Thursday, November 14, 2019

Wiggly Arms

First and Second Breakfasts
I slept great until I had to pee around 5AM. I went back to sleep immediately and didn't get up until 7:15. I dressed, made the bed and got the babies fed and then heated some Egg Bites for breakfast. I didn't have long before it was time to change and get on to the gym. I got on the treadmill at 8:15 and walked on an incline for 45 minutes, until it was time for my training session. Today was upper body day and boy did I get a workout. I left with muscles super fatigued, but knowing I'm getting stronger! I got home, greeted the Kev, heated a couple muffins and sipped a protein drink. I was hungry and tired.

Ham Roll Ups
I showered and got in my working comfies, ready to get to my desk and cranking, which I did. I worked until I got hungry, around 1:30 and went down for a quick lunch snack. I had my awesome ham, cream cheese and pickled asparagus roll ups and they were even more delicious today. I only used one slice of ham per roll as to not make it too hammy this round and added a little more cream cheese with the same 4 stalks of asparagus. So Yummy! I had some Moon Cheese later in the afternoon and worked until 5PM. I sent files to the client for a first review and unplugged to head downstairs.

Burger and Brussels
I got the Brussels cleaned and cooking in bacon fat and salt and made up three 8oz burger patties to finish up the ground beef. Kev grilled them up nicely, we melted on sharp cheddar and we each had a burger and a half, along with the to die for sprouts. OMG they were cooked perfectly. We watched The Good Place and had a blueberry muffin for dessert, finishing up the batch. They really made great quick snacks to have in the fridge. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Holiday Joy

Ready for Dance
Deep, heavy sleep was great until I woke and had to pee, at 2AM. I did get back to sleep but my achy legs would wake me off and on when I turned or moved. I woke for the day at 6:30, chatted with Kev and didn't get rolling until 7. I dressed and went down to feed the babies. For my own breakfast I decided to heat a couple blueberry muffins since I didn't have a whole ton of time before dance. I put some Kerrygold on and tossed in the micro for 30 seconds, and they were perfection. I can't wait to make another batch of these with the Two Good vanilla yogurt as the recipe calls for. I bought some at the store yesterday just for this purpose.

After Dance Shake
I changed and went to the gym, ready to move. I admit I was a bit slower than usual because my legs were sore and cranky. I did get a great workout, burning 572 calories, and I really enjoy the instructor, so it was a great start to the morning. I especially am loving the 8AM start time. I can get home, showered and on to my work day. I made a protein shake after I cleaned up and had a quick chat with Ma before going up to the office to do some fun client work.

Leftover Lunch
I sent files off and was waiting on other work to drop in so I went down to watch This Is Us. Oh man that show hits me in the heart every single time. The work I was waiting for dropped in right around noon and I scheduled a conference call for thirty minutes later so I'd have time to heat some Beef Casserole, eat and download the file to discuss. The call went well and it launched my next project. I got cranking and juggled a few things until I was done for the day at 5PM.

Add caption
I went downstairs and opened my doTerra shipment that arrived today with a few things i'd ordered, one being the Holiday Joy oil. I was super anxious to try it out in my diffuser and O.M.G it it heaven on earth! It's cinnamony with a hint of orange and it will be a must have when I need a scent of Christmas. I opened the fridge and nothing in me could find anything I wanted for dinner. In my slippers I grabbed my wallet and got in the car for a Wendy's burger. I sat in rush hour traffic and drive-thru traffic for a Dave's Triple with no bun, add extra onions and pickles. I went the back way home and grabbed a fork and knife. I started a Netflix movie called A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. I didn't watch it last year so was excited to see it. I made a cup of hot cocoa and then watched The Princess Switch, which was super cute.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Getting Thru a Rut

Quick Eats
I had the electric blanket on low last night and passed out fast. I thought about getting up to pee sometime in the night but just couldn't muster any sort of movement. Someone could have robbed the house and I wouldn't have known a thing. It was epic. I did get up at 6 something to pee, because I guzzled a lot before bed and didn't get up. I crawled back under the warm blankets and chatted with Kev then dozed until just after 7, when Teddy said it was time to get up. I opened the blinds for him to peer out at the new day and dressed. I made the bed and gathered all trash before making myself some Egg Bites. I wanted to get some food in my stomach to give me some energy for the training session this morning, which I had to do some serious positive thinking for today.

