Friday, June 14, 2019


Stunning Morning
I had three hot flashes last night and had to throw the covers off and roll around to get cool. And then it happened fast and I had to pull the covers back on fast. I got up at 12:30 to pee so last night in general was restless. Kev's alarm went off right at 5:20, when we both agreed to when he set it last night. We got up and dressed, me a little slower and we grabbed our hiking shoes and went to Chautauqua for our 3 mile loop. I started a bit slowly, getting my lungs to wake up but was raring to go once it was time to be done. And the poppies were in bloom, OMG. Got home and I made bacon and steamed eggs and had a cup of coffee after dishes were cleaned up. Pat Henry came by to drop off protein powder and it was so great to catch up with her.

Lunch Peonies
I worked off and on, really having a hard time concentrating. I think it was because I knew it was my last day with Lis and I had to work solidly all week long, really not getting any time to visit. We ran an errand in Boulder and on the way home stopped at Smashburger for lunch. I found out that they no longer offer a la carte burger patties and I just wasn't spending $5 for one patty. We got home and I heated Egg Bites and leftover breakfast bacon and it did the trick. I sat on the couch and worked in the afternoon and had a protein bar to tide me over until dinner.

Pizza Night
Lisa chose pizza for her last night so I made two. A beef and black olive and pepperoni and red onion. I made two fathead crusts for the good to go on and we ate while watching an episode of Black Mirror. HGTV went on afterwards and lasted most of the evening until Kev turned on his blacksmithing show.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

A Blur

Steamed Eggs
I was dozing off just as the Kev was getting home around 12:30. I mumbled some hellos and was out until 2:30 when I woke hot. The windows were cracked but the air was super still, no breeze. I closed the windows and Kev turned on the AC and I slept great after that. We both woke at 7, got up, dressed and went for a big loop walk. I made bacon and overcook steamed eggs for breakfast and then made a cup of coffee with creamer and Splenda. I said hello to Lis when she woke up and then headed up to the office to get to work. I didn't go to dance because of all the work I needed to get out today.

Quick Lunch at the Desk and a Relaxed Baby
I juggled like crazy on a few projects and around 12:30 I ran down to the kitchen to make a little lunch. I toasted the 3 pieces of bun I had in the fridge and made a super quick egg salad with two eggs, mayo, salt and pepper. I ate at my desk and had to step over a sleeping, relaxed kitty on the way to put my bowl in the dishwasher. I had a half of a protein bar after lunch as I cranked.

I worked until 2:40 and 3PM was me and Lis' pedi appointments. I also got a shellac mani and have realized that it's the only way to not pick my fingers. We got home and I did a little more work and attempted to go to Costco with the Kev. We didn't realize it was rush hour, or there was a wreck, and had to turn back and head home. We got Parm chicken baking and broccoli steaming. I made a lemon butter sauce for the veg and Kev made Siraracha mayo for dippin' chicken. After dinner me and Lis watched Isn't it Romantic and then got hooked into HGTV and House Hunters.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Weird Commercials

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Another nice night of sleep. I didn't wake until just after 7 this morning and missed talking to Kev before his work day began. I got up, dressed and went downstairs to open doors and windows and then did a small loop walk. I got in, fed the babies, made coffee and realized I was out of sugar for Lis. I ran to the store to get some and also picked up chicken, beef and a couple veggies for food options. I made it home to cook up some bacon and waited as long as I could to make eggs. It was around 9 before I ate them with the bacon and it was so lovely sitting outside in the beaut of a morning sipping a cup of coffee with my breakfast.

Leftover Lunch
Lis joined me as I was cleaning up the dishes and I left her to her breakfast and went up to my office to begin the day of busy. I worked until 12:30 and then went down to heat some lunch. I finished off the beef casserole since there wasn't much, and took a protein bar back up to the office.

