Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Not a Winner

First Fueling
I slept pretty well last night. I didn't get into bed until 11:30 and don't think it took too long to pass out. I did wake a couple times in the night but didn't get up. I got up this morning around 7:15 to pee, opened the blinds for Teds to see out and then dressed. I went down and got babies fed and heated myself some Egg Bites. I love these quick little breakfasts and am glad that Costco has them. I chatted with the Kev and soon it was time to change and get to the gym. PiYO day! I was ready to focus my mind and muscles and get-er done.
Greek Lunch Out
I got to class and when we got going my mind did not. Oh lord it was a struggle to keep the focus but I did finish strong and when it was over I felt fabulous and proud for getting through it. I went home, took a shower and dressed and I heard a ring at the door. My new rug arrived and when Ells arrived she help me lay it out, moving the heavy ass table. I love the fresh look so it will be a keeper. We went to Ali Baba Grill in Boulder where I had two falafel and a Greek salad with Chicken Shawarma.

Burgers and Brussels
After lunch we went to the Relaxation Station down the road from the grill. We both had 40 minute foot and calf massages that put me to sleep in the very comfy chairs. I didn't realize how much I needed that reflexology on my feetsies. I left with feet feeling so much lighter. Ells dropped me back at the house at 2 and I went up to the office to get some work going. I snacked on a protein bar and finished up a large project around 4:30 and then walked to the store for some veggies. I thought I'd just get a cabbage but came home with fabulous looking Brussels, a cabbage, a zucchini and some lettuce. I got home, cooked the sprouts, grilled two burger patties and melted on Colby jack, which isn't as good as sharp cheddar. I watched Temptation Island, the first part of the finale and then cleaned up the dinner dishes. Good Trouble was next and then Restored by the Fords on HG. Oh and we did NOT win the damn dream home. I'm terribly sad.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Lunch Out

Breakfast with the Kev
Oh sleep was gooooood last night. I didn't open my eyes until the 7AM hour. I got up at 7:15, dressed and went down for some bacon cooking. Kev made coffee and I had a small cup with my usual creamer and Splenda. I made steamed eggs in some Kerrygold butter to go with our meat candy and we enjoyed a lovely first meal together. After dishes were cleaned we gathered up trash and settled onto the couch for a little while to check mail etc. It was soon time for me to change and get to dance.

Chicken Masala Solo
I had a moment in the parking lot, striking me on the way to the gym. Aunt Flo hasn't visited in at least 8 months now and the finality of it all hit, like it did a few months ago, and it likely will every now and then. I let it pass and went for class. And danced it all out. Oh it felt good in the dark to just let it go. I went home for a shower and a friend got to the house around noon. I drove us to Boulder, first stop Curry-n-Kebab for lunch. I had a bowl of Chicken Masala, by itself, no rice or naan, and it was like a nice thick chicken tomato cream soup. After lunch I took my friend to a Dr appointment that she was really nervous about. All came out well and we were both relieved.

So Satisfying
I got home around 3:30 and around 4PM me and Kev went for the small loop walk. Oh it was a nice afternoon, sunny with a bit of a chilly breeze. We got home and I played cat catcher with the babies before settling down for a little while on the couch. We decided on an early dinner, Kev getting the grill hot while I salted the burgers and he cooked them up so nicely. I cut and melted on sharp cheddar and mixed up some lettuce with Ranch. I swear burgers never get old, especially when it's Edward's 80/20 ground beef. Whether it's on the grill or in the skillet with the Frywall or with a side of lettuce or cabbage or Brussels, always perfection, always super satisfying. After dinner we watched The Voice before the Kev had to leave for work. I really didn't want him to go but it has to be. I made a large cup of cocoa to wallow in and it was nice and warm. In it was unsweetened almond milk, melted Kerrygold, Splenda, vanilla, cacao powder, chocolate Stevia, cinnamon. I chatted with Ma for a while and wrote a little to finish out the evening.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Diving In

Ready to Work
Sleep was decent. The Kev had stomach issues that kept getting him up, which meant I'd wake too, but did sleep off and on. I got up around 7:30, dressed, we made the bed and I got the kitties fed. I made coffee and had a small cup with creamer and Splenda and time flew. There wasn't really time to make bacon so I grabbed a yogurt and sprinkled in some of the ho-made peanut butter granola I made before the blizzard. I know peanut butter gives me the farts but sometimes I really want it and I am reminded why I don't , or shouldn't, eat it. I got them last night after I had the protein shake for lunch with it in there and again this morning after that granola. But it's good so I'll continue on till it's gone.

