Saturday, December 14, 2019


When the Cat and Breakfast Match
Sleep was wonky last night. I think Kev was so excited about snowboarding that he didn't sleep much, which meant my sleep was weird. I got up at 2 to pee and he was awake. He ended up going down to watch TV and not sure what time he got back upstairs but then his alarm went off and he was gone. I dozed off and on, finally crawling out of bed around 7:45. I dressed, made the bed and fed the dudes and remembered I had Egg Bites! I picked some up at Costco after a long hiatus without them and remembered how good the are. I ate while on hold with Norwex. They are running severely behind filling party orders and it doesn't look like I'll get my people's orders before Christmas. Booooo. I chatted with Ma, went up to change and headed to the gym for Zumba.

Leftover Lunch
The substitute instructor never showed so we turned on a 30 minute beginner virtual video. It sucked as it was the very basic of steps but we did get a little sweat going. I got home, changed shoes and got back out for a small loop walk. It was chilly and I wish I'd brought my gloves. The small loop is just under 2 miles, which was nice after 30 minutes of dancing. I went up for a shower and then was ready for lunch. I heated leftover beef casserole and started Christmas at Dollywood. Dessert was of course kisses and I think I've determined that a serving is about 20. It takes roughly this many to get my fill.

Chili Night
The afternoon went fairly fast. I worked on the couch and watched The Christmas Chronicles in the background. Super cute little family movie! I got up to make a pot of chili as Kev got back from the slopes. It was snowing and he went to the gym to use the sauna and hot tub. I sauteed an onion and two bell peppers and added in 3.5lbs of ground beef to brown. I dumped in two cans of diced tomatoes with green chiles and a small can of tomato sauce. I seasoned the pot with salt, pepper, onion powder, chili powder and cumin and for extra flair added some white vinegar and a TBSP of Splenda. It was super. And since it's December, I got Fritos to splurge on. I admit they really do taste amazing. Come Jan they will be gone and I do feel better without them. Splurging is fun though! We had Hershey kisses for dessert and finished up the season of TMMM. As I close out the day I realized that all of my food matched today. All in the same color palette. Ha!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday Feedings

Goooo Friday!
Great sleep! I got up at 4AM to pee but right back to sleep until 7ish. Both me and the Kev just could NOT make ourselves get out of bed so I went first. Mainly because Teddy wanted to see out at 7:30 and knows we are never in bed much past that time. I opened the blinds for him and dressed. The bed got made and the kitties got fed. I cooked up some bacon and made steamed eggs to go with it. The Kev worked on my computer, getting it all fixed up and fonts working properly and then he headed up to his office for work. I changed and ran errands. Duluth Trading for a stop to pick up a pair of their undies that I've been wanting to try., They always have nice stuff and I left with a couple things for Kev that were not planned for, Next up was Costco and the crowd. From now until Christmas I need to avoid that place. Then it was Pier 1 for a quick gift stop and then a last minute shop at the grocery. With cold and snow this weekend I thought chili would be appropriate.

Parm Chicken and Brussels
I got home around 12:30, put things away, brushed my hair and spruced up a little, made a protein shake with three strawberries, and took it on the road to a small Norwex team gathering where I taught them how to make easy Norwex logo foil ornaments. A couple hours later I headed home, chatted with my dear friend George from college and then me and Kev put on our walking shoes and did the small loop. It was a bit cool and windy and the sun was going down so we didn't walk too slowly. When we got home I was ready to get dinner started. I cleaned and got Brussels cooking on the stove and then filleted two chicken breasts. I dredged them in mayo and shredded Parmesan and baked at 425 degrees for 30 minutes. I could have eaten way more Brussels but had a handful of kisses for dessert as we watched Part 1 of the Temptation Island finale.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Out on a Weekday Eve

Breakfast Eggnog
Oh gosh I slept great. Had the electric blanket on low and didn't wake once in the night. I got up at two minutes after 7, dressed, washed my face with the body cloth and made the bed. I went downstairs to feed the babies and sipped some egg nog for breakfast. I wasn't hungry at all but knew I needed something in my stomach. I got changed and went to the gym where I turned on a podcast and walked on an incline for 30 minutes. I put my phone and earbuds in my locker and met Ted the trainer for my upper body session. We ended with the dang push-ups and that's the one thing that makes me feel the weakest. I know I've improved but grief it's slow going.

