Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sick Saturday

Vail Morning
Before bed last night I took Mucinex night time capsules and did the inhaler, which I hate. And I was able to finally get some decent sleep, only waking a couple times to blow my nose. I woke around 7:30 this morning feeling half normal. The first question that popped into my head was "will I be able to taste today?!" and the game was on. Kev made coffee and got sausage cooking on the stove. I took an antibiotic, did the inhaler and waited patiently on the couch for a sign, which didn't come. I couldn't smell the sausage cooking which meant there would be no taste. I was sad. I got up and made coffee anyway because it's just what you have to do when you wake to frost on the rooftops and beautiful colors outside.

Lunch Break
After my belly was full I texted with Lis and we decided to catch up via phone. It was so nice and the time went by quickly as we hung up at almost 11, two hours later. I made my nest for the day in the master bed, since Kev was watching football for the day. The window was open and I enjoyed the sweet sweet cool mountain breeze. I looked over Vail mountain as the gondolas went up and down past the gold Aspens and green pines. The creek just outside was trickling, not as loudly as usual but I could hear it. I could also hear the hammering of the construction being done with the race against time. Count down to snow. This is a great time to be in Colorado. At 1:15 we had some lunch. I had the leftover bowl of gumbo with two hard boiled eggs and a strawberry. Could I taste any of it? No, but it did the trick.

Chili Dog Night
I was ready to crawl back into my nest bed after that lunch break at the table. I played around on the computer and in the mid afternoon had some trail mix. I attempted to watch a Hallmark movie but just can't do it with commercials. The DVR has totally spoiled me. I did find that Amazon Prime has added all seasons of Dawson's Creek and I dove right on in! I have seen the first two seasons via a friend's DVDs but she couldn't find the rest. I watched the last episode of season 1 and skipped around in season 2 to refresh and will start season 3 soon. At 6:30 I chopped hot dogs and Kev browned them in a pot. He added in the chili I made Thursday and heated it all up good and I cut cheese slivers since there was no grater. I sipped some fizzy Coke Zero with it and the weirdest thing happened. So of course I couldn't taste anything but stopped to blow my nose. While I was blowing I could get a hint of chili taste in my throat! I then took a bite and could taste it a little! And then it was gone again. So weird. We had a couple strawberries for dessert, listened to good music and poked around Amazon Prime video.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Sick Road Trip

Couldn't Taste an Ounce of Breakfast :-(
Last night was the worst of them yet. I even tried to raise the bed up a bit but it didn't help. I ended up going down to the couch as to not disturb Kev more than I already had. Propped up I managed to get a wee bit of shut eye but only in between nose blows. I got up before 7, fed the kitties and folded some laundry. Kev made bacon and eggs while I made an appointment at the Walgreen's clinic. I went on to cancel an appointment with our CPA, who we were going to see today on the way to the mountains. I couldn't taste any of my breakfast, which makes me super sad and certainly didn't start the day off right. After eating I packed my bag and gathered items for the quick trip.

Leftover, No-taste Lunch
I was glad to get into the clinic at 9:30, close to opening. This way the pharmacy would be open in case I needed a prescription. And I did. Antibiotics for the next 7 days along with nasal spray and night time pills for attempted sleep. It's sinusitis and I'm bummed. He suspects it was a virus that turned bacterial. I got home and things went down from there. I hurried to take the first antibiotic pill and heated leftover salsa verde chicken casserole. I'm sure it was great but I couldn't taste a stupid thing. Kev loaded the car and we hit the road around 12:30.

Gumbo was so Perfect for a Sick Head
The traffic was already starting to build getting to the mountains and we arrived in Vail at 2:45 and the condo was ready for check-in. Thank goodness. We unloaded and put things away, hit the grocery for eggs and sausage and when we got back I took a lengthy very warm shower and got into my comfies. At 5PM I took my second antibiotic and had to have a handful of trail mix as it was causing upset stomach when empty. Couldn't taste it either. I started getting a fever after that, the chills kept me bundled in a blanket on the couch until gumbo was heated, thanks to the best Kev ever. And boy did it hit the spot. I couldn't taste it but the spiciness and warmth felt so good going down and even got rid of the chills for a bit. We watched Shameless and had a few strawberries then around 8:30 I attempted the nasal spray and went up to bed in the loft, trying to not give Kev the cooties. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Still at It

Before Dance
Sleep came off and on all night thanks to the severe stuffy head. I blew my nose a lot and focused on breathing out of my mouth. I got up at 8 and had some coffee with creamer and Splenda. Kev made bacon in the oven and I had yogurt with my three strips. I then changed and decided to go to dance. I know I probably should have rested but I am a glutton for punishment. I somehow burned 782 calories in class today, giving it all I had.

Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken
I made it home red and very sweaty, took a shower, dressed and headed out to meet the girls at Mumtaz for a nice Greek salad. I had a half sized one with grilled chicken. On it was feta, olives and cucumber and I mixed in cucumber dressing. I ordered some falafel and had two, sharing the rest. When we were done with lunch we all met over at AtHome where we shopped for living room tables. I have started helping one of the girls decorate and now she's excited about it, as is her family it appears.

Favorite Casserole
I did some grocery shopping on the way home, put away the things, got two chicken breasts seasoned and boiling, and went up to get some work done. I cut it off just after 5PM and went down to work on dinner. The Kev had shredded up the chicken breasts and had begun cutting up a cauliflower when I butted in and finished it up. I got it cooking and when done I made up a salsa verde chicken casserole and baked it at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. It got browner than I normally would have let it but it was actually better, adding a slight crunch. Unfortunately I couldn't taste a damn thing but Kev says it was great. *Insert very sad whine.* I watched The Miniaturist from Sunday and went to bed.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Pre PiYo
It took forever and a day to get to sleep last night. The stuffy head was a killer and I kept having to sit up to blow my nose. Once I got to sleep it was ok but was light. I woke before 7, got up to pee and laid back down, dozing until 7:e45 or so. I got up and dressed and Kev had cooked bacon, sweet thing. I had three slices with lemon yogurt and it was soon time to change for PiYo. I popped an allergy pill, hoping it would keep the stuffy and runny at bay for the hour of exertion. Oh, and I wore my first tank top to class today. Going way out my comfort zone today!

Remi and a Protein Shake
I made it through with three nose blows during class, in between songs so I got in a full workout,. I got compliments on my tank top and may try it again. Got home, watered flowers and then took a quick shower. Once I was dressed I made a protein shake at 10:45, before a conference call. In it was a cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1 serving of protein powder, 1 TBSP cacao powder, 1 TBSP peanut butter, sweetener (a pink packet and some chocolate Stevia) and a cup of ice. I took it upstairs and sipped on the call and then did some work.

Bento Box for Lunch
It was around 12:30 that I start getting hungry. I wanted a "bento box" so went down and got some eggs on to boil. I went back up and worked while they were doing their thing and the Kev finished them up and peeled them. We had two each along with cheese, Duke's, almonds and I had a few cubes of cantaloupe that my friend had brought over. The one her boyfriend grew in the garden that is so so delicious.

I worked in the early afternoon and the Kev came up to check on me, and seeing that I looked like I would fall over he made me take a nap. He closed all the blinds in the bedroom and I decided to stack my pillows to elevate my head a bit. I actually slept and remember the feeling as I was about to go out. It was welcome.

Steak Dinner
I woke at 4:30 and got back to work, working until around 9PM tonight. I took a break to have dinner with Kev, who made a lovely steak in the oven since there was rain. He used a smaller plate "so the steak would look bigger" lol. He heated leftover squash to go with it and it was perfect. I had an Atkins bar for dessert snack as I worked. It was a very productive day overall.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Evening out

Breakfast with Tissue
I took a couple Nighttime capsules and was able to get some decent sleep. My thoughts would not stray from the Halloween costume planning. How to create the boots and the outfit. I really need to just get that going so I can be at peace. I woke in the 7AM hour, still with stuffy head and lounged with sweet Teddy until 7:30. I got up and had a cup of coffee. The Kev had fed babies and got bacon cooked. I made scrambled eggs and was very hungry, a good sign I guess.

Quick Beef Stroganoff
I was very much on the fence wheter I should go to dance today but at exactly 9:01, I decided to go get dressed. I didn't go full force but managed to still burn 452 calories. I got home, showered and had a conference call at 11:30. Once it was done I made a quick lunch for me and Kev, a mock beef Stroganoff. I browned ground beef with some thinly slices onion and mushrooms and seasoned with salt, pepper, a splash of Worcestershire and garlic powder. When done I stirred in 3 TBSP sour cream and put it into bowls. Kev asked me to make it again. It was really good.

I booked a trip to LA in February for Lis's birthday and I'll work in a trip to see a client while there. I'll be ready to go somewhere warm during the winter so it should be good timing. I mad a run to a friend's house early afternoon to drop off the sewing machine, prepping for Halloween you know! When I got home I checked some email before Kev made me take a nap. Still stuffy and was pretty tired and I did get a little sleep before getting up at 5 to dress for an evening out.

