Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Show

Ready for Dance
I slept until 5:30 again, got up to pee and got back in bed until 7:15. I opened the blinds and the sweet kitty boys sat gazing out at the morning. I dressed and went down to get them fed and also put some bacon in the oven. I rounded up trash and Kev put it all out to the curb. I had yogurt with the bacon and it was soon time to change and get to dance. Luckily there was no drama and I had a great workout.

Lunch Shake
I got home after the fun hour, showered and into some comfies. Around 11:30 I made a protein shake, old school with the chocolate protein powder, unsweetened almond milk, TBSP of cocoa powder, a TBSP of peanut butter, sweetener and a cup of ice. At noon painter Greg stopped by to see the trim and corner island posts and paint before starting the upgrade tomorrow. After he left me and Kev made a run to Lowe's because I had purchased the wrong trim. I'm so glad Kev knew what was up and made sure all was right.

Burger and Cabbage
We got home and I had a few pork rinds before going up to the office to do some work. I was done just after 5 and went down to the kitchen to start some dinner. I cut up a big cabbage and got it cooking in bacon fat. As it cooked I started a show called Dirty John that I heard about at the gym today. Some of the girls were talking about how it's a podcast and now a show that was good. I hadn't heard of him before so was intrigued. And what a story.

When the cabbage was done I cooked up some burgers, one with sharp cheddar, one with some sliced avocado. It was a perfect meal. Dessert was 1/4c of trail mix as I continued to watch Dirty John the rest of the night. Holy crap.

Monday, January 14, 2019

January is Flying

Before the Gym
After another good night's sleep I woke in the 5AM hour, had a bathroom break and got back into bed. I dozed off and on until I got up just before 7:30. The Kev got bacon cooking and I made a small cup of coffee with the creamer and Splenda. When the bacon was done I steamed some eggs. It wasn't long before it was time to change and get to the gym for PiYO. I never look forward to Monday morning class because it's so hard. And the thing is that it never ever gets easier. You're constantly sore since the routine changes frequently, which is essentially a good thing but sheesh. And I am getting stronger, which feels fantastic and keeps me going. My right hamstring, which has felt weird since Kickboxing Friday, held up well. I got home, showered and had the other half of the protein shake I started yesterday.

Cheese Pizza Lunch
I didn't have any work today so I made a little grocery list and then had some lunch. I made a quick pizza in the cast iron skillet by spreading on mozzarella and putting pepperoni on top. I let the cheese melt and brown on bottom, until crispy, and removed. I ate while watching Victoria and it looks like it will be a good season. The mini Coke Zero, with its fizzy, was a perfect compliment to the pizza. When the show was over it was a bit difficult motivating myself to leave the couch. I was pooped and the couch was very comfortable. But I got up and went on to the store and to Walgreens. I got home and my kitchen island corner legs had arrived. I put groceries away, unloaded the dishwasher and then opened the box. I think they will look great when painted, along with the new trim.

My Fave Casserole
Dany texted about a walk around 3:30 so me and Kev changed into our shoes and off we went. We stopped at her friend's house to get his dog and did a walk with it, dropped it back off and headed home. When we got in the sun had gone behind the mountains and I didn't realize we'd done 4.5 miles.  And I was chilled. I left without a jacket, only a fleece on over a long sleeved shirt and could not get warm. I got under my new blanket on the couch and still had the chills. Kev turned on the fireplace and put the prepped beef casserole in the oven for 45 minutes. I started a Hallmark movie, One Winter Proposal and when the casserole was done I let it cool for 10 minutes before we chowed down. I added a can of green chiles to the recipe and oh it's fab. When the movie was over it was time for The Bachelor. Cat claws out!

Sunday, January 13, 2019


Kev's Yummy Breakfast
Oh I slept so good last night. I woke close to 6 to pee and got back in bed and slept until 7:30, lounging until 7:45. I was the ultimate in comfy and today was especially hard to get going. I dressed and schlepped down the stairs to a cup of creamer with coffee and watched Kev make a lovely breakfast of sausage and scrambled eggs. After breakfast we wrote thank you cards and  finished some laundry. The Kev then went down to shred old documents and clean his office.