Late Breakfast or Early Lunch?
I changed and went on to PiYO, glad to use my muscles and thankful that my brain and body are tackling that class with as much grace as possible. I got home, took a shower and dressed and was hungry by 10:30. I made a little smoked turkey sandwich with the last bun, toasted. I spread on mayo and yellow mustard and added on a slice of Colby jack cheese. So delicious! I ran out to meet a new friend at our newest coffee/tea shop called BREW. I had a cup of hot orange spice tea and we chatted about food, meat specifically. We also chatted about Norwex, which I've been loving. Looks like I'll likely take the plunge and try to sell it. I've never been a big multi-level-marketing person, other than supporting my friends that sell stuff, especially if I like the products, but these products sell themselves. I am in love with my mop, the glass cloth and the Enviro cleaning cloth. That's really all I have so it's a good ratio!

Grilled Burgers
I got home close to 2PM I think and around 3:15 ran up to get my nails done. I just did a gel color change so was home before 4. I enjoyed a protein shake since I had eaten lunch so super early and I changed shoes so me and Kev could go do a nice walk. It was a little chilly so we did the small loop fairly briskly. But it felt great to move the ol legs as I'd sat more than usual today. At 6:30 Kev fired up the grill for the first time in a while and cooked us up a couple burgers each. I melted on cheddar under the broiler when they were done and made a quick green leaf lettuce salad with homemade Ranch. The burgers were so fab that I couldn't help but make the ooh ooh yum noises. That Edwards ground beef I swear there's nothing like it. We had a cup of hot herbal tea after dinner and watched HGTV until bed.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

St. Paddy's

Yummy Breakfast Sandwich
I went to bed just after 10:30 and slept hard. I only woke for a bit when the Kev got up, before 5AM, to hit the slopes and went back into a deep sleep until just before 8. I stripped the bed, got the sheets in the wash and fed the babies. I chatted with Ma for a while before getting hungry and put some bacon in the oven. When it was done I steamed two eggs in some butter, inside a ball jar lid ring, seasoned with only salt. Meanwhile I cut a bun in half, toasted it and then broiled on some sharp cheddar. I placed the egg on one half and topped with the bacon and then the cheese half of the bun for an amazing breakfast sandwich.  After I cleaned up the dishes I swept and put the rugs in the washer. I ran the vacuum, mopped with my new favorite mop and then re-made the bed with clean sheets.

2-Part lunch
I ordered a rug for the dining room, finally, and it's nerve-wracking. I'm full on in my quest to spruce and lighten the main floor and am very pleased with the changes so far. This morning I started thinking that a milkshake sounded good so it led to a chocolate protein shake for part one of lunch. In it was 1c unsweetened almond milk, 27g protein powder, 1T cacao powder, 1T peanut butter, chocolate Stevia, pink packet, 1c ice. I sipped while making plans with a friend for Wednesday afternoon and worked on the laundry. At 3:30 I got hungry and had part 2 of lunch, Egg Bites. They are a perfect quick protein snack and aren't heavy.

Tamales with Green Chile
At 4 the Kev texted to let me know they were on the way home and I mustered myself into a short loop walk. The day really was lovely and I needed to get out in it for a bit. And I'm glad I did. I got home, refreshed after some movement and folded laundry. The Kev got home around 6, showered and got tamales in the steamer. I took my shower, ready for clean sheet sleep tonight, and made a lettuce salad. Tonight's dressing was ho-made Ranch that I whipped up a little earlier and it was fab. These are the Keto tamales that Sis K's mom got for us, Kev froze and brought them home from TX and we heated some of the best green chile to go on top and oh man. YES. I enjoyed three and gave the other to Kev. We spent the rest of the evening picking out cabinet pulls and drawer knobs.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saturday Chill

Chillin' on a Saturday Mornin'
Yep, sleep was super last night with the Kev home. It's like I don't really sleep until he's there and I wake pooped from half-assed dozing during the week. This meant that my eyeballs were very heavy this morning and it took a while to get going. We got up and moving about 7:45 after some lounging, watching the kitties enjoying their stare-out-the-window time. I went down and got them fed while Kev showered and when he was done he got coffee brewing and we ran his car up to the tire shop. We got home and I cooked up some sausage and Kev made the scrambled eggs, in the sausage fat of course, and they were lights out delicious. Kev put some clothes in the wash and I did the dishes and the tire shop called that his car was done. We walked up there to get it, took a drive to test and then stopped at the auto part store.

