Saturday, February 16, 2019

Pizza Casserole

Saturday Start
Had an overall good sleep. I woke at 3:45 to pee and dozed until the Kev got up at 4:45 for his day on the slopes. I cat napped until 7:15 and then got up and going. I dressed, made the bed and went down to feed the babies. I made a cup of Earl Grey tea and made bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. I started watching a Valentine Hallmark movie, Valentine in the Vineyard and stopped it to go change and head out. I met some neighbors to chat about exterior paint color ideas. They had a very old watch book of colors I told them to get a new one and we'll meet again. I left their house and proceeded to do a nice, hour-long walk. I got home and the neighbors I met with earlier had left a pound of coffee on the porch. They are coffee roasters after all but that was so sweet.

Lunch Shake Companion
I spray painted the last of the shelving hardware and went in to settle down for the rest of the Valentine movie. I made a protein shake for lunch (unsweetened almond milk, chocolate protein powder, 1TBSP cacao powder, 1/2T peanut butter, pink packet of sweetener and some chocolate Stevia) and at 1:30 the snow began. I didn't expect it and by 2 it was blizzard conditions. The snow continued on as I watched Love it or List it, one of my most favorites.

Supreme Pizza Casserole
I eventually had to peel myself off the comfy couch to get to the store. I promised Kev a pizza night and didn't realize that I needed mozzarella and pizza sauce. And then I decided to try a pizza casserole instead of a crust. I looked at quite a few and stumbled across this one, which sounded amazing. I got all the stuff needed, whipped it up and put the casserole dish into the fridge. I unloaded the bar ware out of the cabinet and it is officially ready to come down tomorrow. I watched HGTV, did some laundry and put the casserole in the oven when Kev was close to home. It baked for 20 minutes and when the cheese was nice and brown I took it out to cool for a bit. It was delicious.

Friday, February 15, 2019

New Yogurt

New Favorite Yogurt
I didn't go to sleep until after midnight. My mind wouldn't turn off for anything. I woke next at 3:45 to pee and then tossed and turned until I heard a noise at 6:30. Remi had pulled a cardboard box down off the bench and was nibbling the tape. I went downstairs to put the box back up and then got back into bed, where I stayed until 8. I chatted with Kev during that time and tried to close my eyes but no luck since I was loving watching the kitty babies being all sweet and cute. I got up and dressed, fed the little dudes and put bacon in the oven. I was anxious to try a new yogurt I'd seen a commercial for a while back and it's great. It's Danon Two Good, only 2g of sugar and 3 carbs. It's rich and thick and creamy like Greek yogurt and has a light sweet flavor. It will be my go-to from now on.

Most Excellent
I changed and made a drive to Walmart to get some black spray paint. The hardware for the new shelves is a bit more industrial metal looking and I wanted a more iron look. I got home, sprayed the first half of the pieces and went in to cook some burgers. I heated the skillet and salted the patties and then put the meat in to cook. I melted on sharp cheddar and heated more leftover cabbage. This is a meal I never tire of. I watched Shameless and then went out to spray the other half of the hardware.

Soup Night
In the early afternoon I started making a pot of chili to donate to our community soup night this evening.  I sauteed onion and bell pepper and added the beef in to brown. To that mix went a can of Rotel, crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce. Seasonings were salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin, onion and garlic powder, white vinegar and Splenda. I let it simmer while watching some HGTV and then turned the stove off to go for a walk. I did the small loop, got home and vacuumed. That led to sweeping and mopping with my new Norwex mop system. It was quite effortless. I watered plants, shook out rugs, washed one, and dusted after that. It was soon time to haul my chili over to Dany's. I put it in the crock pot so it could stay heated. It was great seeing the group and meeting some neighbors that hadn't joined us before. I started with a taster of Dany's veggie soup that was delicious. It had wheat in it so I only had a little. I moved on to a little of my chili, which was lovely. I nibbled some kale salad and some Italian meat and a few spiced pecans with cheese. We headed home just after 8 and I had a real bowl of chili.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy V-Day

