Saturday, April 20, 2019

Busy Day

Saturday Morning Sausage
I slept pretty great last night. The headaches have stopped. I got up around 5:30 to pee this morning and crawled back into bed to slumber until 6:30 or so. The babies were ready to get the day started and I was too. I dressed and went down to get them fed, Kev cutting the sausage and getting it going on the stove. I made scrambled eggs to go with it and the first bite of that sausage and we were all "no." It was not our Jimmy Dean but we had a coupon for the store brand and no. I managed to get two pieces down but composted the third because Kev couldn't even do it. Now we know. We will pay a little more to have better tasty yummies. But it did the trick and filled us nicely for the entire morning.

Cutie Pie and a Protein Shake
After breakfast we put on our shoes and made a b-line to Home Depot for mulch. I tried the shredded red cedar this year and it is amazing. I will not go back to the real cheapo stuff. And it smells good. We easily used the 12 bags we bought and could have probably used one more but it looks fab and now I'm more ancy than I was. I am ready to plant but have to wait until after Mother's Day because we always get that last snow around then. Yes I could plant pansies and cold weather things which I may just do tomorrow. We finished up and had to get inside to change. We then left again, walking downtown to meet Miss M and gang for the Ethiopian Festival. Art projects for kids, drums, coffee ritual and some good visiting. We walked home and I made us a protein shake for a sipping snack outside. It was a gorgeous yet warm day to enjoy the patio.

Steak and Burger Before Concert Dinner
It was 3:36 when we both got hungry for real food. Kev started the grill and I seasoned sirloins and burgers. I went up for a shower and to get dressed and Kev handled dinner, including melting sharp cheddar on the burgers. It was delicious. I finished getting ready and left for a friend's house. She was driving me and her oldest daughter to Denver to see Brett Young in concert. The show was originally scheduled last month but we had a blizzard the night before, and his bus couldn't get through Kansas, so they rescheduled for tonight. She wanted to leave early since it was 4/20 in Colorado and things can get crowded and bustling downtown, including parking. And I am SO glad we did. The traffic was nuts, people and concerts blocked the streets. It took us two hours to drive, park and get into the venue. The first guy played, I didn't know him and Brett came on at 9:15, playing until 10:30. And do you know there were NO SEATS. None. I did not know this going in or I would not have worn new Frye boots I'd never worn before and I would not hav carried a shoulder bag. Oh my word I was in a mosh pit y'all, at almost 50 years old, with a shit ton of college kids and hoochie mamas. I had to go Kathy Bates (in Fried Green tomatoes) on two people. I had to tell one short dude in a hat to "get the hell off of me", then got a drunk girl drink spilled on me. She then tried to ask me to move so that her short friend could see and I said "And why are you telling me this?"I didn't see her asking the tall guys around her to move. Anyway the concert was fab. Brett sounded good, or better, than he does recorded and after the two altercations I was left alone. I felt empowered but sad at the same time. Why don't men get treated like this?

Friday, April 19, 2019

Day 3 of Chicken

I Love Friday Mornings
Sleep was better because I took a Bayer PM. I had a whole head headache and yay woke with none. Getting rid of caffeine is somethin! And I only drank it for a week, but a good bit of it during that short time. I did get up at 3:30 this morning to pee and turned the fan on since it was stuffy. I slept pretty well the rest of the morning and got up at 6:50. I dressed and went down to feed the boys. Kev got bacon cooking and we had yogurt with it. He's also cutting back on caffeine and feels better without it. We'll likely go back to having it only on weekends.

Burger Lunching
After breakfast we put on our walking shoes and did a medium and a half loop, 2.7 miles, and when we got back I went out to get some weeding done in the front bed. I knew I had my work cut out for me. I got the Bose speaker,  turned on some music and got to it. I can only focus on one tiny area at a time or it's overwhelming, weeds out the ying yang. Kev came out in between work stuff to check on me, and and pulled a few weeds because he enjoys it. I was done and the flower bed was sparkling clean after the winter grubbies. I went in just after 11:30 and turned around for a Walmart run. Fern time! I got my two for the front porch, along with birdseed, and headed home to cook burgers for me and Kev. I skilleted them up and brought his while he was on a call. I ate and watched Jane the Virgin.

