Wednesday, April 01, 2020

More Dance

Wednesday Stuff
I got up at 5:30 to pee and crawled back into bed. I dozed in and out and finally got up just after 7. Me and Kev were talking about how amazing our bedtime story app is. We've never gone to sleep faster, nor stayed asleep better. Ever. We religiously turn the app on when we go to bed, taking turns choosing the story for the night. I've never finished any story. 😴

I fed the kitties and got bacon in the oven. I opted for yogurt with frozen blueberries, a little sweetener and two drops of lemon essential oil. I worked on the puzzle until Remi decided it was time for me to get up to my office for work. This was around 9:30. I was super distracted today and worked in spurts until 11:45 when I changed and went down to "the gym" for dance class. This was my old Nia instructor that I love. She teaches what is called Body Mandala, a lot like Nia but seems there's more flexibility with the moves. I love it.

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I ate the leftover pizza burger bowl for lunch just after 1PM and started When Hope Calls as I ate.  It didn't take long to scarf that burger down and I then turned the show off and went back up to finish my client work. I enjoyed a bag of sugar free fish for snack and was done with work at 4. I went down to the kitchen where Kev helped me get the freshly smoked turkey cut and bones into a hot bath to make broth. Tomorrow will be gumbo makin' day!

Dinner was a trial of my favorite beef casserole, with no cauliflower. I browned the beef and decided to add in a can of green chiles into it. I cut up a bunch of green onions and tossed them into the meat. When done I stirred in cottage cheese and covered the mixture with Mexican cheese blend, I baked it for 15 minutes and let it cool for 15 before trying it out. We watched a couple episodes of Ozark and I picked the turkey off the boiled bones

The Latest:
+ Over 1000 more deaths today
+ NYC has freezer trucks to act as makeshift morgues. Oh grief.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

In Week Three

Morning Bits
Tuesday March 31. Kev and I are now in our third week of social distancing. Today we both had a hard time crawling out of bed but at 7:30 I made myself. I opened the blinds for Teddy, we made the bed, I dressed and went down to feed the babies. Kev made coffee and I was really in the mood for some, with creamer and Splenda. We're now drinking our neighbor's coffee as they've been taking neighborhood orders and delivering it to the house. We're on their house blend and it's great. It's also great to support them. I got bacon in the oven and made fried eggs and after the dishes were cleaned up I headed up to the office at 8:30 to get the day of work started. I had some deadlines today and  wanted to jump on them. I had to make myself bypass the awesome puzzle we're working on because it's a time suck.

Chicken Lunch and Dinner
I got enough work done to take a break, right around 11:45, perfect timing so I could change and get downstairs to "the gym" for noon Zumba. When it was done at 1PM, I turned off my fan, grabbed my water and went up to the kitchen for some lunch. I finished the rest of the chicken salad and added on some sweet hot pickles and a deviled egg and ate while watching The Bold Type. When it was over I cleaned up my dishes and went back up to the office for some more fun work. It was 3PM when I asked Kev about a walk break. We did a small loop and when we got in I did a little puzzle. At 5:30 I had some rush edits to make for a client and was done for the day at 6:30.

I went down to the kitchen where the Kev was filleting some chicken breasts and proceeded to roll them in mayo and Sriracha, coat with shredded Parmesan and got them in the oven at 425 for thirty minutes. Parm chicken! And it was amazing. We watched Schitt's Creek and I blazed through The Voice.

The Latest:
+ The US had almost 550 deaths from Coronavirus on Monday alone. We've lost about 4,000 people so far and it's still in the infancy.
+ The first US serviceman has died from the virus
+ NY city has over 75,000 cases now
+ The CDC is considering public wearing homemade/DIY masks
+ Ford and GE won't be able to produce the ventilators until end of April
+ Instacart, Amazon and Whole Foods employees could walk out any day now
+ Italy had over 800 new deaths yesterday
+ A VanGogh painting was stolen from a Dutch museum while it's been closed due to the virus
+ Check out this interesting timeline of the President's quotes on Coronavirus

Sunday, March 29, 2020

2 Minute Photoshoot

Around the Hood
Sunday, again. This is our third week of stay-at-home to try to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus wave of doom. We were early to get on board the seclusion train and it's gotten so bad out there since. This stuff isn't effing around and it's really frightening. I'm super worried for my Ma in Louisiana by herself.

