Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Very Meaty Day

Steamed Eggs Win Again
I went to sleep nicely and remained there until 3:30AM when I got up to pee. Kev woke at the same time, always weird when we wake at the same time, and luckily I got back to sleep ok, he did not. He said I was snoring good just before I woke around 7. I got up and dressed, went down to feed the babies and get bacon cooking. I made coffee and had a half cup with my favorite regular CoffeeMate powdered creamer and Splenda. I know it's gross but that old fashioned creamer, not the fat free crap, is the BEST. It makes my favorite cup of coffee every time. Kev requested eggs so I steamed them in good ol Kerrygold butter and man oh man they are just so delicious. Still not tasting bacon very much but at least I can enjoy them eggs. Kev headed off to work shortly after finishing breakfast and I cleaned up the dishes.

Big Burger and Leftover Cabbage
I changed and went to the gym, arriving around 8:50. Class was from 9-10 and it was a great workout as usual. I was able to zone into the music and not pay attention to how hard it is, which is why I love it and make myself go. I got home and showered and got super duper hungry around 11:30. I hurried on to the store because I was craving a burger patty and needed the meat. I ran into a woman that comes to Zumba sometimes and the first thing she says is "oh my gosh your skin is amazing, what do you eat?" to which I replied, "a lot of meat." This is such a vegan community that whenever I can get a chance I praise my meat. I am NOT a fan of the vegan diet and know people that have become very sick when practiced long term. I especially love that there will actually be a carnivory conference in Boulder in March and I hope to attend. I'm still a believer after the eight months I ventured into it but can't give up all plants. I really enjoy a handful of them but definitely as a side to my beef, unless it's a salad. I do love me a good salad with some sort of meat on it. I got home and proceeded to make a one pound patty and cooked it perfectly in the cast iron skillet. I then proceeded to add this fry wall splatter guard, in two sizes, to my Christmas wish list. That burger was exceptional with some leftover cabbage while watching This Is Us.

Steaks and Cauli
I worked on art until 2:30 and then hit the road to run a couple errands. First was pet store for their dry baby food and some fish feeders and then on to Costco for trail mix. Theirs is hands down the best. I then stopped in at my facial lady's house to test out label sizes that I'm creating for her product bottles. I got home around 4:30 and had some of that trail mix to hold me over until dinner. Tonight was NY Strip steaks with sauteed mushrooms and roasted cauliflower. I ended up just pan cooking the steaks in butter since they were thin enough. The cauli was magnificent so Kev said. After dinner we enjoyed couch time while Kev watched Forged in Fire.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dinner Out

Tuesday Beginnings
Went to bed just after 10 last night and slept solidly until 6 when I heard the Kev stir. I snoozed until just before 7 and then got up and going. Kev had already fed the kitties, had bacon in the oven and had made the coffee before he went down to do a workout so there wasn't much I needed to get done. I got our yogurts out, chopped strawberries on his and took the bacon out when done. I had one of the leftover chia pancakes plain with my lemon yogurt and bacon and then cleaned up the dishes. I rounded up trash and Kev took it to the curb before he left for work. I sipped a half cup of coffee, with my creamer and Splenda, on the couch and set the DVR for all of November's Hallmark movies. All of them.

Random Bowl of Goodies
I changed and went to the gym for an hour of dance. Exercise has become my church. It keeps my body and soul energized and I feel amazing when it's done. I got home for a shower and when I dressed there was a ring at the door. The solar guys were back to finish up and officially turn on the system in the afternoon some time. I was hungry at 11:30 so went ahead and got some lunch going. I was going to eat what was in the house so ended up cooking three slices of bacon in the microwave, heating all of last night;s Brussels sprouts and then melting a little sharp cheddar on the bacon. I tossed in some red bell pepper with Baba ganoush and ate all of the random deliciousness while watching The Durrells of Corfu.

PM Snack
It was around 1PM that I made my way up to the office to finish inking the larger art piece. I got an email that one of the jobs I'd applied for was filled but thanking me for the interest. At least they responded. I worked on art and around 2:30 needed a snack. I rummaged around and had a little red pepper and Baba ganoush and then opted for a slice of pepper jack and a few almonds. I couldn't taste the cheese so I likely won't have it again. It did satisfy the gap in my stomach so that's a win.