Yes, That Chicken, Again
We had a knock at the door as I was nearing the end of the show. Kev opened it and it was our mailman checking to see if a neighbor was at home and ok. The mail had not been brought in. How cool is that that the mailman is paying attention to changes in habit. We let him know that the neighbor was traveling for work and that the teenaged son had likely not thought about bringing the mail in. He left and I texted the son to tell him to bring the mail in! He thanked me and realized he had indeed forgotten about it. Me and Kev made a store run to pick up hard boiled eggs for me to make these deviled eggs. It's soup night! And the last one with soup. Next month me and Kev are hosting a BBQ to kick off the season. I had a chocolate protein shake at 4:45 to tide me over until dinner, whatever dinner would be tonight. I had two deviled eggs at the gathering and when we got home Kev fileted the last two chicken breasts, rubbed on mayo and dredged in Parm. I sold a mop while they baked at 425 for 30 mins. I then flipped them and baked another 5 mins and so delicious.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

More Chicken

Hungry Thursday Morning
I got into bed around 10:45 after I brushed the teefs. I slept well at first then got up hot and had to pee, plus I heard something downstairs. I'm sure it was one of the babies so I got back into bed but then slept off and on. I woke before 7 and lounged with my eyes closed until 6:53. I got up and put some comfies on, scraped cat hair off the duvet and went down to get bacon cooking. I fed the dudes and then made steamed eggs to with the bacon and oh it was perfect. I was very hungry and had those weird sick feelings that meant I needed food. I took an Advil in hopes the slight headache would go away. I had one all day yesterday and am sure it was lack of caffeine. Me and Ma put away some coffee and Tab and Diet Coke, which I'm not used to, and I needed to detox. And caffeine detox comes with headache.

After Dance Snack
I looked out back at the new grass really greening up, the trees budding and the new little side table for the smoker that came in. Kev put it out this morning, it's fab and will be even cuter with a plant on it. I lounged on the couch until it was time to get changed for the gym and headed out. The morning was so nice only a light jacket was needed, my favorite. Had a great workout, my watching telling me I burned a whopping 700 calories today. I got home for a desperately needed shower and, once comfy and clean, cooled off on the couch with a protein shake.

Grilled Burger for Lunch
I got up and put on a hat and a long sleeved shirt and was ready to go out to pull weeds when I heard the Kev come up the stairs from the basement. It was after 11:30 and we decided to get some lunch going on the grill. He changed out the propane tank and fired it up while I made two 10 oz patties seasoned only with salt. I then went out to pluck those weeds while he cooked the meat up to perfection. I finished one side of the driveway and came in, cut some sharp cheddar and when the burgers were done melted the cheese under the broiler.

That Chicken Again
I was fairly pooped after lunch, PiYO and Dance catching up with me, but grabbed my shades and went back out to do more weeding. I have a shit-ton to do and if it waits any longer it will be pure hell. Best to get an early start.  I weeded until 1:45 and was just done. There's no weed barrier under the rocks (it's 20 years old) so the weeds are out of freaking control. I went in since the sun was getting warmer and put on tennis shoes. Me and Kev did the small loop walk, just under 2 miles and we ran to the grocery when we got in. After our meat purchase he put the hammock out for me and we let the kitties roam among the back yard for a while, Teddy getting in the hammock with me for a short bit. Dinner was a repeat of yesterday's parm chicken. Kev filleted the chicken into thin cuts and I rubbed on mayo, dipped in grated parm, sprinkled with Kraft parm and also sprinkled with salt. They were baked on parchment at 425 for about 40 minutes, flipped and cooked for 5 mins more until brown on both sides. We chowed down on four filets each and watched Game of Thrones premiere because I hadn't seen it yet. Of course Kev didn't mind watching again. We had a cup of Sleepytime tea and watched Killing Eve before bed.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Chicken Love

Ready to Move
I slept pretty well, off and on. I got through the three battle rounds of The Voice to catch up to current. This put me going to bed just after 10, later than I thought I'd get into bed. I fell asleep quickly and woke at 11 to pee. I then had serious night sweats twice, at one point my PJs were so soaked I had to change. So gross. I got up just after 7 and went down to feed the babies. I got bacon in the oven and when it was done had a plain, full fat Fage yogurt with the four slices.

After PiYO Snack
I changed for the gym at 8:30 and headed out at 8:45. Kids were all out of school today due to some crazy woman form Florida that was obsessed with the Columbine school shooting 20 years ago. She flew in, bought an automatic rifle and headed towards the mountains. There was a manhunt for her, not knowing which school she would target so they all closed. PiYO was fab after being away a week and I left feeling dandy. I vacuumed and then had a protein drink after I showered.

Renewed Favorite
At noon I got some Parmesan chicken made and cooking. I bought some thin sliced breasts yesterday and Ma had me wanting to do them up. I coated them with mayo and dredged in grated Parmesan. I then sprinkled on some of the Kraft Parm along with a little salt and tossed them in the hot oven. I made a second attempt to take an online course for my client, a mandatory training on "Protecting Company Information" but again could not get access. I wrote back and will try a third round soon. When the chicken was done I was in awe at how amazing it was and watched the season finale of Schitt's Creek.