Valentine Breakfast
I slept ok. I turned on some music when I crawled into bed, deciding to try songs for a change, and of course a high pitched voice woke me during one. I turned it off and went back to sleep until almost 4 when I heard really high winds and I had to pee. I went back to sleep but not a solid one. I woke off and on until Teddy starting clanking the blinds just after 7. He loves to peek out in the mornings. I chatted with the Kev until he had to leave for work and then lounged until 7:30. I dressed and went down to get bacon cooking before feeding the babies. I had some yogurt with granola and when done I cleaned up the dishes and played with the kitties for a while. It had been some time since I'd gotten the cat catcher out and it's their absolute favorite thing in the world.

Chicken Lunch
I talked with Mom K, hearing about all the fun she and Kev had last weekend for the ballet and then went up to change for the gym. Today was Valentine dance and we all wore pink and red. I always forget about V-Day as me and Kev don't succumb to the marketing hype of buying things on this one day. We show our love and appreciation all year and I dig that. Valentine's Day was the first time Kev made me dinner. It was actually our first real date. He grilled Omaha steaks on his little apartment balcony grill and had potato puffs and green beans with it. I got home from dance, showered and dressed and then made a grocery run. I brought home a rotisserie chicken for lunch and heated the rest of the squash to go with it.
I watched Schitt's Creek and This is Us and did a quick project on the couch for a client.

Divine Dinner
After I cleaned up my lunch dishes I watched Many Sides of Jane and got a ticket to the first Carnivore Conference. I was on a wait list and they've secured a larger venue to house more people. I am looking forward to this. I'm still a believer from the short eight months that I did it. I felt the best I've ever felt, my blood work was crazy great and I had almost lost that stubborn stomach fat for the first time in my life. I'm wondering if hearing the doctors, athletes and nutritionists talk about it, and being among like minded individuals, will sway me back to giving it another go, or closer to it. I ended up passing out on the couch, unable to keep my eyes and body going and didn't wake until 5PM! I really must have needed that. The kitties were chill, one napping on the couch and one staring out to the back yard and it was soon dark. I chatted with Ma before cooking up some burgers for dinner. I heated some of yesterday's cabbage and had a repeat of last night. I watched Victoria and then made a perfect cup of hot chocolate. 1c unsweetened almond milk, 10 drops chocolate Stevia, 3T granular Splenda, 1/4t vanilla, dash cinnamon, 1T butter. I melted the butter on the stove while mixing everything else in the blender. I added the cocoa to the butter and stirred. I put it all back in the blender to mix in the butter good and back into the pot to heat. I had a lovely rest-of-the-evening sipping the chocolate and watching The Story of Us.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Moving Forward

Good Wednesday Start
Oh I slept so great under the electric blanket last night. It's always good to get back to your own bed, no matter where you go. I woke at 6:45 and got up to pee before getting dressed and heading down to make some coffee. I fed the kitties and got bacon in the oven. Kev wanted steamed eggs to go with it and they were delicious. I cleaned up the dishes and it was time to change and get to the gym.

Oddball Lunch
PiYO felt amazing. It was super tough but my mind stayed focused on getting through the moves. I left after burning 500 calories, got home, showered and into my comfies and set up my computer in the office. I was hungry by 11:15. The Kev headed off to work and I heated a Jimmy Dean Eggwich along with some leftover squash. I ate at my desk and got to work. I have many projects lined up and was ready to knock em out. It feels great to be busy. I had a protein shake after lunch, since I was still a little hungry, and it did the trick.

