Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Late Night Munching

Quick and Easy Grub
It took a while to get to sleep, I think I was a bit wound up after creating my Norwex Facebook page. It was around 1AM before my brain quieted down and I slept ok. I'd wake off and on with my usual "hearing things" and got up just after 7. I dressed, washed my face with one of the body cloths, and went down to feed the hungry boys. I scooped litter, took the trash out and watered outside flowers and plants before I ate some Egg Bites quickly. I went on up early to change for the gym because today was our instructor's birthday and we made her a gift basket of everything she hates. I needed to get there early so it would be hidden before she came in. And she bout peed her pants laughing so hard. It was priceless and she said it was the best gift ever.

Protein Shake with Tiny Hands
We danced to all of Sherri's favorite songs and had a great time. I got home, ready for a shower and my comfies and some work. I made a protein shake with unsweetened almond milk, protein powder, cacao powder, sweetener, almond butter, banana extract and ice, and then planted myself at my desk for the rest of the day. I worked on the big Denver project and then some Norwex stuff. I took breaks to get mail and bring the trash and compost bins, ended up having to wash out the nasty compost bin thanks to the hot summer.

Beef Casserole
I finished up with work around 5:30, went down to the kitchen and prepped a Creamy Beef Casserole for dinner. It's been quite a while since I've made one and I had a hankerin'. I browned the beef and let it simmer in the salsa verde. I riced a cauli and got it cooked in the micro. I added in a bunch of green onions, a container of cottage cheese and half cup of sour cream and it was ready to put it all together. I lined the bottom of the pan with some beef, all the cauli mixture went on top, the rest of the beef on top of that and finally covered with a small bag of Mexican cheese blend. Baked for 30 minutes, which was a little too long and extra browned the cheese, but it was SUPER tasty as I watched Hallmark's A Summer Romance on the DVR. Next up was Bachelor in Paradise and around 10PM I had a case of the munchies. I grabbed the whole pan of beef casserole and ate some right on the couch with a fork. Show was over at 10:45 and I was ready for bed.

Two Days of Eats


It's Been SO Long!
I slept well Sat night and didn't get up in the night. This is a big deal. That little fan has really made a difference in my sleep I think. The day began around 7 with a nice medium loop walk with Kev. When we got back to the house bacon was put into the oven and I watered flowers outside. When the bacon was done I made Snickerdoodle Egg Crepes, something we hadn't had in a while and Kev was pumped about it. They were fantastic and really got the day off to a good start. Ells came over just before 10 to pick me up for a little shopping. It is a friend's birthday this week and we were planning a funny gift basket. We hit up Dollar Tree, and basically found a ton and then strolled Goodwill, finding nothing there.

Leftover Yummy Lunch
We got back to the house, neighbor Amy joining us to chat while me and Ells made everything else. Me in Photoshop of course. When we were done Amy left and Me and Ells enjoyed leftover brisket with the Kev. I double dipped the coleslaw because it was rock star good. Ells left and it ended up being impromptu nap time about 2:15. I fell asleep fairly quickly, which isn't usual, and got up at 3:30.

Pre Show
I went down to get squash and onion prepped and into bacon fat. It simmered a couple hours, while I went up to get a little work done in the office, and just after 5 I went down to make up some burger patties. Kev grilled them up and I worked as they grilled. When done he melted on some cheddar and we enjoyed the squash with the meat. We dressed and hit the road to Denver where we saw Anastasia on the final performance of it's tour in Denver. The set was the most beautiful I've seen. The way video screens were used looked amazing.Theater has come so far.


Eggs and Broccoli
I slept great Sunday night too, even after guzzling Mango Peach Green Tea Crustal Light before bed.Well, technically, it was guzzled in the car on the way home from the show in Denver. The ceiling fan, and my new little fan, were on and did their jobs for me. I did wake to kiss the Kev goodbye as he left at 3AM for work but was out again like a light.  I got up at around 6 something, dressed and made the bed and went down to get the kitties fed. I restocked their auto feeder while at it and watered outside flowers. I was ready for a little breakfast and grabbed eggs and leftover broccoli, that sounding really good this morning. And it was.

Protein Shake and a Remi
I dressed and left about 8:15 to go to a friend's house. She was hosting an all day coffee/tea open house to celebrate the going back to school for kids. The Moms freed up all dropped in, and those of us that work from home that could go. Met some nice women and met another designer that does her own thing, working from home. We'll be getting together. I filled up the car with gas and did some grocery shopping before heading home to get to work. I was settled down and cranking by 10:45 and worked until 12:45 when I needed a protein shake.

