Saturday, September 14, 2019

Half Work Day

Super Scramble
Oh man I slept so so good last night. I didn't wake until almost 8 and was too tired to go walk. I lounged in bed until about 9, also went through Mom K's Norwex delivery with her before I officially started moving. Mainly because my stomach was a growlin'. I put on clothes and got bacon in the skillet, which I overcooked but I wanted bacon grease for Brussels eventually. I made some killer scrambled eggs to go with the burnt bacon but we ate it all anyway. Dishes were cleaned and Lis helped me video a short Norwex mop video for the ladies that Mom K's party that ordered them. Once I got the email sent I had to get to client work.

A Crazy Dinner
I worked until 3:30 or 4, thankful that Lis did my laundry for me. I went down to the kitchen for a snack of two mozzarella sticks, whole milk ones, none of those part skim things. Oh they are SO much better! I also had one slice of roast beed and a square of cheddar. We watched an older movie called One Day with Anne Hathaway, which I'd seen long ago but didn't remember it. I did a bit of work once it was over and then it was 7:30. I heated Egg Bites that Mom K sent with me and was unsatisfied when done. I needed Brussels. I got them cooking at 8:30 in the bacon fat from this morning, added a little butter and let them steam slowly. We watched a Netflix movie called Falling Inn Love, their take on a Hallmark-like one, and the acting was overdone. But the Brussels were great and I ate them all. We watched some of a Netflix series called Dead to Me to finish out the evening and I had some of Lis' mini chocolate chips. Like, real sugar. The felt good to eat but I didn't really taste much.

Friday, September 13, 2019

A One Meal Day

Meal Solo
I went to sleep fast once I got into bed last night. We were up late thanks to the iced tea I guzzled at dinner, and I knew it would keep me up. I woke at 7 to pee and got back into bed, lounging until 9! I got up and put on my workout clothes, desperately needing a walk. I was chatting with Kev down in the kitchen when Lis was up and about and turned off the alarm for me to get out without massive freak out. I did a walk and jog combo for just over 2 miles before I got in, just about to burst in flames. I drank water and got a veggie mix in the oven to bake (cauli, broccoli, carrots) and then went up to take a shower. I dressed in my comfies and we ate the roasted veggies with the pot roast that had been in the crock pot since last night. We caught the Tues episode of Bachelor in Paradise and were sad that the final two are next week. At 1PM I changed, did my hair and put a little face on. Lis put on some dancey music and I pumped myself up for the Norwex party at 6PM. I drove over to JandJ's house for set up at 3:30 and when the ladies began arriving I was ready to roll, so I thought. I had a 5 second loss of memory and I was nervous and then it all kicked in. When the presentation was done one woman said "man you need to be on shark tank!" which I took with gratitude. It was a super fun group that were excited about the products. I go tback to Lis's house around 10:30, got in my jammies and washed my face and then finished up my Keto ice cream. I got the orders in, deposited a check and made notes about feedback I needed to get.It was 12"30 before I laid my head on the pillow and boy was I ready to sleep. This party took every bit of energy I had. But so fun!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

To Austin

Egg and Cheddar Omelet
I really wanted to get into bed earlier last night but I couldn't get off Mom and Dad K's couch until 11. I slept ok but think I had to pee in the wee hours but didn't want to get up. I finally did get up at 6:45 to pee and attempted to get more sleep but didn't happen. I got up just after 7 and dressed. I washed my face and packed up the rest of my shiz. I wasn't in the mood for coffee so had some water and before last night's Brussels kicked in. I ate WAY too many of them. I texted with my friend G in Houston about where we'd be meeting for a late breakfast and left Mom and Dad K's place just after 8:30. I made it to the Buffalo Grille where I had an egg and cheddar omelet as we did some serious catching up.

I left just after 11 and headed towards Austin and Lis. I was looking very forward to spending time with her and just being. It's always very comfortable. I stopped to fill up and had a Lindt truffle, that they sold by the singles, and half of a Kind bar.

