Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Surprise Dinner

Pre-Meeting Breakfast
It didn't take too long to get to sleep. I was having a blister issue on my left pinky toe that was touchy when it hit the sheet but overall not too bad. My alarm went off at 6, yay I didn't get up in the night, and I reset it for 6:30. I ended up peeling myself out of bed around that time but had turned the alarm off. I put on the gym clothes and decided to go to the hotel fitness center for an elliptical workout for about 50 minutes. I got back to the room just after 7:30, showered and dressed and just after 8 made my way to the meeting area for some highly anticipated breakfast. I had eggs and sausage and a few berries along with a tiny cup of coffee with half and half and Splenda. The eggs are so delicious. I am not sure how they are cooked but the texture of so nice.

The meeting began at 9 and went to noon with one short break around the 10:30 time frame. There were interesting topics which kept me entertained. At 12PM I said my goodbyes to everyone and ended up catching a ride to the airport with two girls headed that way. We all got through security and stopped in at a restaurant called Timber Ridge. I had a Cobb salad with grilled chicken, and Ranch dressing. We were so chatty that I completely forgot to snap a photo of the good looking salad. Plenty of dark greens, grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, diced avocado, bacon and red onion. I also got the bacon from one of the girls that didn't want it on her burger. Bonus bacon. We parted ways around 2 and I headed to my gate. Our flight was delayed for over an hour so I was very ready to get on home.

Bento Box Dinner in the Car
One of the team members from the meeting was on my flight and he saved me an exit row seat since he got on first. We chatted the entire flight to Denver about all sorts of topics and he left fascinated about the carnivore diet. It sounded like he was going to try it. We said our farewells and I got my bag and Kev scooped me up. He surprised me with a little bento box like the one I had made to take on my flight to Reno, but forgot, along with my pants, at home. In it were two hard boiled eggs, cheese, almonds and a couple dried sausages. It was perfect. I split the box with Kev on the drive home and since it was 8PM, it was a very satisfying dinner. We got home and put on my PJs, unpacked and sat on the couch until bed after 9:30. So glad to be home even though it was a very short trip.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Meeting and Fun

Long Awaited Breakfast
I slept pretty well in the hotel. It was nice and dark and the bed was comfy. I did wake a few times but overall decent. I got up just after 6 and put my gym clothes on. It was then that I discovered that to wear for my meetings. I had put the jeans in the dryer to de-wrinkle and completely forgot to pack them. I started to panic and called the Kev and he calmed me down. My options were...I could go to the spin class with the small group or head to Walmart to find pants. I ended up going to spin, which was an OMG workout and really fun, and opted to wear my distressed capris that I wore yesterday. Luckily the shirt I was wearing looked good with them. I had to shower quickly to be at the meeting area for 8:30 to get breakfast and boy was I ready for it. I said hellos and introduced myself to a lot of people, most of whom I knew their names, and sat in my seat for the day and ate my delicious eggs and bacon.

Salad and Wrap Innerds
The meetings were solid, with short breaks of course, and we broke at noon for an hour lunch. There were salad greens and wraps and I had both. I had the spinach mix with some walnuts, red onion and a balsamic vinaigrette and a turkey/pesto/mozzarella wrap where I unrolled it and put the tortilla to the side. It was great. I caught up with one of the designer girls and she's so sweet. It's always awkward being around a bunch of people that are all friends and you're the outsider but I made it work. I had two small cups of coffee during the afternoon meetings, with half and half and Splenda, and was ready for the day to end around 5. I went up to my room and instead of taking a nap and lounging like I really wanted to I opted to take a walk a block away to the Patagonia outlet for emergency pants. The odds were against me but yay I found a pair (the only pair they had) of light grey cords that fit in waist and length. I felt lucky. The pants are a smidge snug, which make them a smidge uncomfortable with the muffin top that will never go away, but they will get me through tomorrow and get me on home. I am thankful for them.