Leftover Chili Lunch
I was up int he office doing some business account reconciliation when I got hungry just after 11:30. The Kev was getting hungry too so I went down and got last night's chili in a pot heating on the stove. I shredded some cheddar on top of our bowls and after we finished eating we put on our jackets and snow boots and went for the town loop walk, 3.25 miles. We dropped our cards at the post office and continued on. There were a few snowy spots that hadn't melted and we enjoyed kicking snow boulders along the way. We got home, I got comfy on the couch and watched Love at First Dance.

Art then Steak
After the movie was over Kev went back down to his office for more cleansing and I went up to my office to do a little work. Once it was completed I worked on the art piece that's been coming along slowly. I took a break to shower and get in some clean comfies and went back to the desk. I daydreamed about what life would be like when we win the HGTV Dream Home in Montana. We'd most likely sell the house and move there as it's right there at the ski resort for the Kev to go play. The airport is near by and flight options are good so we're ready. I finished up my inking of the art at 6 and went down to feed the kitties. Kev preheated the air fryer and I seasoned a couple ribeyes and put them in to cook. Flipped at 6 minutes and they were perfect at the stopping time of 12 mins. I only had a couple bites of salad, which was surprising because I thought I really wanted salad but it was the meat that was most satisfying. After dinner I had tea and we watched Outlander and I'm sad there's only two episodes left in the season. It was 9 when the show was over and I thought about watching the anticipated premiere of Victoria but decided to wait until tomorrow.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Simple Saturday

Omelet Saturday
I went to sleep fast but woke at 2AM. I got up to pee and then could not go back to sleep. My mind had already turned on and it went meandering until at least 4. I read articles on my phone and finally turned on my sleep music and was able to drift off for a bit. I woke next at 7:20 and texted the Kev, hoping I'd get him before his flight took off. It had but he was able to text in air so we chatted a bit. I lounged in bed until close to 8 and the only that got me up was to get 7AM stand credit on my watch. I dressed, got the kitties fed and then made myself a cheese omelet with four eggs and two slices of American cheese. I cooked it in a good slab of Kerrygold and ate while watching HGTV.

Last of the Casserole
I eventually got off the couch and went out to scrape the driveway of slush and snow before Kev got home. When he did we got clothes in the wash and I got to cooking. I made a pot of chili to simmer for tonight's dinner and got a creamy beef casserole prepped and in the fridge. When done we gave the kitties a grooming and a pedicure and I played cat catcher with them for a while. I blinked and it was 12:30, and I was hungry to finish off some leftovers in the fridge. I went for the last chunk of the beef casserole and Kev got the roast and cabbage. We ended up swapping 3/4 of the way through, me finishing the roast and him finishing the casserole. We settled on the couch for some HGTV and had some trail mix for a snack.

Chili Night
After a while we got up and did a Beachbody T25 - Stretch workout in the basement. There were a couple PiYO moves in there to add some strength moves and it felt great. We folded laundry when done and watched The Good Place. It was 6:30 or so before I got up to cut and brown hot dogs for chili, that had been simmering most of the day. The hot dogs were from Mom really. She had her company Christmas gift sent here, a nice Omaha Steak assortment, which included steaks, burgers and dogs. Thanks Ma! They were great in the chili. I topped with shredded sharp cheddar and a few chicharrons and we watched the first episode of Homecoming on Amazon. The first led to a second as I sipped a nice cup of tea and had two bites of trail mix.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Snowy Friday

Snowy Morning Beginnings
I woke around 4AM to the sound of thump, thump, thump, on repeat. I got up to pee and figured out t hat it was raining and the drip from the roof was landing on the new outdoor lighting electrical box. I crawled back in bed and slept snugly until just before 7. I chatted with Kev, who would be on the slopes today, and stayed tucked in until 7:15. I got up and dressed, fed the kitties and the snow began falling. I had a yogurt and changed for the gym. I could have so easily stayed inside the warm cozy house but I went to kickboxing, and am glad I did. I pulled into the driveway and did a first pass shovel to get the wet, heavy, slushy layer off so it wouldn't be an ice sheet and then shoveled the patio. I showered and got in my warm comfies and had a protein shake before going up to the office.

