Monday, July 15, 2019

Fantasy Suite Night

After a great sleep I woke at 5 something to pee. I went back into a nice sleep until I couldn't sleep no mo, which was around 6:30. We got up and dressed and did a small loop since we were in a little tiny time crunch. We got home, Kev put bacon in the oven and made steamed eggs while I watered plants and flowers, inside and out.  I wanted three eggs and when Kev cracked one of the eggs in the pan two baby ones came out! He thought I should have them since they were obviously intended for me. The twins tasted fantastic and it was a perfect breakfast.

Kev went up to get ready for work and I cleaned up the breakfast dishes. We got in the car and I scooted him right on over to the airport and when I got home I hit my office chair and wouldn't move much the rest of the day. Lunch was right around noon and consisted of a protein shake. I was so into the work I forgot to snap a pic but you know what it looks like.

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The afternoon was solid work, except for a short conference call and a catch up with my dear college friend George. I turned work off at 6:30ish when I could go no mo and needed sustenance. But first I sent a direct message on Facebook to the Moulin Rouge peeps to vent about how unhappy I was that we were not offered a ticket exchange. We'd go back to see the show but now tickets are going for $400 in the seats we had, way more than we paid. It's a shot in the dark but I got it out and can move on. I went down to ponder what to do for food and opted for Parm chicken. I mixed Sriracha in the mayo then coated with Parm and baked for 30 minutes until golden brown. I heated leftover squash and watched a lot of Grantchester while eating. I stopped to make a cup of hot raspberry cocoa and started The Bachelorette Around 8:30. Me and Lis actually synced our DVR's up and played at the same time so we could chat in real time about the drama of fantasy suite dates. The best!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Quick NYC Getaway

Friday Fun
Friday kicked off a bit of a crazy travel binge. This was a quick jet to NYC for a couple shows with my dance pal Ells. She picked me up at 4:30, I had heated Egg Bites before leaving and we got on dat plane at 6:30ish. Around 10, in air, I had a half chicken breast and some cherries while reading a gossip magazine. We landed, got to our hotel to drop bags and hit the subway to meet Ells friend Sam for an afternoon at Coney Island. Our first stop there was a real Nathan's hot dog which I enjoyed with mustard, was super fun seeing the place where all the 4th of July eating competitions happen. We walked the boardwalk and down the pier for good people watching and then caught the Freak Show. When done we rode the Wonder Wheel, with swinging cabin OMG and then headed back to the subway. We got Brooklyn pizza for dinner, I was bummed there wasn't much on top of crust so basically had a few pepperoni and Brussels for eats. We walked back to subway and then back to hotel where a shower and jammies have never felt better. We went to sleep super excited for Saturday.

We got up at 7 and dressed. Breakfast in the hotel was a cheddar and mushroom omelet with a link of sausage and some bacon. We struck out walking to Central Park and made a stop at FAO Schwartz along the way. I played part of chopsticks with a guy on the "BIG" piano, which was a hoot and we then continued on and stumbled upon a giant ass Sat street market that went almost all the way to Central Park. We turned around at the park to head back to the hotel to get ready for our evening. We picked up Chick-Fila-A and ate in the room at 11. I had a grilled chicken breast and a small kale salad. Mean Girls was great for our 2PM matinee and at 5 we found a nice steakhouse and split a wedge salad, ribeye and asparagus. We then walked through Times Square, popped in at the M&M store and the lights went out over the cash registers. They came back on and we left. Got to our Moulin Rouge theater early so went into the bar next door to waste some time. It was just after 7 when the lights went out and cars started backing up in the streets and people were backing up everywhere. It was 8:30 when the theater cancelled the show and the bar announced that it was closing. I peed in the non flushable bathroom in prep for the walk back to our hotel. Me and DElls linked arms and walked a few blocks to where the power was on and then made it to the hotel, super disappointed at the random turn of events. The show we;d booked at Christmas didn't happen. I showered off the sad, got in my jammies and crawled into bed with a few bites of protein bar before sleep.