Appetizer and Dinner (Buns Removed of Course!)
I went down to meet the group at 6:30 for dinner. We had the entire outside bocce ball cout area reserved and would enjoy a light evening after a long day of meetings. There was a DJ playing good tunes, which meant dancing. We had a special drink mixed for our group and I sipped a little but it was so strong I couldn't do much. I had a couple mozzarella balls, a piece of eggplant and a couple bites of squash to hold me until the meal which was two kinds of sliders, a BBQ pulled pork and a burger with cheese. I had one BBQ and two burger, removing the buns first. It wasn't a lot but it did keep me sustained. I played skeeball inside and got roped in to joining a bocce ball tournament outside. Me and the girl I was paired with had never played before and had to learn the basics. We went on to play in the final four and lost by a squeak. I was actually surprised by how good I was. (There ain't many sports I'm good at) and I think people were amazed. I may have to locate a bocce ball court it was so much fun. We finished the game close to 11 and then walked over to a nearby bar to hang until 11:45, making it back to the hotel and in bed by 12:15.

Monday, June 18, 2018

To Reno

A Kev-made Breakfast
I actually went to bed at 7:30 last night. I couldn't make myself get to even 8 I was so tired. After the week of tossing and hot flashes and not much sleep I was done done done. Kev turned on my sleep music and tucked me in and I was lights out fairly quickly. And I slept most of the night, all the way until 3:30 when I got up to pee. It was after that when the flashes began and that was ok. I'd already got in 7 hours of solid sleep. I did doze off and on between throwing covers off and on and when the alarm finally went off at 6 I popped up and got going. I showered, dressed, did my hairs, put on some makeup and finished packing my bag before heading downstairs where Kev had coffee and breakfast. Yay for Kev!

Plane and Hotel Snacking
We left the house just after 7:30 and he dropped me at the airport where we weren't sure if the lines for security would be dreadfully long. And they were not. I was through and to my gate by 8:45. I walked and wandered the terminal until just before boarding, which was 9:35. Once we were all settled in we were told that we'd be delayed due to a bird in the engine that was hit. They had to open up the engine and clean it out and then do paperwork. We got off an hour late and I was so glad I grabbed a few snacks at the airport. From DEN to LAX I had a string cheese and some mixed nuts. From LAX to RNO I chatted with a co-worker that had gotten on and when we arrived at the hotel I got checked in (without my bag because it got off in Los Angeles apparently) and ate the two hard boiled eggs with the rest of the nuts.

Dinner Outside
I chatted with the Kev and with Ma and by 5PM Reno time I was starving. I grabbed a Chicken Sesame EPIC bar from my purse and couldn't get it down. I had one bite and that was all I could manage. Not a fan. I sipped some water and stared at the clock on my computer wishing my luggage would have been with me. I would have changed and taken a walk by the river if I had the blister pads I needed for my left pinky toe. I thought these flats were more broken in than I guess they are. At 5:30 I headed to the meet-n-greet suite which is like a home base for everyone to hang out. My luggage got delivered around 6, I popped a blister pad on and met up with the group for dinner. We walked to a place nearby called Campo, Italian-ish. I had a lovely green salad with a very light vinaigrette and grilled steak on top. It wasn't a lot of meat but it did the trick. I sipped a little sangria, not much at all and really enjoyed the crowd. We hung outside at our hotel bar, went back up to the suite and all parted ways around 10. It would be an early morning, and a long day, tomorrow.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dad's Day

Bacon Pangea
Happy Father's Day!

Last night was another not a lot of sleep night. My hot flashes were fierce again, so hot so throw the covers off and then cover up. All night. I got up to pee at 2:30 since I was already awake messing with the blankets. The rest of the morning was the same. off and on, off and on. Sampson began his hollering around 6:15 and somehow we were able to lounge until 7:40 before finally getting up and dressed. Sampson was very ready to go out today and went down the stairs, past the babies like they weren't even around. We watered the flowers and got him and the kittens fed and I got bacon cooking. Kev wanted fried eggs today since he eats scrambled on the road all the time and they turned out nicely. I enjoyed my cup of coffee with creamer and almond milk and Splenda as we wished Dad K a wonderful Father's Day. 

After Movie Lunch Snack
We left the house after 10 for our showing of the Incredibles 2. We love us some Pixar movies and couldn't wait for this one. I can't believe it's been 14 years since the first and it was so well done. I got hungry mid-way through and luckily brought some water to curb it a little. When the movie was over we high-tailed it to McDonalds where I finished up a gift card, only having $1.50 on it left. We both got a triple cheeseburger with no bun and it was exactly what we wanted. So good. It didn't exactly fill us up but stopped the hunger from getting worse. We got home and it started drizzling. We put laundry away, made the bed and I got some eggs on to boil. Then it rained, yay! I had some roasted almonds, chatted with my Dad for a bit and then left at 2:45 for my 3PM mani/pedi appointment.