Leftover Lunch Tucked Under a Blanket
I paid my Q4 2018 taxes and knocked out a fast task before spending a little time finishing up a larger one. I was officially waiting on client feedback for four projects, an in-between void, so I gladly took it for a nice lunch break at 11:30. I heated a bowl of the beef casserole, which has been amazing this week for quick lunches. I have a small square left from the pan and will make another to have on hand. I bundled up under my favorite new fuzzy blanket on the couch and ate while watching The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells. I had seen the first one and just love this couple as they are also on When Calls the Heart. I had trail mix after lunch and it continued to snow throughout the afternoon. After the movie  I actually turned on some spa music and took a nap.

Leftover Roast
I had a good 45 minutes of sleep and a pinging jolted me awake. It was in the one song, shame on them, but i got up and had another hour of work to do. When it was done I went out to get the mail and shoveled the back patio of slush. It was mostly rain with a hint of snow and my shoveling earlier really helped it to not stick on the driveway. I settled in and watched Property Brothers on HGTV and started some planning for the upcoming LA trip. This continued through the rest of the evening with me pausing for dinner heating around 6:45. I thought about making a chili but opted for leftover balsamic mustard roast and leftover cabbage. They are both too good to waste. I attempted a couple different shows on Amazon but couldn't get interested. I eventually tried Good Trouble, a spin off of The Fosters, which I loved. And it was surprisingly good! I went to bed around 9:30.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fry Wall Test

Morning Feast
I went to sleep quickly but tossed and turned in the night as my muscles began aching. I woke in the wee hours hungry but pushed thoughts of egg and bacon aside. I got up at 6:30 to pee this morning, crawled back in bed and enjoyed being snug under the warm covers with both kitties in the bed, one to the left of me on a pillow, the other at my feet. I got up after talking with Kev, fed the babies and got bacon in the oven at 7:30. I warmed the last two hard boiled eggs to go with it, with a little butter, and when done grabbed a yogurt. I started a series on Amazon, an older show from the late 90s called The Grand. Not sure I'll watch more.

Leftover Lunch with Llamacorn
I changed for the gym at 9 and headed over. I chatted with t he girls for a few minutes before it was time to go in to our spots. There was a new woman already in the front row and I knew our instructor would not be happy about it. She's very particular about her front row. And I heard, I didn't see, that it did not go well. After the hour I went home for a shower and got my computer set up in the office. I worked until around 1 and heated a bowl of beef casserole. I then read about a winter storm watch starting at 5 AM on Friday so I made a store run for a few things. I got back home and up to work. Around 4 I had some pork rinds and a few bites of trail mix and worked until 6:30.

Fry Wall Inaugural Run
I unplugged the computer and brought it down to the couch before feeding the kitties. I decided that I wanted cabbage and burgers for dinner so got some bacon fat melting in a big pot. I cut up the cabbage and let it cook down and then salted the burgers. I was excited to test out the new fry wall that Mom and Dad K got me for Christmas. (The skillet cone of shame)I heated the cast iron skillet really well and heard the sizzle when the meat went in. I cooked for 7 minutes on one side and 5 minutes on the other and added American cheese with 3 minutes to go. The splatter stayed in the fry wall but did get to the top, and it completely saved me from cleaning a mess. It's brilliant. And the burgers were more than amazing. I played cat catcher with the babies after I cleaned the dishes and then watched a holiday movie that was on Amazon called Falling for Christmas.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Back in Action

Hard Boiled Egg Breakfast
Although I woke a few times in the night, and got up once, sleep was decent. I started the day at 7:15 by chatting with the Kev before he began his work day. I dressed and went down to feed the kitties and then decided to have hard boiled eggs for breakfast around 8. I heated them and melted on butter before sprinkling with a little salt and pepper.