Heading Home
We heard the power was restored around midnight last night, glad it wasn't worse. It could have been way worse. All we were out was a show. We didn't get stuck in subways and elevators. And our hotel had power, which meant AC. I didn't wake until 8 this morning. We dressed and went down to breakfast where I had a cheddar omelet, a sausage link, some scraps of bacon because they were out, and one piece of cantaloupe. We checked out and left around 10 towards the airport. Flight was good. For lunch I had half a protein bar, half a peanut butter and chocolate KIND bar and a cup of Coke Zero. I saved the other half of the KIND bar for my Kev. Ells dropped me at home, I unpacked and re-packed a bag, got some laundry going and squash on the stove. I did some work while the Kev grilled burgers and it was so freaking good eating on the couch. I didn't eat enough on the trip so I made up for it with two burgers tonight. I was more than ready for bed come 9PM.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Good Balance

Babies at Breakfast
I slept a little better but not much. I got up at 2:30 to pee and then tossed the rest of the night. I got up just after 7, changed and did the small loop walk, only because I had a lot to do today. After getting back home I fed the babies, chatted with the Kev ate Egg bites and then made a run to the post office. I was done with morning stuff around 9:30 and headed up to my desk to get serious. I got a good bit done by noon, a better case scenario that I expected.

Easy-Going Lunch
I went down and decided to make a salad for lunch. On the lettuce I added the rest of some deli chicken, soem cheddar and a little feta for some saltiness. My ho-made Ranch and a bit of red onion topped it nicely and I ate while watching Younger, which was a RIOT this episode. I adore that show. I cleaned up my dishes and left for a mani/pedi at PM. The new place I'm going I'm just really loving. My girl is young and super cool and sweet. She likes to hike and hates to cook. She doesn't understand why I don't grow my nails longer and we just laugh about it. She does a fantastic job consistently. I'm glad my neighbor mentioned it. I got back home and chatted with my Aunt Joy before going up to the office for a conference call.The rest of the afternoon was light, than goodness and I went ahead and packed a bag. Meanwhile, storm Barry looked like it was headed home to Louisiana. Next week's plans could be up in the air.

Favorite Way to Make Chicken
I did a little work until just after 4:30 and went down to open mail and start dinner. I was very ready for Parm chicken and couldn't get it in the oven fast enough. While it was baking, another roofing person stopped by to see if we needed a free inspection. This may have been the 5th or 6th. Hail sure causes a ruckus! When my chicken was done I had three fillets (1.5 breasts) while watching POSE. I then made a cup of raspberry hot chocolate that was super. A mug of unsweetened almond milk, 3TBSP Splenda, chocolate Stevia, 1/8tsp raspberry extract, 1TBSP cacao powder, 1TBSP melted Kerrygold. I showered and finished packing and continued on with another episode of POSE before I hit the bed early.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Blur of a Day

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I didn't sleep a whole lot last night. I knew the alarm would be going off early and I knew I had a lot to do and a lot of travel coming. I'm not used to both happening at the same time so I've been a little on edge. I got up at 4:30 to pee and alarm went off at 4:45. I got up just after 5, dressed and went downstairs to say goodbye to Mom and Dad K who were hitting the road to Santa Fe this morning. Me and Kev had Egg Bites, and I had a few cherries) at the kitchen island before he had to head off to work and I headed off on a big loop walk.

Leftover Lunch
I got back to a very quiet and lonely house and went up to my office to do a little work before the roof guy came to check for any hail damage. I got about an hour in before the doorbell rang and I went down to talk to him. I went back up to the office after he left and only had a little time before I had to jump on a 9AM call. After the hour-long call I did some work for that client and went down to make a protein shake around 10:30. I sipped and worked until 12:45 when I had to leave for my monthly facial. I got home just after 2 and was hungry for food. I heated the last three stuffed jalapenos from last night and the rest of the coleslaw from brisket Sunday night. I ate lunch at my desk and focused.