Burger and Veggies Out
I inked on the art until 4:30 or so before the light got weird. I shut it down and went to the living room and said goodbye to the solar guys. They finished up the wiring and now we wait on our city inspection and the electric company adding a meter. It could be three more months before we get it really going. I watched Fixer Upper and at 5:30 it was time to change and head over to the HOA meeting. Kev joined me and boy it was a hot mess. Looks like there will be a change in management companies soon. It was 8PM by the time we left and no time to get home and then cook. We decided to go to a local joint, Black Diamond restaurant and tap house where I got a 1/2 lb burger patty with cheddar that was cooked perfectly. I got a side of veggies and put butter on them. It was exactly right. We got home and I had some trail mix and two small slices of an apple. Got The Voice watched and then hit the sack. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Chilly Monday

Monday Begins with Snow
I fell asleep super fast last night. I turned on Hearts of Space to this week's show, which was Native American flutes and got into bed. The first song played and it was very relaxing. The second song came on and I remember thinking, "I'll never go to sleep to this" since the temp was faster. But dang if it didn't just put me out and I remember no other song at all. I woke just before 4AM to pee and then was stuffy, blowing my nose etc. I'm starting to think that I'm developing allergies. I'd be stuffy in the mornings with Sampson and Pixel but it's most of the time, when I'm in the house now. Out of the house it goes away. I've also noticed it being worse since getting the vents cleaned. I got up just before 7, got bacon cooking and coffee brewing while the Kev was doing a workout. I made scrambled eggs and when we were done with breakfast he headed out for work. I shoveled the snow from the driveway and sidewalk, got sheets in the wash, folded laundry and got it all put up.

Lunch and the Babies Helping with Laundry
I sat down with my coffee, almost 9AM, enjoying it while listening to music and looking out at the now blue sky. Snow had been coming down steady this morning. It was around 9:30 when the allergy pill I took started kicking in and by 10 I felt much better. I got up and did a 30 minute PiYO workout downstairs since class was cancelled today and then showered, putting on warm comfies. I cut up a cabbage, got it cooking in bacon fat and turned on The Woman in White while it was doing its thing. When it was done I heated the last chunk of leftover meatloaf and ate it with the cabbage while the show continued. What a spooky show! After I had polished off at least 3/4 of the cabbage I was nice and full, ready to up and work on the soup night invitation art.

Dinner and Warm Dessert
I finished it up at 2:30 and got back to work on the larger piece. I inked until 4:30 and then went down to watch Poldark.  When it was over I got up and started dinner. I cut up Brussels and got them on the stove with bacon fat. When they were halfway done I made two half pound burger patties and seasoned with salt only before putting them into a hot cast iron skillet. I cooked 8 minutes on one side before flipping and 5 minutes on the second side. A minute in I added sharp cheddar to melt slowly. This is my perfect meal. For dessert I made a hot chocolate with almond milk, cacao powder, Splenda, vanilla and a little cinnamon. Mostly the same as my chocolate milk, combined good in the blender, but heated. I sipped while we watched The Voice to wind down the evening.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Day had Come

Snowy Sunday Morning
I slept brilliantly last night and when I got up at 5Am to pee I peeked out and found the snow and cars and rooftops covered in white. This is always the best feeling so I crawled back into my snuggy bed and drifted off under my electric blanket until waking again around 7. The Kev was already up and watching the snow with Teddy. He went down to get bacon and coffee started and I lounged a bit longer. I fed the babies and made perfectly cooked steamed eggs and then Kev loaded up and headed off for his first day of snowboarding.

Leftover Lunch
I cleaned up a bit in the kitchen, did some laundry, talked to Ma and then it was finally time, the highly anticipated viewing of the first Hallmark Christmas movie of the season. It has been on the DVR waiting for this very moment, and with the snow there couldn't have been a more perfect time for Christmas at Pemberly Manor. And it didn't disappoint. Decorating a tree, making cookies, the music, the town Christmas festival, the turning of Scrooge into a believer. All the makings. I then downloaded the Countdown to Christmas app to make sure I don't miss anything. This led to setting the DVR out until Thanksgiving. Lunch was pickings from the fridge. The rest of the taco meat mixed with sour cream and topped with cheddar. I also cut up a red bell pepper and had Baba ganoush with it. It was actually a nice combo all together.

PM Snack
I put up our little table top Christmas tree in the afternoon. We won't do the big one since another tree is in it's place, the tall cat tree. I decorated the mini with sweet ornaments and played Hallmark the rest of the day. I wanted to whip up something warm for the Kev when he returned from the slopes, knowing he didn't eat lunch. I tried this recipe for Keto Pigs in a Blanket and they turned out yum! I dipped three of mine in a lil G Hughes Original BBQ sauce and had a few more plain. enjoyed the snow, which came down all day long non stop.