Dinner and a Stretch
After lunch I started Jane the Virgin and then made arrangements to pick up the house key from the no-go pet sitter that did the one time check in on the babies. I'll never use her again. I got home, finished up Jane and then got to Grey's Anatomy. I had a slice of Colby jack cheese at 3 for an afternoon snack and took a 45 minute nap. When I woke I had an email about that training so did get access and got it done in 20 minutes. I got up and did some touch-up painting on the kitchen cock. It had chips and dents and scratches and now looks much better. It was around 6:30 that I made a couple burger patties and tonight I smooshed in some feta cheese. Talk about delicious! Just meat, feta and a little salt. I watched the season premiere of The Bold Type and I just adore that show. I started the second episode when the Kev let me know they were landing early, like a whole 35 minutes early! I jumped in the car and scooped him up from the airport. We got home and I finished the episode before going to bed.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Meaty Day

Podcast Listening Breakfast
After tuck in service I slept like a beast. The traffic noise seemed to start up earlier today so I was in that sleep but aware mode and got up at 6:15 to pee. I saw Ma's light on so hollered out a "mornin." She started the coffee and we sat in the dawn-lit living room and watched the cars go by and the day begin. She asked what podcasts were so I showed her how to access them on her phone. I don't listen to them really but there is one I tend to seek out every now and again called the Human Outliers Podcast. You can listen to recording son their website or the actual podcasts on phone etc. They talk about diet and one of the hosts is a carnivore surgeon and athlete. The other is more Keto and they interview folks eating for health and how diet changed them for the better. We listened to Mikhaila Peterson who had rheumatoid arthritis and how she healed with a carnivore diet. Ma made bacon and fried eggs and it made me, once again, ponder going back to all meat.

Car Meat
I got changed and packed at 10 and found a little buffing block for my nasty nails. The last gel manicure lasted two days and I had to pick it all off. It was terrible and left my nails so gross. I put on some clear polish and greased my fingers up with cuticle butter before we hit the road to Nawlins and the airport. But first I heated the two leftover burgers from last night and melted on some cheddar. I cut it in chunks to eat in the car. I couldn't make it through half because I just wasn't that hungry and left the rest in Ma's car to dispose of at home. There was a good sized line to check my bag and at security. By the time I was through I had about 30 minutes before boarding would begin. I walked up and down the terminal until I made a mile and then got in line to get on the plane.

Fresh Burgers
The flight seemed awfully long. I read the screenplay book and dozed and finally we landed around 4:30. I took the train to terminal A and got off to walk to baggage claim. It took forever to get my bag and  the park and ride bus had a large crowd waiting. I knew I would get the second bus so resolved to stand by a bench and enjoy the mountain breeze. The driver asked if anyone was a single and I raised my hand fast, getting the last seat. I stopped at the grocery for some meat before getting home, loved on the kitty babies and got some beef into patties and on the stove. I melted on sharp cheddar and ate quickly since i was pretty hungry and washed up the dishes. I opened mail, scooped litter, unpacked and got in my comfies to finish Masterpiece's Mrs. Wilson that I started on the plane. I had a couple squares of Lily's Stevia chocolate with almonds and watched The Voice from last Monday.

Monday, April 15, 2019

The Last Night

Breakfast Sammich
Fab sleep last night and I think I know why. I get Mama's tuck in service. Just like she used to when I was little, she pulls the covers up just right and give me a good night kiss on the head before turning out the light. The only night I did NOT get tuck in service was the night I didn't sleep good. Huh. I woke just after 7 and lounged until after I chatted with the Kev. I made a cup of coffee and me and Ma went out to sit on the deck. After a bit we went in and Ma got bacon in the oven. I made fried eggs and toasted the last two buns for a breakfast sandwich. When the dishes were done we changed and headed out, Ma to a physical therapy appointment and me for a walk. I did 2.8 miles today thanks to the glorious Spring, 60 degree sunny morning.

Leftover Lunch
I got back to the house and changed. Ma got in from her appointment around 10:45 and we went right back out, this time to Home Depot for black spray paint. Her outdoor patio furniture needed some sprucing as over the years it had gotten dull. Nothing a little black gloss can't fix right up though. When we were done we left again for a bit of Hobby Lobby shopping. As we were checking out I got the text from Kev that Notre Dame was on fire. I saw video and teared up. It is such a beautiful, and crucial, piece of architecture, 800 years old housing artifacts like a piece of the cross that Jesus was crucified on, part of his crown of thorns and one of the nails from the crucifixion. I'm so glad I got to see it in person. The line was too long to get in but we wandered around the outside, all the way around, and it was very moving. We got home and had a small bowl fo chili for lunch around 1:45.

