Saturday, May 19, 2018

Marrow Burgers and Meatza

The Favorite Breakfast
I snoozed off and on until the Kev made it home from work around 1AM. I was asleep again around 1:30. I woke next at 7, dressed and went down to get tea made and breakfast started. I wanted Snickerdoodle egg crepes and Kev had no complaints. I mixed the eggs with cream cheese, Splenda and cinnamon to make the batter and let it sit for a minute or two while butter was melting in the pan. I made six crepes and had three along with three slices of bacon. The filling was butter, Splenda and cinnamon and I chopped up one large strawberry for garnish. This would be the start to a fruity day.

Marrow Burgers
I started the royal wedding after we ate and the dishes were cleaned up. I was oh so glad that I recorded it because goodness it was FIVE hours. I fast forwarded the majority but watched fun bits like the stars that attended, Meghan getting out of the car and her dress reveal, the vows, the walk hand in hand after the ceremony and the carriage ride on the gorgeous day through the town waving at the people. It was beautiful. I only saw up until Harry and Meghan got to the alter before I stopped to get dressed and get ready for Susan and Ben to join us for lunch. They arrived around 11:45 with some beautiful greens and radishes from their garden. Susan made a balsamic, EVOO and Dijon vinaigrette for it and I added in some of our fresh lettuce. I made a cucumber avocado salad with fresh dill and lemon juice and it was devoured completely. The marrow burgers from Blackbelly were great. I added on a little Miyokos and nibbled a slice of bacon with it. After lunch we had fresh berries mixed with some Splenda and a little balsamic. I made a whipped coconut cream to go on top. It was mixed with powdered Swerve and some vanilla.

Meatza Night
They left around 3 and Kev ran to pick up some plants for a friend that was out of town. When he got back we made a Walmart run and then on to Best Buy to see their Apple watches. I'm getting on mainly to track my exercise. I ended up finding a base model, all I need, from Costco and got a great deal. I then found mesh sport bands on Amazon which were free thanks to a gift card I had. Woo! I finished the rest of the wedding and Kev had already started dinner. Tonight was meatza and he mixed the ground beef with the hot Italian sausage. We rolled it out and baked it, sopping up the grease twice. When done I spread on pizza sauce and added on the pre-cooked bell pepper, fresh mushrooms, red onion and Italian blend of cheeses. We ate, eat four squares, while watching an episode of Homeland and had a small bowl of the berries with coconut cream for dessert. We went up to bed around 9:30.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Busy as a Bee

Friday Cheese Omelet
I went to sleep around 10:15 and woke at 11, thinking it was almost time to get up. I went back to sleep and woke at 1 to pee. I went back to sleep and woke at 7 when Sampson had had enough of the waiting. I got up and did the morning things. Sampson lingered outside as long as I would let him. The kitties all got fed and Sams put back in the geriatric penthouse. I cooked bacon and made a cheese omelet. I finally got to an episode of The Arrangement that was on the DVR. YAY for no commercials!

It was 9:15 when I went out to mow the yards. I wanted to take advantage of the fabulous, cool morning. I weed-eated and swept, pruned the dead branches from the knockout roses and then did some weeding in the front garden. This then led to the pruning of all the trees and hauling branches to Boulder. When I got back I cut back the big grasses and watered the plants before calling it done.

Tuna and Pruned Trees under Cloudy Sky
It was 1PM when I went in and started cleaning. I scrubbed the bathrooms and vacuumed all three floors before going up for a shower. I dressed, dried my hair and ate an Atkins Caramel Nut Chew bar on the way to the pet store for Sampson treats and to Costco to return a pair of shorts for the Kev. I was then on my way to Hobby Lobby to get a couple pieces of art framed but the ominous black cloud over that area made me take a right turn into my hood instead. When I got in I changed into my comfies and it got darker and darker out. Flash flood warnings were going off on my phone and on the TV, even cutting off the episode of The Arrangement I was watching on the DVR. I finished up the bit of tuna I made yesterday as well as a cookie and my neighbors popped in to see the babies. They were a no show though and I'm not used to shy kitties. I don't like it.

