Sunday, October 13, 2019

Ballet Day

Burger Brunch before the Ballet
Sleep was so super last night. I woke ion the wee hours to pee, or so I thought it was the wee hours, only to find that it was 6AM! Kev was already up and reading and I went back to sleep until 7:45 or so. I popped up when the Kev says "It's 35 degrees." That is perfect a walking temp if you ask us. You can wear a light jacket without having to take it off midway. We did the big loop because it was stunning out. We got back to the bacon almost cooked, Kev had set the oven for a start at 9, and he made us a little coffee to sip. Instead of eggs this morning Kev lit the grill around 10:45 for burgers. With us going to the early afternoon ballet in Denver we'd decided on a nice meaty brunch to keep us filled. We melted on the Wisconsin sharp cheddar he brought back and he added on the bacon that cooked during our walk. Lights out delicious.

Parm Chicken
After lunch we got all showered and dressed to head to Denver for the ballet. Today was a 2PM afternoon matinee of Don Quixote. There were two intermissions and we got home at 5PM. I quickly got into my comfies and washed my face before putting some laundry in the washer. I had a Norwex order that I got into the system and then started thinking about dinner. Kev wanted Parm chicken so the answer was made for me. He cut the breasts in half and I rolled them around in mayo and sriracha and shredded Parmesan. I sprinkled on a little grated Parm and salt and baked at 425 for 30 minutes. I ate one and a half and let Kev finish the rest. I did have one of the leftover brownies from last night before the chicken was done so didn't want much. We ate while watching The Good Place and although I didn't want all my chicken I did want more brownies. I had two more and was excited that they were like little chocolate cheesecake squares. Lovely! The rest of the night was laundry and Grey's Anatomy.  I found this bag to try out from a friend that sells them and can't wait to use it for travel Norwex supplies.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

A Classic Fall Saturday

Breakfast with Remnants of Last Night
Sleep was pretty solid unless I rolled over and my legs ached. Oh my poor muscles! I did take ibuprofen and it may have helped a wee bit, not really sure since it was still bad. I got up around the 4:30 hour to pee when I heard Kev downstairs. He'd drank last night and does not sleep when he does. I got back into a nice sleep until 7:30ish. I lounged until almost 8 because I could, and it was just so comfy, before getting up and going. I dressed in warms and washed my face before going downstairs with the cats showing me the way. Kev got bacon in the oven and I made the scrambled eggs to go with. This batch of bacon is perfect. It cooked straight and evenly with no burnt ends or curl-ups. On the table was the soup night sign-up sheet from last night along with name tags and stray spoons that people have left over the last year. They rotate and stay with the next soup night hosts.

Saturday Protein Shake Lunch
I reluctantly went up to change for the gym around 9:40. I committed to trying Saturday Zumba at 10 and Kev looked forward to going to do his stair stepper thing so he could read. I am not a Saturday gym fan. I like it to be my week day thing but with lack of other Zumba classes during week day mornings I was giving it a whirl. And I'm glad I did. We had 8 or so nice ladies and I really enjoyed the songs and choreo. Of course it's always a brain stretch having to learn the moves for a whole hour class but I'm up for it. I left sweaty and spent, burning just about 700 calories. I got home for a shower, dressed and we grabbed protein drinks to sip on our way to Costco. When we returned home we had a real protein shake, me adding strawberries to mine. The Aggies were playing Bama today, a big game, and from the looks of the temps in TX, today would be THE game to be at. I do enjoy a game but not at all when it's 100 degrees out. I'm definitely a fall weather football fan. I went out to clean up the dead frozen plants and blow the excess leaves off the sidewalk.

