Saturday, December 15, 2018

Saturday Happenings

Chill Saturday Morn
Sleep was very good again, thank goodness! I barely woke when Kev's alarm went off at 5:30 and gave a one-second attempt to get up when it went off again at 6. But I couldn't muster. I kissed him goodbye as he left for the mountains and woke next around 8. I moved slowly once I slipped out of bed to dress and make the bed. I went downstairs, fed the kitties and got four slices of bacon cooking in the oven. I made scrambled eggs and really enjoyed the breakfast. And I did not turn on a Hallmark movie today as I had originally planned. After breakfast I watered the plants and ran over to D &D's to water their plants as well. I then changed pants and went to chat with a neighbor that is moving to Florida come Jan. I did a smallish loop walk and it was windy out. I got back and ended up cleaning out the Christmas wrapping accessory box before wrapping gifts.

Lunch Shake
Once the gifts were under the tree I started prepping for the Zumba lunch gathering I'm hosting on Tuesday. There will be about 22 girls (and one guy) over for some holiday cheer. I'll be teaching how to make foil ornaments down in the basement and it will be a nice day to overflow out on the patio. Hoping it won't feel too crowded. I cut aluminum foil, set up the folding table and gathered the items that will be needed for four people at a time. It was 1 or 2PM before I got a little hungry and I grabbed a protein drink since I didn't want a meal. I went up to the office and designed the first of the dance shirts for the upcoming week of holiday music. I printed it out on transfer paper and ironed it into my shirt.

Afternoon and Evening
I then got started on the second shirt, which was basically an ugly sweater shirt. I had gold garland and gift wrapping bows and white pom poms to work with. I had to make a run to Walmart for some good fabric glue and then got busy. I did good at getting glue all over the island and then Kev arrived from his day of snowboarding. I finished the shirt, made a headband to go with it and then started cleaning out the pantry. We had SO many unused storage containers in there. I washed them up and took extras down in the basement. Kev cooked up some NY strips in the air fryer, which turned out great, and I heated the leftover cabbage to go with it. I had some dark chocolate bark and then later we had some pork rinds. Yes we ordered a whole case of some we like that came in today. I ended the night watching a Love It or List It on HGTV. It was one of those weird days where I stayed busy all day long but didn't have much to show for it.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Fun in July

Yay for Friday Morn!
Yay for good sleep, until sometime in the wee early morn when I woke. I didn't get out of bed but stayed awake for what seemed like forever before dozing back off. I woke next when Kev's alarm went off at 6:30 and then snoozed until 7. I got up and dressed and made the bed before going down to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Kev had fed the babies and put bacon in the oven so I made steamed eggs and sipped my light colored brew. After breakfast I started a Hallmark movie, Christmas Wonderland, which ended up taking all day to watch in spurts.

Chili Lunch
I first stopped the movie around 8:30 to do a few last tweaks to the client presentation, sent off the file and then made a run to the grocery. I picked up items to make a big pot of chili for my massage therapist. His wife suffered a massive brain aneurysm and is in the ICU for a few weeks. It will be nice for him to have quick access to food between hospital visits. Kev and I had a bowl for lunch around 11:30, I watched a little more movie, packed up most of the chili and ran it over to his office.

A Favorite Dinner
After the drop off I went over to a local shopping area where I hit up Bath & Body Works for some Wallflowers, Staples for copy paper and Big Lots just to look around. I then stopped at Walmart for iron on paper before getting back to the house around 2. A Zumba friend stopped by to pick something up and then me and Kev went out for a walk. We stopped by the new park out back to chat with a friend that was there with her kiddos and continued on the small loop before it got dark. When we got in I cut up a cabbage and cooked it in bacon fat. I then cooked up two burgers and melted on sharp cheddar. I cut up a leftover half avocado and oh man that meal was fine. I had dessert cabbage out of the container before making myself put it away. The evening was a blur. I made a double batch of dark chocolate almond bark to give as gifts and then, on a whim, planned a packed July weekend trip with a friend to go see a couple Broadway shows. We'll see the new Moulin Rouge, opening in late June, and Mean Girls. Both on the same day. Kev booked us a hotel room and will book me a flight and Merry Christmas to me! The perfect gift of theater. A steak dinner will complete the perfection.

Thursday, December 13, 2018


Yogurt, Bacon and Foil Ornaments
I went to bed after 11 and slept very well. I even went to sleep easily without music or anything. I woke around 7:15 but couldn't pry myself out of bed until close to 8. When I did finally get up I dressed and went down to get kitties fed. They weren't desperate to get up so leisurely wandered up to their food and nibbled. I made a couple foil ornaments and it was soon time to change and get to dance. I got home, showered and started watching Christmas Everlasting.