Beef and Cauli Casserole
I got home around 4:30 feeling so much better about my fingers, toes and eyebrows (which I had waxed). I got in and immediately cut up and cauli and got it boiling. When it was done I browned ground beef, drained it and dumped it in with the cooked cauli. I made a cheese sauce with heavy cream, Dijon mustard, Parmesan, salt, pepper and garlic powder and then added in 2c of shredded sharp cheddar. I mixed it into the beef and cauli mixture and stirred in the remainder of of some cottage cheese I had in the fridge. I dumped it all into a baking dish and topped with the remainder of the shredded cheese. Baked on 400 for 30 minutes and the beef and cauli casserole was ready to chow. After finishing off a nice bowl Kev cut up some strawberries and sprinkled on some Splenda. We enjoyed them while watching the pilot of Mozart in the Jungle.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Easy Going Saturday

Finishing off the Bagels
Oh gosh sleep sucked last night. I got into bed just after 9:30 and cruised Facebook for a while. I turned the lights off and laid there, getting up at 10:30 and cruised Facebook again. Repeated that at 11:30 and finally dozed just before Kev got in at 1AM. I had hot flashes the rest of the morning and got up by 7:30 with all the kitties whining. Remi is always excited and ready to see Kev when he's been gone it's so cute. I watered flowers and took Sampson out. I got the three dudes fed and then took Sampson out for a second stroll as I finished up the front watering. Kev made coffee and sat out with Sams while I watered the back and got bacon in the oven. We finished off the bagels and onion cream cheese and it was so delicious, Kev even said that they did taste like a bagel. I'm glad they're gone because oh man that cream cheese is way too good. And I've had a good bit of it this week.

Protein Shake Lunch
After breakfast we made a run to the Dollar Tree for some super glue and Kev repaired the glass flower I made in a glass blowing class a few years ago. He had knocked the plant off my desk and it broke. he also repaired the cat catcher because the babies freaking love that thing so much that the top of the wand has come off. When he was done we made a run to Costco for ribs, bacon and almonds. We got home and I scrubbed bathrooms, vacuumed cat hair and then started trying on clothes to see what I wanted to take on my short biz trip. Kev assisted because he has great taste and I'm not so confident with clothes. I was done around 2:30. I put some laundry in the wash and made a protein shake when I finally got hungry. 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1c unsweetened almond milk, 1 TBSP cocoa powder, 1 TBSP Splenda, 1 teaspoon banana extract, a little chocolate Stevia and 1c ice. That banana flavor really made it lovely for a nice change.

Steak, Mushrooms, Cabbage
I got the ancies in the afternoon and thank goodness there was some cloud cover because I needed to walk. And Kev was up for it so off we went to the lake. We ended up doing just over four laps, turning halfway into that lap to go the other direction to the car so we'd make a perfect 5 miles. We got home and I showered off the dirt and sweat and then folded clothes. Kev seasoned and grilled up our sirloins and I sauteed mushrooms in coconut aminos and butter. When the steaks were close to done I heated the leftover cabbage and we chowed down. The steak was perfection. Kev seared it and then cooked on the upper rack so no flare ups. It was cooked medium rare completely throughout and just beautiful. I had some strawberries for dessert and got cozy on the couch before bed watching a survival show.

Friday, June 15, 2018

First Rejection

Delightful Friday Morning
Sleep wasn't good. Well the first part was because I took a Bayer PM since my calves were so sore. I knew they'd keep me up. I did get to sleep fine but woke in the night, likely because I only took one aspirin. And my legs were sore so I dot to pee and stretched them and then tossed and turned until finally got into good sleep around the 5AM hour. Sampson hollered and ended up jumping onto the bed right in my face and stared until I got up, which was around 7:15. I dressed and fed the babies before taking Sams out and watering flowers. Got him fed and back in the penthouse and then took the babies out onto the deck. I'm starting to train them to not try to climb through the deck railing and today was mostly a success. The mainly lounged on the table enjoying the breeze. I've really come to appreciate my slower Friday mornings with no class to get to and today I decided for the first time in my life that I wanted a cup of coffee. We had none so I went to the store, bought one that Kev wanted to try, went home and made a 2-cup pot. I mixed with my beloved powdered creamer, a little unsweetened almond milk and some Splenda and really enjoyed the big cup with some bacon and a bagel with that amazing onion cream cheese. Heaven.

