Sunday, January 26, 2020

Jan 2020 Recap

New Year Vision Board
Woo I'm back! I've decided to do monthly summaries of food and happenings as I've missed writing.

January has come and, almost, gone so fast. I kicked off 2020 with a fun ladies day of vision boarding at Miss M's place. It was me, Miss M and three other gals andwe chatted like crazy as we snipped magazine pics of things that spoke to us, guiding our next decade. It's all about my business(es) and having fun. Travel and feeling good overall. 

As soon as I got back to my normal eating routine after the Christmas holiday, losing the sugar mainly,  that weird rash disappeared from my back quickly. I got right back to the gym and learned that my trainer was moving to College Station Texas to be with his girlfriend. And in two weeks he was gone. I transferred to a female trainer named Lexi, who I am really digging. We do full body workouts each time, instead of leg day one day and arm day another, and she's doing more core work, which Ted never did. Did I mention I am REALLY liking the change? I am also settling in to the gym routine, enjoying the treadmill while watching shows and movies. My Zumba instructor returns from her 8 weeks away, ankle surgery recoup, this week and I'm thrilled to get some dance back into my world.

Best Veggie Beef Soup ever
Food of note during this month has been an AMAZING Veggie Beef Soup. I've made two GIANT pots of it and would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until I wore myself out. I've had a couple weeks off and am about ready to make it again, it's that delicious.


Olive oil
2lbs stew beef
2 onions chopped
1TBSP crushed garlic
1 orange bell pepper chopped
1 yellow bell pepper chopped
1 red bell pepper chopped
1 med head cauliflower plucked into small pieces
2 zucchini chopped
1 large carrot chopped
2c fresh green beans chopped
2 28oz cans fire roasted crushed tomatoes
2 boxes Beef Stock
1/4c cooking Sherry
Season All

1. In a BIG stock pot brown beef in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. When done, remove beef to a bowl and set aside.
2. Add a bit more oil into beef dripping pot and add in onions, peppers, carrot and garlic. Saute until soft.
3. Add in cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, beef, tomatoes, stock and Sherry and season well with season all.
4. Let simmer, stirring occasionally and taste testing, for 4-6 hours on low. Add season all as needed. (A few dashes of Tabasco before eating is so great for sass!)

Chicken Fingers
Most of my meals are the same as they've been. Plenty of protein shakes, burger patties, taco salads, beef casseroles, beef with sour cream and cheddar bowls, pizza with fathead crust, chili, Parm chicken and the staple veggies that include cauli, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels. If I'm out it's a salad with chicken or burger patty with salad/veggie. I did whip up some decent, and super quick, chicken fingers. Cut two breasts into strips. Rolled them in 1 egg and then in almond flour mixed with Tony's Cachere's and onion powder. I dipped into some new G Hughes sugar free honey mustard dipping sauce and it was super. I've periodically made my hot chocolate when I need something sweet at night. I adore it. (almond milk, cacao powder, Splenda, raspberry extract, 1TBSP Kerrygold melted), sprinkle of salt. Blend in blender, pour into pot and heat well before drinking. Fab.

Work is going great. This year has really kicked itself off with a bang and I've been a busy beaver. There's some fun projects and new clients. Older clients are still going strong and I'm thankful for them all. Norwex is hanging in there, still totally jazzed about the products. I did have a party yesterday and it felt good to get back in action, sharing with people how to get rid of chemicals. I'm thinking about an East Coast roadshow this year, Tennessee ad S. Carolina. I've got a few connections over that way and need to think about logistics. But it's out there in the Universe for stewing.

Shows I'm watching this month are The Bachelor of course. They finally added more Anne with an E to Netflix, which I ADORED. I re-binged all 5 seasons of Schitt's Creek with Kev since he hadn't seen it. We are now in the latest, and final, season 6. I'm catching my Hallmark Winter Fest movies, mainly when I'm on the treadmill, and Howard's End on Masterpiece.

That's what's happening round here, other than the face treatment I'm doing. It's a 4-6 week deal with peeling and dryness and expensive as butt. I didn't really evaluate what it would cost for the whole thing and I'm well into it now so will finish but sheesh. I can't use moisturizer or powder, and had to purchase specific brand of liquid makeup, so my whole routine has been turned upside down. I travel to and fro with the "rescue gel" and slather it on my face before going into any place, even the gym. If not I look like a lizard girl and people stare. It's really something. I'm hoping in the end for nice even skin tone with no redness. What an adventure! Updates next month.


Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Jan 31 2019 - Beginning and Endings

NYE. We had a lovely breakfast with Mom and Dad K before getting to the airport and on home to Colorado. We took smoked, stuffed jalapenos to a party and got home around 12:30 this morning. I've decided to take a hiatus from writing this blog and wish you a super lovely, and healthy 2020! 💖

Monday, December 30, 2019

Jan 30th

Ready for the Road
Sleep was off and on last night. I got up when my alarm went off at 6:30, dressed and went out to have a last coffee with Ma, mine with Splenda and creamer of course. I dressed and packed up and had two breakfast cookies before we got on the road to Texas at 8AM. We routed through Baton Rouge to avoid the sitting traffic on the interstate and zipped right on through.

Carne Asada
The drive was good and smooth. We stopped at the Texas border to pee and take a walk and then the next stop was around 11:30 for some lunch. it happened to be at my favorite, Lupe Tortilla in Beaumont. We saw that it was there and peeled off the road. I had some tortilla chips and ordered my usual, carne asada with jack cheese. I did have some of the beans and rice and am not looking forward to getting back on the straight and narrow when I get home. What a fun eating break it's been! Except for the  rash thing on my back and the bloating of course.

Mint Santa
We made it to Mom and Dad K's place, unloaded the car and changed shoes for a walk. It was perfect weather and we just couldn't sit inside. We got back and I had an infamous peppermint marshmallow Santa that Mom K picked up for me. It's very much like the Mint Dream I so adore but with marshmallow instead of a creamy filling. 

Family Steak Dinner
It was soon time for me to get a very needed mani. Mom K dropped me off at her nail salon, I had the mani and walked back to the house. Kev met me half way and we walked back together. Bro and Sis K joined us for a steak dinner. We had cheese and pepperoni to start and I got broccoli cooking on the stove. I made a lemon butter sauce to go with it and had a little piece of a twice baked potato. Dessert came after Bro and Sis K left. I made a cup of sugar free hot cocoa with unsweetened almond milk, and Mom K offered some amaretto to go in it, which I accepted! It was delicious. I sipped and worked on the couch the rest of the evening.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Last Day in La

Morning, Noon and Night I'm dreaming of Jello salad. I should write a jello salad song I love it so much. I ate more last night before bed, only making myself pry it out of my own hands to get it back in the fridge so I'd have a little left for today. I slept well and got up at 6:30 to pee, got back to sleep until around 7:45. I got up, dressed in my very comfies and made my way out to make a cup of coffee (with Splenda and creamer) and sit with Ma, who was in her chair. She's been a silent ninja in the mornings. I had two messages on my phone, one from Dany back at home. it was a photo of her legs on our red chair and Teddy sitting at the edge with his back to her. Hilarious but he's getting closer! The second was from Sis K's Mama, who got my Texas ornament collection at the Christmas Eve party. It was all six ornaments on her tree with a sweet note. That made my day. I got bacon in the oven and made scrambled eggs to go with it.

Burger Patty Lunch
After breakfast me and Kev put our walkin' shoes on and hit the sidewalk for two miles. It was quite warm and I felt somewhat dizzy for a while. It was an odd sensation. A little lightheaded and legs felt a tad woozy. It eventually faded away but I wonder if the heat did it. Or lack of sugar and withdrawal symptom. 😂 I showered and dressed, in my jeans to remind myself what happens when I eat carbs, and we left to meet Rach and Kris at Brewbacher's for lunch at 12:30. I got a Mushroom burger with cheddar. Mom and I split some fries. I added some mayo and mustard to my burger bites and it wasn't as good at this location. The texture was "off" like the grill wasn't as seasoned or something.  We all chatted until around 2:30 and then parted ways. We ran an errand, which ended with us picking up sale Hershey kisses, before making it back to the house where we waited for rain.

Leftover Gumbo and Ma's Tater Salad
The afternoon flew by. Ma colored, I did a bunch of nothing and Kev napped for a short bit. The rain started right before 5 and me and Kev were in heaven. It stopped after only 5 minutes and we were bummed. For dinner we had planned on having Shawarma but decided to eat food at the house to help Ma clear out her fridge. We boiled potatoes and eggs and Ma whipped up a quick potato salad. I heated leftover rice, Ma heated gumbo and we baked the cheese bread balls for Kev. The potato salad was rockin' and I had a little more after my first bit.