The Best
I got a ton done today. So much that I may now be waiting until early next week for the next big spurt. I sent off a file to a client and shut it off just after 5PM. I went downstairs and got cabbage cooking in some bacon fat and butter. When it was mostly done I moved the pot over to simmer and began the burgers. I needed meat desperately and was very hungry. I put on the Frywall, the muscle of the kitchen now, and when the skillet was hot I put in the salted burger patties and cooked for 5 minutes on one side and 6-7 on the other. With 3 minutes left I added on American cheese slices and when they melted it was time to eat. I watched Good Trouble, Grey's Anatomy and then a couple episodes of Many Sides of Jane. I sipped a cup of hot Sleepytime tea and hoped that would do it but ended up grabbing the granola during TV watching. Detoxing from the kisses and other sugar is going to happen but is never easy. I hit the bed around 10:30.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Flight Day

Late Breakfast on Plane
First, my stomach did not feel good after that pizza last night but I still think it was worth the splurge. I woke this morning with slight cramping and serious bloat. Needless to say I felt gross. But the last sleep in LA was good. In fact sleep was pretty great the entire time in our Airbnb. The bed was super comfy and there were just enough blankets on the bed to keep me toasty warm during the chilly evenings. I woke and looked at my phone. It was 6:08 on the dot. I was disappointed because the alarm was set to go off at 6:15. I dozed again for the few minutes and then got up and dressed. I packed the last few things I had out along with my backpack and then put the clean dishes away that I had washed last night. I cut two hard boiled eggs to take with me and called my Lyft at 6:55. He arrived just after 7 and I got to the airport just after 8. I walked for a bit before it was time to board. I had my eggs and some salted nuts and watched Love You to Death during the flight.

Lunch Yogurt
I chatted with the nice guys sitting next to me on the plane. They were moving to Denver from LA and would be looking for apartments this week. North Face, where one of the guys works, is moving their headquarters to Denver and also moving a lot of the staff.  I got to my car at the park-n-fly and arrived home at 2. I was uper hungry and grabbed a yogurt. And then I saw the Kisses. Oh LAW. So yogurt and kisses was lunch. I unpacked, got everything put away, did some laundry and then went up to do a little work.

Steak and Squash
My Norwex order arrived while I was gone so I opened it all up to see my new mop and other cleaning supplies. I also opened a strange Amazon envelope to find that Lis had sent me a book! I have had an idea for a TV series that could really be fun and Lis knows about it. This is a nice nudge to really start thinking about it and moving forward with the idea. I'm nervous because I'm not a writer and have no clue what to do but I'll read that book and see what happens. It could at least educate me enough to work with writers. The Kev got home around 6 and I started cooking some squash and onions. He grilled up steaks and it was perfection of a meal. Of course Hershey kisses for dessert. After dinner I worked until 9 and then we watched Temptation Island before bed.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Real Pizza Splurge

Casserole Breakfast
Oh my word there was some good sleep had last night. I didn't budge until 6:30 this morning when I got up to pee. I laid back down until 7:30 and then dressed before going to the kitchen to make coffee. Today is Lis's birthday and we had a beautiful day for it. I got hungry around 8:30 and heated the rest of the beef casserole for breakfast. I ate while watching YOU and we got through episode 9 before getting up to dress for our outing. Today was ocean day.

Venice to Santa Monica
We got in our Lyft for the drive to Venice and was dropped off at Eggslut for some lunch to start off our afternoon. They are known for their egg sandwiches and since I don't eat the bread I had mine with salad. Mine was a fried egg with cheddar and bacon and the greens went nicely with it all. We hit the streets when done and made it down to the boardwalk where we walked until we could turn up towards the canals. We loved meandering among them, appreciating the fun architecture. When done we went back to the boardwalk and proceeded to walk from Venice to Santa Monica. I was so proud that Lis did almost 7 miles with me today.

O.M.G. - Splurge of the Century
We got in our Lyft not long before sunset, deciding that since it was cooling off quick and the rish hour traffic would be horrendous, that we should be on our way back across town. It took over an hour to get us to the house and we ordered a pizza from Masa's for delivery. I had every single intention of plucking off the beef, pepperoni and black olive topping but when more than one person on this trip has raved about this being the best pizza they've ever had I decided that this would be my big splurge of the year. And did we choose to do it up right. This was heaven in my mouth. The sauce was homemade and had nice chunks of the fresh tomato. The dough was out of this world. The last time I had bread was probably our France/London trip in 2017. Good lord was it amazing. And after three slices I was done done done and wanted no more for a long time. I certainly felt the bloating begin quick. This didn't stop me from some Hershey kisses, which are now gone so I can wipe the slate clean. We got to watch The Bachelor together before I went to pack up in prep for the trip home tomorrow.