Meat and Greens
I spent the rest of the afternoon painting Ma's patio furniture. It looks brand new with a coat of glossy black and makes the patio so spiffy. I showered and at 6:45 formed up a couple burger patties. I cooked them out in the electric skillet along with Ma's steak, yes I wanted burger over steak, something must be wrong with me. I melted on some cheddar and Ma made sensation salad with avocado. It was perfection. We sat outside for a wee bit to see the new lovely lights and I had four truffles although I was plenty full. I just wanted them because they were there. When we came in I brushed my teeth and then cleaned out Ma's fireplace. I laid logs on the grate to look nice and then we watched some HG before bed.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Glorious Day

Hello Sunday Mornin'
I did not sleep good last night. I kept hearing some scratching noise that sounded like a rat in the wall. I got up a couple times and looked out the window. I went to pee and had off and on bouts of solid sleep until I woke around 7:15. I was in a pissy mood when I woke because I dreamed that I was at an event and started talking about Norwex. I got up to go get a mirror for a demonstration and when I got back a girl had already given everyone her catalogs and people had already placed orders AND had product in front of them. I was so embarrassed and mad and sad and woke up knowing I didn't want to sell anything. It passed quickly as I put on some warm comfies and made a cup of coffee. It was actually amazing outside, temp in the 50s! Ma cooked bacon and I made eggs, adding in the extra yolks that we saved from the bun making yesterday.

Lunch Snack
It was 10:45 before we got up and dressed. I put on my favorite grey sweat pants since it was so cool out and we went out to do some more work in the back yard. We hung some cute round outdoor lights along the fence and they are super cute. I then scrubbed down the siding in the alcove around the back door and hosed it clean. We put out two new outdoor umbrellas and they look fab. Around 1:30 I put some pimento cheese on a quarter of a bun and we sat out on the prettyfied deck and enjoyed the snack.

Vinegar Ribs
We went in, grabbed the keys and made a run to the grocery for some charcoal. It was hella windy and we thought it would never light. It eventually did and Ma grilled up the vinegar ribs she boiled this morning. This is a favorite of ours and the Kev hates them. This is why we always have them when it's just us. She dabbed on some of the G. Hughes honey bbq sauce we found and I was excited to try it out since we don't have the honey back up at home. I had squash cooking on the stove and when it was done, around 5PM, it was time to chow down. Th ribs didn't have much fat so were a little dry, but still tasty. When done with dinner we cleaned the dishes and I went for a 1.8 mile short walk. It was such a beauty of a day I couldn't not have one.

The Best
I took a shower to get the smoke off and then got all comfy. Nothing feels better than getting clean and lounging under a cool, light breeze. I went out back to see the lights we put up today and man are they amazing. They look perfect in Ma's courtyard, which is just fab anyway. She's got the green thumb rockin' and has a great vision. We went in at 8 and I made us a small bowl of shortcake, a repeat of last night. First in the bowl went a slice of the pound cake and then went the Splenda sweetened Louisiana strawberries and topped with the Swerve sweetened fresh whipped cream. We both agreed that it was even better tonight.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Waiting for Rain

After Walk Hungry Plate
Dang ole I had another great night of sleep. No getting up, no dreaming that I can remember. The traffic noise did wake me this morning, along with ambulance sirens, around 6:40. I got up to pee and dressed since Ma was already up sipping coffee. I am not sure how I didn't hear the shotgun sounds of that percolator. I made a cup of coffee and texted Kev to see where he'd be boarding today. We ended up chatting on the phone for a bit while he ate breakfast. We hung up and I went for a 2.25 mile walk early, before the rains would start. When I got back to the house Ma had sausage cooking on the stove. I've been a bit torn this trip. I didn't tell Dad I was coming, the first time ever, and it's been nice just spending time at home, not splitting time between here and there. I'd like to have visit time with him but it will have to be somewhere other than his house and not sure that will ever happen. I did tell him I was coming in July and I hope we will have lunch. Meanwhile, Ma and I had delicious scrambled eggs with that sausage and Saturday was on the move.

Creepy Cat Pillow View from Toilet and Egg Salad
We cleaned the kitchen and put strawberries in the fridge and freezer. Ma washed and cut them up and the batch we were keeping out I sweetened with some Splenda and balsamic vinegar. We settled in for some HGTV, Windy City Rehab, and I had two truffles at 11, a little chocolate snack. We moved on to Fixer Upper and I made Ma whip up a batch of buns, me calling out the directions from the couch. When done we split a bun, I spread on some butter and we topped our halves with the egg salad I made last night.