Rib Night
I ordered some tooling foil (thicker than heavy duty aluminum foil but a little thinner than aluminum can) and beginner metal embossing tools on Amazon after some research. I really want to try my hand at more traditional Mexican tin ornaments and am excited. I cruised up to the grocery mid afternoon for a few dinner supplies. Kev got ribs on the grill around lunch time and Miss M and J were coming for dinner and the Astros game tonight. I made the favorite twice baked cauli to go with the OMG amazing ribs and Miss M brought a salad. For dessert I made these Keto brownies as my mind has been wanting something cakey lately. I had two bites and was good to go. We watched both the Astros and the LSU games and everyone left around 9:30. And we were ready for bed.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Soup Night

A Little Nipply Out
Just as I knew it would be, all the plants are dead and the trees will start dropping leaves like crazy. It was somewhere in the teens last night and I slept like a beast. I got up at 4:30 to pee but dropped back into a solid sleep until Teddy crawled his meaty body over me at 7AM. I chatted with the Kev, who was on his way to work, and got up and dressed. I cooked three slices of bacon, after I fed the babies, and then had yogurt with them. I ate while starting Temptation Island but it didn't take long to finish yogurt so stopped the show when done. It turned out to be a rare morning. I talked, on the phone, with two girlfriends, all before 9AM. It reminded me that I have super people in my world that I need to reach out to more often.

Leftover Cozy Lunch
After I cleaned up the breakfast dishes I unloaded the dishwasher and then did some cleaning. I grabbed my Norwex toilet brush, Envirocloth, Window cloth and spray bottle and hit the bathrooms. This is all I clean the house with anymore. When done I grabbed the dust mitt and ran my hand across the buffet. I then vacuumed and used the chenille dry mop pad for getting up the dang cat hair on the hard woods. Once the house was clean I changed into going out of the house pants and went for a rescue manicure. The shellac started peeling and I can't stop myself from picking it all off, which can cause ripped nails, hence really messy hands. They got me all fixed up and I was back in business. I got home just after 11 and was ready for last night's Beef and Brussels Gratin. I polished it off while finishing up Temptation Island, and oh man it's gonna be a doozy this season! I'm so terrible I love this show so much. Just terrible.

Soup Night in Action
I put my shoes on and went for a small loop walk. It was 45 degrees, which is perfection for me. I had a light jacket and my shades and let me just whine really loudly about how effing sore my legs are from the training session yesterday. I just can't even. I got home, made a pot of Thai Chick soup, left it to simmer and went up to the office to work the rest of the afternoon. I had a protein bar around 3PM, was done with work at 5, spruced myself up a little and it was time to get ready for soup night. Everyone arrived at 6 and just after. My Thai soup went quickly. Me and Kev didn't have any to let as many people as possible get some. I tried a little Spicy Cauli and Potato soup that Dany made and it was excellent. Didn't have much because... potato, but I will make a cauli soup this winter thanks to the inspiration. I sampled a salad with avocado, strawberry and goat cheese, had a few pistachios and when everyone left had some of the garlic and dill freaking cheese curds Kev brought me from Wisconsin. So so good. I know I'll be extra ready for some breakfast in the morn. I just love the neighbor crowd we had tonight. It feels good to get to know our community and am thankful to be part of it.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Snow Day

First Snow of the Season
I woke at 1:30 to pee and to look out the window. I didn't see snow but the temp was 29 degrees. I apologized to the plants that I didn't try to cover, mourned them for a while and then went back to sleep. I woke next just after 7 when I chatted with the Kev before he started his work day. I got up, opened the blinds for Teddy and we were both shocked to see all the white stuff on the ground. Much more than I expected. I dressed in  my gym clothes, fed the kitties and got out in our first snow storm of the season. I was glad I had such a short distance to go because without my snow tires on it was a little dicey. I put stuff in a locker and got on the elliptical for a good 15 minutes until my trainer Ted arrived. We did legs, butt and back and I had to brush snow off the car there was so much of it. When I got home I actually had to shovel the driveway before going in for a shower. Once in my warm comfies I grabbed a protein drink and sipped while getting some client work done.