Instead of the Chili
I tried a new chili recipe and got it going around noon so there would be plenty of simmering time for the flavors to come together. There were some different things in it that I typically don't add like coffee, beef broth and gluten free beer. Yes I brewed a couple cups of strong coffee just to use a half cup of it. Kev finished it up when he got home so there was no waste. We did a 25 minute stretching workout, I showered and got in my warm comfies and turned on How the Grinch Stole Christmas. We were ready for chili around 6. I made a bowl and topped it with hot dogs, cheddar and sour cream and had a few bites before not being able to continue. The flavors just didn't work for me, mainly the powdered chipotle, and I couldn't make myself eat it. Instead I heated some leftover meatloaf and green beans and then had some trail mix while watching Kidding and Outlander.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Makin' Meatloaf

Pancake Saturday Morning
It took a while to get to sleep again. This time it was excitement of the back yard, thinking of all the things I can do to make it even more my own, adding color and character  to the already great base layer. I woke around 5 and couldn't make myself get up to pee, although I really had to go. The wind was also a culprit in the waking. It was howling like crazy bringing in some warm before the storm. I dozed until 6:30 and played with Teddy in the bed until 7 and then got up. Kev had made the coffee so I put bacon in the oven and then made a half cup with Splenda and heavy cream before getting pancakes going. Today was Chia Seed Blender Pancakes with Wild Blueberry Syrup, a definite favorite.

Leftover Taco Lunch
After breakfast I tossed the kitchen rugs in the wash and went out to walk around the back and just look. It's so nice and clean and fresh and is certainly an outdoor living space now. Just after 9AM we went for the medium loop walk and when we got back home I pulled out the mower and got up the remainder of the leaves. We drove them to the leaf drop off and then went to fill fish water and get groceries. The day was so beautiful I was itchy to play in the yard but really can't do anything until they seal the patio next week. Around 1PM I was ready for some lunch. I heated a pork rind tortilla and slathered it with the rest of the guacamole and a dollop of sour cream. I added on heated leftover taco meat and grated on some Colby jack cheese and ate it flat like a pizza with a fork. It was delicious and that tortilla surprisingly reheated beautifully.

After I finished eating a friend texted and was at the new park behind our house with her kids. I walked over to join them for a while and man that playground is the bomb. All sorts of fun things to do. There's even a zipline for the young kids and it's funny to watch them on it.  When I got home I vacuumed the house and just as I was done the solar guys arrived to hook up the system. They were missing some parts so didn't get it fully going and left around 4:30. I got green beans cooking in bacon fat and whipped up a meatloaf. Kinda my own concoction, kinda this one and kinda this one. I mixed 2 lbs of beef with 2 eggs, 1/2c almond flour, 1/4c Parmesan, 1c sharp cheddar grated, roughly 1/2c spicy pork rinds crushed, garlic and onion powders, splash of Worcestershire, salt, black and cayenne pepper. I topped with our favorite store bought BBQ sauce, because it's always better than ketchup, and it was super delicious. We watched The Americans and I had almonds for dessert.

Friday, November 09, 2018

A Whole New Yard

Steamed Eggs with Bacon
I was asleep by 9:15 last night. And slept hard. I woke just before 3 to pee and couldn't get back to sleep. Kev woke and he ended up finishing his book and we both eventually drifted off sometime in the 4-5AM hour. We woke next at 7:30 when Kev's alarm went off. I got up and dressed around 7:45 and there were already a couple landscaping guys waiting outside for their boss to arrive. I got bacon in the oven and made steamed eggs in butter to go with it. After the dishes were cleaned up I looked out and saw grass! We thought the original plan was to plant grass in the Spring but I guess it will just go dormant for winter and be all good. It is nice and green and pretty and really brings everything together.

Leftover Lunch Meat
I went out after 11 to the bank and to Sprouts, mainly to get coffee and Brussels sprouts. They had them for freaking .98/lb which is the cheapest I'll ever find them. I loaded up too man. I also picked up some good looking sugar free dark chocolate almonds and some trail mix to test. Kev says it's not better than the Costco brand so we'll just stick to that from now on. I brought back Dominoe's pizza and Cokes for the landscape guys and we moved the patio table, that was in the garage, into the sun for them to relax and enjoy. I heated last night's leftover tri tip and ate while watching The Durrell's in Corfu. I also had a handful of dark chocolate almonds.