Leftover Casserole and Chocolate Bark
I was waiting for feedback on the presentation I've been working on so nothing sounded better than Hallmark Christmas movies. I heated the rest of the beef casserole and then gorged on my dark chocolate bark that's irresistible. I'll continue to love it during the holiday season and then it's back to the sugar free way that I've come to appreciate. As good as the chocolate is I feel bloat-y.

No Cooking Tonight
After the one movie was over I started Mingle all the Way, which I'd been curious about because of the kinda silly name. I stopped it at 3:30 when I got the client feedback and went up to work until 6PM. When I sent the revised file out I went down to have a light dinner. I really didn't feel like cooking so I threw some lettuce in a bowl along with sliced red onion, some pepperoni and half an avocado and mixed with some creamy garlic dressing. I had some red bell pepper dipped in Baba ganoush to go wit it and when done I had a protein drink. I finished up the Hallmark movie just as the Kev walked in from work. He thought it couldn't be better timing. lol.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Drinking and Snacking

Breakfast Shake
I slept super hard last night, not waking until 6 this morning. I got up to pee and thought about going down for an early Hallmark movie but it was so chilly that I only wanted to hop back in the bed. So I did, and stayed there until 7:30. That electric blanket is brilliant. I hurried into my warm comfies, made the bed and went down to the kitchen to feed the babies. I wasn't in the mood for eggs and bacon, or anything really so I started watching a movie, Reunited at Christmas and eventually grabbed a protein drink. A Zumba and PiYO friend brought me one to try a while back and I liked them. We picked up a case at Costco and Kev put them all into the fridge.

Lunch Snack
I stopped the movie and went up to the office to get to work. I had a deadline at noon to send out a draft of the presentation I'm working on. I skipped PiYO because of it and I ended up not needing to. I sent out the draft at 10:30 and went down to watch more of the movie I started earlier. I made two foil ornaments on the couch as I watched. At 11:30 I finished up a couple slices of salami and pepperoni that were in the fridge and dipped them into some leftover Italian mayo I made up this past weekend.

Another Snack
I finished the movie and went back up to work once I received client feedback from the draft. Around 2:30 I grabbed a yogurt, which I finished quickly at my desk, and worked solidly until 5.

Leftovers Lovin'
I ate an early dinner at 6, heating a full bowl of leftover creamy beef casserole. Of course it was even better than it was last night, if that's even possible. Man I love that stuff. I had about 6 pieces of that darn dark chocolate almond bark after dinner as I watched Christmas at the Palace. The movies with Prince (or King) Charming are my most fav. I got a foil ornament in a card, ready to mail tomorrow and then watched Pride, Prejudice & Mistletoe while doing some work on the couch.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Casserole Day

Early Breakfast
I laid my head on the pillow right around 11 and fell asleep quickly. I woke at 5:45 to pee and instead of getting back into bed I dressed quietly as a mouse and was heading downstairs to watch a Hallmark movie when Kev's alarm went off at 6. I told him good morning and went down to make coffee and get bacon cooking. I made steamed eggs and had a nice breakfast with him before he left for work and then I got to watching my movie, A Godwink Christmas. Kev called at 7:42 to ask if the lady got with the inn keeper yet. He then ran down the entire scenario of how the movie would play out. Hilarious.

Leftover Lunch
I finished the movie by 8:45, which was good timing to have a little moment before it was time to change and get to the gym. I had a rough morning with some serious negativity from a friend but decided to not let it get to me. I danced it out, went home for a nice shower and finished up the zucchini lasagna casserole, and then three pieces of almond bark, before getting to work.

Favorite Casserole
I focused on the presentation I was creating until 3:30 when I sent a first draft to the client. I ran to pick up some laundry and some groceries and got back for a bit more work. I switched gears to another client, was done at 5:15 and ready to get some creamy beef casserole started. Only it would do tonight. I turned the fireplace on and got busy. I pulled it out of the oven and let it cool for ten minutes and I think it's the best batch yet. I had a nice sized bowl and watched The Last Vermont Christmas. After the movie was over I had a bit more casserole and started Hope at Christmas. I had two pieces of almond bark during the movie and then watched some Fixer Upper until 10:30. The last 30 minutes were spent making foil ornaments and it was bedtime at 11.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Standing in Line

Hello Monday
I had another sweet sweet slumber last night. I woke first in the 6AM hour, dozed off and woke next in the 7AM hour this morning before getting up. I dressed, flopped down the stairs and fed the babies. I got bacon cooking in the oven and made steamed eggs in Kerrygold butter. I sipped almost a whole cup with creamer and Splenda and the day was officially under way.