Cheeseburger and Cabbage
I worked solidly until after 6. I did take a short break to water plants outside and get the mail but mostly cranked. My large project has grown and two other tasks came in from another client. I made myself shut it down after 6 and got cabbage cooking in bacon fat. I started the grill and made up burger patties to toss on and when done melted on sharp cheddar. I made bacon wrapped turkey lil smokies, ones that Tam had purchased and left. Once I finished my burger I finished the sausages and had a bit more cabbage. We watched So You Think You Can Dance and then finished the night with HGTV. Got into bed round midnight and Kev got home from work soon after. And WHY are perfume/cologne commercials so freaking weird?

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Gettin Busy

Tuesday Morning Begins
I slept so good and went to sleep almost immediately last night. I didn't wake until after 6:30 and got up to pee. I got back into bed to chat with Kev but he was about to get his work day started. I lounged until just after 7 and got up and dressed. I fed kitties and had bacon and yogurt for breakfast and went up tot he office to get a simdge of work done before dance. When Lis got up I gathered the trash, got it out to the curb, changed and headed over to the gym.

Turkey Sandwich
The hour of moving was great. I got home and saw that the landscapers were in the backyard getting ready to plant all the Spring lovelies. I brought the guys some waters and went up for a shower while Lis hung out in the living room. When I was all clean and in my comfies I went down to make some lunch. I toasted a bun and slathered on mayo and a little yellow mustard. I added on smoked turkey and sharp cheddar and ate my sammich with a baby dill pickle.

Wondering-Where-My-Food-Is Face
After lunch I retired myself to my office and worked all afternoon. I bid Lis adieu around 3:15 when she left to go visit a friend in South Denver for the evening. I had a couple bites of a protein bar and had a conference call at 4PM. It lasted until about 6 and I worked until about 6:30 before I chatted with Ma and then heated some leftover beef casserole for dinner. Lis got back fmor her outing and we watched The Bachelorette. I also worked on the Texas tour planning in the background. Time will fly.

Weird Food Day

Egg Bite Love
Sleep was great last night. I woke at 5:30 to pee and was glad to crawl back into bed to doze until around 6:30. I chatted with the Kev until he had to get going and then got up, dressed and out the door for a walk. I did a bit more than the big loop, making it around 4.25 miles. I made coffee when I got in and had a cup with Tam out on the back patio with creamer and Splenda. I heated Egg Bites for breakfast and finished off Lisa's with a piece of her toasted bun.

Leftover Lunch
After breakfast we jumped in the car and ran an errand in Boulder and by the time we got back my work had come in. I worked for just over an hour and at 12:30 went down to tell Tam goodbye. Lis took her to the airport and I had some leftover beef casserole from last night. I headed over to get my facial just before 1 and really needed it. The new hormones (insurance mandated brand change after so many years of being on another) are wreaking havoc on my chin area.

Quick Gumbo for Dinner
I got home at 2:30 and went back to work. I had a protein bar as afternoon snack and worked until 6. I went down and heated a bag of gumbo that the Kev had taken out of the freezer for me and Lis. I took a bowl upstairs and then kinda didn't want it. I ate half the bowl and continued working. At 9:30 I took my computer downstairs and had a few cherries and some more protein bar. I had edits on a rush project and sent files off at 11PM. We watched HGTV, House Hunters International and munched on NutThins until I had to go bed around midnight. Overall today was a most unsatisfying food day. it was weird.

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Sunday Fun

Breakfast and Lake Walk
I went to bed around 10:30 and slept great. I didn't get up in the night but Teddy popped up on our headboard, which is high and I had to coax him down. Kev says this was around 11PM and I barely remember it. I went to sleep fast. I woke just before 6, thanks to the Teds again jumping on the headboard and went ahead and got up to pee and dress. We did a big loop walk on a crisp morning, got home and I made coffee and put bacon in the oven. I made us scrambled eggs and toast on the buns I made yesterday. I put onion cream cheese on my half and it was a delicious breakfast. The girls got up by 8 and we had coffee after Kev and I finished breakfast.

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Kev left for work around 9 and I took Lis and Tam to Waneka lake for a walk. We did two loops, 2.5 miles and oh it was a perfect temperature. We watched a group of geese (babies and adults) cross our path and that was really special. At 11:30 I changed into my going-out-of-the-house pants and we went to Chuy's for lunch. I had my usual, the Mexi-Cobb salad with grilled chicken and it was super. In it was lettuce, chicken, avocado, green chiles and cheese. The dressing was a jalapeno ranch. After lunch we stopped by At Home to see if they had the super cute face planters like the one I have out back. Lis wanted one and ended up getting the last specimen in the store.