Lupe Carne Asada
I made it to Lis's around 2:30 and once i got all my stuff in we settled in on the couch for some Bachelor in Paradise. I freaking fell asleep so she paused it while I napped and when I woke we chatted and then around 6PM headed out for some dinner at Lupe Tortilla, my favorite Tex Mex place. I ordered the 10oz carne asada with jack cheese and ended up having more tortilla chips that I meant to. Oh man they were so good.  My meat was grilled perfectly and the texture was amazing. I didn't taste the real limey twang as I remember and wondered if it was my crazy loss of taste buds. After dinner we stopped at HEB to do some grocery shopping and oh do we miss some HEB. We got back to the house and I put a roast in the crock pot before we finished up the episode of BiP. Bed was at 10PM.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A Low Key Lovely Day

After Order Breakfast
It was actually 10:30 before I got into bed and then I started going through the party presentation in my head for Friday, thinking about the changes I'd make. It was at least midnight before I went to sleep, or after. I woke at 7 this morning when a loud clap of thunder jolted my eyeballs open. I got up and dressed and the thunder rolled. I made a cup of coffee with creamer and Splenda and put myself on the couch with a light blanket. The rain sounded so delicious and I soaked it in (not literally). Mom K's friend from yesterday came by to place an order and when she left I had Egg Bites for breakfast.

Leftover Lunch
I got changed and we took a drive to Target. I picked up a few bottles of wine for Friday's gathering and some more pens. We got back to the house and I got comfy on the couch and did a little work. It was lunch time when another of Mom K's friends came by to place an order. When gone I heated the rest of the chicken casserole and started the very first episode of Downton Abbey for Mom K. She has never watched it.

Holy Moly Best Steak
I worked until 3:30 and then we closed out Mom K's Norwex party. She ordered her items and I got my things all organized and put away. I then got Brussels cut and cooking in butter and did some last bit of work around 6PM. Dad K grilled up some of the best Prime tenderloins I've ever had. So good that dinner was pretty quiet, except for me oohing and aahing. I enjoyed mine with a bit of Kwerrygold butter and them little cabbages. After dinner I changed and went for a walk with Mom K to settle our stomachs. At the end of the walk I ran some to get that last bit of energy out and it felt good. Not having Zumba is taking a hit on my cardio level. I need real exercise soon. Count down to returning home and trying my new gym home.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Luncheon Day

Busy Breakfast
Ma and I chatted until well after 11 so I didn't get to sleep until at least midnight or after. I got up at 7 to pee and then laid back down for a few minutes before me and Ma got up and going. I dressed and had a little coffee with creamer and Splenda before helping Mom K start some prep for today's luncheon. I browned ground beef and seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, garlic and onion powder and then dumped into a crock pot to stay warm. We had Egg Bites for Breakfast, these with sausage and cheese which I hadn't had before, and they were super delicious. I wish our Costco had these!

Taco Salad
It was at 11AM that I changed into my Norwex Road Show demo (green) shirt and at 11:30 we started really finishing up the lunch fixins. Mom K made a super taco bar spread in all with chicken that Dad K grilled up, the taco meat I made, a corn and black bean salad, tortillas, chips and salsa, guac and salad fixins. We welcomed 9 ladies and all had some grub together. I had a taco bowl with lettuce, ground beef, sour cream, cheddar some avocado sauce and a little salsa. Once lunch plates were picked up I did my presentation. This was a large crowd for me but a good practice run for the "big un" coming up Fri night in Austin.

Leftover Dinner YUM
All went well, it was a lot of fun and great practice. I got some good feedback from Ma and from one of Mom K's friends on how I can improve the show. I need the feedback since I'm so new and it was appreciated. Mom K cleaned the kitchen while I cleaned up all the products and now we could relax from the tons of prepping that happened the past couple of days. I had a conference call at 5PM with a client to discuss a new project and when done I heated leftover Green chile chicken casserole, which was amazing. I entered today's party orders and emailed with my Friday party hostess about the plans and crawled into bed by 10PM.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Fish Night!

Steamed Eggs
I ended up laying my head on the pillow after 11 and didn't get to sleep right away. It didn't take as long as it has been though, which is good. I woke in the early hours for a moment when I thought i heard thunder but went back to sleep until around 7:30. I got up, dressed and made a little coffee with  creamer and Splenda. Mom K had bacon in the oven and I made steamed eggs that were super tasty.