After Training Protein
I got to the gym, was putting my things in a  locker and realized I had forgotten my earphones. I'd have to walk the treadmill for 30 minutes with nothing but gym background noise. I was able to get into a zone of staring and psyching myself up. 9 rolled around, I changed shoes and got my legs a good workout. I left walking slightly funny and will be super sore. I got home , showered and dressed and then made a perfect protein shake. 1c unsweetened almond milk, 27g of protein powder, 1TBSP cacao powder, 1TBSP fresh ground almond butter, chocolate Stevia, 2 pink packets, 1c ice. That's my ideal combo.

Ham Roll Ups and Muffin Close-up
It was 11 when I was finally a little ready to get to work, but first I needed to make a store run. I had no food in the house except Egg Bites and lettuce and that would just not do. I came home with many choices, put groceries away and went up to work. I got an hour in before needing some of that food and couldn't wait for ham roll ups. I had a specific craving for these today. two slices of ham spread with cream cheese and wrapped around 4 stalks of pickled asparagus. Those suckers are hella expensive, $7 for a small jar, but I HAD to have them. And they were worth it. I enjoyed them with some of the great coleslaw I made the other night and watched an episode of UnREAL. I had a leftover muffin afterwards and went back up to the office.

Casserole and a Fire
It was 3:30 when I needed to stretch my legs and clear my head. I really have to get myself out of the rut I've been in. I'm super glad I've had plenty of work to stay busy and enough TV to watch when I'm not. I knocked out some more work when I got back home and was at another good stopping point for the day at 5:30. I went down to the kitchen to whip up a Beef Casserole, my comfort food. And it was perfection as I ate two bowls of it while finishing up the season, and show finale of UnREAL. I chatted with Ma, who always calls when I need it most. How do Mama's do that?! We talked for some time and then I talked with my Kev afterwards. I turned on some HGTV to finish the night.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Muffin Monday

A Muffin Kind of Morning
I went to bed around 10 and slept great. I didn't wake until 6 this morning to pee and after seeing the snow, crawled back into bed in the warm covers. I chatted with Kev until he had to start his work day and then groaned when it was 7:15 and I needed to get up. I dressed in warms and the kitties were more than ready for me to feed them. As for feeding, I could not make myself eat eggs today. I needed something different and decided to make muffins. These blender blueberry ones. My blender is older and couldn't hack the thickness so I dumped the beginning batter into a bowl and finished with a hand mixer. I used plain Greek yogurt, which was super thick, so added a little heavy whipping cream to thin. I used a half cup Splenda since I was out of Swerve, and they were most excellent! I also added a wee bit of lemon extract which really made it nice and fresh. The funny thing is that I blended in the frozen blueberries and the batter was solid purple. When cooked you can't tell!

Egg Bites for Lunch
I enjoyed three muffins and they were fabulous. Closest to what I remember a muffin tasting and chewing like. I wonder if the cream added to it. They were very filling and left me fueled enough to get to work. I sipped a cup of Ginger Snap tea since it was really cold out.

I worked until 1PM when I got hungry. I heated Egg Bites and sprinkled them with everything bagel seasoning, thanks to Mom K's suggestion. And it really does add a nice, different flavor to them! I had a follow-up muffin, not because I was still hungry but because I wanted to see if they were better cold, and they were. No butter, just plain. I'm kinda excited about these.

I was at a good breaking point so I ran out to get a nail color change. The shellac was starting to peel and today would likely be my best opportunity to get it done.

Leftovers for Dinner
I was in and out since I didn't get a manicure, only a color change, got back home and went back to work. I was just about done at 5:10 when I had to shut it down and change for the gym. I went to dance for an hour and boy it was cold out. I left pooped and starving. I showered and got into my comfies before heating the rest of the beef and broccoli from last night. I was super stuffed when done and watched The Mistletoe Secret, last night's Hallmark movie premiere that I recorded. I did a little work on the couch, with HGTV on in the background, before heading up to bed around 10. Dang ole House Hunters International. Gets me every time.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

A Day Out

Post Workout Easy Breakfast
Another nice night of sleep. At one point I woke to ghostly sounds and it was the Kev in a bad dream! I held his hand to wake him and he said that he was looking out of the window and someone was running up to it. He went back to sleep and we both didn't budge until around 6 this morning. We got up, all three of us and went to the gym. I walked for an hour with an incline and did some pull ups before heading home and the guys sat in the sauna for a little while to help the snowboarding muscle soreness.  I had Egg Bites and then showered and dressed before going down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. I helped Kev make them omelettes for breakfast and soon it was time for us all to leave. Them for work and me to meet Susan in Denver for some lunch and a movie. 