Favorite Quick Meal
I chatted with Ma and then checked in on Dad, wondering how his office folks took the news of his leaving for Texas. I then worked diligently until around 5 when I changed and went down to make a quick dinner. I browned ground beef and seasoned with salt and cayenne pepper. When done I mixed beef with sour cream and grated on sharp cheddar. This is a no-fail, always great and filling meal. I headed over to my Norwex leader's house to watch a virtual party, which got cancelled but she sent me home with some kid hand towels to borrow for the road show. I nibbled cherries at her house before show was cancelled. I got home, got in my comfies and watched  a Hallmark movie, A Taste of Summer, which was cute. Bachelor in Paradise wrapped up the TV watching, always loving a good fight! and then I worked on building my Norwex Facebook pag until after midnight.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ready for Rome

Quick Breakfast before Peach Fest
Yay for more good sleep! Thanks fan! I woke at 6:30 and dressed. Kev got coffee brewing and I watered flowers. We sipped coffee on the back patio, mine with creamer and Splenda, and oh it was so nice out! The patio door was open and kitties came out to raom a little before I went in and got them fed. I made up a batch of coleslaw, so it could get in the fridge and soak in flavors, and then ran up to change so we could head out. We walked over to Kristi's to pick her up on the way to our sweet downtown for the annual Peach Festival. It was packed right at opening at 9 and warming up fast. We stopped at the Australian hand pie shop where Kev picked up a hand peach pie, which I actually had two bites of. Superb of course and a nice way to get in the mood.

Add caption
We walked the entire street, looking in at some of the booths, then turned around to head back. Kev picked up a small bag of Morton's peaches, his favorite, on the route and we wandered on back to the hood. We left Kristi at her place, got home and I turned the living room fan on high. We were hot and needed to cool off! LAW! I eventually evened out and got up to do a bit of cleaning. This is so gross but I have tested myself lately. I have not vacuumed in TWO weeks y'all. TWO. And I do not recommend this. The wood floors looked like the roads do in winter here, with snow covering and blowing across. The constant, wispy, white tumbleweeds. But today I had had it. Kev vacuumed while I cleaned bathrooms, which took no time thanks to my favorite stuff! Also, I tried this chenille mop pad for the first time and OMG it's my new favorite thing. Picks up the hair like crazy. YEN and J came over for a late lunch around 2PM. Kev smoked a brisket, put it on the T-Rex last night before bed, and we were ready for it. The coleslaw was perfect and me and Kev ate a little of the sausage Mom and Dad K had brought up as appetizer. We all ate on the patio and devoured some of that goodness. Brisket was perfection. Dessert was fresh peach, of course, along with cherries as we chatted. Twas a good time!

They left around 5ish and me and Kev got in the kitchen to dome some cleanin' up. I did dishes while he cut up what was left of the brisket. When done we both got comfy on the couch. A good bit of work came in earlier today, stuff I knew was coming from my Texas client, and it gave me a little pre- anxiety for the week ahead. I started watching Rome in Love, a Hallmark movie I recorded a while back and oh it made me super excited at the thought of our Italy trip coming eventually. I made myself a cup of hot cocoa (unsweetened almond milk, cacao powder, Kerrygold, Splenda, raspberry extract, chocolate Stevia) and enjoyed the show and scenery.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Working and Eating

Breakfast with Babies
Today is my Dad's birthday. He is in Dallas looking for a new home. I'm happy for his new chapter in life, and a new adventure and hope it goes smoothly.

Another night of good sleep with the little fan. I think I got up in the wee hours to pee and back to sleep very quickly. I got up next around 6:30 and me and Kev dressed to go for a medium loop walk. It was in the 50s outside, one of the reasons we hauled tail out the house, and there weren't many folks walking. We passed the odd person with dog but mainly enjoyed the breeze as we chatted. It was fairly close to home when we got very hungry so when we hit the house I made a b-line to the pans, the parchment and the bacon. I watered flowers outside while the meat candy was cooking and then made steamed eggs when the bacon was done. Oh man it was a good. The babies chilled near while we ate.

Working Lunch Shake
After dishes were clean we both went up to our offices for a day of work. I had plenty to do, all fun. It was 12:30 when I wandered down to the kitchen for some lunch. As it's been lately I wanted a protein shake. With the weather warm the shakes at lunch are very cool and satisfying. And today's was very tasty. Just the right amount of cacao powder, almond butter and banana extract. I took it up to my desk and continued working.