Split Lunch
I watched my recording of American Woman, which I'm really liking, and did the dishes. It was just before 11 when I decided that I needed some movement in my day. This led me to change, go to the gym and get on that darn elliptical for an hour, doing the interval training again. It made me want to work the calves some more to loosen them up. And it felt great. I got home where I found an email that I was not moving forward with the job. I was bummed for a few seconds, cooled off from all the sweating, changed and had a few strawberries before heading to my highly anticipated massage. When I got home by 3:30, feeling much better, I made a smaller shake and finished all but a quarter of it.

Leftover Burger and Broccoli
I chatted with Dany for a bit, got back home and had a few Cheetos. I got Sampson fed and around 6 and then heated leftovers for dinner. A burger and the rest of the broccoli was in the fridge. I melted cheddar on the burger and made a quick lemon butter sauce for the broccoli. I started watching a movie I'd recorded a few weeks back called Marrying Mr. Darcy and when done eating I paused to do the dishes and ran up for a shower. After I was clean and in my comfies I got back to the movie and it was super cute. I had an Atkins bar just before 7 to end the day. I read some Outlander before going to bed and gosh that massage was a life saver.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Call

Bagel with Cream Cheese and Bacon
I tossed and turned and woke in spurts last night. Excited for the interview and excited for breakfast this morning. I knew I'd be having a ho-made bagel with the scallion and red onion cream cheese I made last night. When I lived in New Orleans I'd walk to a coffee shop every morning to get a plain toasted bagel with their freshly made green and red onion cream cheese. And then when I worked in Houston we had a cafe in our building where I'd get a toasted bagel with plain cream cheese and bacon. Now it's time for the combining of all the brilliant and favorite flavors. The bagel has black sesame seeds, onion powder and kosher salt on top. I toasted and added on plenty of the onion cream cheese along with two slices of crispy bacon and all the flavors worked so nicely together. My life is complete.

I did all the morning things before breakfast, taking Sampson out, watering flowers, putting bacon in the oven. After I cleaned up the dishes I crawled on the couch and covered with my blankie. If by chance that job comes through I will mourn my routine. Kitties, breakfast, exercise, TV, impromptu cooking and doing things during work hours when stores are pretty sparse. I do also have my client's mid-year meeting in Reno next week and good work could come of it. I may have a decision to make and it's been a long time since I've had decisions to make!

Lunch Call with Sampson
I changed and went to dance, my energy was a little lower than usual mainly because it was so hot in the room, and my calves were really sore from the elliptical yesterday. I got home after the hour of sweating and showered. At 12:30 I made a big lunch shake which was: 2c unsweetened almond milk, 1/3c full fat canned coconut milk, 1/2 small avocado, 2.5 TBSP cocoa powder, 3 TBSP Splenda, 1 tsp vanilla, pinch of salt and a cup of ice. I brought it upstairs to sip before and during my first interview call and ended up not finishing half of it. The call went well. It sounds like a fun position and I am still interested. I hope we can meet in person. I made a Walgreens run afterwards, got home and had a full serving of the darn Simply Cheetos that I have somehow gotten to liking. I am starting to take small liberties with my food intake since I'm testing out the Metformin. I don't want to go too crazy because it's nice not craving crappy foods that are terrible for me. Except the Cheetos.

Beef and Cabbage Bowl
I chatted with the tree guy while he was injecting our ash trees to keep them protected from the Emerald Ash Borer that's killing so many ash trees around our county.  He mentioned that fire blight has been bad for apple trees and I mentioned about ours and how we ended up taking the tree down last weekend. He also said that my knitted strips can cause bugs and unwanted growth during the summer so I am way sad that I might have to take it down. During the winter is ok it seems but I'm not going to take it on and off. We'll see. I haven't made a decision yet. I worked on the big art piece and finished inking it in and then went down to get dinner started. I cooked up some cabbage in bacon fat and browned ground beef with four mushrooms. The cabbage was seasoned only with salt and the meat with salt and cayenne pepper. I ate and watched two episodes of Sweetbitter on Starz before cleaning the dishes. I then had some fresh strawberries, did a little work and did the medium loop walk, while chatting with the Kev, before bed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Berry Day