Casserole and Begging Remi
We stopped at the grocery before going home because I was gonna make Creamy Beef Casserole for dinner and needed the vital supplies. I started prepping it close to 5 and around 6:30 I heated the oven and tossed it in. I rolled a slice of turkey and sharp cheddar for a nice meat roll to hold me over until time to chow down on my favorite meal. Casserole was done by 7:15 and we ate the yummy while watching Love and Other Drugs, a chick flick from 2010. It was over and I ran to the bed just after 10.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Teddy is 2 Today

Post Hike Yummies
Happy second birthday sweet baby Teddy! 

It was another early start this morning. We got up at 5:30, dressed and were in Boulder, starting a nice hike before 6:30. We did the 4.5 miler that we did last Sunday with neighbor Kristi and oh man it was such a wonderful way to begin the day. There was no one on the trail the entire way up and only passed a couple people on the way down. We got home and I made bacon and scrambled eggs while the Kev made coffee. I had a cup of it with creamer and Splenda after the dishes were done and I took it to sit on the back patio. It was a gorgeous, mild morning and we didn't want to be inside.

New Blooms and Teddy's TWO!
I watered flowers, and plants both inside and out, picked the fresh new blooms of my peony and then we ran some errands. Walmart for a replacement flower out back, Jax looking for a weed-eater battery and Vitamin Cottage for eggs and to fill the fish tank water jugs. We got home and Kev mowed. I weed-eated, swept and cleaned up in the garage and around 1 something I went in to make Parm chicken. While it was baking me and Kev cleaned the house. Yes that quickly because of my amazing Norwex! Laundry got done and I was ready for a shower after we ate. Once all clean I took my arse out to the hammock and enjoyed some lounging before the rain began. The babies lounged too in honor of Teddy's big day.

Dinner Shake
I made a batch of buns and got them in the oven for an hour. Lis and Tam arrived around 5:30PM, having driven from Austin the past couple days. We chatted for a bit and Kev hung my birthday gift from Lis, an amazing flying pig that sits off of the wall. We put him in my new amazing laundry room and he's a happy when you enter the room. We went to the grocery for a few things and the girls got their dinner for tonight. Me and Kev weren't very hungry so we made protein shakes.

Friday, June 07, 2019

Speedy Day

Bagel Omelets
The day start extra early this morning. Me and Kev happened to both get up in the 4AM hour to pee and dozed until 5 something. We were both poking around on our phones and got up just after 5:30, dressed and hit the road to Boulder for a morning workout/hike. We did the 3.25 mile loop through the hills and got home for some needed breakfast. I cooked up bacon in the oven and made bagel 3-egg omelets with some cream cheese, Everything Bagel seasoning and green onion filling. After breakfast I cleaned up dishes and eventually went up to do a little work, but didn't get much done because the AC guy arrived just after 10. He was here to do an AC check up and tune up for the season. The unit is the original, almost 20 years old and with us having to raise it for the landscaping work in the winter I wanted to make sure it was ok. And it was. We were warned that it's pretty much on it's last leg though.

Fantastic Pairing
Me and Kev made protein shakes for lunch and I forgot to snap a pic. You know what that looks like by now anyway. I worked until 1:15 when my watch buzzed. I looked down to see a reminder that I had a massage, at 1:15. I called my guy to tell him I was running late and got there in 15 minutes. I hate that I cut my very looked forward to rub down short but I was deep into my project and totally missed the early reminder. Dang it. But what time I did have was good. I got home for a shower and finished up with work. I watched some Jane the Virgin but didn't finish it because I got up to get dinner started. Twice Baked cauli (I mashed the cauli in the food processor per Kev, to make it smoother) with Kev's grilled cheese burgers. We ate while watching A Star is Born and it was a perfect evening.