Overall it was a good day, trying to do normal, routine stuff. There's always a low level of anxiety rolling though, as my right thumb will tell. I finished chalk art on the front porch and got laundry in the wash. Kev made breakfast of sausage and eggs and I chugged a small cup of coffee with creamer and Splenda while catching up with Mom and Dad K. We walked over to a neighbor's house to do chalk art on her sidewalk and then I helped another neighbor with theirs. We then did something neat. A local photographer started Timestamp Lafayette. She's taking portraits of families in front of their homes to document the people during quarantine 2020. The photos will go into the city archive. She took the photo from the street, so very physically distanced, and in less than 2 minutes was gone. And the photos came out great. We went for a small loop walk after the super quick photoshoot. We found lots of uplifting items along the route, reminding us how great our community is.

Peace, Love and Ribs
We got back to the house and I chatted with Mom and Dad, both well. With dad taking Chemo pills (just recently found this out from stepbrother) he is laying low, which is good. I started cleaning the front garden until I filled our compost trash bin and then went in for a shower and a lunch protein shake. Me and Kev started a new puzzle that Mom and Dad K had given me for Christmas and I worked on it until I needed to go do some client work on the couch. Kev smoked ribs for dinner and I made deviled eggs to go with them. There was so much meat on them thangs that I could only eat two. I dipped in some G Hughes Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauce and YERM. We watched the Pilot of Ozark, finally, as I know Lis would say, and are hooked. We are both glad to finally have something we are both interested in. 😆 I worked until 8:30 and went up to bed around 10.

The Latest:
+ Over 130,000 infected, 450 deaths on Saturday alone
+ Estimates are that over 200,000 will perish
+ Texas and Florida requires 2 week quarantine for visitors from Louisiana

I am thankful that my loved ones made it through another day in this viral war. This is my wish going forward. Every. single. day.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Sad Playground

New Fave, Delish Lunch, Sad Playground
I got up before 6:30 this morning with anxiety about going to the freaking grocery store. And I love to grocery shop. Kev got up and dressed for work. He is on Zoom video meetings all dang day so needs to look decent from waist up. I love him in his collared shirt and sweat pants! I got bacon in the oven and left the house at exactly 7:57. I got to the store just after opening at 8 and made a b-line to the meats. Then eggs, then pork cracklins then celery and green onions. On the way home from the store I noticed that our little playground was police-taped off. It was super sad. I put groceries away, wiped things down good, including door knobs, car door handles and steering wheel before washing my hands well. I heated my two slices of bacon and had it with my new favorite...Vanilla Two Good yogurt, a teaspoon of frozen wild blueberries, a little sweetener of choice and 2 drops of lemon essential oil.

Impromptu Dance and Pizza Night
I went up to the office to get to work and it was 12:45 when I got hungry for some lunch. I heated a leftover pizza burger bowl and ate it at the kitchen table with the Ted keeping me company. I went back tup to the office and worked until after 6:30. The Kev put on some dance music and there was an impromptu dance party before I entered my time and went down to assist with dinner. Since it started raining, and then snowing, our plan to grill steaks was shot. It ended up being pizza night instead, which we never complain about. We ate and watched a couple episodes of Tiger King, which everyone seems to be bingeing on Netflix right now.

The days happenings:
+ Most of Louisiana's COVID-19 deaths had underlying conditions, mainly diabetes.

+ The big stimulus bill passed. It will give folks a one-time $1,200 check.

+ The virus has been found in a cat in the Belgium, adding to evidence that sick people may be able to infect their pets.

+1,693 people have died as of today. And it's just getting started. 😨 Here's a tracker.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Second Thursday

Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks
Today I woke and looked outside to see how many cars were going down the busy highway not far from the house. I did see some but not anything like it normally is. Today at 8AM was the start of our official stay-at-home order. Although this is the second week for us really I'm glad the call came for it. I got bacon in the oven, finishing up the last form the butcher shop that has been so good. I made steamed eggs and opted to work from the couch today. I didn't have a whole ton of work but did have a couple hours worth.

I did a 30 minute Zumba class at 9, showered and got comfy on the couch for pretty much the rest of the day. Chicken salad for lunch along with a few hot/sweet pickles and cheese curds. Got an order of Moon Cheese in today, which will fill our cruchy/cheesy snack needs. Pork cracklins are also popular. I've also become a big fan of sugar free Life Savers.