Sammich Lunchin'
I put clothes in the dryer and crawled under the best blanket ever on the couch.  It was a chilly morning, yet sunny, and would warm to the 40s. I sat listening to Celtic music in prep for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow and it made us long to go back to Ireland. The leisurely, back country, tiny road drives, away from everyone and everything, was pure bliss.

The Kev worked on his car, changing a hadlight, which was a total pain in the arse it seemed. He had to take the front bumper off to get er done. Around 12:30 I made us a turkey sandwich with mayo, mustard and Colby jack. A quick lettuce salad with sensation dressing and a dill pickle completed the plate.

Quick, Late Lunch
After lunch we walked to the store to buy a few things for the cream cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped jalapenos that we would take to soup night tonight. He stuffed and I wrapped in bacon and then he put them on the T-Rex to smoke for a couple hours. We put them on the table and they were gone in a flash. I'm glad I got at least one and omg they were divine. Kev will need to make these again real soon. I didn't have any of the soups tonight, one was a bean soup and the other a gumbo with roux base. I did have some delicious salad that had some strawberries and avocado and enjoyed chatting. We got home just around 8:15 and I got chicken meatballs and marinara in a pot on the stove. When heated good I broiled on some mozzarella and we chowed down. The 5 meatballs was a great amount. I watched HGTV until bedtime. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Dinner and a Movie

Slow Paced Friday Morning
Sleep was so good until 2AM when I got up to pee. I had guzzled a glass of water before bed and knew I'd be getting up. I got back to sleep nicely and woke next at 7 when Teddy crawled his heaviness over me. I got up and opened the blinds so they could look out, their favorite thing to do first thing in the morn. I dressed and went down to get them fed and chatted with Kev a bit before heating some Egg Bites.  I grabbed my computer and went on up to the office early to get a leg up on the work I had. I tried one of the new protein bars I picked up at Costco and it was pretty good! Today was a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and it had nice big chunks of chocolate.

My Bowl is Full
I worked until 12:30 when I got hungry. I went down and heated the rest of the beef casserole, a big bowl of it and oh man it was super. I ate while watching Grey's Anatomy and when the show was done I cleaned up my dishes, put on my tennis shoes and went for the small loop walk. The snow on pavement had already all melted and it was a gorgeous 43 degrees with blue sky. I chatted with Ma as I walked, got home and grabbed my car keys. I ran to pick up clothes at the cleaners and got them all put away when back to the house. I vacuumed,  cleaned the bathrooms and opened the windows for a bit to get some of the awesome fresh air in.

Burger and Salad
I went down to the couch and turned on a Hallmark movie I had recorded, Love Under the Rainbow. The Kev got home around 5:30. I was glad he suggested a walk so I went up and got my tennis shoes, again, and we did the small loop. I know I walked earlier but two walks was even better! The evening was beautiful and when we got home the garage door wouldn't open. We had to break into D and D's house to retrieve our key to open the door. We have got to get that garage fixed. I made burgers and a simple lettuce salad and of course it was perfection.

Hot Chocolate and a Movie
After dinner I made a cup of hot chocolate and we watched Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  I made my now standard hot drink with: 1c unsweetened almond milk, 3TBSP Splenda, few drops chocolate Stevia, I heaping TBSP cacao powder,  sprinkle of cinnamon, tiny bit of vanilla and a TBSP of melted butter. I'm very surprised I wasn't in the mood for this during the Wednesday blizzard. It was a lovely way to end the day with the Kev and the kitties all snuggled on the couch together.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Back to Normal

Homemade Cereal
I went up to bed just after 10 last night and slept well. I woke at 1AM to pee but back to sleep until 7:20. I got up and dressed, made the bed and went down to get kitties fed. Instead of the usual bacon and yogurt that I have before the gym I decided to have some homemade granola as cereal. This is the yumminess that I made before the Blizzard and it's so good in unsweetened almond milk. I poured in a cup of milk and added a pink packet for a little extra sweetness today. 3/4 cup of granola went into the milk bath and I ate while staring out the back door. The remnants of yesterday's crazy "bomb cyclone" storm showed well but it would likely melt off as the day went on.