Lunch Chili on a Snow Day - Duh
I finished up with work around 11:30, which was awesome. I planned to make a soup today and settle in my couch with blanket and fireplace to watch some epic TV. To kick it all off, at noon, I heated the last bowl of leftover chili, grated on some sharp cheddar and ate while watching This is Us. Next up was Episode 1 of the final Durrels in Corfu season. It stopped snowing by 1PM, just as I was getting into the show. At 2PM I started episode 2 and the sun started to come out, really putting a spotlight on the dead plants. 😢

Brussels and Beef Gratin
At 4PM it started snowing again. And then again solidly around 6PM, just as I was about to eat the Keto Brussel Sprout and Beef Gratin I found while searching recipes. I knew I had to make it and I had everything to do so. I got the Brussels cleaned and halved and bacon cut into small strips and all browning in Kerrygold. When soft I stirred in sour cream. I browned beef in another skillet and seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder and fresh garlic. I opted not to use the Italian seasoning as called for in the recipe as I didn't want a pizza flavor tonight. I put the Brussel mix in the bottom of a casserole dish and topped with the ground beef and then finally covered with mozzarella and sharp cheddar before putting in a 425 oven for 15 minutes. I ate while watching episode 1 of Poldark, final season. For episode two I had dessert. What kind of snow night would it be without hot cocoa?!

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Crazy Weather Coming

Calm Before the Cold
I took a Sambucol before getting into bed last night since it kinda felt like I was coming down with the very beginnings of a cold. I slept great and didn't wake in the night. I only woke when Kev's alarm went off this morn and got up right after 7AM. I washed my face and my new night guard that I picked up at the dentist yesterday, opened the windows for the babies to look out and got back into bed until 7:30. I then got into my workout gear and headed to the gym for 8AM Zumba. There were two of us again, a different woman than last week, and it was really fun. Oh I hop it grows people and sticks around. I got home for a shower afterwards and then had some Egg Bites around 9:30.

Kitty Adventures and a Protein Shake Lunch
I made a shopping list of stuff needed for a couple soups. I swear with the mention of cold weather we go into soup and chili mode big time. I know Mama is like that too so I'm sure that's why I do it. I went to the store close to 11AM and there were signs of many people making chili, for one the chili powder was completely out in the spice aisle. I got home, made a protein shake with strawberries, yes I caved and got some because it's just so good, and sipped up at my desk while doing some client work.

The Bomb Vinegar BBQ Oven Chicken
I was done at 4PM and unplugged the computer to take down to the couch around 4:30. I was aware that my triceps were sore from training on Monday and was glad that legs are finally better after PiYO on Sunday. And thank goodness because leg day is tomorrow with training session 2 of the week. I duted the open kitchen shelving and then put on my shoes for a small loop walk before the weather change. I was almost done when the wind picked up crazily and temp started to drop. I got home, brought in all the hanging ferns, the big mums and smaller plants I could pick up. I'll let the large pots go, as much as it pains me. I made oven vinegar BBQ chicken for dinner and steamed broccoli with butter and it was sooooo delicious. I ate while watching a fall Hallmark movie, Over the Moon in Love. The main guy is from Baton Rouge and I really like him as an actor. I went to bed early, around 9 with that stuffy nose again. Dang ole weather change.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Easy like Sunday Morning

Breakfast and Snow Dread
Sporadic sleep last night once I crawled into bed around 11:30. I had a couple hot spells and was sore. Mainly PiYO sore but the upper body sore will really kick in today. There will be ibuprofen tonight. I got up at 7:30 and dressed in my comfies. I have had a small dread of the temp drop/freeze and snow coming tomorrow night into Thurs. I'm not ready for all my plants to be gone just yet. I'm usually way excited about the first snow. I think because we've enjoyed our back yard so much this summer I know time is getting shorter with it. For breakfast, Kev made bacon and fab scrambled eggs. I cleaned up the dishes and gathered trash to get out while Kev jumped on a call.

Fall Y'all - View from the Hammock
I watered the outdoor plants and watched the sprinkler system run it's course before Kev will blow out the system later today. I got the bulk of my work done last night so I'd have a bit of freedom today and then didn't know what to do with it. I did a little Norwex and some file cleanup before it was time to change and meet a friend at a local coffee shop to catch up. We parted ways around 12:30 and I cruised over to the dentist to get my new night guard, which is awesome and better than the one I had. I got home at 1:15 and was way ready for leftover chili. I heated me and Kev some and had mine with some cheddar and then with some Moon Cheese, which rocked. It really added some crunch to the bowl that I had been missing with the loss of Fritos. After lunch I planted my arse in the hammock for a couple hours and soaked in the sounds and the feel of the breeze.