Pizza Night
The afternoon zipped by quickly. Around 3 me and Kev went for the medium loop walk before the dark started setting in. I'm having a hard time with this time change. It usually doesn't affect me but this year it is. I don't know what to do and have been going to bed earlier because of the dark. The landscapers finished up the yard today and it's so lovely it's a little overwhelming. I've thought about a back yard design for 10 years and it's finally happened. And there's plenty of tinker room for my touches. Me and Mama will get into some trouble come spring/summer next year. Since I didn't feel like going back to the store as planned we had pizza since everything I needed was in the fridge. I made the crust and topped with sauce, pepperoni, yellow bell pepper, mushroom and black olives. I made a little side salad to use up some lettuce and the dressing was EVOO and balsamic vinegar. Dessert was herbal tea and sugar free dark chocolate almonds. I spent the rest of the evening researching chimineas for the patio and outdoor tables to go by the smoker. I mean this one would be amazeballs y'all....

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Some Sugar

I woke fifteen minutes before 7, got up to go to the bathroom and crawled back into bed until around 7:20. It was 20 something degrees outside and that bed was just so warm. But I did get up and going, a little slower today but I dressed and fed kitties then made eggs since Kev had already cooked up the bacon. I was really hungry and three steamed eggs hit the spot. Oh they are so delicious and I can still taste them better than I can taste the bacon. So weird.  Just before 9 I changed and went to the gym for dance. I was ready to warm myself up with some movement. A dance friend that's celebrating Diwali brouhgt me a bag of traditional yummies and I was super honored that she chose to share with me!

Leftover Lunch and Sampling Diwali Goodies
I got home and took a much needed shower, got in some warm comfies, socks and my slippers and pulled out the art but distracted by the flagstone arriving for the back yard. At noon I heated the remainder of the salsa verde chicken casserole and then had one of each of the Diwali goodies that were in the bag. A ball that's chickpea flour, nuts and sugar syrup and cardamom, a yogurt raisin and two red gummy candies. Remi was very curious.

PM Snack
I went for a facial just before 1PM. We did a trade and I love that. I got her business cards handled and she gives me facials. Win. I got home and needed a snack. I had three slices of salami and a Babybel. I went up to work on some art, today the invitation to soup night. I want to get that going because when we return from Thanksgiving time will fly.

Tri Tip and Brussels
I inked until after 5 and went down to move cars back into the driveway and to get dinner started. I had a trip tip roast marinating for a few days in my favorite balsamic mustard concoction. I heated a cast iron skillet with olive oil and seared the roast, fat side down. When nice and brown Kev put a probe in it and put it into the 425 degree oven. While cooking I cut and cleaned Brussels and got them on the stove in bacon fat. The roast was done first and when the Brussels were soft enough we cut the roast and chowed. It was perfection. Especially the Brussels. They were cooked so perfectly. The meat was also delicious but I could have had a bit more of the balsamic mustard flavor. I had hot tea after dinner and watched The Woman in White on Masterpiece.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Pot Pie

Wednesday Fuel
It took me much longer to get to sleep last night but when I did, it was on. And before I woke this morning I was in a weird dream. I don't remember much of it but I had married some guy behind the back of some other guy I was dating. I woke after I dumped the dating guy. The one I married is one of the doctors on Grey's Anatomy right now. I got up just after 7, dressed and went down to get bacon cooking in the oven. Kev had an early call and he made coffee. We had yogurt with our bacon and he headed down to his office. I changed and went to the gym for PiYO, did my thing and was glad when it was over. It's really a love hate relationship.

Mediterranean Lunch
I got home, took a shower and dressed and watched the landscape guys from upstairs in my office. At 11:30 I left to go meet an old colleague, that I adore, for some lunch in Boulder. We opted for the Ali Baba grill where we started with an order of falafel, I had two, and my meal was, of course, a Greek salad with chicken shawarma. It wasn't as good as I remembered and we talked so much that I didn't eat a lot before he had to get to a meeting back at his office. I put my salad in the to go container and ate a lot of it once I was home. When done the electrician showed up to get the two new outlets installed in the back. They left around 2:45 and I had a call with the landscape designer to catch up.

Skillet Chicken Pot Pie
I worked on two art pieces the rest of the afternoon. One is an invitation to a neighborhood soup night that I'm hosting in December at the house with two neighbor friends. The other was the main piece that's consumed my brain for the last two years. I went downstairs after 5 to get dinner started. Tonight I made this recipe for Keto Chicken Pot Pie for the first time. It's a little bit of work but not too bad once you get going. And it's worth it. It's delicious and comforting and will be made again.