Chicken and Broccoli
I guess it was around 4PM when a  friend called to see if I wanted to meet her and her two kids at the park behind the house. She ended up swinging by and giving me a lift and we chatted and watched the kids until 4:45 or so. She dropped me back at the house and I worked until 6:15, when I couldn't work no mo, cause of hunger. I went down and prepped Parm chicken and got broccoli steaming on the stove. I told Kev to listen for the timer and made a store run. When I got home everything was done. I melted some butter and mixed it into the broccoli and we ate out on the patio. After dinner Kev mowed and I used the new blower, my new fave. It's cordless and holy moly did that make all the difference in the world. I went in and watched Younger and Kev washed cherries for dessert.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Like Christmas

Sneaky Addition
Sleep was much better last night once I brought my new Zumba super fan into the bedroom. It added some light white noise and once I covered the little lights it was great. I did get up around 4:30 to pee but went back to sleep fine. I got up right at normal time, 7:20ish and was ready for the day. I fed the babays and got bacon cooking. I watered flowers and when the bacon was done we grabbed our yogurts. Me the Two Good and Kev the full fat Fage. I scooped some of his into mine and it made it so much thicker and creamier, without having a bunch of carbs. After breakfast I went up to do about 30 minutes of work before it was time to change for dance.

Early Shake
I grabbed the fan and my wallet and shades and headed out to the gym in Kev's car, mine still at the shop today. I sweated good, which cleared my head to get home, shower, make a protein shake and get on a call at 11:30. But first I ran across the street to approve of a dark grey for my neighbor's house paint. The call was great and very productive with my Houston client, and my college friend in Tennessee that I brought in to help out on a big project. Once the call was done I did a wee bit for my LA client and then on to my Denver client for the rest of the day. I did have Egg Bites around 2:30 when I got a little hungry. I also took a slight break when my Norwex August party shipment arrived. Like Christmas every time.

Meatballs and Baby in a Box
I unplugged around 6:30 and went to the kitchen to prep chicken meatballs with the rest of the marinara and mozzarella on top. I didn't have much marinara left so they were pretty dry, for my taste. I didn't eat a whole lot and knew I'd likely get hungry before bed. I settled on the couch after dishes were cleaned and chatted with Sis K about her Norwex Texas Road Show kickoff party. The rest of the night was spent browsing online and pre-planning a Norwex party in late September for a friend.  Bedtime was around 10:30.

Meanwhile, Dad got to Dallas today for his weekend house hunt. That will be on my mind.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Old Photo but Same Breakfast
I didn't sleep all that well last night. Started off strong but I woke at 4:30 hot and had to pee. Kev got up at same time for same reasons and we actually talked about getting a new mattress. We have an 11 year old Tempurpedic before they were built with cooling options so it gets quite hot. The technology has come so far now that it may be time to save me from my night sweats. I dozed off and on until I got up at 7 when the alarm went off. I dressed and fed kitties and we headed out to take my car to the shop. It's getting a few things done since i'm making the long road trip soon and I've hit 60,000 miles. Timing belt, transmission fluid, air filter etc. We left the car and I'd pick it up on Thursday.

Protein Lunch Shake
We got home and started some breakfast. There was only three slices of bacon so I put it on the oven and Lev started cooking sausage. This was a good thing because I got to watering flowers and when I went to get the bacon it was mostly burnt. Sausage and eggs was great and we both went up to work after dishes were cleaned up. My gym friends invited me to come do yoga at 9 but I really wasn't in the mood for it. My schedule has changed after PiYO was cancelled and I've gotten used to that. I worked on Norwex stuff and went down to watch POSE while I waited for client feedback. I made a protein shake for lunch, because it was cool and sounded good, and went back up to my desk to find an email from a previous client that I turned onto the Carnivore way during a flight one day. He says "I haven’t turned back since our chat 14 months ago. Feeling great, nearly every health issue is no longer an issue and holding steady at 195 – my ideal weight. My fitness went through the roof. My resting heart rate is below 50 now. I’m playing tennis competitively 3 times a week and I’m in the quarterfinals in the city playoffs. My recovery is so quick now and can dang near play every day if I could. This diet is 1000% a way of life for me now and I have you to thank."