Rain and Shine

Lazy Sunday
I got into bed after 11 and slept like a baby. I didn't wake in the night at all, in fact not until 6 something this morning. I got up to pee and got back into my little nest and played around on my phone until I couldn't hang out any longer. It was just after 8 that I got up and dressed and went into the kitchen to get coffee going. I was also hungry so got the sausage cut and cooking on the stove in the little red, ceramic coated, cast iron skillet. I made the scrambled eggs once Lis was up and rolling and we discussed the plans for the day. At first it was nice and we talked about going to the observatory and catching a plaentarium show but then we got to chatting and time went by and it started raining. Next thing we know it's 12:30 and the afternoon was nothing but rain.

Leftover LA Lunch
At 1PM we moved from the table to the couch and decided to watch some TV. It was 1:30 after I cut up strawberries we'd gotten when we arrived. I then heated some leftover beef casserole and we decided to watch YOU on Netflix. It's the one about the stalker. We were fortunate enough to use someone's Netflix account that was logged in at the BnB. Meanwhile we did a load of laundry and then it was 2:30. The day was going by fast.

Evening at the Observatory
It was around 4 something when I said "Let's go to the observatory." And so we got up, dressed and called our Lyft. 20 minutes later we arrived at the Griffith Observatory just after 5:30. There was a lot of traffic, I mean a LOT, and then I realized that it was supposed to be a perfect place at sunset. We timed it just right. We wandered the two floors of exhibits before we stood in line to buy our planetarium show at 6:45. And it was so good! Me and Lis both hadn't been to a planetarium since we were in elementary school and boy have things changed both in the teachings and the technology.

Caesar Salad
The show was thirty minutes. When done we were ushered outside, where it had gotten quite breezy and chilly. Lis called the Lyft and he was there in about 12 minutes. We got back to the house and were ready for some dinner. We ordered from a place called The Kitchen, just down the road. I got the small Caesar salad, with chicken, and finished Lis's chicken. I made a cup of chamomile tea and we picked the Netflix back up where we left off. We each had a Think Thin bar for dessert and went to bed after 11:30.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Hollywood Visit

Hollywood Day
There's a door in my Airbnb bedroom that leads to the outside. It has a security door in front of the old door and it's not sealed well. So you hear whatever is going on on the street in front. There's also the most giant hole you've ever seen right outside that creepy door, along the side of the house. They tore down the house next door and dug out the basement/crawl space. I woke to the sound of rain at 6AM. I laid in bed, all warm, and listened until I dozed off and on until getting up at 8. I got up, dressed and made coffee. I went on to cook bacon in the micro and scrambled eggs with cheese. We dressed around 11:30 and before we headed out it started raining again. It cleared at 12:30 and we called the Lyft to drop us at the Museum of Death. It was morbid fascination at its finest. When done I really couldn't think about food so we strolled down to the Walk of Fame. We toodles around the Dolby theater and then was a bit hungry. We walked to Chick-fil-A where I had a small kale side salad, a grilled chicken breast and a diet lemonade. We walked back to Hollywood Blved where at 3:45 I called for the Lyft to the house.

Beef Nuggets and Cabbage
We got home round 4:30 and put on our comfy clothes. I washed my face and settled in on the couch until it was time to start some dinner. I made cabbage and cooked the first burger patty when I didn't want to deal with the smoke and time it was taking to cook. I ended up chopping the other two patties into chunks and cooked them up like ground beef. I melted on cheddar when browned and had beef nuggets essentially, which were awesome. The cabbage was lights out and I polished off the pot after Lis enjoyed two servings. It was a small cabbage but when it's this good there's no stopping myself. I then finished off the Hershey kisses I had and we watched HGTV. Such a perfect thing to do while visiting LA, right?