My Version of Hamburger Helper
I chatted with Kev and with Mama and around 6:30 I got some dinner going. It would be a repeat of last night's beef and cabbage bowl but I added a few mushrooms in tonight along with the red onion. I browned the beef with the onion and three mushrooms and when almost done dumped in the leftover cabbage to heat. This is my version of hamburger helper and it was delicious. After dinner I had a pecan cluster and watched an older documentary about Kate Middleton and how she's in the making to be a great, modern queen. Had to watch something royal before the wedding day tomorrow! I then watched The Arrangement until 9:30 and went to bed. And just FYI and TMI, between the two Atkins treats and the cookie, I will not be able to light a match in the house. Just sayin.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Almost the Weekend

Eggs in Pepper Rings
I was ready for sleep when it came. I read a little Outlander and listened to music to get me there and slept until 1AM when I woke hot and had to pee. I went to my office and stood in front of the open window. There wasn't any breeze so I went into the guest room where the ceiling fan was on. It seemed to suck in a breeze from that cracked window and I stood there for a minute until I started cooling down.

Sampson let me sleep until almost 7 this morning. I got up, dressed and took him out for his grass nibbling. Fed all the furry babies and I put bacon in the oven. I watered the flowers and then got to thinking about eggs. I was going to make them fried and then saw the half bell pepper in the fridge and it needed to be used. I cut two slices and got them softening in some melted butter before I cracked in the eggs. When done I turned on The Arrangement and watched while I ate.

Tuna Lunch
When the show was done I changed, had a cookie, went to dance, got home and was tempted to mow.  I then re-thought that since it was pretty warm and sunny out and tomorrow morning would be overcast, cooler and I wouldn't have any class to get to. Friday won so I showered, dressed and then made a run to the grocery. When I got home it was noon already so I made some tuna with both light and white, the remainder of my marinated cucumbers and olive oil mayo. I ate a half cup of it and started a new episode.

PM Shake
Sampson was yelling so around 1:30 I went up to spend some time with him and totally fell asleep. I woke at almost 4 and was hungry. I decided on a coconut milk/avocado chocolate shake since it was warm out and this sounded yummy and cooling. I added a TBSP of chia seeds to the mix this time and it was a little thick. Next time I'll add more almond milk. 

Beef and Cabbage Bowl
I didn't do much of anything the rest of the afternoon. I watched more of The Arrangement and had a long chat with Mama before I got up around 6:30 to get some dinner started. I cooked up a cabbage in bacon fat and browned 8oz of ground beef with about 2 TBSP of chopped red onion. These quick beef and veggie bowls have become a favorite go-to for me. Browning ground beef takes no time and it pairs with any veggie. Just a little salt and cayenne is all it needs. Always a no fail meal. I took my first Metformin after eating so we'll see what happens. The doc wants me to take one per day for a week to see how I feel. After that I'll do two a day for three months and then will go in for a blood test/check up. I am curious to see what happens. Since I don't have any blood sugar issues and I really don't eat carbs, will my blood sugar drop? Should I eat more carbs? The whole point is to maybe bring some more foods back into my life without my weight going up immediately.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Banana Shake

Ready for PiYo
Sleep was better last night. I still woke off and on but felt more refreshed when I got up at 6:30. I walked Sampson and got everyone fed and then got a couple slices of bacon cooking. I made two scrambled eggs and ate while watching the majority of the RISE finale. The show was cancelled so it was the show finale after only one season. It's really too bad. It seems the good artsy shows always get cancelled. I did the dishes and watched some more of the show right up until I really had to change and get to the gym. It was emotional and there were tears and I struggled to tear myself away but I'm glad I did. I'm starting to look forward to the challenge of PiYo. I'm excited that I am getting, and feeling, stronger. I actually did kick thrus today, something I haven't been able to do. I sweated like a fiend and left feeling amazing. That feeling is getting addicting.

Meat Snacks
I rushed home, put on some deodorant, changed, put some meat snacks in a plastic bag, some water with Mio in a to-go tumbler and got back in the car. I met Sherri at the theater for Life of the Party, the new Melissa McCarthy movie where she goes back to college with her daughter. I love her and wanted to laugh, which we did. I had about 10 or so little sausages in the ziploc. I cooked them in a little BBQ sauce which didn't add many carbs/sugar. They hit the spot and kept the movie hungries away.