Leftover Lunch at the Desk
I made an after breakfast run to Walgreens for cards and finished up a batch to mail. At 9 I decided to venture to the post office to wait in line to mail my big box and some smaller items, knowing this was THE week that everyone goes to the post office. My head was in the right frame of mind and when I walked in and saw the line wrapped around I got in it with a smile. I chatted with a nice behind me and saw my local butcher and said hello to him and I left with it taking just about an hour. I got home and went up the the office to do some work for the new client and at 12:30 Kev heated me some of last night's leftover zucchini lasagna casserole. It was even better today we decided. I had two pieces of my homemade almond bark before getting back to work.

Burger and Leftover Veg
I worked solidly until almost 6PM. I squeezed in a little work for my facial lady and then went down to the kitchen to get dinner started. I made burgers on the stove, setting up my wax paper fortress around it, in the cast iron skillet. I melted on sharp cheddar and heated leftover zucchini with tomatoes from the other night. Kev did the dishes and I worked on foil ornaments the rest of the evening, having one piece of dark chocolate almond bark after dinner, and going up to bed around 9:30.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Zucchini Lasagna Casserole

Egg Crepe Breakfast
Sleep came easy last night. I did wake in the wee hours, not sure what time and my mind rolled around but I eventually went back to sleep. I got up at 7, fed the kitties and Kev made coffee. I had a cup with my usual creamer and Splenda and even added a splash of heavy cream for fun. I tossed sheets in the wash and got bacon in the oven, forgetting to set the timer. I started making snickerdoodle egg crepes, at Kev's request, and thank goodness I had him check on it. Needless to say it was extra crispy today and 30 more seconds would have made it inedible. Breakfast was delish. After dishes were cleaned up I put some darks in the wash, sheets in the dryer, made a batch of almond bark and chatted with Dad.

Quick Lunch
After the call I changed and me and Kev hit the road for Costco. We got a whole ribeye, salami snack packs and a few other things before getting them home to put away. I then had to do some thinking about what we would have for dinner. I looked around the web and decided to whip something together without a recipe, something with beef and zucchini. We ran to the grocery and when we got back I made Italian meat roll ups with just salami and pepperoni and lettuce. I spread on a mayo mixed with apple cider vinegar and Italian seasoning and had a little sharp cheddar on the side along with a mini Coke Zero.

Zucchini Lasagna Casserole
After lunch Kristi came over and we cut our soup night flyers before we left to go hang them on the neighborhood doors. I got home and made a couple foil ornaments to go with a gift I'd be sending out and then got the box taped and  labelled up. Time flew and it was 5:30 before I could blink. I was going to make up a recipe and had to get it started. I cut up and sauteed an onion along with 3 cloves of garlic. I added a pound of beef and a pound of Italian sausage to brown and then cut up six zucchini to go in. Then went a can of crushed tomatoes and a can of diced tomatoes. I seasoned with salt and Italian seasoning and sprinkled in about a half cup of Parmesan cheese. I showered as the zucchini were softening and when done it was ready for the casserole pan. I put in a layer of the meat/zucchini mixture and then spread on 16oz of 4% cottage cheese and sprinkled half a bag of Italian blend cheeses. Then came the rest of the meat mix and topped with the rest of the cheese blend along with mozzarella. I baked for 30 minutes and let cool for ten minutes and it's delicious. We watched Outlander as we ate and then I made a few foil ornaments. 

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Crafty Day

Early Morning Breakfast
I crawled into bed around 9 and left Kev on the couch, but only because he was so comfy on the he couldn't get up. So there was no making it to 9:30 or 10 as usual for us. I fell asleep pretty quickly since the bed was nice and toasty by the time I got in. I woke just before 6 to pee and decided to just stay up. I put on some warm comfies and went down to get bacon cooking and coffee brewing. I made steamed eggs and had a lovely breakfast with the Kev before he was off for the mountains. I made myself a cup of coffee with my creamer and Splenda and settled in for a Hallmark movie to start the day. Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa. The girl that plays the lead is one of my favorites. I paused for a bit to chat with Lis, who I'm trying to talk into joining us after Christmas for a few days with Ma.

Turkey Chili and a Crafty Day
As soon as the movie was over, right about 9AM, I changed, gathered my crafty things and hit the road to Susan's for a girly catch up day.  I haven't seen her in months which is way too long. I got to her house at 10:15 and we chatted for a bit before making our first mug of hot tea and settling in to start our crafts. I was making aluminum foil ornaments and she didn't seem all that interested until I made one. She decided to try it out and we were both completely hooked. It was so freaking much fun. It was so easy and took minimal effort and we got instant gratification. Susan and Ben made soem yummy turkey chili in the instant pot and I brought baba ganoush and a red bell pepper which we had with it. I had another mug of tea in the afternoon as we kept making our ornaments and we wrapped up at 4PM.