Lunch Shenanigans
I got home for a shower, dressed in comfies and started getting hungry around 10:30. I heated a bowl of beef casserole, which was AMAZING today because I was super hungry, and it felt so good to tuck under my blanket on the couch and watch my first Netflix Christmas movie of the day called Christmas in the Wild. It had Rob Lowe and Kristen Davis and was set in Africa. So good. When that was over I chose The Knight Before Christmas with Vanessa Hudgens and ate Hershey kisses. Netflix has really gotten in the Christmas movie game! Big baby Remi tucked himself on my lap/stomach, under my blanket, and fell asleep, which meant I could not move because it was such a sweet moment. These guys are such gentle giants.

Green Chile Cornbread and Steak
After that second movie I had to get up and move. I changed, put on my tennies and went for a small loop walk. I chatted with Dad along the way and the wind picked up so I didn't dilly dally. I got home just after 4PM, changed, fixed my hair and face and just after 5 I hit the road. I met Bets, a family member on Dad's side (Dad's late cousin's ex wife) for dinner at a nice steakhouse and a show. We both had never been to this restaurant nor the theater so that was neat. We chatted up a storm as we ate, mostly about family stuff. We each got an 8oz filet with garlic buttered mushrooms and I had Brussels with mine. I didn't expect a mini pan of green chile cornbread with lots of butter to show up at the table as we waited and I just could not resist. And it was the best thing I've ever eaten. Oh my word. We carpooled over to the Arvada Center where we saw A Christmas Carol the musical. We had no expectations an were blown away at the quality of the performance and set. We really enjoyed the entire thing and left in awe. We will be watching this place a lot more. I got home at 10, washed my face and got into my jammies and hit the sack.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Mug Bread with Breakfast
A great, solid night of sleep with no peeing or sweating wake ups. I popped up at 6:56, put on my watch and got up to wander around the upstairs in order to get that 6AM stand credit. I dressed, made the bed and went downstairs to feed the kitties. I decided to not go to the gym for Zumba because there was a sub that seemed iffy. I know the ones I like and saw that this woman doesn't normally teach Zumba. Instead I made a nice breakfast. I was craving bread, I blame this on the candy I've been eating, so I made a quick keto mug bread recipe. I'm trying to balance my sweet enjoyment with my low carb food food. When the bread was done, in 90 seconds, I cut it in half and browned in a hot skillet. I then cooked up a couple slices of bacon and some scrambled eggs and had a nice breakfast while starting Time for You to Come Home for Christmas. That's a mouthful.

After the dishes were cleaned up I stopped the movie and went upstairs to get ready f or my first call of the day, at 9:30. It was a video call with a writer in Canada that I'll be working with on a new fun project. We chatted about the book outline until 10:30 and then I jumped on another call with another new client about a project I'll be starting in the new year with him. I've got a large project also lined up for the new year and am getting excited about that one too. Lots of good is coming! When that call was done I hurried to change  and hit the road to meet YEN for a Mediterranean lunch. We shared an order of Falafels, three each, and I had a chicken Shawarma salad for my main meal. It was delicious with it's yummy chicken, Greek dressing, feta cheese, olives and cucumber. I left stuffed because I had a handful of kisses before I left the house.