Burger and Leftover Veg
I went in at 3PM and began The Voice. Kev blew out the sprinkler system, which meant the first cold is getting nearer. It was 5 something when we went for the big loop walk. The sun was on it's way down and it was perfect out. When we rounded the trail around mile 2.5 the sun had dipped just below the mountains making such a lovely sight. We got home and Kev started the grill. I made burger patties and he cooked em up all good. Kristi came by to order some Norwex and we melted cheese on them burgers after she left. I heated the leftover bit of Brussels and cabbage to go with the meat and after dinner we watched The Voice. Today was a nice, easy going day and a nice break from the super busy summer!

Monday, October 07, 2019


Pre-Training Breakfast
Another  good night of sleep on Sunday. I didn't get up in the night, which is always a win. I woke first early when Kev's alarm went off, I think at 6AM. It then went off at 7 and then again at 7:30, which is when I just got up. I dressed and fed the babies and heated us some Egg Bites since Kev had an early 8AM call to get on. I changed and went to the gym at 8:45 to get some warm up time on the elliptical before my training session at 9. Today was arm/upper body day and OMG I'm so not strong! lol. I have serious work to do to gain back what I had a few years ago when I was training with Pat. But I'll do it dang it. It felt good to use the muscles although they will be terribly sore. I made a Walmart and Post office run after workout and then got home.

Double Lunches
I made an early lunch protein shake around 11AM since I got hungry after the weight lifting. Why does using muscles make you that much hungrier? I sipped while getting to work up at my desk and then around 12:30 Kev heated me a small crack of last night;s yummy chili which was perfect. I worked until we took a break at 1PM for a small loop to stretch the legs, and that was much needed. That PiYO has me all kinds of achy and stiff. We got back to the house and back to work and I had some Moon Cheese mid afternoon for snack.

Quick and Easy - Taco Salad
I worked until 6 and then went down to get dinner started. Tonight was taco salads since it was fast and I was working tonight. I got beef browning in the pan with Kev's assistance. He seasoned it up nicely and I chipped up the rest of some lettuce, which wasn't much. We topped the bowls with a sour cream and salsa dressing and sat on the couch for the time it took us to scarf down our food. I then went back to work until 11ish. I was then ready for some bed!

Sunday, October 06, 2019

First Fall Chili

Hello Sunday
Saturday sleep was super. I didn't get up in the night to pee, although at one point in the early hours I had to but fell back into a deep sleep instead. I was ready to get up and go around 7:45 when I did finally wake up. I dressed and looked forward to a slow morning at the house. Kev got bacon cooking and then I made scrambled eggs. We made a small 4 cup pot of coffee and each made one cup, mine with Splenda and creamer. We both didn't finish half our cups and pored it out. We crazy! After breakfast settled a bit we changed and went to the gym for virtual yoga, but when we got there, opted for PiYO instead. It's a more intense workout using moves from pilates and yoga but would be a better calorie and muscle burner. It was a great way to really kick start the day and I left the gym burning almost 500 calories. PiYO is no joke Kev says.

Leftover Lunch
I had half of a boxed protein drink when we got back, after prodding from Kev. I didn't really want it so he finished the other half. I wiped down our yoga mats with my trusty Envirocloth and hung it to dry. I watered outside plants, feeling a little sad at the potential snow coming this week that will kill lots of yard pretties. I'll miss my yards over the winter and already look forward to Spring 2020. We cruised to Boulder to return a couple things I bought last week, stopped at Costco to return some pants Kev got and on the way home decided to stop at a little park for a walk. We did 1.5 miles and when we got home I heated the leftover chicken thigh and some cabbage. I then showered and got in my comfies for an afternoon of work.

