glad he reminded me. It was time to try out the cheese "popcorn." On Friday I had cut a small block of Tillamook sharp cheddar into tiny little cubes and covered with a towel until today, Monday. The cheese was good and perfectly dry. I heated the oven to 395 (I think it could have been a bit warmer at high altitude) and let the cheese cook for 8 mins total. It really did "pop" in the oven and when all cubes had done their thing I took them out and removed to paper towels. OMG y'all. They are magicically delicious. It was all I could do to not eat them all.

Cabbage as a Main Course
I talked to Mama this morning and she told me about the Brussels sprout soup she makes and it made me want to try it out. We bought 5 lbs of the yummy suckers yesterday and when I went in the fridge to get some out I saw the cabbage and remembered that it needed to go first. Kev got it for me last week. I cooked it up in bacon fat and some butter and ate it alongside three keto mini corn dog muffins. Well the cabbage was really the star of the show and main course. I was so excited to dine while watching the Season 5 premiere of When Calls the Heart. Yes I teared up and some parts because I can't resist the sappy sweetness.

The snow really started coming down in the afternoon, around 1:45. The predictions say 5 inches so we'll see. The ground was still a little warm from yesterday's 65 degrees but the shoveling will come.

Leftover Dinner
I watched TV the rest of the day. A movie I've wanted to see called 45 Years, which was, of course, a bit heavy. I then started a Netflix series called 13 reasons. It's heavy too, about teen suicide. I've heard it's great and it's starting off to be. I watched one episode, chatted with Kev and decided around 5:30 to go shovel. I didn't want to shovel too early or it would pile back up and i'd have more to shovel Tuesday morning. Too late and I'd not wanna do it at all. I watched another episode and heated a bowl of leftover Salsa verde chicken casserole. I caught another episode and it was time for The Bachelor.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Snickerdoodle Egg Crepes
It took a while to get to sleep last night and then I woke at 3:15 to pee and couldn't get back to sleep again. I got up at 7 when Sampson and the babies all started meowing, telling us to get up. When they call we listen. I dressed and Kev walked Sams while I opened blinds and folded the blankets on the couch. I fed the dudes and Kev made coffee, to which I then whipped up some butter coffee. I cooked bacon and then some Snickerdoodle Egg Crepes for the Kev to try. When done he asked when we could have them again. I swear these things are amazeballs and I'm not exaggerating.  I had two crepes ans two bacons and half a cup of my butter coffee and it's my new favorite breakfast.

Two Burgers
After Kev cleaned up the dishes we changed and put on shoes for the big loop walk with Dany. it was 60 degrees and just lovely out. I was a little tired when we finished but glad I'm back in action and finished that big loop. Around 12:30 we started getting hungry and I made burger patties which Kev grilled up nicely. He melted on some Colby jack and I made a mayo/mustard dipping sauce and added a dill pickle on the side. We watched two episodes of The Good Place and then decided on a sweet Sunday nap.

Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole
I woke at 4PM and we hit up a few errands. Walgreens, grocery 1 and grocery 2 for Brussels since grocery 1 was out of them. I am officially prepared for the snow coming tomorrow. We got home, I put away some laundry and I got the Chicken casserole in the oven. Kev looked forward to that casserole all day. While it was cooking we watched a little Olympics and then another couple episodes of The Good Place. When I saw that Ice Dancing was on tonight of course I had to watch it. And that's how we closed out the night. With Twizzle sequences galore.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday Chill

Weekend Eggs
It took a while to fall asleep last night but once I did it was good. I woke at 4:30 to pee and went back to sleep until Kev's alarm went off at 7. I was up and dressed and got some bacon in the oven while Kev walked Sampson. I made scrambled eggs and we ate together before Kev left for a day on the slopes. I talked to Dad and Stepmom, wishing her well for the surgery Monday and then played with the kitties for a while. Around 11 decided to go for a walk. It was a pretty day and not too cold and it felt good to stretch my legs. 