Super Salad
I got to her house at 10:45 and she drove us to Cherry Creek where we parked and went to  True Food Kitchen for some grub, and I was ready. I had the Mediterranean salad with chicken added and it was so delicious. Lettuce, quinoa, Persian cucumber, olive, peppadew, green bean, feta, almond, oregano vinaigrette. I seriously could have eaten another once I was done. We walked around the area a bit before then heading over to the mall for the theater. She treated me to two Godiva truffles, so sweet, and I got some water before we went to our seats. We saw Last Christmas, which was sweet and unexpectedly sad! We both just looked at each other during the movie, sobbing uncontrollably. I had one of the truffles during the movie, which was most excellent, and rich, and will save the other.

New Favorite Bowl
I sat in a butt ton of traffic going home and when I got in it was dark. At 4:45. I put some broccoli on the stove to steam and then went to get in my comfies and wash my face. I put a load of clothes in the wash and stripped the guest bed sheets. When the broccoli was done I dumped it into a bowl and stirred in plenty of Kerrygold butter. I browned up some ground beef and seasoned with salt and  cayenne pepper. I stirred in about 2oz of cream cheese that I had left in the fridge and dumped in all of the broccoli for a mash up. I filled my bowl and grated on some sharp cheddar. I cranked up the recorded Hallmark movie, Picture a Perfect Christmas and proceeded to have a second bowl of beef and broccoli. I had the second truffle at 7PM for dessert and finished up the movie. I then went up to the office to do some work before bed.

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Get to Werk

Simple Sat Morn
I was beat when I went up to bed around 9:45 last night. I fell asleep so quickly I almost don't remember getting into bed. And i slept like a rock. I vaguely remember Kev going to bed and saying goodnight but then not much until I woke at 6 this morning. We got out of bed just after 6:30. I dressed and went down to feed the hungry kitties. Kev made coffee and got bacon in the oven. I made a run to the place I had lunch Thursday to return the signed receipt that I took on accident. I chatted with Ma while I waited until the place opened at 7:30 and  ran in, gave the receipt and left a tip for the waitress I stiffed before heading back home. I got in and Kev was putting snowboards on the car. They headed out and I heated Egg Bites to go with some bacon. I turned on a Hallmark movie, A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas and watched while I ate. I didn't think I'd have time to watch any Hallmark today but YAY I squeezed one in!

Comfy Kitty and a Taco Salad Lunch
It was just after 9:30 when I changed and headed to the gym for dance. I needed to move since I'd be sitting the rest of the day with work. I stopped the movie with less than 5 minutes left and left all my energy on the gym floor. I burned almost 700 calories and it felt great. I got home for a shower and then was ready for some lunch. I made a taco salad and started the other recorded Hallmark movie, Holiday for Heroes. I was seriously procrastinating on that work but did do some preliminary image gathering during both movies, a big part of the work. 

Leftover Brisket Dinner
I enjoyed that second Hallmark movie more than I thought I would and when done, around 1:30, I was misty eyed and ready to move on up to the office to get to work. I had to  call on the creative gods to join me as I gathered inspiration on the sales presentation I was starting. I worked solidly until 5 and then ran down to the kitchen to make a coleslaw to go with brisket for dinner. Our Japanese guest really wanted the meat and that was great with us. I left them to go back up to the office for work the rest of the evening. It felt good to get ahead and I know I'd be even happier this coming week.  I was done with a first pass just after 10:30 and ready for bed.