Brisket Taco Salad
I got some admin stuff done and then got a good solid few hours worth of work done before I just couldn't do anymore. I shut it down around 6:30 and went downstairs to get Parm chicken started. But then I saw the last of the chopped brisket and decided to finish it up. I heated it and mixed with some chili powder and cumin and topped with a little lettuce, salsa, sour cream and some cheddar. I ate while watching Good Trouble and then folded some laundry and made the downstairs bed. I watched a second episode of Good Trouble and then turned on HGTV in the background while I took a peek at things going on in NYC Friday night. I went to bed at 9 and cold have gone at 8. Pooped!

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Good Eats Tuesday

Dance Day
I got into bed around 11:45 and rolled around for a bit before falling asleep. I slept well until the Kev woke in the wee hours of the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I woke every now and then until he went back to sleep, probably around 6. I got up at 7, dressed and went down for a cup of coffee with Splenda and creamer. Me and Mom K sat out on the patio and chatted until we went in to get bacon started. I had yogurt with my two slices and then left them to go up to prep for a call at 8:30. It was a status call with YEN for the new big project and we reviewed my first design. She loved it and we were done just after 9. I got changed and headed to the gym for a much needed dance day.

Surprisingly Good New Favorite
Not having my regular exercise schedule is messing with me. I could definitely feel it today as I got towards the end of class. Usually I'm raring to go more but today I was ready to be done, energy wise. My watch told me that I burned over 800 calories, which is also likely why I was tired, tearing up the floor with my mean moves and all. I got home and made a b-line for the shower. I actually dressed in something kinda nice and we all went to Saltgrass to have an early Dad K birthday lunch. I tried something new after many years of only getting steak and I'll get it again. Grilled chicken that was topped with tomatoes, poblano peppers, avocado and feta cheese. I declined the grilled onions that would have also come with it. I had lovely steamed broccoli with it, which I slathered in butter. Super delicious.

All the Good Things
We got home, I changed clothes, watered outside flowers and then went up to get to work. I got a good three hours in and cut it off around 5:30 to spend time with Mom and Dad K. We helped Kev make up some brisket/cream cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon, me and Mom K doing the bacon wrapping part. I made up some burger patties and Kev put them on the T-Rex with the jalapenos and we melted on some cheddar when done. OMG what a delicious meal. We topped off the amazingness with ice cream and The Bachelorette and went up to bed just after 10.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Brisket Time

Everything Bagel Cheddar Omelet
We went up to bed, around 10:45, after prying myself off the couch. I was watching HGTV in the background of fiddling on the computer, doing a last bit of work and just couldn't get up. I finally did and slept well. Woke when Kev's alarm went off at 3 and then again a couple more times before he got up to put the brisket on the smoker. I got up to pee and pet the kitties before getting back into bed and dozing off and on until after 7 this morning. I had a cup of coffee with Splenda and creamer and enjoyed the morning. I put bacon in the oven and Kev made Dad K scrambled eggs while me, Kev and Mom K had Everything Bagel omeletes. I was going to just have a cheddar omelet but had a slice of cream cheese cut so added that in too, along with the everything seasoning of course. Delicious!

Smoked Sausage Lunch and New Planter
After breakfast while the guys watched the US Women's soccer finale, me and Mom K went out to do yard cleanup after the big hail Friday evening. I got the blower and blew all the leaves  into the yard. I raked them up and bagged and then mowed to clean the leftover up. The bag on the mower is magic for this. It's like a leaf eraser. When done me and Mom K rode over to Walmart, mainly to get a new little plant for the flamingo planter. Mom K ended up treating me to a few cute clothing items, which our store seems to have.  We got home and Kev put some Texas sausage on the smoker to cook for an hour and we had that with cheddar for a lovely lunch.