Au re·voir my Tasty Lover
We rearranged the living room so me and Ma could share the ottoman and did our annual watching of The Holiday. I enjoyed the last of the jello salad while watching and it was the best.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Gumbo Day

Breakfast Cookies
I woke many times in the night. The ceiling fan sounds like a clock and the tick tick tick rhythm would wake me. I'd zone back out and it would wake me again. I got up around 6:30 to pee but fell asleep until around 7:40. I dressed and went out to make a cup of coffee. I peeled some red potatoes and Ma cut them up and got them boiling. She made a potato salad and I made a batch of sausage cheese balls. Ma had a ball of good mozzarella, really good grated Parm from the deli and natural almond flour so I wasn't sure what was gonna happen. Mainly with mozzarella ball instead of the shredded stuff. They came out looking like cookies but holy crap was the flavor AMAZING. I mean like a million times tastier than my usual ones. I had a couple for breakfast around 10AM.

Apps and Gumbo Lunch
I nibbled on potato chips while waiting for my friend Rach to get here. She's in from Scotland with her boyfriend and we were gonna enjoy gumbo, catch up and catch some of the LSU game. We ate together and chatted and when done me and Rach did the dishes and then the game started. Ma got comfy in her chair and was glued to the TV and the rest of us went for a walk.

Jello Salad Love
We got back and had desserts. They brought a king cake, because Mardi Gras stuff is officially rolling, and I had two servings of my DIVINE jello salad. We all wonder why it's called a salad...Rach and Kris left and me and Kev did another walk to close our rings. When we made it back to the house me and Ma made a container of gumbo to take over to a friend of hers house. We visited for  while and on the way back, stopped at Canes to get Kev some chicken fingers. I had some of his fries and also heated a sausage cheese ball (aka breakfast cookie) and did some carnivore research. Jan is carnivore month and I may just do it. I can do anything for a month. I'm having deja vu typing this as I remember doing back in 2015 when I tried the first time.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Weird Things

Big Breakfast
Me and Ma chatted before falling asleep and I remember howling with laughter before we got really sleepy. I love when laughter tears happen before drifting off. I slept well and remember getting warm just before waking up, after 8AM. I popped up, not realizinbg what time it was and dressed. Everyone was in the living room and I made a cup of coffee with creamer and Splenda, feeling like I'd missed a lot. Most had only gotten up an hour ago so thankfully it wasn't too much. Ma cooked up some bacon and deer sausage, a friend at work brought her the sausage, and she made me grits. After talking about my Maw Maws amazing grits I had to have some while I was in my splurge month. Jan brings no grains once again. I made scrambled eggs and added plenty of butter to my grits and oh man was that breakfast ever so tasty.

Kev's Handiwork on Flagstone
Aunt Aim left around 9:30 or 10. Me and Ma got to cleaning a bit and I did up her glass top stove using the Norwex Spirisponge and cleaning paste, followed by the envirocloth for cleaning up the paste and then the window cloth for polishing. It looked brand new. I swept and vacuumed, Ma put a whole chicken and some smoked turkey legs in a pot to boil and we all went for a short walk, after Kev and I had a few Hershey kisses. I turned my watch on but don't you know it didn't even register the mile. I was irked and felt jilted. We got back and Kev pressure washed Ma's flagstone out back. It was getting so slippery with mossy crap that it was certainly a hazard while walking to her car.

Roast Pork and Grits
When Kev was done we did another walk so I could move my watch rings, and this time it worked. We did over a mile, making the total about 4.5 today so far. Me and Ma got to gumbo makin'. She had already plucked off the meats. I cut up the deer sausage and baked it. Then baked the Andouilles, both regular and Alligator. Then baked the regular smoked sausage. Ma sauteed the onion and green onion and put it all in the stock pot. She put in the okra and seasoned real good and then it was simmerin' time. I had leftover roast pork and grits for dinner. It has been SO long since I've had grits, and they are cooked perfectly, so I couldn't waste after breakfast. I kept them and they took priority tonight. So much so that Kev had to finish up two of the big chunks for me.