Banana/PB/Chocolate PM Shake Snack
I got home and finished RISE. I then started the first episode, season 2 of The Arrangement and got a little hungry. I've seen this shake recipe and have been wanting to try it. I changed it up a little since I didn't have yogurt. In it was 1c unsweetened almond milk, 1/2c full fat canned coconut milk, 1T cocoa powder, 1T peanut butter, 2T chia seeds, 1/2 tsp banana extract, Stevia, 1/2c ice. Delicious. But I mean what's not good about peanut butter, chocolate and banana? and none of the glycemic load of a banana. I called Walmart to see when they'd get more ferns for my front porch and don't you know they just got a new shipment in. I zipped over there, got two, came back and hung them up before getting back to The Arrangement.

Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad
I had filleted and marinated two chicken breasts when I got in from the movie. Seasoned with salt, pepper, Greek blend seasoning and lemon juice and put them in the fridge to chill. It was a beautiful evening so around 6PM I peeled myself off the couch and fired up the grill to cook them up. I clipped some of my fresh, growing lettuce and was ready for a big dinner salad. I had two hard boiled eggs and half an avocado ready to use and I baked a couple strips of bacon. I also cut up a little red onion, some marinated cucumber and shredded on a little Colby jack. I made a vinaigrette with a TBSP of mayo, 1T EVOO, lemon juice, a tsp Dijon mustard, a tsp apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, parsley, onion powder and a little Stevia. I then watched a Hallmark movie I had saved on the DVR called Cooking with Love. I'm always a sucker for a good Hallmark movie. I enjoyed it with a dessert of an Atkins Caramel Nut Chew bar.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Test Coming

Granola Cereal
Sampson was snuggly last night. I got into bed and he popped up next to me wanting me to roll over so he could lay on my chest. After a while I put him down and turned the light off and he popped up again, this time I held the covers up so he could get under and curl up with me. He stayed there for a long time before eventually ready to go to his spot for the night. I tossed and turned, woke and slept, in general not a solid night of sleep, which I hope to be better tonight. I got up at 6:30 with Sampson staring me in the face waiting. I'd say he was ready to roll. I got dressed, made the bed, scooped his penthouse litter box and went down to feed the babies. I then got Sampson out for his walk and fed him. When secure upstairs afterwards I had some of the granola cereal I made yesterday. 2 servings of it with a cup of unsweetened almond milk.

Coconut Milk/Avocado Shake and a Teddy
I got the trash to the curb and then played cat catcher with the munchkins for a while. Soon it was time to change for the gym. I started getting mild cramps before heading out, of course, and popped one Aleve. The cardio got rid of them quickly though as usually happens. Exercise is just good all around. It was so hot in the room today and I left drenched. I was eager to get home for a shower and into my comfies and to do some fun work. I made this shake with coconut milk, unsweetened almond milk, half an avocado, cocoa powder, vanilla, sweetener and ice and took it up to the office to sip. I had a quick conference call with a potential client that now won't be a client. We didn't win the big project that we bid on, and I'm actually a little relieved. The big boss was looking to be a pain so it worked out. It would have been a super fun project though and I'll work with that group down the road.

Protein Snack
After the call I chatted with YEN and Kev and then needed a snack to keep going. It was 1:45 when I grabbed some Applegate chicken, pepperoni and some almond mozzarella. I spread on a little olive oil mayo for a quick protein plate and added in some of my marinated cucumbers for crunch before getting back to work. And why do I see Nemo every time I glance at the image? I had a call from the endocrinologist that I'm healthy as a horse. Bloodwork was all great. Thyroid great even though I eat all the cruciferous veggies that are known to cause thyroid issues. Blood sugars are great thanks to the low carb, low sugar I eat. She offered for me to try Metformin for a little while to see if it will help curb the insane speedy weight gain. She said that I will be battling my genetics for the rest of my life and Metformin may ease the pain of the battle. If it does anything.

Beef and Brussels Bowl
I was done with work around 5 and right after I wrapped up Dany texted about a walk. I changed my pants and shoes and we did the big loop. It was warmer than we expected and we both got a little sweat on. I was past ready to eat when I got in at 6:30 and couldn't decide what I wanted. I grabbed the rest of the pot roast but put it back, getting the ground beef instead. I browned some up and sprinkled with salt and cayenne. When almost done I added in the leftover Brussels until heated and then stirred in a little coconut aminos. I was excited to eat it while watching the Harry and Meghan Lifetime movie. It makes me giddy for the wedding this weekend. I had an Atkins pecan cluster after I finished the bowl and continued the movie until it was over, around 8:30. I then watched the last episode of Season 1s The Arrangement before going to bed.