First Chili of the Season
Before I went to my desk I made a protein shake because the chicken thigh didn't quite do the job. I did miss the strawberries since I finished them yesterday and wouldn't be getting more anytime soon.I sipped the shake as I got to work and worked until after 6PM. I was getting shit done and it felt good to know that Monday may not be so manic after all. I had some Moon Cheese for snack mid afternoon and Kev made the official first chili of the chilly season for dinner. It was perfect with a whole bunch of hot dogs cut up into the pot.  I added on some sour cream and shredded cheddar and we watched UnREAL episode 1 for this final season. I did some Norwex stuff and went up to crawl into bed after 10PM.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Perfect Fall Day

Saturday Morning Eats
I had a headache when I went to bed and it was still there when the high winds woke me at 1:30 this morning. I got up to close the windows and it took a while for that ache to settle down. I did pee when I was up and was glad to get back to sleep. I woke next just after 7 and the headache was gone, thank goodness. Kev left for the gym and I watched Thursday's Grey's Anatomy and then Tuesday's This Is Us. Before it was over I got bacon cooking in the oven and when Kev got in made steamed eggs. After we finished eating we did dishes, I finished the show and then we put shoes on and went for the town loop walk. When we got home we turned around and then walked to the store for a few things.

Lunch Shake on the Patio
We made protein shakes for lunch, mine was the new favorite of: Unsweetened almond milk, chocolate protein powder, 1TBSP cacao powder, 3 TBSP strawberries, chocolate Stevia, pink packet and ice. We sat outside sipping and oh man it was a gorgeous fall day. The high was 66 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. We ran a few errands afterwards, for fish water and bird seed, got home, I took a shower and got in my warm comfies to get ready for some work. Before going up to the office, me and Kev tried a new beef stick we picked up along with a Babybel.

Fall Night Outside
I worked on one of the web design projects throughout the afternoon, snacking on Moon Cheese here and there and finished up at 6PM. I ran downstairs and put some bacon fat in a pot. I then cleaned our first batch of Brussels of the season, officially, Once they really got cookin I went out to join the Kev by the chiminea. He started a lovely fire and it was the perfect night to enjoy the evening. Kev grilled up burgers to go with them Brussels, which I mostly burned but we still ate them, and we ate outside of course. After dinner we sat in our chairs by that fire until 8:30 or so. The sun went quickly and the landscape lights were on and so soothing. Kev turned some great, chill music on and we let that fire almost go out before going in. A perfect evening all around. We watched The Good Place and Kev watched some of the Astros game before bed.

Friday, October 04, 2019

Happy THIGHday!

Welcome Back to My Mouth
I had some night sweats last night and got up in thr wee hours to pee. I did get back to sleep until Kev's alarm went off at 5:30. I told him to set it for that time because there was a virtual class at the gym at 6 tat I thought I might want to try out. But no. I slept until after, got up and dressed for a big loop walk. It was in the high 30s when we trucked out of the house, and we were giddy about it. Kev because he's getting closer to snowboarding and me because I'm getting closer to snuggy time under my blanket, the fireplace on and Hallmark Christmas movies. They start this month! We got back and heated Egg Bites, so glad to have them back in the house after a hiatus. I watered outside flowers before getting on up to my desk for some work.

Protein Shake Awesomeness
I did the big Denver project stuff first, as it didn't take long and then moved on to a website design for a Houston client. I worked on that for a while and grabbed a mozzarella stick for snack mid morning. I got up to make protein shakes for me and the Kev around 1PM, sipped the awesomeness while working and then had to leave around 1:40 for my OMG so needed massage at 2PM. I missed the month of September and my muscles were really whiny. When I got out all disoriented, had to give myself a few moments to focus before driving off, I checked voicemail and the landscaper had left a message that they guys were coming to plant new pine balls and another bush that died. YAY!

I rearranged the giant mums that I had in the open dead plant holes and they look gorgeous on the front porch, where they were really meant to be. I went back up to the office to work on the web design until 5:30 when I had to get dinner started. Kev requested the vinegar BBQ thighs and so it was most definitely THIGHday. I mad the emulsion of olive oil and apple cider vinegar, salted the thighs and got them in the oven. I cut up a cabbage to cook in bacon fat and went back up to work. We ate close to 7PM and both worked in the evening. I got finished right around 10 and was ready for bed.