Dinner and Spring Dessert
We watched HG all afternoon and had a small afternoon snack of pimento cheese on a quarter of a bun. Talk about delish! It started clouding up after 4PM which I was excited about. I have been patiently waiting on some rain. I started a pot of chili around 5:30. 3lbs of beef, 2 small yellow onions, 2 bell peppers, 1 can kidney beans, 2 cans diced tomatoes with green chiles, 1 can tomato sauce, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, vinegar, sweetener. a cooked hot dog to go on top along with cheddar. Dessert was, of course, strawberry shortcake with the pound cake I made yesterday, the Ponchetoula strawberries sweetened with Splenda and balsamic and fresh made whipped cream sweetened with powdered Swerve and vanilla. To die for.It did rain some, not as much as we expected but yay for some!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Drive

Sleep sleep sleep. So good. We went to bed around 11 after the verdict of that investigation show came in and I was a goner pretty darn fast. I dreamed that we had live fish, various types, sitting around the house that show pieces that people could look at. They weren't in water and wouldn't flop around. I didn't wake until 7:50 this morning to pee and just got up, since it was almost 8 and I wanted to get that 7AM stand credit. 😂 Ma got up at the same time and made coffee. We took it outside to sip when we heard something next door. It happened to be the handyman that Ma and neighbor uses so we chatted with him and learned that he stepped on a nail, he went to hospital and had to have pinky toe removed because he had type 2 and didn't know it. He changed his diet drastically and can now manage on low dose of Metformin. He said he was amazed to learn how many items had so much sugar in them. Preach it brother. When he left I made us a two egg, cheese and bacon omelet.

Berry Drive and Steak Dinner
After brunch, it was almost 11 when we ate, I changed and went for a short walk. 1.75 mile walk. It was warm but not too warm and there was a light breeze that would come along every now and then. I got in and a bit later we changed and left the house. We stopped at Chick-fil-A for small diet lemonades and decided to take a drive to a strawberry farm. They were all "out of berries" since it was strawberry festival time in Ponchatoula and that's where all of them were going. We were only 15 mins from the fest so decided to drive over. We got a half flat and headed home with a stop at the grocery. We made it home after 5PM and were ready to get dinner going. I got the electric skillet heating outside and salted/peppered the ribeyes. Ma made us a lettuce salad with avocado and sensation dressing and when the steaks were done cooked her some shrimp. After dinner I made this pound cake which we'd have with the fresh berries and some homemade whipped cream tomorrow. HG finished up the day and I was counting down for rain tomorrow evening.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Thursday Already

Thursday Getting Started
Another mostly nice night of sound sleep. I woke in a night sweat and had to throw off my PJ pants. It didn't last too long though and I went back to sleep until the 6AM hour when the traffic got me up. I creeped into the bathroom to pee since Ma was still asleep and got back into bed to peruse Facebook. I chatted with Kev who was on his way to snowboard and he was super excited. He said they got 21 inches at Winter Park between last night and this morning. I had a couple cups of coffee with Ma, one while sitting outside in the lovely air. I got bacon in the oven and made scrambled eggs and we enjoyed our breakfast at the table. I texted with the girls before getting dressed and officially starting our day around 10AM.

Leftover Lunch Salads
We ran multiple errands starting at the Home Depot for outdoor lights. Next was a car wash, Mom reminding me of Bro K with the car having to be clean all the time. Stopped at the garden center for some hooks to go on the vinyl siding and back to Home Depot for stuff we forgot. We hit the house for a light lunch of leftover tuna and pimento salads and Ma waited for a call from the Mazda dealer. Her car is flashing a low key fob battery light and the car isn't two years old yet. When she heard back from them we hit the road again, the traffic nuts in this town at all hours, to the Mazda parts to get the battery replaced, then on to the pet store, the health food store and the grocery.

Add caption
We got back to the house and I put on work clothes and went out to clean a couple outdoor side tables. Ma brought out her new little pressure washer and we figured out how to put it together. Ma then pressure washed the deck and OMG it was amazing how it cleaned so well. I helped off and on but she was a washer hog taking all the fun for herself. I painted the tables dark green as their red color was very faded.  I then swept and moved furniture for Ma to clean. We finished up outside at 7. I went inside and got Brussels cooking in bacon fat. I formed up two half pound burgers and the electric skillet cooked them up oh so perfectly. I cooked the first half of dinner and Ma took over for the second half so I could go shower and get in my comfies. Favorite meal ever. I had a row of Lilly's cup of Sleepytime before bed as we watched some investigation show.