Monday, May 14, 2018


Monday Morning Begins
The weirdest storm happened last night as we were getting into bed. The thunder started and just never stopped! It thundered and lightninged for about 30 minutes straight. One continuous thunder roll. It was mostly a grumble, kinda sounding like a plane passing overhead but without stopping even for a second. It finally came a downpour and wore itself out, as did we. I woke early needing to pee but couldn't get up. So I dozed off and on in between needing to pee and finally, just after 5 I got up. I slept soundly after that until 6:30 when I got up and dressed. I got bacon in the oven and tea brewing. The Kev took Sampson out and went to fill his car with gas and we h ad scrambled eggs with the bacon when he got back. He left for work at 7:30 and I cleaned up and folded some clothes.

Blackbelly Marrow Burger
I changed and went to PiYo, although earlier this morning I really was not wanting it. But I'm so glad I did. I've gotten stronger and was able to do some things that I haven't done before, like push ups not on my knees! They were baby ones but still a win. Also I did a few pigeon push ups lifting my knee. YAY! I headed to my car feeling great. Got home for a shower, dressed and drove to Boulder to meet an old work colleague at Blackbelly butcher and market. I got the marrow burger, and going in wasn't quite sure about it, but it was delicious and juicy. On it was bacon and a very good cheddar. Since I got no bun or lettuce/tomato/onion, they gave me extra slaw which came with an oil based dressing. There was some sugar in it I could tell so would likely do a side salad instead next time. But it was delicious. Before leaving I purchased six marrow burgers frozen and may cook them this weekend.

Roast and Brussels
I hit up the laundry and grocery on the way home. The fridge was bare of all meats and veggies. I got in, put things away and vacuumed, because white cat hair. I got Sampson fed some late lunch and then sat down and chatted with the Kev for a little bit. I then started the new Masterpiece series Little Women but then stopped it to make a batch of peanut butter power granola. We watched some show about cereal yesterday and now I NEED cereal. When it was done I sampled a wee bit of it and got back to the show, but then stopped again to read this article and to chat with Mama. My neighbor then knocked at the door and we talked about me helping with a design project for their daughter's graduation party. Next thing I knew 6PM was upon me and it was time to think about dinner. I whipped up some Brussels in bacon fat and ate them along with some leftover pot roast. Two cookies for dessert went nicely with Little Women, which I loved and look forward to the next episode. I enjoyed the spotty rain the rest of the evening.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

First Lettuce

Snickerdoodle Egg Crepes

Sleep time hit fast right around 9:30. I went up, got in my PJs and brushed my teeth. Kev put on night music that lulled me away. The windows were cracked so cool air kept us comfy.

I got up at 6:45 when everyone started yelling. Well, not Remington but Teddy and Sampson were way ready for us to get rolling. I dressed and Kev took Sampson out while I got baby food ready. Kev got water heated for tea and I got bacon in the oven. I then got busy making our favorite, the Snickerdoodle egg crepes. I blended the eggs with the cream cheese, added Splenda and connamon and let sit for a couple minutes to thicken a bit. I melted butter in the pan and made 7 crepes total. 3 for me, 4 for Kev. We spread on the butter/Splenda/cinnamon mixture before rolling them up. Y'all. This is the real deal. We think they're better than pancakes and no doubt better for you.

Lilacs and Lunch
We talked to the Mama's and then watched an episode of Naked and Afraid. We then got up and did the town loop, 3ish miles. We got in and made a run to Walmart for my ferns. Turns out there were no ferns but I did get a few flowers and plants. We then cruised to Home Depot for potting soil and a few other plants and I dropped Kev at home to hang my new porch hooks. The hooks are for my eventual ferns because Home Depot didn't have them either. I ate a cookie and went to the local garden center for a few more, yes flowers and plants but no ferns, so my hooks will remain empty for a bit. I planted all the pots out front but only after I ate the perfect burger that Kev grilled and the leftover bit of broccoli from last night. Then I hauled ass outside and got busy. This is the earliest I've planted but there's no snow in the forecast and temps only in the 40s at night so I felt confident. In one pot I planted basil and dill and I pushed a cucumber plant in a stray hole in the back yard and will see what happens. The rest are the normal, beautiful flowers like I do every year and they look fabulous.