After breakfast Mom K turned on a new show that she  thought I'd like called On Becoming a God in Central Florida. It's about direct sales and I said I had to watch it. Of course it's taken to extremes and it's great to watch as I'm on my new direct sales tour. A hoot!

Chicken Salad Lunch
After three episodes in I had a short conference call and then had to get to work. But first I finished up some chicken salad and had 6 veggie chips. I did two projects and while I worked I finished up the little bag of peanut M&Ms I purchased on the drive down. I chatted with the Kev, which was getting ready to go to work, and when done with my work me and Mom K went for a walk out in the heat.

Favorite Birthday Meal
We got almost a couple miles in and I even jogged the last bit back to the house to get ris of the extra energy. I was so warm that I had to cool down for some time before I could get in the shower. I dressed in something a little nicer than my comfies and we watched the fourth episode of the direct sales show with Kirsten Dunst. Mom K was watching her Hallmark show, one I actually don't watch, and I was typing this post. I heard the door open and expected to see Dad K, who had gone outside a few minutes earlier, look up and there was someone standing in the living room that was familiar but I couldn't quite comprehend it. It was MY MAMA! Everyone knew she was coming except for me and I was in shock. Me, Ma, Mom and Dak and Bro and Sis K had a lovely dinner at Monument Inn, my favorite spot for catfish. I eagerly await the once or twice a year I get the fried fish because they use only corn meal. I had steamed veggies with it, which I didn't eat many of and a starter salad with Ranch. And of course good ol Texas iced tea. We stopped at Bro and Sis Ks house on the way home to get the official tour of all their hard work and then headed back to the house to crawl in bed. What a fun day!

Sunday, September 08, 2019

First Road Show Party

Eggs and Bacon FTW
Sleep eluded me again last night. I so thought I'd sleep like a log but my mind was working overtime on my party presentation. I tossed and would wake to look at the clock and finally slept sometime in the wee hours. I woke around 7:15 Texas time, 6:15 my body time and got up and dressed. I sat on Mom and Dad K's couch, so comfy, and listened to the music that was playing softly. They had gone to church and I chatted with the Kev until they got back home around 8:30 or so. Mom K got bacon in the oven and I made scrambled eggs to go with it. After breakfast we got in the car to run a couple errands. I had to get a car wash to remove all the driving bugs and then picked up two balloons for the first Norwex Texas Road Show party.

Chicken Salad and Party Table
We got in and I swear time slipped away. I got dressed, did my hair  and put on a little face. I had some of Mom K's chicken salad with a few veggie chips because they sounded good today, and headed over to Sis K's new house just after 1:30. She and Bro K completely gutted this house and redid it and it's beautiful. So impressed at all the work they did themselves. I got set up and we started the party just after 3:30. I'm glad it was a small group of three to ease me into the presentation as it's been some time since I did it at my house.

The guests left just after 5. I packed up and scooted back to Mom and Dad K's place where the ground beef was out and waiting on me to make it into patties. Dad K grilled them up and I had three mozzarella balls and a little guac with mine, delicious. I had two peanut M&M's for dessert and then Mom K and I decided to go ahead and set up for her Tuesday ladies lunch gathering. The rest of the evening was me in bed, thinking I'd go to sleep early but instead I entered orders from today's fun and got excited about the next one. Dang ole I've gone crazy.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

10 Hours Driving

Early Cheese Omelet
I didn't sleep much last night in the super nice king size hotel bed. Although it was super comfy I was restless about the long drive today. I woke at 4 and dozed until 6:15, just 15 minutes before my alarm was to go off. I got up and dressed and went down to breakfast early. I wasn't all that hungry but knew I needed to eat before getting on the road. I had a two egg cheddar omelet with bacon and a link of sausage on my plate but only had the omelet and one piece of bacon. I went back up to the room, grabbed up my bags and ice chest and hit the road just after 7AM.