Sleeping Kitty and Flank
The afternoon blew past with me on the couch. I watched some HGTV, some of Sweet Home Alabama. I took Teddy out on the back patio to wander around a while and just after 6:30 I fired up the grill. I pried the Kev out of his office chair and he cooked up the balsamic mustard flank that I marinated last Sunday. It was super thick so Kev's half was done way before mine. Mine stayed on for about 20 minutes longer. We had a cup of hot tea after dinner and watched some TV before bed.

Things of note today: 
+ The US now has more cases of COVID-19 than anywhere in the world (more than China or Italy)  :-(

+ 3.3 million people applied for unemployment last week, more than any other week in American history (whoa)   :-(

+ My home state of Louisiana is leading in COVID-19 growth  :-(

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Second Tuesday of Isolation

Tues morn
Yesterday, Monday, I woke up and my body was soooo tired. I knew that there would be no walk and settled my mind around it. As we all have been, there's anxiety surrounding us about this Covid-19 virus, concern for our family and friends, wondering who's gonna get it. I'm worried about deaths. I think it all hit me yesterday so I was glad not to have much work. I did have about an hour's worth but mainly checked mail from the couch as I watched When Calls the Heart and When Hope Calls that I had recorded on the DVR. It was 3PM when I couldn't go no mo. Kev turned down the covers on the bed, closed the blinds, turned on a bedtime story and tucked me in. I followed that up with a 2 hour nap. I went to sleep so fast that I didn't hear anything but the very intro to that bedtime story. I then lounged in the bed until 6:30 after I woke. I had chicken salad for dinner and watched Shameless until getting back into bed and sleeping solidly through the night. I think I was mentally exhausted more than anything.

Chicken Salad with Pickles and Cheese Curds
We got up this morning and Kev made coffee. I got some ho-made Edwards bacon in the oven and made steamed eggs. I sure like supporting our local, family owned small biz butcher shop and it's awesome that they have plenty of meats available.  It was a gorgeous day here. Boulder called the stay at home order yesterday evening but we've been following it already for over a week now. I think our governor is letting the city mayors make the stay at home orders as Denver called theirs a day earlier. My home state of Louisiana has the highest growth of the virus of anywhere in the world, likely thanks to a Mardi Gras spread. I worry for my Ma since she still goes to work every day. I, however, have been in training for this quarantine for years now and I think I am ready. I've worked from home for 10 years and certainly know how to wear the same clothes every day like a boss.

Ribeye Night
The afternoon started with virtual, live Zumba at noon.  The work I have is all in client review so am in between things, which left a nice, quiet day. I finished some half ass dance, not the same doing it on carpet, but I did at least burn 400 calories and get my heart rate up, and when I got up to the kitchen my phone rang. It was my step brother up in Alaska! It's been AGES since we'd caught up and it was a nice hour-long call. They too are on stay-put orders up there. I did a whole 15 minutes of work at the end of the work day and had a few pork cracklins with cheese curds. Kev lit the grill and around 7:30 we ate two of the good lookin' Prime ribeyes we picked up at the butcher shop on Sunday. Oh so good. Dessert was shared Jello. I mixed a sugar free lemon with a sugar free orange for a really refreshing mixture. We watched TV before getting into bed to read.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday - Week One Down

Breakfast after Venturing out for first time
It's funny to think that here I was writing my world down, every single day, and now that the Coronavirus pandemic is here I am not. THIS is the time to document my mundane! I've gotten quite used to not logging every move but am going to give this start-back-up a real try. We need to remember all of this. This is history in the making.

Yesterday was the first day I ventured out into public since the Friday before. I got out of bed fast, put on my snow clothes and boots and walked to the grocery to be there for opening. (We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday) I got there 10 mins before 8 and senior hour was happening and no one could go in until that was over. I love that. I only went out because grocery delivery was a solid fail. I know they were not prepared for the influx of orders but after one try I won't do it again. For one, I think that delivery orders should all be filled the morning of delivery, at opening, and bags put in the giant fridges they have until your delivery time. This ensures good chance of getting main items like meat, dairy and TP. My delivery time was, unfortunately, 6PM and there was mostly nothing. I got mayo, trash bags and lemons and still had to pay the $10 delivery fee. I was not allowed to cancel. I know I know, I know I am super privileged even writing this but it's really more of a process observation.

Assorted Meals
Work has been super busy. This will be the first Saturday and Sunday that I won't work all day in some time. It is in the back of my mind that my work could just go away with all of the uncertainty so I've been working a LOT and taking on everything. I've been so lucky to have great projects, but being a contractor companies are taking care of their own right now and I won't be surprised when and if it hits. Fortunately the Kev is also really busy as they move towards more remote projects.