Appetizer Sprouts
I managed the medium loop and chatted with Mama on the walk. When I got home I was hungry and ready for some lunch. I heated the last of the leftover Brussels sprouts and had them first. Next came a bowl of chili with Colby jack melted on. I started Revolutionary Road, an older movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet and the whole time it felt like I'd seen it but mostly couldn't remember any of the details. I moved from one heavy movie to a Nicholas Sparks movie, The Choice, obviously in a heavy movie mood this afternoon. 

Pizza Saturday Night
During the movie I made a favorite, the Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole and put it in the fridge. I figured if Kev wanted pizza we could heat the casserole tomorrow. I fed the kitties just after 5 and finished the movie. Kev made it home at 6:30 and we decided on pizza. I made the crust and browned the beef. Added sauce, mozzarella, red onion and cheddar to the top and oh it was so good. I had three slices and then had an Atkins caramel nut bar for dessert. We watched the first episode of this season of Homeland and chilled the night away.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Fast Friday

Snickerdoodle Egg Crepes
I slept fabulously until 3:15 this morning when, of course, I had to pee. I crawled back into bed and the mucous in the back of my throat kicked in, which meant I couldn't get back to sleep because of the annoyance it caused. At 4:20 I looked at the clock and eventually got back to sleep. I was in a deep dream that Kev surprised me with a trip to Hawaii, it was all planned and all I had to do was pack a bag. We arrived at our hotel where we went three levels down to a room with no windows. The only light was from old lamps, and one wasn't working. The room was only $30/night so it would be fine for sleeping. Sampson started meowing loudly which woke me and dang I never got to see the beach. I got up just before 8 and dressed, took him out, fed kitties. I chatted with the Kev before his work day began and knew I wasn't having bacon and eggs for breakfast. I remembered a recipe I had added to my Pinterest board and knew that was it. Snickerdoodle Egg Crepes. Eggs, cream cheese, butter, cinnamon, Splenda. Y'all. Wow. This is the bomb and my new favorite. Especially when I need something different.

Leftover Lunch
I was still a bit stuffy and tired and couldn't make myself move from the couch after breakfast. It was 11:15 when I decided to find a movie to watch. I didn't have any work to do so why not? I picked Gifted, which I remember seeing the trailer for, and it looked great. I got into it when Sampson needed some lunch. I paused the movie, gave him some food, put him back up in his penthouse and decided to get some cheese drying. Yes cheese drying to make these Cheese Pops. I've been dying to try it. After I got the pan covered and put into a safe place, for the 48 hours of drying, I got the sick-bed sheets into the washer and made some lunch at 12:30. I heated a bowl of the Thai Chicken Soup and got back to the movie. And FYI, making the soup with a rotisserie chicken made it nice and thick, making sure you get chicken in every bite too.

Chili with Mini Corn Dog Muffins
The afternoon slipped by quickly. After the movie was over, and it was great by the way, I dried the sheets and decided to take a shower, after three and a half days. It was decadent. I got into fresh, clean comfies and laid on the bed and sweet baby Sampson jumped up on the bed, almost missing, and he laid on my stomach/chest. I soaked in this precious time as he does not typically do that with me. I told him that he was a good boy and that I loved him. We then got on the day. At 5PM I re-made the bed and got the kitties fed. It was then time to make a batch of the infamous Peanut Butter Power Granola. You know I'm starting to feel "normal" again when I need that. And it looks like she changed the recipe a bit so I'll try it and see which I like better. I heated chili and keto mini corn dogs for dinner and watched A Light Between Oceans. I'd seen a trailer for it when at the theater once and wanted to see it. And it was really good but holy crap was it heavy and sad.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Coming Back

Sunny Thursday
 Sleep is so good. And the NyQuil is so good. I woke at 3 to pee and then was out like a light until almost 8. Sampson barked at me and I heard the kitties whining too. I knew they were hungry so I got up and dressed. I took Sampson for his spin and then fed everyone. I made bacon and scrambled eggs and decided to go out for a couple errands. I picked up some laundry at the cleaners and then stopped at the grocery for a few things.