Roast and Home Grown Lettuce
After plant shopping and planting I pressure sprayed the front porch and then took a shower. I had dirt from head to toe. I got in my comfies and went out to clip some fresh lettuce on the deck. I planted two pots of greens and they've grown pretty quickly. I collected enough for our dinner and left plenty for other salads. I got it washed and watched an episode of The Arrangement before it was time for food. I put a roast in the crock pot this morning with salt, pepper and red wine and we were eager to eat it. We each got a half an avocado on the lettuce along with some marinated cucumber and red onion. I made a quick dressing with 4 TBSP EVOO, 3 TBSP red wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard, a squirt of Stevia, salt, pepper, parsley and a little onion powder to taste. Oh the freshest of lettuce is really wow and I felt proud to eat what I grew. Lettuce is so super easy I really can't take much credit and there's now no reason to buy it in growing season. The roast was dandy and afterwards we watched Killing Eve and had a couple cookies to end the evening.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Drizzly Saturday Morning
I got in around 11:30 and made a b-line for the shower. I was a total sweat ball, after dancing for three solid hours) and wasn't dare getting into bed like that. I've never had so much fun and will certainly seek out other silent discos. What a fun and different experience!

The Kev made it home around 1. I woke just long enough to say hi and give him a kiss good night. I woke around 6:30 when Teddy let out a little whine. Sampson had some good snuggle time before we got moving though. I dressed and went down to take Sampson out. It was drizzly but he was on a mission. He nibbled grass and tried to stroll through the flower bed and I had to pick him up to get him from being soaking wet. I fed all the kitties and got bacon in the oven. I made fried eggs since Kev usually eats scrambled when he's off at work and we had the last two bags of Irish breakfast tea that we got while in Ireland. It brought back good memories.

Leftover Lunch
After breakfast we chilled on the couch listening to music until it was just after 9 and Kev was ready to get rolling. We changed and got out in the drizzle, first stopping at the post office to return the two items in my Stitch Fix box that I didn't want. I did keep the dress, sandals and scarf for a nice summer evening. Next was Costco for meat and nuts. We also had an impulse purchase of fresh, chocolate dipped strawberries. They were making them in the store and that sounded divine. We shared one when we got home. I put the items away, watered the kitties and the plants and got sirloins in the freezer. Before long lunch time was upon us. I heated the leftover burgers from last night and they went great with the notato salad. I also heated the lone link of leftover sausage from last weekend and it was good dipped in mustard. After lunch we watched an episode of Killing Eve and I had a keto shake.

Afternoon Snack
I fell asleep on the couch for a little while thanks to the grey. The kitties were sleeping and it was very relaxing. Dany came over after I woke needing some embroidery thread and we chatted for a while to catch up. I hadn't seen her since before my road trip with Ma in April. After she left we watched a little TV and around 5 I had a snack of 5 pepperonis, 1 oz of Miyoko's Chive vegan cheese and 1 oz of roasted almonds.

Serious Business
Kev picked up some really good looking Prime NY strips at Costco and we decided to have them for dinner. We were contemplating a meatza (with bacon crust) but since I needed to use up some broccoli, steak it was and there was no complaints about it. Kev wanted to cook the steaks on the salt stone in the T-Rex. I seasoned them with pepper only since the meat soaks in the salt from the stone, and he cooked them until the temp was not far from done. He then moved them inside, into a hot cast iron skillet with melted butter that was in the oven. When brown he plated them and I added on sauteed mushrooms with a side of steamed broccoli with lemon butter sauce. WHOA. I don't think we could have purchased a better steak out.

Chocolate Strawberry
After we cleaned up the dishes we settled in for some Homeland. We had three episodes to binge. Kev brought out the strawberries, I had a whole one and one big bite of another, and let him finish the rest. It was a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Fun

Eggs Solo
I laid my head on the pillow around 11 and went to sleep pretty quickly when the sleep music waves lulled me away. I woke at 2 to pee and went into my dark office to the open window. I lingered for the nice, cool breeze before getting back into bed. I woke next at 6:30 when Sampson hollered at me to get up. Teddy soon followed so I got up. I dressed and fed the young ones before getting Sampson down for his walk. I got him fed afterwards and then took him out on the back deck to hang before going back into his upstairs suite. I watched last night's Grey's Anatomy and then made myself four scrambled eggs in butter. That just sounded good today. After I did the dishes I started an episode of The Arrangement and then got some paperwork filled out for the long awaited appointment with a new endocrinologist. She was referred to me by Sherri. Odds are it will be the same answers and if so I think I will finally be ready to accept.