Late Casserole
I got home and went directly out for a small loop walk. It felt good to let that lunch settle down and enjoy the cool breeze. It was a bit windier and cooler than I expected so I didn't stroll. I got in and went up to Kev's office, because the older computer I'm using until mine is all fixed up won't work with my monitor, and got to work when Aunt Joy called. We ended up talking for some time and then I couldn't make myself work. It was 4PM when I went down to the couch and watched more of Time for You to Come Home for Christmas. I paused to get a beef casserole in the oven and then finally finished the movie. I chatted with Ma and Kev and then started A Christmas Love Story while gobbling down the crock of casserole I ate around 8PM. I honestly wasn't hungry but couldn't pass it up. It's my favorite. And then my stomach didn't feel too good. Ugh... it was too full of lunch and candy and casserole. Boooo. I went up to bed after the movie and was ready for sleep.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday Starts Early

Early Morn
I was sleeping great when I woke to pee and realized I was soaked to the bone with sweat! SO GROSS! I got up and stripped off the gross PJs and put on a clean Life is Good t-shirt. Not sure why you need to know what kind of tee but thought it was an important detail. I got back into bed and slept well until the Kev got up way early for work. He left at 5:30 and I got up at 5:45. This is Mom and Dad K kinda time. I made some coffee, got bacon cooking and started tearing heavy duty foil squares. I'm prepping for a Norwex team gathering where I'll be teaching how to make the ornaments. I'm excited about it! When the bacon was done I ate it with cottage cheese on the couch while setting up the few remaining Hallmark movies I'd somehow let slip by. When I was done with all of that I sat at the table and got my Norwex Holiday open house party submitted for processing. I want to make sure items come in well before Christmas since some purchased gifts.

Protein Shake Lunch
The morning was flying right by and it was soon time to change and head on over to the gym for training. I got a mile of walking on an incline in before I did legs and butt and am really getting stronger! We added 30 extra pounds on one of the leg machines we did today. I also was able to get rid of the box I was squatting on and do them freestyle. GO me! I got home for a shower and ran to the post office, which was a way different scene than yesterday. There was no line today and a mile long one yesterday. The difference a day makes! I filled the toaster up with gas and ran into the grocery for meat and veggies, got home and was ready for a protein shake that included three strawberries today. I did a little business stuff and some Norwex stuff before it was time to head to the movie theater to see A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Movie Hamm Rolls and Orange Slices
The movie had moved into one of the small, end of the building theaters because it had been out for a while now. It was perfectly cozy and I felt tucked away as I bawled in spurts throughout the entire thing. Lord have mercy I had NO idea it would hit me that hard. The timing was just right with things going on in my life that hit close to home. I was so into it, yet hungry and was only able to chow one of my ham rolls, thanks to tearing up. I ate the other in the car before leaving the parking lot, wiped out and eyes dry. The orange slices I didn't touch. These are the gummy/jelly candy ones that remind me of my Nan (Dad's Mom) and today I just had to buy them for some reason. I got home around 3:30 and had three of those orange slices before going up to get on my warm comfies, wash my face and turn the Christmas tree on. I tucked under my couch blanket with the fireplace doing it's thang and waited for a conference call.

Taco Salad Tuesday
When the call didn't come I watched A Homecoming for the Holidays while I designed up with an invitation to Miss M's Jan Norwex party. Jan is a great time to clean out and start fresh with no chemicals! I paused for a bit to get dinner started, tonight being taco salad night. I browned ground beef and seasoned with salt, cayenne, chili powder, onion powder and cumin. I chipped up green leaf lettuce and added on the taco meat. I made the dressing with sour cream and taco sauce and topped with black olives and sharp cheddar. I watched Episode 1 of The Crown Season 3 and then finished Miss M's invitation. I ended up started Episode 2 but turned it off so I could work on the logo project a while.I could barely keep my eyes open and went up to bed around 9:15. I so wanted to stay up because House Hunters International was IRELAND.