What In The World
Now I want to give an update on how the month has gone adding sugar and grains/carbs into my diet. I've felt more sluggish, bloated and overall just meh. Last week this group of "things" appeared on my back and they sometimes itch and sometimes hurt if I accidentally rake them with my nails or towel. I definitely blame the crap going in my body. Being a science experiment for years now I KNOW what causes this kinda of BS.  But will I stop? Not until December is over. I have jello salad coming tomorrow. I am mentally ready for Jan though. I ended the evening with a mint chocolate followed by a cup of Peach Sleepytime tea.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

After Christmas Day

Roast Dinner
I slept well, waking every now and then when I was hot, then cool, then hot, then cool. Kev didn't sleep well either. He was awake during the wee hours and went back to sleep until around 7:30 this morning. I got up around 7:15, washed my face and dressed. Kev and Dad K packed the car with our bags and we headed out around 8. We stopped at the Mexican market for a chicharron carnudo but they weren't ready yet. I got a pork carnitas taco on a corn tortilla and we hit the road towards Baton Rouge. Mom K called to tell us we left something so we turned around and ended up eating at the house. I added on a little sour cream, salsa and cheddar to add some moisture and it was better. We then headed out, again and was on the way.

We stopped at the Louisiana border for a little walk around and our next stop was past Lake Charles. We saw a billboard that said "Fried ribs" and the car just went there. I did care for them after one bite, I think it was the spices and they didn't fall off the bone so I let Kev have them all. I did have two bites of a a boudin ball , which was ok. We cruised the rest of the way home to Ma's and arrived just a smidge after 1PM. I had a few bited of chicken salad and pimento cheese along with maybe 4 Fritos for a snack and me, Ma, Auntie Aim and the Kev all chatted for a while before leaving for Bass Pro Shops and then to Costco.

We got home where the pot roast on the Crock pot was done. I got cabbage cooking and the Brazilian cheese rolls in the oven. Mom heated leftover gravy along with some other leftovers she had from yesterday and oh it was great. I had a little rice, roast and gravy (made with corn starch), cabbage, a little sweet potato and four cheese bites thingies, with a really yum. After dishes were cleaned we opened gifts and then watched a couple episodes of Mrs. Maisel, season 1, which Ma and Amy haven't seen.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas 2019

Danish Sampling at Breakfast
Sleep was good once I fell into it after midnight. I woke vaguely when I heard Kev get up, around 5:30 and went back to sleep, not waking until 7:30. I got up just before 7:45, dressed and was ready for some coffee. We chatted and sipped with Mom and Dad K and then Bro and Sis K arrived around 9:15 or so. Kev made the scrambled eggs and we had a delightful Christmas breakfast of the eggs, thick sliced bacon and I had two sausage cheese balls. I did have a single bite of a danish but stopped there and Kev finished it. It wasn't as good as I remembered and would rather save those carbs for close to the last of the sugar I'll eat in December. Oh LAW help me come January! We all opened gifts and hung out a little before Bro and Sis K headed on out.

Lunch Pickings
I changed and Me, Kev and Dad K went for a nice walk. We did just over 2 miles before getting back to the car and then me and Kev did a little run around the lake, a half mile or so. This was the longest consecutive run I've ever done and I felt good afterwards. I may try it again. We'll see. We got back to the house, I cooled down and then took a shower. Once in my comfies we had a little lunch, a smorgasbord of which I selected: Chicken salad, a piece of heated chicharron, a pepperoni with slice of cheddar and the infamous jello salad. OMG how do I love that jello salad. It will be easy to convert to low carb too in case I get a hankering. Me and Mom K finished up a Hallmark, It's beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

Prime Rib Spectacular
We started another once it was over, A Family Christmas Gift, and I had two chocolate covered dried cherries and two caramel popcorn pieces. We paused the movie in the 4PM hour to get some veggies cooking for dinner. The Kev had just prepped a Prime rib with salt, pepper, fresh garlic cloves, fresh thyme and rosemary and got it on the smoker. I boiled a cauli and went on to make a semi twice baked with mashed cauli topped with cheddar and green onion. I also cleaned three bags of Brussels and got them cooking in bacon fat. When all was done we gathered around the table at 6:30 for a Christmas feast.

Magic Jello Salad
Once we were stuffed and dishes were cleaned, we settled on the couch for When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas on Hallmark. This is the final, and 39th movie of the 2019 holiday season and I was glad to have seen them all, except that one we started earlier but I will finish it. It was just after 8 when Kev got up for pecan pie and I wanted nothing but the rest of the jello salad. I could have gone without it but my mind had to have it. When it was gone I was more than full, belly fat and I was so happy I got to enjoy it after that grand meal.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Breakfast
I went to sleep around 11:45 last night and it didn't take long to drift off. And I slept hard until around 6 this morning. This is ehrn I slept off and on until getting up at just after EIGHT. OMG. I put on some comfies and and made the bed and then went to the kitchen for some coffee while chatting with Mom K. She had baked the bacon and set it aside. Kev made  fantastic scrambled eggs, as he usually does and we heated a couple sausage cheese balls that Mom K made. Yay!