Thai Chicken Soup
Kev had gotten me a nice rotisserie chicken so I could make a quick soup with it. I knew last night what I was going to do with it. Thai Chicken Soup. The store visit was mainly to get items for it but I also found a few other things we needed. I got home and made the soup. I sauteed onion and red bell pepper in coconut oil, plucked the chicken and added the meat to the veggies. I put in a TBSP of ginger and some salt and then made a mixture of chicken tock, coconut milk, peanut butter, red curry paste, fish sauce and Swerve, mixed well and dumped into the pot with chicken to simmer. When heated well I added in the frozen peas and lime juice and had a nice crock of it while watching The Assassination of Gianni Versace. Man it's good. I nibbled an Atkins Chocolate Caramel Mousse bar (I like the nut bar much better) then plopped into bed for a naparound 1:45.

Skillet Burger and Sprouts
I turned on the electric blanket and some sleep music and didn't wake until around 4. Oh man it was so needed. And I actually felt like I was coming back. I started Sunday's Victoria and got a call from my sis Rhon. Seems my stepmom is having a major surgery on Monday and I wasn't told about it. Needless to say my feelings are hurt because it sounds like the surgeon gives her a 50-60% chance of making it through surgery. If she doesn't have the surgery they give her 6 months (coming from my stepmom to my step sister to me). I started looking at flights but then the voice of reason kicked in. If Dad wanted me there he would have told me. Plus I'm still sick and won't be allowed at the hospital. So I'll get updates from Rhon. I made skillet burgers and Brussels and finished Victoria. It was wonderful watching them in Scotland. After the show I went to Walgreens for some Mucinex and then watched The Bachelor Winter Games before bed.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Wednesday, the new Monday
Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh I slept so good once that NyQuil kicked in. I got up at 2 to pee but back to bed after blowing my nose. The kittens woke me at 6:45. They were playing with something that was making a racket and I had to remove it. It was a clothes pin that was on the island which went into drawer. I went back up to bed but the meowing only allowed me another hour max. I was up at 7:45, dressed and went down to get them all fed. I then took Sampson out and when done vacuumed. Yes I couldn't help myself. Even sick I'll clean them carpets. I finally made some breakfast around 9, three eggs and three bacon. I watched Jane the Virgin and then went up to the office to get some work done.

Chili with Corn Dog Muffins
I was done with the first bit around noon and pulled out some paper to begin sketching for the second. This one will use my illustration skills and be pretty fun, a design for a t-shirt. I sent off three sketches at 1PM and went down for some lunch. At first I thought I wanted a protein shake, since I'd been craving one since leaving for Austin, but in a weird turn of events, I made a double batch of mini corn dog muffins and had a bowl of chili with them. I ended up having six of the little yummies, they were so good. And perfect with chili. I ate while watching The Fosters and then cleaned up the dishes.

Protein Shake Dinner
I was waiting on some client feedback so watched The Bachelor Winter Games on demand. Oh it was awful having to sit through all of the commercials! But I am up to speed and ready for the international drama. I fed the kitties at 6 and took my Tamiflu and cough pills before doing some more work, once feedback came in. I watched Scandal and during it made a protein shake. When it was over I watched Let's Get Physical and then took my NyQuil and went to bed.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Homeward Bound

Stuffy Breakfast
I went to bed around 10:30 when the NyQuil kicked in. I woke at 1 to pee and to blow my nose and slept in fits and spurts the rest of the night. I'd wake to sip some water and blow the ol nose and woke for the day at 9. I went down and took the Tamiflu, the Mucinex and my hormone pill and sat on the couch. Lis came down and wasn't interested in any breakfast so I made myself three eggs and a couple slices of salami with Colby jack. We watched the Versace show and eventually I got up and moving. I took a shower and dressed and then packed up my suitcase before we headed to the airport. Oh man I don't like to travel when sick and I hope I don't pass this to anyone else.