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Taking a Chance

Thursday Morn Eats
I was in a hella deep sleep when the Kev got home from work. In fact I wouldn't have known he was home at all if it wasn't for Teds making a crazy jump up onto our headboard. I popped wide awake, realized what was happening and he jumped down. I said hello and goodnight to Kev and was out again like a light switched off. I didn't wake until 6 this morning when Teddy snuggled up next to me, needing some snuggy time. I got up to pee and opened the windows for him and Remi to look out of. I dressed and laid in the bed until 6:15 or so and then went down to get bacon started. We had Egg Bites with the bacon and I gave Kev one of mine. Two bacons was all I wanted today.

Lunch Shake
After breakfast dishes were cleaned up we had a cat catcher session with the babies. Poor Remi waits on the washing machine in high anticipation of a CC glimpse and goes nuts when it comes out of the closet. We've had to start putting them in the closet because he was starting to jump up on the high shelf to get it and could hurt himself. He isn't the most graceful of the two. I changed and went to dance and started off a bit lower than usual. But the energy cranked up and ended up burning 642 calories. I got home for a shower and ran to the store with Kev. We got back and made protein shakes for lunch. Mine had unsweetened almond milk, protein powder, 1/2 TBSP cacao powder, 1 TBSP almond butter, pink packet sweetener, chocolate Stevia and 1c ice. I sipped while in the office working.

Parm Chicken and Salad is the BEST
I sent off files around 2PM and had a few bites of egg salad with 2 crackers. I then went out to sweep after Kev mowed because I didn't want to stay inside, it was too pretty out. We still haven't turned the AC on yet and man it would be great if we could make it to July. Today and tomorrow are 80 and then it dips back down to 60s/70s. We'll see. Me and Kev got hungry while watching his Forged and Fire show. We split Egg Bites, each having one, and that held us until dinner. I got an email that me and YEN got that BIG project in Denver so add that to a growing list of keep-me-busy-and-making-money! I worked on a graphic to advertise my Norwex Texas Road Show. I'll post it and see if there's any interest. I went down and got Parm Chicken in the oven and when done made a lettuce salad with Sensation dressing. The rest of the evening was spent with my new obsession...Norwex of course.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Last Class

Post Walk Breakfast
Hails yes to another dandy night's sleep. Yes the window was cracked and the outside air, mixed with ceiling fa, was dreamy. I woke at 6, chatted with Kev after my bathroom run, and then lounged until 6:30. I dressed and had a couple bites of what seemed like a very stale protein bar, even though I had just opened it, and hit the road for a walk. I did 3 miles and was ready for Egg Bites when I got home. After eating and doing the few dishes I did a little client work before changing and going to the gym for PiYO. There was someone set up in my spot when me and neighbor Amy arrived to class. Amy was having car maintenance done so I gave her a ride. This person being in my spot meant I would not have optimal fan coverage. I also forgot to bring my little fan so knew it would be a sweaty one.

After Workout Shake and Lunch
We got news that today would be our last PiYO class for quite some time. The Y was starting some construction and there was nowhere else to go. I can say that me and my classmates are crazy bummed. 😩 I got home, took a shower, made a protein shake around 10:30 and at 11 took a Norwex order to a neighbor. I also loaned her a mop to test. When I got home I had an email from Norwex telling me that I met my newbie selling goal so my starter kit of products would be free. WOO! I went on up to the office to work and made a burger patty with cheddar around 1PM.

Aww Yeah it's That Time of Year
I was done with this block of work around 3:30, thanks to my working until 9 last night. I can not procrastinate and know that more projects are coming. Gotta knock stuff out! Anyway, this allowed me to head down to the couch to watch When Calls the Heart. I'm a couple episodes behind so got all caught up on the happenings in Hope Valley. When those were over I started a Hallmark movie Wedding at Graceland. I almost didn't watch it but something made me. And it was better than I thought it would be. I grilled up the balsamic mustard skirt steak I'd had marinating since Sunday and heated the rest of the yellow squash to go with it. There were two pieces of skirt so I was very full when done. HGTV and Norwex kept me company the rest of the evening. I'm reading all about a virtual party platform that I may try out.