Friday, November 08, 2019

A Guest

Friday Breakfast
I was in a dream last night where I was visiting model home that were decorated like different state themes. I went into one that was Mississippi and there was some moving sidewalk that took you through the house, and you could look at the state's flair. There were alligators and moss and a lot like Louisiana. I ended up taking a "behind the scenes" moving sidewalk and it was freaky. I eventually got off the ride and went out of a door to the outside. I woke at 3AM to pee, went back to sleep and had the dream before waking at 6. I dozed and lounged until 7 and then got up. Kev cooked bacon and I made steamed eggs. Kev had made some coffee and we both had some today, mine with the usual creamer and Splenda.

Before Massage Snack and Post Massage Lunch
I had all intentions of going to the gym after breakfast but started cleaning and it totally sidetracked my morning. Dang ole Norwex doing some serious impressing. Before I knew it it was time to get ready for a conference call. A crap ton of work came out of it and boy oh boy will I be busy the next few weeks. Right after the call was done I had to put on some shoes and head out to my massage. Holy cow did I need it too. I grabbed a protein bar to eat in the car and thoroughly enjoyed that hour and a half session. With my training, it seemed that every muscle in my body ached and needed attention.
On the way home I stopped at McD's for a McDouble with no bun and ate it in four bites.

Brisket with Twice Baked Cauli
I coerced Kev to do the short loop walk with me after I ate, which he did and it was actually warm out! I kept my heart rate between the assigned 104-121BPM, per my trainer for over 20 minutes. We got home and I showered and went up to work for a while. Around 3PM we got word that Kev's friend was on his way from Colorado Springs. He is visiting from Japan and would be staying with us for a couple nights. I got my work done and sent to the clients, vacuumed quickly and whipped up a twice baked cauli. The Kev smoked a brisket all day today and it was a delicious meal. It was so neat hearing about Japanese customs and traditions and just ways of life. He was amazed at "how big the house is", being from a small space in Tokyo. He likes American things and wants to move here one day. Not sure his wife would though. I watched Grey's Anatomy while they piddled with snowboards, getting them ready for their fun day tomorrow.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Almost Friday

Early Breakfast and Post Workout
Sleep was heavy last night. I did get up at 3AM to pee but barely remember it. I then slept hard until Kev's alarm went off at 6. I was in a dream where I was visiting a friend at her new apartment. I got up around 6:30 and Kev had fed kitties and made breakfast of bacon and eggs, of course. He made me a cup of coffee which I added in creamer and Splenda. He left for work at 7 and I did dishes and checked email. I had gotten comfy on the couch when before I could blink it was time to change and head over to the gym. I got a good 2.5 miles in the 45 minutes and then started my training session at 9. I left the gym at 10, got home and had a protein drink before showering.

Burger with Onions and Cheese and Bacon
I dressed in real clothes and even fixed my hair to go meet an old colleague for some lunch at The Huckleberry. I'd never eaten there and they had plenty on the menu I could choose from. I opted for a double burger, thinking it would be two 8oz patties but no they were thin, overcooked ones. Meanwhile my friend got a regular burger with the best looking 8oz patty. But I ate mine with the mediocre side salad and did really enjoy our conversation. Plus it did fill me up so all was well. I'd know for next time. We talked until 2PM and finally had to leave. I stopped in at the Y to formally cancel my membership and then headed home

Burgers and Brussels
I worked the rest of the day and went down to the kitchen to start some Brussels cooking in the beloved bacon fat. Kev got home at 6PM and I chatted with Dad while the Brussels were cooking. When done with the call I made up three 8oz patties, after feeling jipped at lunch, and we melted on sharp cheddar when done. We each had a patty and split the third and those Brussels, OMG so good. We watched one of Kev's shows, Forged and Fire and then Kev got up to trim the briskets. Yes briskets plural.

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Leak Fix

Early Breakfast
Good sleep. I kept the electric blanket on low, which was just enough to keep the sheets warm. The Kev got up before 5AM and went. to. the. gym. OMG. He got home to get ready for work and I got up around 6:30 to pee, dressed and went downstairs. I fed the kitties and cooked up some scrambled eggs to go with the bacon he had in the oven. He headed out to catch the bus and I cleaned up the dishes. It wasn't long before it was time to change and get to the gym for an hour of dance at 8. It felt good to sweat and even better for a shower afterwards.