Burger Lunch
After breakfast I wrapped gifts and then me and Kev changed to do a bit of last minute shopping. We expected a larger crowd but it really wasn't bad! We stopped for a couple big Chicharron Carnudos and Horchata before getting back to the house. Mom K had made up burger patties so Kev grilled them up and I had a couple bites of one of the chicharron while they cooked. I had a few chips, and of course jello salad, and then me and Kev went for a walk.  It felt great out and we didn't want to waste it.

Dinner Party
When we got back Mom K had a Hallmark movie recorded,  It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas. We watched for a while and then it got paused because I needed to go shower and get ready for 4:30 Christmas mass at church with Dad and Mom K. Afterwards we headed over to Sis K's family home where her Grandmother hosts a giant Christmas Eve party each year. There was around 35-40 people and it's a bit overwhelming, but lovely just the same. There's appetizers and a bar, I had  some homemade sangria that tasted a bit like apple pie, a couple bacon wrapped dates and a bacon wrapped, stuffed jalapeno. Dinner was buffet style and I had one of Kev's smoked ribs, a half slice of bacon wrapped turkey breast, a green bean bundle, a few Brussels and a couple bites of Mom K's infamous corn casserole. It's my most favorite of all the things I used to eat and certainly worth a splurge. Sis K decorated the tables and they were beautiful, with pine cones Dad K picked up on walks. After dinner was a big ol white elephant gift exchange. You get a number, pick a gift out of a giant pile, others can steal your gift etc etc. I think there were 32 people playing. I left with a pair of "painless" earphones. Lis swears by them so I thought I'd give them a try. We got home and I washed my face, got in my jammies and crawled into bed around 11:30. Christmas is 30 minutes away and I can't believe it.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Jello Salad Lover

Early Food and Amazing Sunrise
Sleep was mostly good. A bit off and on but good enough. I got up at 5 because I thought I needed to pay my quarterly taxes and wanted to get them in the mail. When I got in my office and took out my tax files I saw that they were not due until Jan 15. I went ahead and showered and dressed and Kev made us a wonderful bacon and eggs breakfast. We lint rolled the crap outta my clothes, which were black, kissed the babies good bye and headed out. The parking spot was completely full, they were only allowing people with reservations in, which thankfully we did have. The airport wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. It took longest to check our bags, we had Pre-check so getting through security wasn't bad at all and we got to the United Club where I was ready for some coffee with creamer. The actual French Vanilla kind.

Christmas Family Gathering
We sat in our seats and Kev saw that two first class seats hadn't been filled yet. He kept refreshing his app and finally saw that I got upgraded, which meant we both did. The flight attendant came back to get us and we happily moved on up. Thanks Santa! We got a breakfast meal that was an egg and ham croissant sandwich, which I ate the egg and ham out of, a fruit bowl, I had the blueberries and the orange slice, and I had the yogurt. It was a nice snack as I watched the Hallmark movie, finally finishing Double Holiday, that I downloaded from the DVR. We landed nicely and were scooped up by Mom, Dad and Bro K. We made our way to Dad K's sister's house where there was a Christmas family gathering. There was an Italian pasta meal, which I plucked chicken and sausage out of and had with a yummy spinach salad. I had some of Mom K's delicious jello salad and knew I'd be having more later.

Chicken and Jello Salads
It was so nice to visit with everyone, most we hadn't seen in quite some years. We sang carols and all headed out around 5:30-6ish. We got to the house around 7 I guess and me and Kev were a little hungry. Mom K had made a delicious chicken salad that was a perfect bite. I tried a few cauliflower crackers to go with it and a couple tortilla chips, because you know me, December and tortilla chips, and tried a couple pickled Brussels. YES. You read that right. They didn't quite fit with this meal but maybe in a ham roll! And then that jello salad. Y'all, WHY do I adore it so? When did it become my new favorite thing? I just can't get enough. Me and Kev went to visit with Bro and Sis K the rest of the evening. I had more tortilla chips over there because Sis K makes a mean sausage dip with sausage, Rotel and cream cheese. We rode around to see some Christmas lights, dropped them off and headed back to the house for some serious sleep.