Leftover Lunch
I changed and got to the gym and had a great workout for the hour before heading home for a shower. I changed, went down to fill my water, grab my computer and get on up to the office for work. I wanted to make up for the lost day yesterday. I got stuff done until just after 12 when I got hungry. I went down and heated a bowl of last night's casserole and it's still my favorite. I watched Schitt's Creek and was glad it was less than 30 minutes so I could get back up to the office.

Hello ol Favorite
I called it quits right at 5 and went down to the comfy couch. I started an episode of Shameless and when I got hungry around 6:30 I put two burgers with some salt in the cast iron. I cooked for 7 minutes and then flipped, added on sharp cheddar and cooked for another 5 minutes. I heated the rest of the cabbage and ate while watching. I cleaned up the dishes and the very few splatter dots on the stove, thanks Frywall! and watched the Shameless season finale. And I actually teared up! I watched HGTV for a while and then decided to watch the Mr. Rogers documentary, Won't You be my Neighbor on HBO when I saw that it ended tomorrow. I've been meaning to watch it for some time and this was my push. And oh how I bawled throughout! It was wonderful. The memories and messages were so powerful. There will not be another like him. I nibbled some of the granola while watching but didn't want much.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Rainy Morning
I wok at 1 to pee and then at 5 just because. I had peeked out to find that we'd had a smidge of rain, the sidewalk out front slightly wet. I went back to sleep until just before 7 and got up. It was pitch dark out and raining. Oh how I love the rain and miss it since we don't get it much. The kitties didn't really know what to do with it and Teddy growled when he would hear it hitting the window. I dressed and sat on the bed looking out until 7:15 and then went downstairs to feed the beasts. I started out the  back door for a while before microwaving myself a couple Egg Bites. I contemplated a cup of coffee but it was too close to gym time. I did get in the rest of Good Trouble, which I had stopped to start The Bachelor last night, and then went up to change.

The Blizzard has Begun
Since it was raining and could turn to snow any minute I wore my boots and heavy coat with hood to the gym and am glad I did. It started the icy blowing snow during PiYO and I was super glad to just make it home before it really cranked up. I showered and got into my warm comfies and soon after I was settled the dentist called. They cancelled the appointment I had at 1PM due to the weather and were closing the office. I was glad for this, and had thought about canceling myself, and went up to the office with a protein drink to start some work.

Lunch During Power Outages
I only got an hour in after chatting with the Kev and with Mama before the electricity started going off and on.  I was also hungry so took my computer downstairs to make some lunch. I made a b-line to the rolls I made yesterday and sliced the in half. I got in one pass in the toaster before the power went back out. Yee ha at least I had warm bread! I spread on mayo and mustard and added on two large slices of smoked turkey and a slice of Colby jack and really enjoyed that sucker with a dill pickle. I then put on all my snow clothes and went out for a first shovel pass. And boy am I glad I did! That snow is super wet and heavy and it would have been really tough to move it if it was any deeper. There was a solid 1-2 inches already.

Righteous Blizzard Food
Ice started falling off of the roof around 2:30, freaking me and the kitties out. And I think at one point a bird flew into the back glass door, as I heard a huge "thud" and saw a dark thing move away. It was gone by the time I got up to look. I watched Temptation Island and then went back out for another shovel. This couple inches was better since it didn't have a rain layer underneath. After I shoveled our area I got the two next door neighbors, sidewalks only, and was ready to come in. I watched This Is Us and then got up to make "the casserole" or "blizzard casserole" as it will be tonight. When I got it all prepped I watched Grey's Anatomy. At 6 I put the casserole in the oven to bake. It was a perfect night for my favorite comfy dish and Hallmark movie. First up was Just Add Romance. A couple of my favorites were the stars and it was super cute. The casserole was as great as it always is. When the movie was over I put on my boots and the Yaktrax and went out onto the ice rink that is the back patio to rescue the outdoor light that the patio chair has fallen on. When I was tucked back inside the warm house HGTV took me to bedtime.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Blizzard Prep