Eggs with Scallions and Cottage Cheese
I slept so much better last night. I only got up at 4 to pee and back to sleep until 7. Sampson was past ready and yelled at me to hurry it up. I got dressed, made the bed and fed the babies before taking Sampson out for his walk and to water the flowers. When done I chopped and sauteed a couple fresh scallions in some butter and scrambled up three eggs. I had a little cottage cheese with the eggs and it was really yum together. It was later than usual so I didn't have the time to cook bacon. I like at least an hour and a half before a workout for my stomach to digest and settle. At 8:30 I found out that PiYo was cancelled and was bummed. I could have had that bacon. And I wanted that workout. Since PiYo is cancelled all of July, August into Sept I want all I can get. I'm in greedy mode. I could have gone to hip hop at 9:30 but I was in a strange mood and wanted to just get on the elliptical with my earbuds and crank away to some old Wild Workouts at Noon that I used to adore. There used to be a podcast so I'd listen to a new one every time I'd get on an elliptical, before I got into doing classes.

Chocolate Strawberry Lunch Shake
I got to the gym, said a quick hello to the girls before hopping on a machine. I got that music going and did an hour of interval training. I burned 710 calories and it felt great as I pushed through the sweat to the beats loud in my ears and the HGTV on my screen. It's been YEARS since I've done the elliptical and it was like riding a bike. I got home and had about fifteen minutes before the basement man got to the house to discuss finishing out the downstairs with a proper bedroom and bathroom and office. It's time. We have a couple things that could be an issue. The furnace/hot water heater is in a wonky spot and may have to be moved. If we don't move it and put bedroom elsewhere we will have to cut the deck to have a way to get out of the window. Either way more work will have to be done and cost more. We'll see what actual estimates look like. Once he left, around 1PM, I made a big shake like yesterday but added a half cup of strawberries today for something a little different. I watched Younger as I sipped.

Burger, Broccoli, Berries
I watched the season premiere of The Bold Type and I'm glad the sassy ladies are back. I then got a call to set up a first phone interview for TOMORROW. This is for that job I applied for late last week. I'm nervous and excited. I had an Atkins bar for an afternoon snack and then ran to the grocery. This excitement made me want to make bagels. I got home and nibbled on about 15 Cheetos, because they've been on my mind, got questions prepared for the first interview and then got to baking. I had a small one to taste test when done and then grilled up the two burgers I had in the fridge. I heated some leftover broccoli and ate it plain with a plain burger. I finished up the strawberries for dessert and watched the second episode of The Bold Type before bed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuesday Movin

A Breakfast Favorite
I had a rough night of sleep last night. Although I was tired and ready for it I woke, and got up a lot. At 11:30, 12:30, 2:30. My back is a bit achy so it needed to be stretched each time. I am overdue for a massage and my body is cranky as all heck. Count down to Friday. 5 weeks is too long. I did all the morning things. Walk Sampson, water flowers, feed babies, get Sampson back upstairs, cook bacon, take trash out. I decided to have cottage cheese with my bacon because I've missed it. There's really nothing like it. Especially when it's Kalona full fat cottage cheese, which has the best flavor. I can't eat the cheapo regular store brands I've tried.  The key is getting a thick one, not runny. I shake the containers in the store and when they don't slosh around I get it. The creamy with the salty is amazeballs.

Big Cool Lunch Shake in Kev's Cup
I watched So You Think You Can Dance while I ate and then got changed for my own dance. I sweated it out for an hour and it felt good. I was a little creaky going in but warmed up nicely and got a great workout burning 489 calories. I got home, showered and made myself a big ol shake for lunch. I didn't want food food but something yummy and cool and creamy and slurpy. In the blender I mixed a cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/3c full fat coconut milk, 1/2 avocado, 2 TBSP cocoa powder, 2 TBSP Swerve, 1 TBSP Splenda, 2 droppers of chocolate Stevia, 1 tsp vanilla, pinch of salt, 1.5 cups of ice. Oh divine! It's exactly what I needed. I watched last night's The Bachelorette and am ready for next week's show.