Leftover Lunch among Sleeping Kitties
I went up to change at 8:15, grabbed my yoga mat and water and headed to the gym for PiYO. I kinda dreaded it after the holiday break because oh so hard! And it totally was. We started a new round that kicked our ever lasting butts but I made it through thanks to some serious mental focus. Two new ladies from Zumba joined us and boy what a bad day to begin fresh! I think one of them may be back, the other not so much. I do love her though and hope she proves me wrong. I got home, showered, into my comfies, drank a protein shake and was ready to work. I knocked out Lis's resume first and heated a bowl of last night's Creamy Beef Casserole at 1:30. I ate at my desk with the sleepy babies.

Balsamic Mustard Pot Roast
I had trail mix as a snack and at 2PM I started working on another project that will be a nice chunk of time. I worked diligently on it until around 6:45, when I shut things down for the day, and would pick it back up tomorrow. I am excited about this project and the challenge it brings. I fed the babies and ate dinner at 7. I put a chuck roast in the crock pot this morning before leaving for the gym and it cooked all day in my balsamic mustard marinade that I usually use for flank or skirt steak. And it didn't disappoint. I ate a nice bowl full of the luscious meat and had a little trail mix for dessert. I watched a Hallmark movie called My Secret Valentine and went up to bed at 9"30 after watching a little HGTV.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Burnt Ends

Burnt End Bacon
I was in a dream when I woke this morning but can not remember what it was. I did sleep great and didn't get up in the night. I lounged in the warm bed until a couple minutes after 7 and then got up, thinking I was gonna make a cup of coffee that Kev had brewed. My mind was changed when I got busy in the kitchen prepping a creamy beef casserole for tonight. I browned the beef, riced the cauli and cooked it in the micro. I added the green salsa and a can of green chiles to the beef and to the cauli I added the cottage cheese, sour cream and green onions. I put it all in the casserole dish and topped with Mexican blend cheese. I then forgot that bacon was in the oven and burnt up the ends. I had yogurt with bacon innerds (ends plucked off).

Lunch After Hair
I put away laundry, scooped the litter, gathered up the trash and soon it was 9 and time to change for the gym. I wondered if class would be super packed, as predicted, since kids went back to school today. I got there a couple minutes later than I usually do and was ready to boogie. Class was not overly crowded thank goodness. We got the fans set up and after an hour I was feeling good. I headed home and showered, totally forgetting that I was getting my hair cut and colored today so would have two hair washings. I had a protein shake and went up to the office to get a bit of work done before I had to leave. I got some bangs cut this time and it's a nice change. I haven't had bangs since 2014. When I got home I had a hard boiled egg, Colby jack and some pork rinds. Some trail mix followed it up and then I went up to work.

Beloved Beef Casserole
The Kev left for work at 4 and I had a conference call that lasted an hour or so. I stayed in my office, head down until after 6:30. I headed downstairs and it was around 6:50 when the oven preheated for the Creamy Beef Casserole I made this morning. And I couldn't wait. I watched the Hallmark Winterfest movie Winter Castle and attempted to record some of the other Winterfest movies without luck. They didn't configure them up to where I could find them and set the DVR. It's under a "Winterfest" blanket that covered quite a few hours, so just gave up.  When the movie was over I worked a little on Lis's resume and turned on HGTV, where it stayed until bed around 9:30. But then House Hunters International came on. I resisted and went up around 9:45.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Air Fryer Ribeye

Sausage Monday
I had a most excellent sleep last night among the clean sheets and warm blanket. I didn't wake in the night and didn't get up until 6:30 to pee. I got back into bed since it was still dark and lounged so comfortably until about 6:45 when I got up for the day. Kev made coffee and I answered some work email before getting sausage on to cook. Kev made scrambled eggs to go with it and I continued with email for a bit. I cleaned the dishes and went up to the office. I did general office cleaning from 2018 to get ready for the new year, emptying my 2018 receipts and filing them away etc. I then had a conference call for an hour about a new fun project.