Ready for Dance
I slept great until 3AM, when I got up to pee, and couldn't get back to sleep. I was thinking about wall paint color, of course, and my brain rambled for quite some time. I finally went back to sleep and woke next at 10 till 8. I popped up, really not liking the time change this year,and got dressed. I made the bed and went down to get them big boy kitties fed. I ended up cooking the bacon in the micro since I got up later than I like to on gym days, but it was tasty and with the yogurt cup I had with the three slices.

After workout drink
I changed and went to the gym where we had a sub. She was good enough but she keeps the lights on which I just hate now. I got a great workout though, watch showing I burned 622 calories, and went home to shower. I dressed and grabbed a protein drink before heading off to Costco.

Quick Chicken Meatballs
I picked up Egg Bites, Chicken meatballs and Rao's marinara sauce and then stopped at my local grocery for Mozzarella. I knew what I was having for lunch. I got in and put groceries away and then put five of the meatballs into a little pot and covered with some of the marinara. I heated for about 8 minutes on the stove and then transferred to a little baking crock. I topped with mozzarella and broiled until melty and brown and hauled it up to the office to work and eat.

I worked until around 5, taking a short break to pull in the garbage and recycling bins, and then got to work in the kitchen. I made some peanut butter granola and a batch of yummy buns. I heard today that we could get a foot plus of snow tomorrow into Thursday so the granola is for emergency snacking, if needed, and well, the buns are just amazing. I got smoked turkey at the store so may have a sammich in my near future.

Repeat of Last Night
I fed the babies at 6 and at 6:30 started cooking myself a couple burger patties in the cast iron. This just doesn't get old, I love them so. The Edwards ground beef is ultra tasty, one of the things I can taste, so it's a solid go-to meal. I melted on sharp cheddar and heated last night's cabbage for a total copy cat bowl. I watched last night's episode of The Voice and Good Trouble before it was time for night two of The Bachelor finale. I think I know what happens so we'll see.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Burger Day

Yogurt and a Teddy
I went right to sleep when I crawled under the warm blankets. And slept until 2 before I had to get up to pee. I went right back to sleep until almost 8 this morning. This Spring forward takes me a while to get used to. A friend on Facebook took today off of work and that was a brilliant move. I got up, dressed, made the bed and went down to feed the kitties. I folded and put up the laundry I did last night and then vacuumed upstairs. I had some yogurt around 9 and then made a grocery run for meat and veggies.

Burger and a Salad
When I got home I went up to the office to get to work. I have a full week ahead of me and will ration it out. I got super hungry at noon and went down to make a burger for lunch. I bought enough ground beef for "the casserole" this week and had half pound extra. I cooked it up in the fry wall and melted on sharp cheddar. I made a simple green leaf lettuce salad with Hanley's Sensation dressing and ate while watching Schitt's Creek. When it was done I went back up to work.

Double Cheese Burger Night
I worked solidly until 4PM when I put on my shoes and went for the small loop walk. It was a little chilly and overcast, although the temp read 52 degrees. I slipped on my gloves through one part and went back up to work when I got home. I quit for the day just after 5:30 and went down to feed the kitties some dinner. I then made myself some dinner. I was in the mood for more burgers and cabbage. I got the cabbage cooking in some bacon fat and started the burgers 5-10 minutes in. I melted on the cheese when burgers were done and enjoyed that meal while watching last night's When Calls the Heart.

Hot Cocoa with a Dollop of Drama
I watched HGTV when the show was done and chatted with the Kev. At 8PM I made a cup of hot chocolate. I poured unsweetened almond milk into a mug and then into the blender. In went 3TBSP Splenda, a pink packet and a little chocolate Stevia. I melted a TBSP of butter in a pot and pored it into the milk mixture and added in some cinnamon and cayenne pepper. I poured it all back into the pot to get hot and gave it one last blend before settling in for The Bachelor finale. It was a perfect evening.