Aged NY Strip
Some client friends were in town for a training and I met them downtown for a lovely dinner at The Capital Grille. I shared my meat story as all of us, except one, ordered steaks. Mine was a 14oz NY Strip and was fabulous. And I don't say this lightly as I've had terrible steaks out. We ate outside in the dark so a photo wouldn't have turned out so I found one online that looked just like my plate. I had a couple spoons of Brussels but focused on that yummy beef. I made it home around 10:45.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Just a Monday

Quick Ass Breakfast
I went to bed with a stuffy head and runny nose and sore throat on the right only. I woke stuffy and knew something was going on. Friends at the gym are sick and I got a little of it for sure. It's not enough to knock me out (knock on wood) but I feel it like crazy. I got up and went down around 8. Cooked up some bacon and folded some laundry. I had lemon yogurt with my bacon and it was suddenly time to change for the gym. I went to the crazy hard hour of PiYO, even stuffy, and got my muscles moving. It felt so good once I was done.

Meat for Lunch
I went home for a shower and around 11:30 I made up some burger patties and the Kev grilled them up. I melted on extra sharp cheddar and they both went down easily. We left the house at 12:20 to head to the neighborhood we were considering buying a home in. We did put a placeholder check down but on the way home reconsidered. Another model home made us realize that we'd kinda be settling for the finishes. So that won't be happening.

Shredded Brussels and Cobb Salad
I worked in the afternoon, once we got home, and because I was so stuffy, foggy and runny I really wanted a salad for dinner. We drove over to morning Glory and dang it was closed. We opted to dine next door at 95 Bistro and started with a shared tapas plate of shredded Brussels with bacon. We drizzled with a little sesame type sauce and I had a Cobb salad for entree.  On it was grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, avocado, bacon and feta. Ranch for the dressing. It wasn't as good as Morning Glory's but it did the trick. We made a run to Michael's after dinner to begin the Halloween costume prepping process and there will be more trips in the near future.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Something to Talk About

Ready for Eggs
I had another night of solid sleep, not waking until Kev did this morning around 7. I lounged until 7:30 and then slowly got going. I dressed and fed the babies. I got bacon in the oven and sipped some coffee before making eggs hen the bacon was done. After breakfast I watered flowers and started laundry.

BBQ Lunch
I was texting Ells about us smoking some meat sometime and she says "do y'all want to come over today? We're smoking ribs and wings." It didn't take long to answer yes. We went on out to run our errands at 10AM, the first stop being a new neighborhood I wanted to look at. It's a community built around lakes with 350 acres of parks and open space and miles of trails. It's 30 minutes north of where we are now and not far off of I25, so not much further for Kev from the airport. We found out that the model, which we really liked, would be coming up for sale end of year and there was currently no one in line for it. There will be tomorrow. I'm meeting our realtor to put down a little earnest money to hold our spot. When it's time for sell, we can opt out with no loss to us. It just gets us first right for a yay or a nay. We ran to the store on the way home and I made a notato salad. We headed to Ell's place with the salad and the brownies I made last night and they were a hit. I had two small brownie squares.

We got home and I made a batch of squash. We planned on grilling steaks for dinner but neither of us were all that hungry and didn't feel like grilling. Around 8 we finally needed some food and Kev heated us the leftover salsa verde chicken casserole. We talked pros and cons of a move and went to bed around 10.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Weird Food Day

Kev Eggs
I slept good last night. After that massage and a shower I knew I would. I was feeling a tad run down and that slumber was exactly what I needed. I woke for a second when Kev got up just before 7 but then was right back out until 7:45. I got up and dressed and flopped down the stairs, not quite awake. I fed the babies and put bacon in the oven before watering outside flowers. Kev made the eggs a new way that he'd read about in an egg article. Butter in pan, crack eggs in and cover until done. They were delicious. I had two but could have eaten four or five.

Lunch Shake
I knew the day wouldn't hold much in store. I wanted a down day to recoup my energy so did some serious Halloween costume planning. I searched for hours for misc items to help me create the look I was after. When I got hungry I knew there was no food in the house so I made this chocolate shake. It's always a winner with the half avocado and coconut milk. I do add a cup of unsweetened almond milk and half cup of ice to make more.

PM Snacking
I stayed with the Halloween costume planning until I had to get up and have a snack. The shake didn't last all that long and I was hungry. I had three slices of salami and three slices of Colby jack and it was a nice, filling bite to hold me until we could get to the store. We actually left the house just after 3PM. We had to run a few errands and hit up the grocery last. We needed chicken and ground meat and dang they had NY Strips on sale for $2.99/lb! We got three packs of four and when we checked out the guy says we saved $85! Total score. They may not be Prime beef but for everyday eating I'm not really picky. Heck they were cheaper per pound that the 80/20 ground beef!