Kev's Amazing Brisket
I attempted to work some in the afternoon but was thwarted by the need for mulch out back. Kev teased me with a Home Depot run and there would be no work done until I took care of it. The three bags were bought and hauled home, and spread where they were needed and then I did a little smidge up at my desk until it was time to prepare for dinner. Kev cut the brisket, which was one of his best ever, and we served it with the coleslaw I made, that was also super duper, along with some cut dill pickle. I had two more slices after that bit on my plate and was in meaty heaven. We invited Miss M and J over and they had a visitor with them, who was from NY. We had a great visit, enjoyed the company and the food and everyone was gone by 8:45. I went back up to the office for a last bit of business before it was bed time.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Missing Dinner

Lime Hail Last Night and Breakfast
I slept well last night after going to bed around 12:15 this morning. I woke at 6 something, got up and dressed and went downstairs. Oh the yard was a hot mess from the hail storm last night and we would let it dry good today and get to it on Sunday. Me and Kev put on our shoes and did the small loop to start the day. When we got back I had coffee with some Splenda and creamer and Kev made a delicious breakfast of perfectly cooked bacon and scrambled eggs.

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After breakfast dishes were cleaned I did some cleaning around the house. I HAD to sweep, vacuum up cat hair and dust before I could focus and settle down at my desk for a day of work. When lunch time came around I went for a protein shake. Unsweetened almond milk, protein powder, half TBSP cacao powder, 1TBSP almond butter, 2 pink packets of sweetener, chocolate Stevia and ice for a perfect "milkshake." I drank it up at my desk where a super cute gift was sitting. It arrived yesterday from a friend that visited as she though about our back patio. I can't wait to get something in it and on my side table out there!

Egg Bite Snack
I continued working all afternoon and around 3 Kev had to come gix a weird color calibration error I kept getting when opening Photoshop. I went down and heated Egg Bites, because they are a fabulous snack and once done my computer was fixed.

I was done with work around 6PM and went down to get some dinner started. It was pizza night and Kev turned on the Pizza Tapes and I made two crusts and topped both with sauce, sliced mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, red pepper flakes, mozzarella and a little cheddar. I TOTALLY forgot to snap a picture but it was so tasty. I had a bowl of lettuce salad with a little balsamic vinaigrette on it and it paired nicely with the pizza. Me, Kev and Mom K went for the small loop walk after dinner and it was a great evening for it.

Friday, July 05, 2019

Aw Hail

Most Eggcelent
Oh sleep was so good. I slept heavy and sound and didn't wake until 6:30. I dressed and went down to put my walking shoes on and me and Kev hit the street. We did just over a big loop for 4.25 miles before getting home and feeding the babies. I put bacon in the oven and made steamed eggs to go with it. I was really hungry this morning. I was hungry when I got into bed last night too so was super ready for the three eggs and three slices of bacon that tasted so great today. After dishes were cleaned up we all sat outside. Kev in the hammock, me and Mom K on the Adirondacks and Dad K at the table with open umbrella. The two fur babies also joined us. Teddy explored for a while before settling down on the patio and Remi chilled the entire time, even rolling around in the warm sun. It was delicious.

Protein Shake Lunch
I didn't stay out long because I burn quickly, and went up for a long talked about shower. My last one was Tuesday after dance and when I can start smelling my own hair I know it's time. I got into my comfies and went down to the couch to squeeze in an episode of Good Trouble, which was recorded on the DVR.When 12:30 rolled around I was ready for a protein shake. I mixed a cup of unsweetened almond milk with a serving of my favorite chocolate protein powder. It's a beef based protein and I just love it. I added a half TBSP of unsweetened cacao powder, TBSP of fresh almond butter I made, two pick sweetener packets and a little chocolate Stevia. I blended in a cup of ice to make it a nice milkshake consistency. Adding the fat of almond or peanut butter is key to this nice texture. Without it it's mainly air.

Snack, Roast, Hail, Cherries
I went up to my office and had a short conference call with a client to do a project over the weekend. I brainstormed a bit and then got started on it. I attempted in Photoshop and after spending too much time I had to move back to the superior software, Fireworks. I can do complex things very quickly without commands being well hidden. It's just intuitive. I will try to recreate this project in Photoshop eventually for practice but for timing purposes just had to use the faster tool. Super frustrating.  I had a little bag of cashews and as I worked a big ol hailstorm came up, the largest I'd seen since living here. Boy it made a racket. I'm super glad we had that new hail-proof roof put on last year so it got a workout. Meanwhile Kev had a prime rib roast cooking in the T-Rex outside. We enjoyed it just after 8PM. After we assessed the outside we cleaned up dishes and I had cherries before getting back to work for the rest of the evening.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

4th of July 2019

Freedom Scramble and Strips
Happy 4th!