Leftover Lunch
I made a grocery run for meat and veggies and got hungry at 10:30. I heated a leftover Parm chicken breast and finished up some lettuce that needed to used. I made a super quick dressing with EVOO and a smidge of balsamic vinegar to go with the chicken and ate while watching This Is Us.

PM Protein Shake
I cleaned up lunch dishes and had to make my way up to the office to get some work done. I had four projects lined up and did the easier first. One it was done I started on the next and needed a snack around 1:30. I went down and made a protein shake and sipped while continuing the work. The plumber arrived at 3 to fix the leak under my master bath sink. Thank goodness it only needed a new valve and I had him go ahead and change out Kev's as well.

Taco Salad Night
I worked until just after 5:30 and was ready for some dinner. Kev was having sushi with his buddy from Japan that was in town for their training so I declared it taco salad night. I browned some ground beef and seasoned with salt, cayenne pepper, chili powder and cumin and put it over a bed of green leaf lettuce. I made a dressing with sour cream and taco sauce and topped with grated cheddar and chopped jalapenos. Oh so good! I watched Christmas Scavenger Hunt and had some Rebel Butter Pecan ice cream. I then did the dishes. It was a chilly night with freezing rain, some snow predicted at the 10PM hour. I went up to put stuff back under our sinks, after the leak fix, and it was good timing for a good ol clean out.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Christmas Movie Day

Easy Breakfast
I was ready for sleep at 9:30 and dozed off fairly quickly. I did get up to pee in the wee hours, and had a couple hot flashes to deal with, but overall I slept hard. I heard the Kev get up after his 6AM alarm went off but dozed in and out until I really woke just after 7. I got up, dressed and bid Kev goodbye as he left to get the bus. I gathered up the trash and got it out to the curb and then mixed a little chia seeds into yogurt for breakfast.  Kev had cooked extra bacon for me so it was super easy this morning. I started a Hallmark movie,  A Nostalgic Christmas and had to shut it off to change and gret to the gym. I did some warm up and then had training today on the ol upper body.

Leftover Lunch
I did 25 minutes of walking before I met with Ted the trainer and he switched it up on me by declaring this lower body day. I was not mentally prepared but got it in action. When we were done we went over plans for what to do on the other days of the week. Zumba falls at perfect times and he figured where I needed to keep my heart rate, which is between 104-121 for my age. Seems I've been over working, I typically get between 160-180, and that could be why I don't lose body fat. He recommended the bike or treadmill on an incline for at least 20-30 minutes. I did just over 20 minutes after our session so I could see where the heart rate range would be and then headed home for a shower and some food. I heated the remainder of last night's beef and broccoli and finished the Hallmark movie.

Ornament Season and PM Snack with Onlooker
I didn't have any work today, as of 11AM at least, so I declared it a TV watching day. I chatted with Ma for a while on her lunch break and then decided to brush the rust off and get my ornament making up and running for the season. I had a request after Christmas last year for ornaments of their two dogs and I had to wait till the mood struck to get them done. I watched Two Turtle Doves in the background as I made the foil ornaments and then took a drive to the post office to get them mailed. When I got home I was pretty hungry so I had the last couple of slices of smoked turkey with mayo spread on, along with a Babybel and some Moon Cheese and started an older Hallmark movie I loved called Crown for Christmas. Kev had recorded it for me but as I got about halfway in I deleted it and started one I hadn't seen, Merry and Bright. And can I say, I've never seen people drink so much hot chocolate ever than in this one?

Parm Chicken
Kev got home a little earlier than yesterday, around 5:30 and tonight called for Parm chicken, mainly because it was really all we had in the freezer and fridge. But it did sound good and it's been a while since we've had it. Kev filleted the chicken breasts and I ran them through a mayo and sriracha mixture, rolled them in shredded Parmesan, sprinkled on grated Parm and a little salt. They went onto a parchment pan and baked for 30 minutes. I heated the leftover yellow squash to go with it and ooh boy was it tasty. After dinner we put our shoes on and made a Costco and PetSmart run. It was 6:30 and it felt like freaking midnight y'all. I cold have fallen asleep at the wheel on the way back home. It was only 8PM. We got home, put things away and I settled in for The Voice. It's almost time for me to stop watching since I really only like the blind auditions and battles. I piddled around online and went to bed at 9:45.