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Beverly Hills Day

First LA Morning
Sleep was settling in when I jolted awake to  violent coughing sounds. I got up to check on Lis to find her over doubled over the kitchen sink, sick as a dog. I helped clean things up and was able to get back to sleep around midnight. And I slept great until around 6:45. I lounged under the warm blankets until 7:30 and then got up to pee and get going. I made some coffee and was glad Lis didn't have any reaction to it. I made myself bacon and eggs and the smoke detector went off multiple time, so sensitive although there was no smoke and windows were open. I made three fried eggs to go with it and then did a little work.

Baby's Badass Burger is the Bomb
It was around 11 when I decided to get rolling. I showered and dressed and we got a Lyft to Beverly Hills where they dropped us off at the Beverly Gardens Park. We walked down to the Fandango office where there happened to be a famous burger food truck called Baby's Badass burgers. I had the American Girl plain with no bun and ate it sitting on the little wall that was there. It was the best burger I've ever ordered out. And I mean it. It was thick and juicy and the outside has a nice light crust. The smoked cheddar was melted perfectly on top and it was just all around perfection. The true test of a burger is with no bun. You can really taste the quality of the meat.

I went into Fandango after eating and met with a girl I just adore. We talked about a couple projects, she gave me a tour and I let her get back to her day. It was under an hour total, which was perfect so I wouldn't leave Lis hanging too long alone. We wandered to and around Rodeo drive afterwards and saw all the fancy.

Casserole Night
We got our Lyft back to the house just after 3:30 and when we got in we changed shoes and took a little walk around our neighborhood.  We got back as it was really cooling down and I got the creamy beef casserole started. The only thing that went wrong was that I cooked the riced cauli in a pyrex bowl in the micro and it totally broke! The pyrex bowl! And the casserole just didn't cook the same as it does at home, not sure if it was the humidity or the stove or what. It had more liquid and didn't thicken as much. But it was still tasty. At least the smoke detector didn't go off. We watched Dumplin on Netflix as we ate, and after we ate, and I proceeded to have Hershey kisses and then a bag of these sugar free gummy bears I've been reading so much about. They will be  my new go-to candy. I've got to quit this odd kiss thing. We talked about our plans tomorrow and I went to bed after 11:30.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

La La Land

Ready to Roll
Sleep was a little sporadic but I did get some. I think little Teddy knew I was leaving and snuggled by my head for a good while this morning. I got up just after 6 for a shower and the temp read -7 outside. This is our first dip below 0 and of course it's the day I leave. There's always either frigid temps or tons of snow before I take an early year trip. I dressed and finished packing and when I went down to the kitchen Kev had made coffee and bacon and went on to perfectly steam us some eggs. It was a gorgeous morning with blue sky, snow covered trees and roof tops. It wouldn't last long which is why we love it here. We don't get a ton of snow and when it does, it melts quickly. And the best thing is having real seasons to appreciate.

Flight Snack
After breakfast Kev went out to shovel the driveway and I got a couple eggs boiling. I made a little bento box for an airplane lunch along with some almonds. I got on the road just before 9 to give myself plenty of time for airport bidness.Once through security I turned my watch on and walked the terminal until around 11:15. We boarded at 11:30 and I watched Schitt's Creek and Good Trouble on the flight. When drinks came, around 12:45, mine a Coke Zero of course, I opened up my bento and was very glad to have made my little box of eggs and nuts and a single Duke's sausage.

Bacon Double Cheeseburger
We landed just after 1:30 and I met Lisa in baggage claim. I scooped up my bag and we went out to get our Lyft to the northeast side of town, an area called Silver Lake. We settled in and needed food desperately. Lisa ordered delivery from an Italian place and thankfully they had other offerings. I got a double cheeseburger with bacon, no sauce, no bun. Of course it came in a bun. I tossed it and had Lisa's side Caesar salad that she didn't want. It did the trick. The next delivery we got was our groceries. Yay for Instacart! We picked out everything we wanted and there it was at the door. The evening was spent catching up and we crawled into bed, tired at 9:30 (10:30 CO time and 11:30 TX time). And I did have one Hershey kiss for dessert.