The Best. Burgers and Broccoli.
After my heart melted from such a nice note YEN came over at 3:15. She took a call from our dining room table because we had a meeting at a nearby coffee shop with our Denver client and it saved time. I had a hard boiled egg with mayo as a snack before we left and we went over to meet her just after 4, her call ran a little long. I sipped a hibiscus decaf iced tea as we chatted about some changes and all parted ways at 6PM. Just before YEN dropped me off at home I got a text from Sis Rhon that she didn't think she wanted to do the Norwex party for me in Dallas. No reason. And this is after I modified and extended my schedule to accommodate the evening she wanted, a Friday evening. Kev even got a flight to come to the last party and drive back with me. Talk about totally disappointed! I was looking forward to closing out a fun 2 weeks of sharing great products with my dearest friends and family. Me and YEN chatted with Kev for a little before she left close to 7PM. Kev then lit the grill, I made burger patties and broccoli and we sat out on the patio to eat as the sun set, me still kinda bummed and ranted to Ma, Kev already hearing it. I know the direct sales business is mostly a life of NO but I really didn't expect it from her. But this is a small blip and I'm not letting it get in the way of my excitement to see the people that matter and share these great things. Onward! I have some good work to finish out the week with so YAY!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Busy Work

Ready for Dance
I couldn't turn my mind off last night after getting into bed before 11. Kev thinks it could be the Crystal Light Peach Mango Green tea I drink a heck of a lot of, even before bed. There is a little caffeine so I've moved on to Grape as a test tonight. I didn't get up in the night but did have to pee and probably should have. I got up at 7:20 to pee and dressed. I was tired and sat on the bed for a little while before moving downstairs to feed the kitties. I watered the plants and flowers and Kev cooked bacon in the oven. I heated Egg Bites to go with it and oh it was a good breakfast.

Lunch Shake
I did a wee bit of work before changing  and getting to the gym. My fan is still going strong and has been amazing as I sweat. I got home after a good workout and showered. I put on my comfies and went to my office to work. I was still waiting on client feedback so had great time to work on some more Norwex branding. I'm designing documents so everything meshes and looks professional. I got a t-shirt design sent off to be printed and printed catalog labels. I had a short conference call about one project with my friend that I've outsourced to and then me and Kev made protein shakes for lunch. Mine had unsweetened almond/coconut milk, protein powder, 1/2 TBSP cacao powder, 1 TBSP almond butter, chocolate Stevia, pink packet, wee bit of banana extract, ice. Deliciousness. I sipped the shake and chatted with Mom K to party plan for her Norwex gathering. it will be so fun!

Chicken Meatballs and Homegrown Beans
I worked on stuff and had another conference call in the afternoon. I sent a file off to a client for review and worked on Norwex items until 6PM. I went down to the kitchen and got dinner started and we were omg so hungry. I cut up chicken meatballs and put them in a pan with roasted garlic marinara and simmered. In another pan I cooked up the fresh beans that my neighbor brought me. We melted mozzarella on the meatball mixture and devoured it fairly quickly. I went up to work until 8:15 and then joined Kev on the couch for Bachelor in Paradise. I was very ready for bed once it was done.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Gettin' Close

Perfectly Steamed Eggs
Sleep was elusive last night. I would wake with the hot engulfing me. I can feel it arriving so I stick a leg out, then the other then pull my shirt up so my stomach gets the fan, roll onto my side so my back gets the air then after a couple minutes am ready for the covers again. This went on three to four times. Each time I'm awake and don't get right back to sleep. I did get up at 3:30 to pee as well. So I was a little tired when I woke right around my 7:30 time frame. I dressed and fed kitties. I watered the plants and flowers while Kev made us a lovely breakfast of bacon and steamed eggs, which were cooked so perfectly. Teddy joined us on the table, still getting used to this, but he's so sweet and stays in his far corner spot. He just likes to be near.

Boob Squish Lunch Shake
After breakfast I did a little work, didn't have much on the docket today yay! And actually got some sketching time in on the art order. At 10 I changed and put a little makeup on, headed out to a friend's Mom's funeral service. The cemetery was on a hill and had a pretty view of the hills. The service began with Sunshine on my Shoulders by John Denver and I lost it. How touching. I got back to the house just after 12:30 and made a protein shake. I made one for the Kev too, who was on a call, and then left again for my boob squishing appointment. All came back normal and I'd see them again next year. I'm fortunate that I "have enough to work with" when it comes to this test. It doesn't hurt at all and am done within 5-10 minutes.