Again, I just can't even believe half the year is gone. I sleep was good although I did get up to pee at 4AM. I went right back to sleep and didn't wake again until almost 7. I got up and dressed and went down to feed the kitties, who aren't eating their wet food much these days for some reason. I made a small cup of coffee with creamer and Splenda and got bacon in the oven. I went out and pulled some weeds and Kev finished up the making of breakfast with his delicious scrambled eggs. Although I can't really taste the bacon much it was cooked perfectly crispy but not overdone. It's rare to get a batch that cooks this way.

Independence Links for Lunch
After breakfast we pulled a few more weeds and I cut some of the perfect white daisies out in the front garden and put them in a little vase on the dining table. We then went to Waneka lake for a walk. They already had the parking lot blocked off in prep for the fireworks tonight and we had to route around, making our stroll a very nice 1.5 miles around. We got back to the house and Kev mowed. I weed-eated and swept and pulled more weeds. When done I crawled up in that hammock and lounged for a while, chatting with Ma and then got hungry just after 11:30. Kev lit the grill and cooked us up some hot dogs. What's more appropriate than hot dogs on the 4th of July?! I heated the rest of last night's broccoli and had a few mozzarella balls with my meal. Once done with lunch we brought our plates inside, since we ate out on the patio on a perfectly awesome day, and then me and Mom K made a grocery run for tonight's veggie.

Patriotic Plants and Liberty Feast
We got home and I made a batch of this Keto no churn chocolate ice cream, excited to finally give it a try after seeing it for a while now. I mixed some Swerve with some Splenda and a little chocolate Stevia so was curious to see what happens. It was a 2-part recipe and when done with the second part I got it in the freezer to set until tonight.I sat outside for a while and around 4:30 I went in to get squash cooking slowly. I put bacon fat in the pot, cut up a yellow onion and a bunch of green onions, got them in the bacon fat, washed the squash, cut it all up and added it to the pot. I salted the batch and put a lid on to let it go low and slow. Kev grilled burgers and I melted on some cheese. Dinner was delicious. A nice thunderstorm rolled in and we all decided to not walk to the lake for fireworks. We had some of the ice cream for dessert and it's a great recipe. Very rich and creamy and a great way to wind down the 4th.

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Thurs Felt Like Fri

Quick Breakfast
I slept super hard last night. I was in a dream where an old elementary school friend was making coconut pies and building weird things in her house up in the north east. I woke around 6:30 to pee and changed for a walk. I did the small loop and chatted with Mama along the way. I got back home and heated Egg Bites for breakfast and then went up to do some work.

Mash Up Lunch
YEN arrive at 10:30 to do some preliminary work on the new big project and we took a break around 12:30 for some lunch. I made a turkey sandwich on a toasted bun, with mayo, mustard and cheddar, and heated some leftover twice baked cauli. I also added three marinated mozzarella balls onto the plate just because they're so good. I shared half my sandwich with YEN beccause she wanted to try my bread and she seemed to really enjoy it. She also polished off the protein noodle lasagna and some salad just so you know I didn't starve her.

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We went back upstairs and worked until we had to leave for our client meeting in town. It wasn't that far and I had an herbal berry hibiscus tea during the meeting.  We finished up at 4:30 and YEN left once we got back to the house. I sat outside with mom K for a little while before going up to the office to answer some emails. I went back down to the kitchen just after 5:30 to start some dinner. I prepped Parm chicken while Mom K prepped broccoli and we had a lovely meal. I heated the last bit of twice baked cauli, just to get rid of leftovers and had acouple bites until it was gone.

Working Cocoa
After dinner Mom K and I did a smaller loop, 1.5 miles because I wanted to take a cut through by the park, and went up to work for the evening when we got back. I took a short break to make a cup of hot cocoa and sipped while working on some fun projects. I shut things down around 11:15 and went to bed, right after the Kev got in from work.