I've been staying active with walks and virtual Zumba classes. It's great to have the space in the basement to do it and relieves anxiety.

As for food, we've been mostly eating meat during the week and I made Keto pizza last night for Jumanji  movie night. I've been trying to keep chicken salad around, found this fab recipe, and have been only using celery, green onion, mayo, Dijon and lemon. Amazing for grab and work lunches or a couple bites as snack if hungry. Burgers, steaks and ground beef bowls reign supreme. We also do crock pot roast, flank and skirt on the grill and still do beef protein shakes for lunch sometimes. Meat is so good for us, filling and satisfying. Snacking has been little but when needed we grab mozzarella sticks, salami/cheese, Epic bars or pork rinds. Today I called in an order to our little butcher shop to stock the freezer so we won't have to go out as often, only for eggs and cheese when needed.

I'm cleaning out the DVR today and have decided to really take a break. The fireplace is on and I'm tucked on the couch under my magic blanket. There very well may be napping.

This next week we'll see things get worse I'm afraid to say. We are 7-10 days behind the tragic unfolding in Italy, yesterday they had over 600 deaths, in one day, 500 the day before. I've read that the US could have more once it really ramps up. 😨

Sending lots of love and wellness. 💕

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Feb Recap and a Pandemic

Howdy everyone! A whole month and a half has gone by super quickly and I think now is a perfect time to give a status on my happenings and eatings.

February and March so far has brought loads of work and fun too! We started Feb off by seeing Peter Pan the ballet. I designed my first ebook for a neat client in a whole new industry that I hadn't worked in before. On the 5th I took an impromptu flight to Austin where I joined an all day meeting for a new non-profit that I'm working with called Operation Get Out. It was a mind meld type of meeting to help them gather ideas in shaping this non profit. I designed the starter website. On Fri the 7th I left Austin, with Lis and friends, for her Vegas 50th birthday celebration. I flew home on Monday the 10th and met a friend to kick off my next big project, a web redesign for my main client in LA. Feb also kicked off phase 2 of a large project for my other big client in Denver. There's been small project in between and I've worked weekends and late nights throughout the month. I did make time for lunch catch-ups with friends, Norwex parties, snowshoeing, community soup night and of course a silent disco!

A Meaty Fridge
As far as my diet and exercise have been going, it's been kicking ass and taking names. I've made the decision to give carnivore a go again. And I remember why I loved it. I'm still weight training two days a week and have added a private pilates class one day a week. I have also been doing Nia one day a week in Boulder as I've really missed that soulful, mindful movement. The other days I walk outside or on the treadmill. It's a nice balance. I really do enjoy being active. And it's exciting seeing myself get stronger. I actually did 85lb rows today, crazy to realize that just a couple months ago I could barely do 25lbs. I got a gold star.

The latest happening is of the Coronavirus. This shit has gone nuts globally and is cranking up in the US. Our area has closed schools until the end of March, or may stay with online learning longer. Events are cancelled. Our library is closed. The grocery was out of meat. There are no antibacterial hand wipes to be found anywhere. My gym has really amped up the cleaning people as they constantly walk around wiping and spraying down machines and weights, which makes me feel a little better. I'm trying to do my normal things but today the gym was mostly empty. I'm hella distracted as we have a Costa Rica trip planned for end of this month and I am very torn on whether to go or not. I know  CR is low on the list of warnings but it's getting there and getting back through airports that has me ancy. I know I can wash my hands but you can't get away from all people. The way this is spreading it's no joke. I have concern for Mom and Dad K. I also don't want to contract the virus and if it doesn't turn bad for me I could pass it to others. I'm supposed to see my Mama in April who has a very very compromised immune system. I guess I'm becoming a little paranoid and mainly wanting to do my part of not taking the chance of spreading this nastiness. Boulder County had it's first positive case declared today, way too close to home.

Overall things have been good, the year progressing nicely. I'm excited for Spring and to plant all the things.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Jan 2020 Recap

New Year Vision Board
Woo I'm back! I've decided to do monthly summaries of food and happenings as I've missed writing.

January has come and, almost, gone so fast. I kicked off 2020 with a fun ladies day of vision boarding at Miss M's place. It was me, Miss M and three other gals andwe chatted like crazy as we snipped magazine pics of things that spoke to us, guiding our next decade. It's all about my business(es) and having fun. Travel and feeling good overall. 