I watched the sun rise on the horizon in a field of wind turbines. It was stunning. The turbines all turning in unison like a choreographed ballet. I cruised on stopping a couple times to fill up and twice to stretch my legs at rest stops but that's it. I had three slices of beef jerky for lunch and 4 peanut M&Ms. I picked up a small bag at a fill up when I was finding myself a little sleepy.

Best Chicken Verde Casserole
I made it through Dallas, which I'm not fond of, and then onto Houston, which is better than Dallas. Traffic was bad in both places but it was good to be in some of the old stomping grounds. I made it to Mom and Dad K's house just after 5 and was ever so glad to be out of the car! Mom K made the favorite, Salsa verde chicken casserole (but with fresh cauli, not frozen, which is so much better) and put it in the oven when I arrived. I made some Ranch dressing and we enjoyed a lettuce salad with the super perfect casserole. After dinner me and Mom K did a 1.7 mile walk and it felt great to stretch my legs. I showered and got in my jammies and we watched the Hallmark movie, Love, Romance and Chocolate, which I'd seen before but it's a great one to re-watch. And it made me want chocolate. Mom K happened to have some sugar free chocolate almonds and I had three.

Friday, September 06, 2019

The 47th Birthday

Birthday Breakfast with dancing Cupcake Card
I had more of a restless sleep last night, likely because I had a good drive in front of me. And I kinda hated to do it solo on my birthday. I got up to pee around 5:30 and back to bed until 7. I showered and dressed and finished packing after I put bacon in the oven to bake. While I got ready he made steamed eggs to go with the bacon and it was so delicious. He loaded up my car and I headed out around 9:30. I cried a lot today on that long drive. Mourning my routine and other friends at the gym, how the whole thing ended. It will be so much better for me in the long run but it sucks now. I mourn my Dad leaving Louisiana and all the years he's missed of my life. Driving solo is healing.

Beef Jerky in the Car for Lunch
It was lunch time when I had to stop to fill up for the first time and that was in Lamar Colorado. Kevin said "Make sure you stop in Lamar because there won't be any place for a long time after." and he was right. Glad I listened! I nibbled the balsamic vinegar beef jerky I made along with a mozzarella stick as I listened to music I loaded onto my phone. I cried more.

Beefy Birthday Dinner at Hotel
I made it to Amarillo around 5:45PM and found a gas station to fill up before valeting my car at the hotel for the evening. I checked in to the Embassy Suites downtown, which is really nice, and thank goodness there was a restaurant because I was really hungry. I ordered a burger with cheddar and a side Caesar salad with no croutons. There was pickle and red onion under the meat and oh man was it great. I guzzled some good ol Texas iced tea before getting full and ready to go crawl in the bed. I chatted with Mama and Kev and then decided to get some client work done. I finished up just after 10 and was ready to hit the sack. Long drive day tomorrow.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Road Prep

After Walk Quick Breakfast
Oh gosh I swear sleep has been so so good in the basement. I got a contact for a contractor from a friend's sister yesterday and I'll eventually call to see if our poor little rejected basement meets their minimum standards. The others I've talked with all turn it down. The last group said I should "as a handyman." To help plan and redo the basement. Because it's so insignificant in size apparently. Anyway, sleep has been great. I got up at 6 to go upstairs to pee and went back down, falling back into a sleep until 7:45. I got up and went to dress, grabbed my shoes and did a small loop walk. I had Egg Bites and at 10 went for my mani/pedi appointment.

I got home and around 12:30 made a protein shake to take upstairs to work. I got stuff done and sent off for the bog Denver project around 2:15 and then had to head on over to my hair appointment. Got a color for head and eyebrows and a trim and wished my girl well on her upcoming wedding. She's presh and I adore her, and not just because she has my Mama's name.

Teddy Wants Beef Bowl
I made it home around 4:30 and did a quick vacuum in my car. I wiped it out and then began packing for my two week road trip to Texas. It's gotten here so quickly and I'm looking forward to the solice of the drive. Me and my music and the road. It's been a way long time since I've road tripped solo. I think everyone should have the experience, to be in their thoughts on a long drive. There's nothing like it. I did some laundry and made another beef, sour cream and cheese bowl and ate while watching the Younger season finale. I messed around online and then went up to finish packing before bed.