Seat Thief
After the call I finished up the house cleaning that I didn't get to yesterday, scrubbing bathrooms. When done with that I finished up a project and sent it off to the client for review. At 12:30 I browned the last piece of prime ribeye in butter on the stove and heated the rest of the cabbage that went with it. I brought it up to the office and Remi had stolen my seat. I moved him to his bed and then enjoyed the deliciousness while reading about another project that dropped in.

Cheese and Crackers Snack
A client came by at 1 for a meeting. We worked on some designs and she left at 2:45. I answered some email and then changed for me and the Kev to do the small loop walk. The wind was nutty and at some points it pushed so hard I jogged. I had a bit of work left to do so that was the main reason for the small loop but with that wind I'm glad it wasn't more. We got in and I had some Colby jack and ho-made crackers for a snack.

Air Fryer Ribeye
I started brainstorming for another project and after I sent the ideas off to the client, around 6PM, I headed down to the kitchen to help Kev make burger patties with the 10lb meat baby he brought home yesterday. I had thawed a couple ribeyes for dinner and we opted to cook them in the air fryer since it was so windy. And I have to say it did a bang up job. I made a quick lettuce salad with sensation dressing and chopped a tiny bit of red onion to go on top. After dinner we watched a good bit of the National Championship football game. I had a few pork rinds and hot tea before starting the three-hour season premiere of The Bachelor

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Beef Soup Test

I was in the weirdest dream before I woke this morning. I was driving a truck, an 18 wheeler for Swift, as a favor. I wasn't a professional truck driver and I don't know who it was a favor for. Anyway I pulled off to the side of the road to wait for a message when someone arrested me. But they worked for a security company, not a cop.  I was put into a jail of sorts and when paperwork wasn't done everyone left the building for the day and me there by myself. I escaped and couldn't find a number for Swift dispatch to let them know what happened to the truck and I ended up at an old colleague's house when I woke up at 5:45 thanks to Kev's alarm. I got up and dressed, made a cup of coffee and at 6:30 said goodbye to Mom and Dad K, who were off to Santa Fe and Kev, who was off to the slopes. I got a load in the wash going and started packing up Christmas. Around 8:30 I browned leftover rib roast and made two fried eggs. Serious yerm.

Lunch on the Go
It took a while to put all of the ornaments up and then I dressed and made a run to Lowe's for Christmas light storage. I also picked out and purchased the trim for the kitchen island refresh. It will have a little face lift and be the tester of the cabinet paint color. I got home, got lights off the tree and then deconstructed said tree and got it into it's box. I hauled everything down to the basement and vacuumed the house. Around 1PM I grabbed a protein shake and then went to Home Depot. I left with a nice Majestic Palm for the living room, a new small low light plant for the llama planter in the kitchen and two plant movers on wheels. 

Keto Beef Soup
I got the plants home into their new spaces, made the beds and then took a shower. The Kev made it home around 5 with our 10lb meat baby from the butcher shop and it will be turned into burgers and frozen tomorrow. I made a Keto beef soup for dinner, a recipe Lis had sent, not knowing if it really sounded good. In it was 1ln ground beef, 1 onion, 1 bell pepper, a block cream cheese and 32oz beef stock. It wasn't bad but it was much too watery as compared to the creamy thickness of the recipe picture. I added a dollop of sour cream and some shredded extra sharp cheddar, which helped, and went on to a second helping while we watched two episodes of Outlander. I had an Atkins bar as we started the second. Definitely missing chocolate and the funny thing is I couldn't taste the Atkins bar. I can't taste a lot of things and you'd think I wouldn't want them, but the mind is so powerful.