As soon as I got back to my normal eating routine after the Christmas holiday, losing the sugar mainly,  that weird rash disappeared from my back quickly. I got right back to the gym and learned that my trainer was moving to College Station Texas to be with his girlfriend. And in two weeks he was gone. I transferred to a female trainer named Lexi, who I am really digging. We do full body workouts each time, instead of leg day one day and arm day another, and she's doing more core work, which Ted never did. Did I mention I am REALLY liking the change? I am also settling in to the gym routine, enjoying the treadmill while watching shows and movies. My Zumba instructor returns from her 8 weeks away, ankle surgery recoup, this week and I'm thrilled to get some dance back into my world.

Best Veggie Beef Soup ever
Food of note during this month has been an AMAZING Veggie Beef Soup. I've made two GIANT pots of it and would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until I wore myself out. I've had a couple weeks off and am about ready to make it again, it's that delicious.


Olive oil
2lbs stew beef
2 onions chopped
1TBSP crushed garlic
1 orange bell pepper chopped
1 yellow bell pepper chopped
1 red bell pepper chopped
1 med head cauliflower plucked into small pieces
2 zucchini chopped
1 large carrot chopped
2c fresh green beans chopped
2 28oz cans fire roasted crushed tomatoes
2 boxes Beef Stock
1/4c cooking Sherry
Season All

1. In a BIG stock pot brown beef in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. When done, remove beef to a bowl and set aside.
2. Add a bit more oil into beef dripping pot and add in onions, peppers, carrot and garlic. Saute until soft.
3. Add in cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, beef, tomatoes, stock and Sherry and season well with season all.
4. Let simmer, stirring occasionally and taste testing, for 4-6 hours on low. Add season all as needed. (A few dashes of Tabasco before eating is so great for sass!)

Chicken Fingers
Most of my meals are the same as they've been. Plenty of protein shakes, burger patties, taco salads, beef casseroles, beef with sour cream and cheddar bowls, pizza with fathead crust, chili, Parm chicken and the staple veggies that include cauli, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels. If I'm out it's a salad with chicken or burger patty with salad/veggie. I did whip up some decent, and super quick, chicken fingers. Cut two breasts into strips. Rolled them in 1 egg and then in almond flour mixed with Tony's Cachere's and onion powder. I dipped into some new G Hughes sugar free honey mustard dipping sauce and it was super. I've periodically made my hot chocolate when I need something sweet at night. I adore it. (almond milk, cacao powder, Splenda, raspberry extract, 1TBSP Kerrygold melted), sprinkle of salt. Blend in blender, pour into pot and heat well before drinking. Fab.

Work is going great. This year has really kicked itself off with a bang and I've been a busy beaver. There's some fun projects and new clients. Older clients are still going strong and I'm thankful for them all. Norwex is hanging in there, still totally jazzed about the products. I did have a party yesterday and it felt good to get back in action, sharing with people how to get rid of chemicals. I'm thinking about an East Coast roadshow this year, Tennessee ad S. Carolina. I've got a few connections over that way and need to think about logistics. But it's out there in the Universe for stewing.

Shows I'm watching this month are The Bachelor of course. They finally added more Anne with an E to Netflix, which I ADORED. I re-binged all 5 seasons of Schitt's Creek with Kev since he hadn't seen it. We are now in the latest, and final, season 6. I'm catching my Hallmark Winter Fest movies, mainly when I'm on the treadmill, and Howard's End on Masterpiece.

That's what's happening round here, other than the face treatment I'm doing. It's a 4-6 week deal with peeling and dryness and expensive as butt. I didn't really evaluate what it would cost for the whole thing and I'm well into it now so will finish but sheesh. I can't use moisturizer or powder, and had to purchase specific brand of liquid makeup, so my whole routine has been turned upside down. I travel to and fro with the "rescue gel" and slather it on my face before going into any place, even the gym. If not I look like a lizard girl and people stare. It's really something. I'm hoping in the end for nice even skin tone with no redness. What an adventure! Updates next month.


Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Jan 31 2019 - Beginning and Endings

NYE. We had a lovely breakfast with Mom and Dad K before getting to the airport and on home to Colorado. We took smoked, stuffed jalapenos to a party and got home around 12:30 this morning. I've decided to take a hiatus from writing this blog and wish you a super lovely, and healthy 2020! 💖