The BEST Casserole
I felt a little weak and odd in the store so Kev picked up a small pack of Peanut M&Ms and I had a few in the car, which seemed to help pick me up a little. He suspects a bit of low blood sugar. I typically wouldn't have candy for it but at least there were nuts. I do think I was just really hungry. We got home, put groceries away and I immediately got two chicken breasts boiling with chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper and Mexican oregano. I then cut up a cauli in small pieces and cooked until slightly soft. Kev shredded the chicken and I drained the cauli then mixed the two together. In another bowl I mixed 8oz softened cream cheese with 8oz sour cream, 16oz salsa verde, can of Rotel and 1c Mexican shredded cheese blend. I poured over the cauli and chickn, mixed good and dumped in a casserole dish. I topped with the other cup of cheese and backed on 375 until brown and bubbly. Holy crap it's fantastic and is always a winner.

Night Brownies
I had four M&Ms as we watched the football game and then had to get up and make a batch of brownies. I know that little bit of sugar I've had lately is making me crave a bit and these sugar free brownies will get me the satisfaction without the all the bad. I had two small squares, which were just enough.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Feedings

Remi Thinks he likes Yogurt
I slept pretty decently until 2:30 this morning when some sound woke me up. I looked out the window and got up to pee. I couldn't get back to sleep after that and eventually picked up my phone, which I hate doing. I checked in on Hurricane Florence and eventually got tired enough to turn the lamp off and doze. I didn't wake until around 8:30 and I was ever so glad to not have any class at the gym this morning. I got up, dressed, fed the kitties, watered outside flowers, watered inside plants and had a vanilla yogurt with two strawberries cut up on top.

Meat for Lunch
At 10:30 I put some sunscreen on, my hat and shades and did the big loop walk with Dany. It's been a long time since we last walked and it was nice to catch up. It got super warm towards mid walk and we were sweating good when we got home. I guzzled some water and the Kev made it home. He started the grill and I made burger patties. When done I melted on some Colby jack and devoured that meat. Yogurt alone doesn't last for breakfast.

PM Snack
I finished an episode of Dietland and started another and it was soon time to leave for my very much needed massage. After the hour and a half to relieve all the PiYO aches I could have gone right to sleep but was hungry. I got home by 4PM and had a yogurt. I then took a shower and got in my jammies early to chill the rest of the day/evening.

Pizza Night
We didn't have too much to eat for dinner but we did have everything needed to make a pizza. And that sounded really good to the Kev. And me too. I always agree on pizza night. I made a fathead dough for the crust, baked it and topped with 2 TBSP pizza sauce, the leftover burger patty crumbled up with Italian seasoning, mushrooms, pepperoni, red onion, mozzarella and a dusting of Colby jack. We sprinkled on some red pepper flakes and Parmesan and oh man it was fab. We watched a couple episodes of The Americans and I made a chocolate milk to sip on for dessert. 1c unsweetened almond milk, 1 heaping TBSP cacao powder, 3 TBSP Splenda, 1/8 tsp vanilla, pinch of salt, half cup ice. So great for a way low carb chocolaty drink.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Lunch and Cooking with a Friend

Breakfast with Teddy
I actually had another solid night of sleep. No getting up to pee at 3:30! I did turn a lot but only because I was sore. I know the sleep is because I'm so tired from PiYo working every muscle in my body. Mind over matter. It makes me stronger. Also, I just need to get through today because tomorrow I have massage. Count it on down. I got up at 7, dressed and fed the babies. I cooked up three slices of bacon as I chatted with the Kev. I had yogurt with the bacon and then watered and pruned some flowers outside. At 9 I changed and went to dance and sweated my buns off.

Pizza Lunch with a Friend
I went home and showered and then made up a pizza crust using this favorite recipe. My friend Ells joined me today for some lunch and making of the favorite salsa verde chicken casserole. She's beginning her Keto journey and this is a recipe that will help get through any cravings. It's so satisfying. I cooked the pizza crust in a cast iron skillet on the stove and then topped with pepperoni, mushrooms and some red onion and mozzarella. I then put it under the broiler to melt. I needed to use up some lettuce so made a quickie dressing with EVOO, red wine vinegar, Dijon, salt, pepper, onion powder and Stevia to taste. I topped with feta and it was a delicios, low carb and filling lunch.

Always a Favorite
Ells left around 1PM and I went up to work until 6PM. I have a few projects I'm working on in tandem and it's a nice feeling to juggle. I also got another couple projects in today that I'll start next week. I quit at 6:15 and went down for the evening. At 6:30 I lit the grill and was chatting with Kev as I took the balsamic mustard steak out of the plastic bag and put it on paper towels to soak some of the marinade. It grilled for about 6-7 minutes on each side and was so so delicious. It's hands down one of my favorite things to eat. And I need nothing with it. Just the meat and all of its bold flavor. I watched the first episode of a new Masterpiece series called The Miniaturist and ooh it's gonna be good. I had an Atkins bar after dinner and was set for the evening, although it gives me the farts. After the show I watched HGTV until bed time.