Chicken Cobb Salad Take Out
I got to the clinic at 10:40 for check in. I saw the doc around 11:30 and left the clinic around 1. I really liked the doc. She was straight forward but wanted to know all the history. She was honest and thinks that I'm healthy. She hated saying that she thinks my body is where it's meant to be and that I have an uphill battle thanks to genetics. If I lose it's likely I would gain back to around where I am now. She did send me down to the lab to do some baseline testing and we will go from there. I was starving when I headed towards home. I called in one of my favorite salads to Morning Glory (no sprouts and sherry vinaigrette) and it was ready when I got there. I made it home, fed Sampson some lunch and polished off that salad pretty quickly while watching another episode of The Arrangement. I had a cookie afterwards and planned out tonight's fun with the girls.

Burger and Notato Salad
After I finished the episode I changed and mowed the yards. I weed-eated, pulled weeds and ended up pulling grass from in between each fence post between me and the neighbor. They don't trim much and it grows all over to our side. I showered and then got some eggs and a cauliflower on to boil.  I went on to make a notato salad (no yogurt) and some roasted pecans. The girls came over around 6 and I grilled burgers and melted on colby jack. We chatted while we ate and around 7:30 I went up to get dressed for the fun. We went to a silent disco. You get headphones when you check in at the door. There are three DJs playing different types of music and each DJ is assigned a color. The colors coordinate to the channels on the headphones and you switch between the three channels to dance to your favorite. You can see what everyone is liking since the headphones light up. The DJs compete for the place to light up with their color. I've never had so much fun. And it's cool that you can talk normally by just taking headphones off.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ribeye Repeat

Ready to Dance
I decided to go to sleep with the windows open since the breeze was so nice and cool coming in from them. I turned the sleep music on and was gone. I woke to the early birds chirping incessantly and got up to pee. It was just before 4AM. WHY are the birds up that early? It was pitch dark too. I closed the windows and went back to sleep until 7:15 when Sampson hollered at me. I got up and dressed, scooped his litter and brought down the remnants of his night food before we did his little walk. I got bacon cooking and fed all the babies. Once Sampson was up in his suite I made fried eggs and ate while watching the Jane the Virgin season finale. It was a doozie and I can't wait until it comes back.

Lunch Meeting 
I changed and it was time to get to dance. I was a little weary from PiYo and the massage but got some energy once the music got going. It was a great workout, sweating for an hour. I chatted after class for a while and jetted home for a shower. I dressed and headed out to meet an old colleague for lunch. I'd designed a t-shirt for his company and he brought me one along with some stickers with the same design. We met at the Super Mini Walnut Cafe where I had a burger patty with mayo, mustard and pickles along with a side salad. The salad had a little carrot and some chopped mushrooms and cucumbers with a balsamic vinaigrette. And that vinaigrette was some kind of pucker up vinegary! I got home and made a batch of double chocolate cookies before settling down to watch a couple episodes of When Calls the Heart.

Cookie and a Kitty
During the first episode I had to sample one of the cookies and of course they're fantastic. I made the almond butter fresh and think it makes a difference. The tears started at the end of the episode and lord have mercy the second one got me good. 

After crying for an hour it made me smile to see that my Stitch Fix box had arrived on the doorstep. There was  a summer dress in there, a sleeveless one, which I didn't expect and I actually liked it. And I hate sleeveless things. It came with a colorful summer scarf and some orange cute sandals. There was also some cute capris that were a bit big and a sleeveless shirt, both of which I'll send back. I'm liking the service so far as it's getting me to try things I'd never pick out myself.

I got sucked down the rabbit hole of deleting duplicate photos from iPhoto in the afternoon and didn't realize I'd been at it for a few hours when I looked up to see that it was 6:30.  I popped up and fed the kitties, bringing Sampson down from his suite, and got my ribeye in the oven. It was a bit windy out and I didn't wanna deal with the grill. I had to have a second cookie as I was putting them away because it wouldn't fit in the container. After 30 minutes in the oven I heated a cast iron skillet and melted in some butter before moving the steak into it. I cooked for 5 minutes on each side, flattening with a cast iron smooshing thing. When the time was up I heated the rest of last night's Brussels and ate all the goodness on the couch while watching an episode of The Arrangement.