Chocolate Milk
After the dinner dishes were cleaned I made a cup of chocolate milk with unsweetened almond milk, 1 TBSP cacao powder, 1.5 TBSP Splenda, maybe 1/8 tsp vanilla and some ice cubes. I watched Poldark and sipped the evening away.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Taco Tuesday

Quick Breakfast with Remi
I sent the ol resume out last night before bed and proceeded to sleep so hard I had two dreams. To recap the first one...a man that bought a hot dog business, in an old home, traded me a room to use as an office away from the house in exchange for doing his marketing materials. Recapping the second... a friend lived in a haunted building and fell in love with the male ghost. The ghost would pop in and out of people visiting and you could tell by the actions. Everyone knew about it and acted like it was nothing. She eventually got engaged to the ghost and I woke before the wedding. Dang it. I got up just after 6:30 and lounged in the comfy until just after 7. I got up fed kitties and made a cup of coffee to sip with the Kev until he realized his call was at 8. I hurried to heat the leftover biscuit boats and scoop some berries on his plate so he could take it down to his office. I leisurely ate mine with a baby Remi sitting next to me and after I cleaned up the dishes I moved the cars and got the trash out.

Repeat of Yesterday's Lunch
I changed and headed on over to the gym for dance. I had a ton of energy today and burned 615 calories in that hour. I got home, showered and dressed and then heated the leftover burger patty and yellow squash. After I was done I met the girls at At Home for throw pillow shopping. A couple hours later we caravaned over to Sherri's to help her set them out on the couches. I got home by 2PM and hurried into my comfies, ready to work on art. Around 3 I grabbed an Atkins bar for a snack and continued inking the art. This particular piece I've been pondering for about two years now. It's nothing super spectacular but I'm loving it and so glad it's getting out into the universe.

Pork Rind Tortillas
I had to get up every 30 minutes or so to look out at the progress in the back yard.  They put in the drip lines and mulch today and it is really starting to look like something now. It will be weird going until Spring without any grass but when it does go in it will be such a lovely addition. There is so much mulch that we'll have to get it delivered  from a dump truck when we need to replenish it. I wrapped up the art around 5 and went down to think about getting dinner started. On the menu was tacos and I couldn't wait to try this recipe for Pork Rind Tortillas. They cooked up fabulously and held up just as well when loaded with the homemade guac that Kev whipped up, sour cream, beef (seasoned with chili powder, cumin, dried onion, salt and pepper) and cheddar. Deliciousness on the plate.

Chocolate Milk
After dinner we settled on the couch wit fireplace on, watching the voting results come in. I had a couple blackberries and a strawberry and then at 7:30 I needed a little chocolate. I knew exactly what I would make, a cup of chocolate milk. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk. 1.5 TBSP cacao powder, 1TBSP Splenda and a few drops of chocolate Stevia. I blened with four cubes of ice to make it colder and it was perfect.

Monday, November 05, 2018

Swedish Meatballs

Starting Monday Right
The magic duo of electric blanket and sleep music worked again. I fell asleep fast and didn't budge until I had to pee in the wee hours of the morning. I got back to sleep until just before 7 and lounged until at least 7:15. I dressed and fed the kitties. Kev already had coffee made and bacon in the oven. I made steamed eggs to go with the bacon and afterwards we moved our cars for the landscape guys.

Burger and Squash
It was soon time to change and get to the gym for PiYO and I always dread it on a Monday morning after a low key weekend. It's hard and takes some warming up to to get back in the groove. I felt great once class was over, a little like wonder woman after using all my little muscles. Got home, showered and worked on finalizing the art sketch. Just after noon I went down to make some lunch, burger patty and leftover squash. I had a mini Coke Zero with it and then headed back up to the office.

Delish Swedish Meatballs
I got the sketch transferred to good paper and began inking. I chatted with Ma, who is having cataract surgery tomorrow, and continued work on the art until around 5PM. I went down to get dinner started, which was this recipe for Swedish Meatballs. We had leftover mashed cauli to use up and this was the perfect way to use it. And this recipe was lights out delicious. A few lessons learned though...onions definitely need to be very finely ground, next time I'll food process them. Also I'll cook meatballs in a nonstick skillet. Everything else was perfection. The flavors are so wonderful and these will be made again. I had an Atkins bar for dessert and we watched The Voice as I browsed for jobs.