Monday, December 09, 2019

Work and Watch

Yay Monday!
Another great sleep. Me and Kev both didn't wake until around 6:30, no one waking in the night, which is rare lately! I got up first and dressed. Got the kitties fed and bacon in the oven. I made scrambled eggs with a little cheddar from yesterday's party. I ate while finishing the Hallmark movie Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen that I started the other day and moved on to Christmas Town, which was a great one. When it was over I ran a couple errands. Post office, where everyone was today, and then to drop off the food bank donations I collected from the Norwex fun. I'm going to start collecting at every party I do as I saw that the shelves weren't as full as I'd like to see. I got home and Kev heated us a few sausage cheese balls. I tossed out the idea of a quick, small loop before his 12:30 call and we put on shoes and ate our balls as we walked. We got back with 10 minutes to spare and I ran some gumbo across to a neighbor.

Repeat Dinner
I started an ABC holiday movie called Same Time, Next Christmas that I recorded and watched it in the background of work and Norwex fun. I had a client call at 1PM that didn't last long and at 2 had to leave for the Apple store for an appointment. Dang old new computer should not have to go to the store so soon. Turns out it wasn't hardware related, thank grief. They wiped my machine and Kev was not a happy camper. when I got it home. That's what happens when he's not with me  ;-P I got home, had some cheese and rice crackers and we agreed to have an early dinner. I made up burgers, Kev's request, and we ended up having an exact repeat of last night. It was delicious. We spent the evening watching TMMM and I worked on the couch at the same time.

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Holiday Partying

Almost Bacon and Eggs but then Not
Great sleep last night, didn't wake until 6:15 this morning! I was ready to get up and going because today was Holiday Norwex Party day and I had stuff to do. We washed sheets and Kev made coffee. I burnt the batch of bacon real good so we decided to  heat some sausage cheese balls, to which I had three before tinkering around with set up of products and seagting. There was more cleaning and sign making and decorating and removing cat hair from things and finally around 12 I went up for a shower.

Day of Fun
Once clean and dressed in my "Mean, Green, Cleaning Machine" tee I started setting out the snacks and drinks. Remi and Teddy were such a big help as they sat in gthe bar stools "helping." The girls began arriving right at 1PM and I'm so thankful a neighbor brought glass cleaner for one of the demos, since I don't own any. There were 6, a perfect number, and I felt more confident doing my presentation than before and that was a great feeling. The more I use the products the more I love them and can share my experiences. Everyone was gone at 3:30 and I began cleanup, which didn't take long. I changed and me and Kev did the short loop. It felt great to move and get outside a little while it was nice and mild. We got back home and I started the squash cooking with onion. Kev grilled up burgers and we ate while watching TMMM (Mrs. Maisel). Ientered party orders and watched some of Pride and Prejudice before shutting it down around 10:30.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

Busy Day

Sausage Cheese Ball Breakfast
Heck yeah sleep was great last night. I was in some dream where there was a photo booth before waking up at 6AM. I got up to pee and opened the blinds, ready to get going for the day, but I got back into bed before sunrise and chatted with Kev and the kitties. We got up around 6:30, made the bed and headed down to the kitchen. Kev made coffee and I started a batch of fresh sausage cheese balls for breakfast, as Kev requested. I had three along with my little cup of coffee with creamer and Splenda. I got a load of clothes in the washer and just after 9 I got changed and went for an early manicure. I was the first one in at 9:30 and left at 10:30. I got home, grabbed some bags and made a grocery run for items for my Norwex holiday open house tomorrow.

Tasty Dinner
I got the groceries put away and then got a wild hair to make some Norwex foil ornaments for the little rosemary tree I picked up at the store. I had a few Hershey kisses and two bites of sausage tht Kev grilled for lunch. I didn't think it tasted great so just didn't want any. I got to setting things up for the party so I wouldn't have to do too much in the morning and got to cleaning in the afternoon. I am always amazed at how great Norwex works. I cleaned and piddled until around 5PM when me and the Kev made a run to fill the fish water and then a stop at a grocery to pick up a couple last items. When we got home I cooked up Brussels and Parm chicken and we began episode 2 of Mrs. Maisel Season 3. We stopped it when we got done because I wanted to make egg nog and get it in the fridge. I had two sausage cheese balls for a snack, dang chicken doesn't keep me filled and was ready for bed by 10:30.