Almond and Cheese PM Snack
The afternoon flew by. I had all the plans of working on art today, in fact I think about it every single day and never can make myself do it. I'm really stuck in my creative life. I can squeak out a little bit of working on the one piece but I can't constantly create like I am used to. I have loads of ideas in my head but they don't come out. Around 3:30 I had some roasted almonds with a slice of Colby jack and watched POSE. At around 5:30 I had about a half cup of strawberries and oh man were they delish.

Leftover Chicken with Steamed Broccoli
Around 6 I cleaned and got a broccoli on the stove steaming. I made a lemon butter sauce to go on it and heated the leftover chicken breast with some homemade marinara from last night to go with it. Very tasty it was. I chatted with Ma while I ate and when done had a quick chat with the Kev before cleaning up the dishes and putting on shoes for a walk with Dany. We did the big loop and thank goodness for the light breeze on the trail. I got in and had to cool off before heading up for bed around 9. Here's to better sleep than last night. Today I burned 1130 calories and did 141 minutes of exercise. That's 18,000 steps and just over 10 miles. I should sleep ok.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Easy Chicken Caprese

Monday Morning Light
I read a little Outlander, still on book 7 as I think I will be for the next two years, before going to sleep by 10. I woke off and off very briefly for some reason, to look at the door. At 5:30 I woke next to find Remington in the bed. He didn't get over the baby gate but rather the Kev had brought him in and shut the door. Sampson was sleeping in my office and Remi had looked at him with "those eyes" and he had to pick him up for some lovin'. He eventually brought Teddy in too to spend some bedroom time with us before they got booted by Sampson, which was right around 6:30. I got up and dressed and got coffee brewing and bacon in the oven. I walked Sams and watered flowers before making scrambled eggs. I did the dishes while Kev mixed kitten food and he was off to work. I took a drive to Walgreens to update the insurance on my prescription but they didn't open until 9. I went back home and sipped on my coffee drink (coffee, powdered creamer, almond milk, Splenda) before time to change for the gym.

Double Cheesy Burgers
PiYo was fantastic today. It took a while to warm up but when I did it felt wonderful to use my muscles and my new strength. Each week it grows and I feel proud. Baby steps. After an hour I stopped at Walgreens to update my insurance info and there was no record of me at all. Changing insurance is such a pita. I got home and  fed Sampson some lunch before lighting the grill for my own. I needed meat and had two burgers thawed and ready to go. it was a beautiful day, not too hot, and I was able to keep the back door open until after noon. When the burgers were done I melted on sharp cheddar, and a liberal amount of it, and poured a little of my new favorite BBQ sauce in a little bowl for dipping. I turned on the Tony Awards recording I set last night and watched while I ate. God I love the Tony's and it made me itch to see some shows. Especially The Band's Visit, Once on this Island, My Fair Lady (always a favorite), Carousel, Mean Girls and Spongebob Squarepants the Musical. And have I mentioned how much I adore the DVR?

Easy Caprese Chicken Mozzarella and a Teddy
The Tony's was over just after 2PM, with a final performance by Bruce Springsteen. I ran over to Walmart for a small bag of potting soil, got home and planted a sprig of spearmint that I pulled from YENs garden. I watered it good and sprinkled it with some hopes that it will grow nicely. I got some bills paid, chopped up a batch of strawberries and then vacuumed the house. I got dinner started after 6:30. I didn't know what I wanted until I decided on this Easy Caprese Chicken Mozzarella. I made a super quick marinara using this recipe as the guide but instead of 20 minutes it was more like 5 because I used onion powder and garlic powder instead of chopping and sauteing. I dumped the canned crushed tomatoes in the pot with 2 TBSP tomato paste, the powders, salt, pepper and chile flakes and then stirred in the coconut milk and let simmer. I did something different with the chicken too. I cut the one breast into two fillets and seasoned with salt, garlic pepper and Parmesan. I browned in olive oil in my cast iron skillet and when done Put chicken on plate, topped with marinara, I cut fresh mozzarella that we had in the fridge and put the plate under the broiler to melt. I went out and picked some basil we have growing for the top and chowed down. After dinner I put on shoes and walked with Dany twice around the lake for 2.5 miles, and we got to see the pastel colored sunset. Got home at 9, showered and was ready for bed and a little reading.