Airport Lunch
Lis and I hit the road just after 12:30. She drove us to a Five Guys and the order taker wouldn't let me get a la carte burger patties. I wasn't paying $4 a patty so we left and stopped in a the nearest McDonalds. There was a note on the door that said lobby was closed for reconstruction. I had Lis go ahead and just drop me at the airport. I found an ok grilled chicken salad but was still hungry afterwards. I grabbed a KIND bar, not optimal but actually the better selection that trail mix, carb wise and ate it quickly. I squeezed some Mio Orange Tangerine with Vitamins into my bottled water and chilled until time to head on home, around 4.

Kev's Chili and Microed Hot Dogs
The Mucinex really worked for me. I made it through the flight only blowing my nose three times.  I did close my eyeballs and lean my head back to keep it at bay. The flight was easy and we got in early. I picked up my bag and got to my car, so ready to get home. I was merging onto the toll way, totally up to speed, when I saw a car coming up behind me fast. Very glad I was paying attention because I ended up having to swerve onto the shoulder as they passed. Of course I flipped the bird, honked and flashed my lights but they kept on. And there was no one else in the left lane, they could easily have gotten over. After that slight scare I made it home, super hungry. I got cats fed and watered, brought garbage cans in, unpacked my suitcase and got into my comfies. I then heated a bowl of chili and two hot dogs and watched Grey's Anatomy and then the new Bachelor, Winter Games.I popped some NyQuil and when it kicked it, passed out.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Dinner Splurge

Cheese Omelet
After taking the NyQuil and getting into bed I did sleep pretty decently. I got up at around 4 to pee and then got back into a deep sleep until almost 9. My throat wasn't as scratchy s yesterday but I was twice as stuffy. And twice as tired. I made myself get up, go downstairs and take my hormone pill and a Tamiflu, the generic version. I went back up to bed until Lis came to check in. I lounged until 9:30 and then knew I needed to eat. I went down and whipped us up an omelet and I heated the remainder of the pizza meat I cooked the other night and ate a good bit of it with the eggs. We watched the first episode of The Versace Assassination, since Lisa hadn't seen it, and soon it was time to get dressed for our Monday movie.

Zoe's Cauli Rice Bowl with Chicken
We saw the final episode in the 50 Shades saga and it was entertaining. Me and Lis have seen all these together so we couldn't miss out on it while I was visiting. After the movie we couldn't decide what to eat and ended up at Zoe's, which was exactly right. I had my usual cauliflower rice bowl with grilled chicken, feta, cucumber sauce and fresh cucumbers. I added their Greek dressing on it this time and it was really nice. I love that there's no sugar in their dressing, just olive oil, red wine, salt, pepper and spices. It was light and fresh and just what was needed. We got home and crashed. We were both needing a nap and I know that sleep is the only thing that will get me well again. I crawled into my comfy bed, Lis' guest bed is very comfy, at 3:30 and slept until around 4:45. Oh it was so perfect.

Wonton Soup and Fried Cauli Rice with Beef
I chatted with the Kev, who had gotten in from getting me supplies at the store, and then rescheduled my dental cleaning that was scheduled for Wednesday. I managed to get myself out of the bed, put on comfies and go downstairs to take my second Tamiflu of the day. I had two dark chocolate almonds for a light snack and at 6:30 we ordered takeout Chinese food. Mama Fu's in Austin had fried cauliflower rice and I'd never seen that offered before! As a big splurge I got a cup of wonton soup, which felt so good when not feeling well. The wonton is flour so giant splurge. The cauli rice with beef was very very tasty and I'd get it again. We watched The Bachelor and I took NyQuil before going back to bed.