Beef, Sour Cream and Cheddar Bowl
I attempted a short nap when I got home but it was really just some down time with eyes closed. I got up after 30 minutes and cooked up some ground beef for a way early dinner. I mixed it with sour cream and cheddar and had a conference call with a friend that was working on a client's project with me. I headed to a Norwex training that started at 5. It was supposed to last until 9 but our questions were answered by 7:30 so we went home early. I changed and washed my face before washing a few cherries and settling down for Bachelor in Paradise. I did a little Norwex work because I'm really starting to get my mind into the Texas Road Show! It's gettin' close!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Working Sunday

Post Walk Eats
It was a decent night of sleep. I woke a few times and my mind rambled. I woke to pee around 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I woke with hot flashes and it took a while to get back to sleep. But overall I felt rested enough when I got up at 7:30. Kev had been up since like 4 and he's really connecting poor sleep to when he has alcohol the night before. It was sipping tequila last night. I dressed and we put our shoes on for a big loop walk. There was cloud cover so it was super lovely out in the morning. We got back and I put sausage on the stove to cook. Of course scrambled eggs went with it.

Shake and Eggs
Laundry was done, Kev mowed and trimmed, I pulled weeds and clipped the grasses lining the driveway and decided I wanted a protein shake for lunch. I poured the almond/coconut milk and realized I was out of almond butter. This fat is key to it not being a puff of aifr so I went to the grocery and got home, along with a few other things we needed. I got back, made the shake and took it up to the office to sip as I worked. I had a good sized presentation to do and I'm so glad I decided to look at it today because it was bigger than I expected.

Burgers and Squash Redo
I billed a solid 6 hours, taking a short break in the afternoon to have two hard boiled eggs with mayo, and to fold clothes. Thankfully the Kev got dinner going. We both wanted burgers again so he formed up the patties, grilled them up and melted on the cheese. He heated the rest of last night's squash and we enjoyed eating out on the patio. Oh my gosh the evening was amazing. After dinner we both sat out and read, my reading material was the new Norwex catalog. When it got too dim to see good we went in and had some cherries while we watched a bit of the gymnastics championships. I eventually turned it on Grantchester and watched before bed.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Low Key Saturday

Breakfast and a Baby
Oh man sleep was so good. I crashed hard and only remember a moment when little Teddy curled up next to my head on the pillow and purred himself to sleep.I woke right around 7:30, got up and dressed and went down to start the Saturday. I fed the babies and Kev made coffee. We sipped our cups out on the patio and then went in to start some breakfast. I got bacon in the oven and made good scrambled eggs to go with it. After the yum I settled on the couch to watch POSE. During the show we chatted with Bro and Sis K and then I went down to scoop litter.This led to the official move of the litter boxes to under the stairs. We are making it the official spot, will hang plastic and keep the litter dust off our stuff. It's been so annoying.

2-Part Lunch
I finished up POSE, we had some yogurt and then headed out for Home Depot to buy plastic. We are going all Dexter up in that litter spot. Kev was excited to buy some staples for his pneumatic gun thing. We went to Costco for a brisket and Egg Bites, Vitamin Cottage for fish water and squash and then back to the house. I got the squash and onion, fresh from a neighbor's garden, cooking in bacon fat, low on the stove and ate Egg Bites for a late lunch. We figured that Egg Bites are a $2.50 meal. Can't beat that! I watered plants and flowers. Kev got busy making the new kitty bathroom and I watched Grantchester.

Much Awaited Meat and Squash
Kev did a great job in the basement and I'm looking forward to cleaning out more stuff. I watched Good Trouble next and then Younger, clearing out the DVR. I stopped for a sec to stir the squash and make up some burger patties. Kev grilled them up and we melted on sharp cheddar. We ate with a surf documentary on TV that Kev wanted to watch. I was in beef bliss with my two 6oz burgers and yellow squash and onions that had been cooking for a couple hours.

Sunset on the Patio
After the show was done I made a hot chocolate, plenty of oxalates, Kev poured a little whiskey and we sat out on the patio for the sunset. And then sat out a little longer until mosquitoes ran us in. We then thought it would be a good time to brush the cats. That's a two person job, mainly for Teddy. Remi actually loves to be brushed. He's a ham. He also doesn't get knots at all. Teddy's coat is a bit different and he tends to get them, not like Sampson or Pixel but he gets them deep and I have to feel for them. Tricky knots. We got them all out and finished the evening on the couch listening to music.