Friday, December 06, 2019

Checkin' Myself

Protein Shake Breakfast
I went to bed around 10 and fell asleep peacefully under the electric blankie. I was awaken sometime in the middle of the night with crazy upper stomach pains that wouldn't let up. I know it was telling me that it did NOT like my choice of meals yesterday. It eventually subsided and I got back to sleep but woke tired just before 7AM. I got up to pee and opened the blinds for the kitties and crawled back into bed until about 7:45. I went ahead and dressed in my gym clothes, fed the kitties and headed out, to get a workout done early. I did more incline walking for 4 miles, which will keep me in shape for hiking season 2020, and headed home after an hour had passed. I changed and made myself a protein shake, absolutely no want of Hershey kisses or junk today, and sipped it up at my desk as I did some client work.

Leftover Lunch and PM Snack
After the first bit of work was done I started on some sketches for a client's new logo. It's a Rolfing and Pilates company so it's neat to think outside the box with this different topic. I let my mind wander and ended up sending them three pages of sketches, hoping one might spark their interest. I went downstairs around 12:30 and heated the last of the beef casserole and then left for my much anticipated massage appointment. I cried a little when he told me he would be moving in the new year, and would only work until early February. Another chapter closing. He did recommend another woman that I look forward to meeting.

Beef and Broccoli Bowl
I got home, wrapped a few gifts and enjoyed an EPIC bar (pork and egg yolk.) I went up for a shower and once in my comfies I went down and got broccoli in the steamer. I watched Christmas in Rome, which ended just before the Kev got home from work. I browned up some ground beef and buttered the broccoli. We made bowls with them mixed, grated a little cheddar on top and watched Temptation Island. Remi immediately jumped into Kev's lap and laid back as Teddy curled up next to me. After dinner I made us hot citrus orange tea and we began the new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Yay!

Thursday, December 05, 2019

A Real Taco Thursday

Lunch/Brunching First Class
I slept great last night. I didn't wake until ten minutes before 7 this morning, when I, of course, had to pee. I dressed and went downstairs to feed the kitties, after making the bed nicely. I wasn't hungry so checked email and then got a text from trainer Ted that he was sick and wouldn't make it to the gym for training today. I went ahead and changed into my gym clothes and opted to do some cardio for the hour. I waled on the treadmill at a nice incline for over an hour and then rode the recumbent bike for 15 minutes to cool down. I headed home for a shower and to do a little work and then just after 11 met a friend at a local new taco place for some early lunch. This place stays packed at dinner so lunch was a perfect time to go. Plus it was nasty out, meaning choice seating.We started with their 3 salsa plate and chips. Next was the queso fundido they had as a special. With chips. And finally had a carne asada taco, which came on a cute tiny corn tortilla. They serve tacos community style, so I had to share a plate with my friend's as well. That was interesting. We walked over to the chocolate shop next door where I indulged in a real cherry cordial. I have to say I like the cheap boxed ones better. But these remind me of Christmas and it was a nice experience.

Taco Thursday Part 2
I got home just after 1PM and did some work at the kitchen table. I was dressed in black and would be heading out at 4 to meet another friend for happy hour/early dinner. I squeezed in some Norwex business before it was time to go. I met Jen at Chuy's at 4:30 in the drizzling rain. They sat out that basket of warm, fresh chips and I was a sucker. I ordered some guac and a lone crispy beef taco and basically had a repeat of lunch, again. We left just after 5:30 and I drove away as the snow fell gently. I made it home and could not wait to get in my comfies, face washed, hair up, fireplace on and under my blanket on the couch for a Hallmark movie, Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy. I was sad that I was so full because I couldn't bring myself to make hot cocoa. After the Hallmark I watched the Netflix sequel to last year's cute movie, this one called A Christmas Prince: A Royal Baby. It was at this time I had room for kisses. Hershey kisses that is.😳