Burger and Zucchini
I got home around 5, put things away, went through the mail, washed my face and got comfy and then started some dinner. I cut up an onion and two small tomatoes and sauteed them in bacon fat with three garlic cloves. I cut up six zucchini and added them to the mix. I let them cook down with chicken stock and when done put them aside. I formed up burger patties and cooked them in the big cast iron skillet for me and Kev and we enjoyed a lovely meal, each with half an avocado, when he returned from an active day of snowboarding. After dinner I had dark chocolate chips, these will be my splurge this holiday season, and watched three episodes of Outlander. I also throuhg about what other ornaments to make. They are so addicting!

Friday, December 07, 2018

Hello Friday

Friday Omelet
Needless to say that whole cabbage caused some innerd distress. Granted, it was a pretty small cabbage but still. More meat less vegetable does so much better for me but gosh I love my low carb veggies and have trouble limiting them. I got to sleep around midnight, once my stomach had started to settle down, and woke at 5AM. I texted with Kev who was on his way home from work and got up at 5:30. I dressed, made the bed and went down to get coffee brewing. Yes I made myself a cup. I got bacon in the oven and fed the kitties before making myself a three egg omelet with sharp cheddar. I watched Marrying Father Christmas and it was done when the sun really started coming up.

Leftover Lunch Chili
I went up to the office around 9 and started some work. At 10 painter Greg arrived to finish up the work. He painted some walls and some ceilings around me while I sat at my desk. Kev heated us the rest of the leftover chili and brought my bowl up the my office right around noon. As I was finishing it up Greg too was finishing and beginning to clean up. I changed and paid Greg for his time and headed over to my facial lady's house to see the new labels I created for her product bottles. I went back home and added her phone number to the three sizes and will place a large order when approved.

Pizza Night
I talked Kev into taking a walk around 2:45. We did the small loop since Kev had a call at 4. I had on a long sleeved tee, a fleece over that, my puffy jacket over that and my gloves. And I'm glad I did all that since the wind was nippy. We clipped along at a good pace and when we got in I checked mail and when I had none I took a long shower to warm me up. I had a chill that I couldn't get rid of. I got in my comfies and went down for a movie. I squeezed in Road to Christmas before I got up to get pizza night started around 6:30. I made the crust and baked it up for 7 mins. I spread on some pizza sauce and sprinkled on mozzarella. Kev browned and seasoned 1/4lb of ground beef with salt and Italian seasoning and I added it on along with chopped red onion and big pepperonis. I broiled until melty and made a plain lettuce salad to go with. I made a quick dressing with basil EVOO, white balsamic, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and garlic powder. That's it. I had two slices of pizza and a second helping of the salad and let Kev finish the other slices. I had a few chocolate chips for dessert as we watched The Good Place.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

A Whole Cabbage

Snowy Morn
I finished Christmas in Love around 11PM and then ooh wee I had some good sleep last night. I didn't get up in the wee hours to pee but rather stayed asleep hard until I jolted up around 7:15. I think Teddy jumping up on me was what did it but I can't quite remember for sure. I got up and dressed, made the bed and fed the kitties. I put bacon in the oven and had yogurt with it. I ate while starting a Hallmark movie, Christmas Joy.  I didn't get to watch much because I ended up doing some work communications and then it was time to change and get to dance.

Leftover Casserole Lunch
We had a sub today, one I like and it was a good workout. I burned 686 calories in class and was ready to get home for a shower. Just as I finished drying my hair and heading downstairs painter Greg arrived to do some texturing. I started new client work at the dining table as he worked and heated the last of the chicken casserole at noon. He left at 2PM and I moved to my desk, working until 6.

Burger with Cabbage
I scooted down to the kitchen and got a cabbage cut up and cooking in bacon fat, sprinkled with salt. It cooked so perfectly and I knew I was in trouble. I heated the leftover burger patty and melted on sharp cheddar. I had the other half of the avocado from last night and ate while watching the rest of Christmas Joy. And then I ate the rest of the whole cabbage. I knew that would happen. It was really lights out. I didn't have any room in my stomach but I wanted a few dark chocolate chips for dessert. I got my soup night invitation all ready for Kristi. She will make copies that we'll hang on doors this weekend. I spent the rest of the night making a colored version for our subdivision's Facebook page and in bed by 11.